Evaluating social media frameworks for small and large organisation

Conference paper

Alsobhi, A. and Abeysinghe, G. 2014. Evaluating social media frameworks for small and large organisation. The 7th Saudi Students Conference (SSC2014). Edinburgh, UK 01 - 02 Feb 2014
TypeConference paper
TitleEvaluating social media frameworks for small and large organisation
AuthorsAlsobhi, A. and Abeysinghe, G.

The nature of the business today is very competitive for small businesses (SMEs) since they have limited resources comparing to large organisations. ITs have helped businesses to look for new competing ways in persuading their customers. Social media (SM) are considered one of these technologies and there have been successful existing practical examples in the literature about its effectiveness in business. SM have given SMEs an opportunity to create a global customer base in a cost effective manner which was not possible in other business model. The main aim of this research was to investigate how SMEs can benefit from SM. Although there are many IT adoption models but there are very few which focuses on SM alone. According to our knowledge there is none which focuses on SM adoption by SMEs until the Before, Process and After (BPA) framework has been proposed (Abeysinghe & Alsobhi 2013). This research also aimed to critically review of existing frameworks.

KeywordsSocial Media adoption, Small Businesses, Social Media framework
ConferenceThe 7th Saudi Students Conference (SSC2014)
Publication dates
Print01 Feb 2014
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Deposited19 Mar 2014
Output statusPublished
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Web address (URL)http://ssc2013.uksacb.org/OCS/index.php/ssc/SSC2013
Book titleProceedings of the 7th SSC Saudi Students Conference
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