Presence and resonance (four compositions 2014-2019)


2014. Presence and resonance (four compositions 2014-2019).
TitlePresence and resonance (four compositions 2014-2019)

- (2017) Prado Florido (after Guerrero)
Ensemble La Tricotea & Jonathan Impett
- (2016) Folto Giardino I
Solo percussionist, ensemble, installation and computers
- (2018) Folto Giardino II
Chamber ensemble, live electronics and installation
- (2017)Folto giardino: hybrid cross-pollination of score, performance, installation and technology. Leonardo Music Journal.
This article presents a series of works for chamber ensemble (incorporating both scored and improvised material), electronics and an installation of long strings.
- (2019) Apollo e Marsyas
Apollo e Marsyas. Viola d’amore, installation and computer. Marco Fusi – viola d’amore.

Output mediaComposition,
Research GroupMusic group
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Print17 Oct 2014
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