Short term strategic alliances: a social exchange perspective


Bignoux, S. 2006. Short term strategic alliances: a social exchange perspective. Management Decision. 44 (5), pp. 615-627.
TitleShort term strategic alliances: a social exchange perspective
AuthorsBignoux, S.

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to develop a social exchange perspective of planned short-term dyadic strategic alliances.
Design/methodology/approach – The article adopts a conceptual approach drawing on social exchange theory to elicit innovative conclusions about short-term dyadic strategic alliances.
Findings – Finds that planned short-term dyadic strategic alliances are difficult to manage, limit social control mechanisms, limit reciprocal activity and interrupt the development of trust.
Practical implications – The article can help managers and analysts working in investment banking to understand the underlying causes of alliance instability and/or failure in their industry.
Originality/value – The article offers practical insights into the functioning and management of short-term dyadic alliances which will be of interest to both researchers and practising managers.

JournalManagement Decision
Publication dates
Print01 Jun 2006
Publication process dates
Deposited28 Jun 2018
Accepted05 Feb 2006
Output statusPublished
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