Algorithmic check of standards for information quality dimensions

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Primiero, G. 2014. Algorithmic check of standards for information quality dimensions. in: Floridi, L. and Illari, P. (ed.) The philosophy of information quality Springer.
Chapter titleAlgorithmic check of standards for information quality dimensions
AuthorsPrimiero, G.

An important aspect of defining IQ standards is that sound in-formation conforming to a specification should be error-free . We propose to assess information quality dimensions and check their standards by way of an algorithmic procedure. We design an effective procedural way to determine if and where IQ standards fail and to establish algorithmic resolution and evaluation methods that provide a metric appropriate to our quality checking system. This model is largely inspired by systems for quality standard assessment of software production, but it assumes a very high abstraction level. Our claim is that any information processing system, also not necessarily software based ones, can be designed after (some variations of) our model. A detailed formal translation of the definitions involved in our model is available in a machine-checked code.

Research GroupFoundations of Computing group
Book titleThe philosophy of information quality
EditorsFloridi, L. and Illari, P.
SeriesSynthese Library
Publication dates
Print15 Jul 2014
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Deposited17 Mar 2014
Output statusPublished
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