Light Steps promo


Akinleye, A. and Califano, A. 2014. Light Steps promo.
Title of workLight Steps promo
CreatorsAkinleye, A. and Califano, A.

Film by Anton Califano. Light Steps Dance Performance was created by Adesola Akinleye ( especially for children (3+) and family audiences. The piece takes inspiration from artist Spencer Finch’s current exhibition at Turner Contemporary, Margate 2014; The Skies can’t keep their secret. The work premiered in the exhibition space in August 2014. Light Steps takes the children on a 40-minute magical journey using light and colour as a portal through moments in time. American based sceneographer and costume designer Shelby Newport (University of Michigan) collaborated with Adesola in the making of the work to transport the audience to a colour-filled world of moving dance with live music composed and performed by Jacob Shirley. Characters and objects in the work are inspired by drawing and dance created with children during a residency at Bromstone Primary School in Broadstairs in Summer 2014. The work will tour schools and theatres in 2015/16

Research GroupDance group
Theatre Arts group
Publication process dates
Deposited06 Oct 2015
Completed11 Aug 2014
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