Aspects of negation in Freud and Jung


Henderson, D. 2011. Aspects of negation in Freud and Jung. Psychodynamic Practice. 17 (2), pp. 199-205.
TitleAspects of negation in Freud and Jung
AuthorsHenderson, D.

This article explores the family resemblance between psychoanalysis and negative theology. The frequent use of Keats' concept of negative capability demonstrates the need for ways to think about not knowing. While Freud and Jung deploy negation in different ways within their theories, it is the potency of their denials rather than their affirmations that accounts for the impact and unclassifiable force of psychoanalysis.

Keywordsnegative capability; negative theology; contingency; desire; experience; renunciation
Research GroupCentre for Psychoanalysis
JournalPsychodynamic Practice
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Deposited26 Apr 2011
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