Minority rights in Asia: a comparative legal analysis


Castellino, J. and Dominguez-Redondo, E. 2006. Minority rights in Asia: a comparative legal analysis. Oxford Oxford University Press (OUP).
TitleMinority rights in Asia: a comparative legal analysis
AuthorsCastellino, J. and Dominguez-Redondo, E.

Minority rights law has been an important axis for the evolution of international law itself. While much has been written about minority rights regimes in Europe, there is very little information available with regards to Asian experiences. Countries in Asia, with their diverse populations, are struggling with constructing legal systems that will deliver on the promise of equal rights to all its citizens. This book evaluates these attempts in four Asian states: India, China, Malaysia and Singapore by examining the theory and practice of minority rights law in these vastly different settings.

Research GroupLaw and Politics
PublisherOxford University Press (OUP)
Place of publicationOxford
Publication dates
PrintJun 2006
Publication process dates
Deposited12 Mar 2009
Output statusPublished
Web address (URL)http://global.oup.com/academic/product/minority-rights-in-asia-9780199296057?cc=us&lang=en&tab=description
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