Two new genera of Bovidae (Mammalia)


Ropiquet, A. and Hassanin, A. 2017. Two new genera of Bovidae (Mammalia). Dumerilia. 7, pp. 78-81.
TitleTwo new genera of Bovidae (Mammalia)
AuthorsRopiquet, A. and Hassanin, A.

Until 2005, three species of tahr were included in the genus Hemitragus: the Himalayan tahr, Hemitragus jemlahicus (Smith, 1826), which occupies the southern banks of the Himalaya Mountains; the Nilgiri tahr, Hemitragus hylocrius (Ogilby, 1838), which is endemic to southern India; and the Arabian tahr, Hemitragus jayakari (Thomas, 1894), which is unique to the mountains of south-east Arabia.
The phylogenetic analyses of Ropiquet & Hassanin (2005) based on mitochondrial and nuclear markers have provided strong evidence for the polyphyly of Hemitragus: H. jemlahicus was found be associated with Capra (goats), H. hylocrius with Ovis (sheep), and H. jayakari with Ammotragus lervia (aoudad). Two new genera were erected: Arabitragus for the Arabian tahr and Nilgiritragus for the Nilgiri tahr. However, these new nomina are nomenclaturally unavailable (nomina nuda) for missing “a description or definition that states in words characters that are purported to differentiate the taxon” (Article 13.1.1 of the Code). We therefore here publish a formal correction to the original work.

PublisherAALRAM/Muséum national d'histoire naturelle.
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Deposited20 Sep 2017
Accepted07 Jul 2017
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