Cartoon entries in Sicaco 2018 Daejeon ,Seoul ,Korea


Mumberson, S. 2018. Cartoon entries in Sicaco 2018 Daejeon ,Seoul ,Korea.
Title of workCartoon entries in Sicaco 2018 Daejeon ,Seoul ,Korea
CreatorsMumberson, S.

Winner of best cartoon - one of two British winners in SICACO 2018 works donated to National Museum of Korea after exhibitions and exhibited at City gallery Daejeon ,Seoul,Works accepted for prize under the theme Cpn+De-Struction and free section Shown during October 2018.

Research GroupArt Practice as Investigation cluster
EventSICACO 2018 Cartoon Contest
Publication process dates
Deposited29 Nov 2018
Accepted01 Oct 2018
Completed30 Oct 2018
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