Developing the common communication format

UNESCO's efforts to promote the exchange of bibliographic data: the common communication format.

Art nouveau designs from the Silver Studio Collection, 1885-1910.

Officer training in the Egyptian and the United Kingdom armed forces: with particular reference to the influences of culture and changes in the technology of warfare

Breakdown and charge trapping in silicon dioxide films on silicon

Road accident risk: an investigation into various assessment methodologies

The New Deal Arts Projects: a critical revision : constructing the 'national-popular' in New Deal America 1935-1943

The use of seismic techniques to identify hazardous ground conditions associated with cavities

Characteristics of UHF transistors using autoregistered structures

Thick film resistors on dielectrics

Water quality indices

Foreign direct investment in Thailand

Representation and ideology: reading advertisements, with special reference to selected British magazine advertisements, 1956-1964

Rotational spectrum H19F spin-spin and D-nuclear quadrupole coupling constants and molecular geometry of the sulphur dioxide and hydrogen fluoride dimer

The geometries of the heterodimers SO2...HF and SO2...HCl as determined by rotational spectroscopy

Exorcising the image

Hand book [in Books Build Bridges - 1986 Technical University of Nova Scotia Canada - Swiss cottage Library, London in the same year]

Trade union studies in British universities: changing patterns, changing problems