A critical reflection of the collaborative grey space within a Danish municipal project setting

Masters thesis

Mogensen, T. 2020. A critical reflection of the collaborative grey space within a Danish municipal project setting. Masters thesis Middlesex University Health, Social Care and Education
TypeMasters thesis
TitleA critical reflection of the collaborative grey space within a Danish municipal project setting
AuthorsMogensen, T.

The purpose of this research was to help me as a pedagogue, innovator and researcher to improve my practice and succeed in doing a better job when helping vulnerable children and youngsters. I also want to contribute to knowledge and learning about how practitioners can carry out social innovation projects. The aims of the study were to identify and improve my consultancy practice by critically reflecting on the findings that emerged from the project and to identify ways for the Haderslev municipality to facilitate internal departmental projects involving complex societal problems. To this aim, I have made suggestions to improve how I and others can operate in “the collaborative grey space” and in doing so, might come closer to solving complex societal problems.
I have used a first-person action research approach and reflective inquiry as a guide to practice. I focused on how my practice and my role as an internal consultant influenced and learned from the associated project member’s approaches. In my knowledge landscape, I reviewed four prevailing theories, Social Innovation, Dynamic Complexity, Transdisciplinarity and Reflection. Critical reflection was my way of exploring deeper layers and viewpoints of the involved project members and managers. With a transdisciplinary lens, I conducted the research as a critical reflection and action research. I reviewed all my notes, presentations and emails and interviewed key personal, including three managers and practitioners.
The findings from my research and the critical reflective process I went through has led to the improvement of my ability to innovate and to consider other professional points of view It has shown me the importance of a common knowledge base that uses transdisciplinarity as a framework or platform for mutual understanding in project work. My work also shows the importance, considerations and understanding that needs to be given to the “collaborative grey space” as a mutual platform for developing and solving complex societal problems.

Sustainable Development Goals4 Quality education
10 Reduced inequalities
Middlesex University ThemeHealth & Wellbeing
Research GroupWork and Learning Research Centre
Department nameHealth, Social Care and Education
Institution nameMiddlesex University
Publication dates
Print11 Apr 2023
Publication process dates
Deposited11 Apr 2023
Accepted15 Dec 2020
Output statusPublished
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