Structure and expression of a newt cardio-skeletal myosin gene. Implications for the C value paradox

Evidence for dedifferentiation and metaplasia in amphibian limb regeneration from inheritance of DNA methylation.

CCF: le format commun de communication = CCF the Common Communication Format

Capital budgeting, political risk and prudence.

Computer aided factory layout planning (CAFLAP).

The role of political ideology, and its expression in criminal justice and child-care policies in the construction of of the differential system careers of caucasian and afro-caribbean juvenile offendors.

A study of the scope and significance of occupational welfare in the management of large modern telecommunications service organisations.

The computer synthesis of expressive three-dimensional facial character animation.

Reward systems and career planning for executives: a comparative analysis with special reference to the post and telecommunication industries of Portugal and Britain

Distribution analysis of pollutant concentrations in stormwater runoff

Community based practice and development in the probation service

An investigation into the introduction of microcomputers into four primary schools

Before language: the rage at the mother

The role of computer-aided design in the learning of practical 3D-descriptive geometry: a case study

Behaviour of critical regions of concrete slabs under impulsive loading

The automated analysis and design of underground concrete nuclear shelters

Contemporary choreography at work: a new method of recording the choreographic process

Black culture, white youth: the reggae tradition from JA to UK

Close-up north series 1 and 2

Storm and stress: the Trades Union Congress and university adult education 1964-1974

Universities and unions - an unhappy marriage

Time intervals of constant sojourn of a homogeneous Markov chain in a fixed subset of states

Asymptotic properties of the distribution of the length of the longest head run

Determination of β-lactams and their biosynthetic intermediates in fermentation media by pre-column derivatisation followed by fluorescence detection

Determination of natural penicillins in fermentation media by high-performance liquid chromatography using pre-column derivatisation with 1-hydroxybenzotriazole