Dyskeratosis congenita and the DNA damage response


Kirwan, M., Beswick, R., Walne, A., Hossain, U., Casimir, C., Vulliamy, T. and Dokal, I. 2011. Dyskeratosis congenita and the DNA damage response. British Journal of Haematology. 153 (5), pp. 634-643. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-2141.2011.08679.x
TitleDyskeratosis congenita and the DNA damage response
AuthorsKirwan, M., Beswick, R., Walne, A., Hossain, U., Casimir, C., Vulliamy, T. and Dokal, I.

Dyskeratosis congenita (DC) is a heterogeneous bone marrow failure disorder with known mutations in components of telomerase and telomere shelterin. Recent work in a
mouse model with a dyskerin mutation has implicated an increased DNA damage response as part of the cellular pathology, while mouse models with Terc and Tert mutations displayed a normal response. To clarify how these contradictory results might apply to DC pathology in humans, we studied the cellular phenotype in primary cells
from DC patients of several genetic subtypes, focussing on T lymphocytes to remain close to the haematopoietic system. We observed novel cell cycle abnormalities in conjunction with impaired growth and an increase in apoptosis. Using flow cytometry and confocal microscopy we examined induction of the DNA damage proteins -H2AX and 53BP1 and the cell cycle protein TP53 (p53). We found an increase in damage foci at telomeres in lymphocytes and an increase in the basal level of DNA damage in fibroblasts, but crucially no increased response to DNA damaging agents in either cell
type. As the response to induced DNA damage was normal and levels of global DNA damage were inconsistent between cell types, DNA damage may contribute differently to the pathology in different tissues.

Research GroupMolecular Biology group
JournalBritish Journal of Haematology
Publication dates
PrintJun 2011
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Deposited01 Jun 2011
Output statusPublished
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-2141.2011.08679.x
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