Time ladies

Drawn towards (an exhibition of drawings)

The retrospective diagnosis of postnatal depression by questionnaire

Molecular cloning and characterization of grancalcin, a novel EF-hand calcium-binding protein abundant in neutrophils and monocytes

Isolation of cDNA coding for an ubiquitous membrane protein deficient in high Na+, low K+ stomatocytic erythrocytes

Identification of the defective NADPH-oxidase component in chronic granulomatous disease: a study of 57 European families

Restoration of superoxide generation to a chronic granulomatous disease-derived B-cell line by retrovirus mediated gene transfer

Hepatitis C viraemia in United Kingdom blood donors: a multicentre study

Hepatitis C viraemia rebound after "successful" interferon therapy in patients with chronic non-A, non-B hepatitis

Detection of hepatitis C viraemia in Caucasian patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.

Alternative splicing determines the carboxy terminus of the Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 5 species expressed in the Burkitt's lymphoma cell line Daudi

A Marxism for the postmodern? Jameson's Adorno.

Modernity is a qualitative, not a chronological, category.

Simulation of summer storms of differing recurrence intervals in a semiarid environment using a kinematic routing scheme.


CDS/ISIS Information.

Critical design issues for gallium arsenide VLSI circuits.

Choice and constraint in flood hazard mitigation: the environmental attitudes of floodplain residents and engineers

Development of solid state thick film zirconia oxygen gas sensors.

CCF/B: the Common Communication Format for Bibliographic Information

Maternal and child welfare in England and Wales between the wars: a comparative regional study.

Heroin use and the formal economy: illicit drugs and licit economies in Italy

Community care: the impact of current welfare policies and ideologies on older people in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

A survey and evaluation of microbased computer aided design systems for design education and practice in Scotland primarily in the area of product design: their application, problems and potential solutions

Quantity and price effects in the balance of trade of Bangladesh: 1976-'77 to 1987-'88

Ten decades: careers of ten women artists born 1897-1906

Boundary element analysis of spherical and radome shells

The mass transport properties of selected membranes in potassium hydroxide solutions of various concentrations

Capstan drive transport system for motion picture film

Microbiological characteristics in urban stormwater runoff and sediments

'Trustees of posterity': Benjamin Disraeli and the European Bildungsroman

A study of reactive ion etching of gallium arsenide in mixtures of methane and hydrogen plasmas

The effect of implant stiffness on the osseointegration of titanium alloy

A comparison of cortical strain after cemented and press-fit proximal and distal femoral replacement

The punk & the princess

An experiment to improve patient's closed-mouth metered-dose inhaler technique using a prototype spirometric training device

Muzak: on functional music and power

The boarding house

Assessing the training needs of community nurses with respect to HIV-infection within a central London health district: results, recommendations and training completed 1991-1992

Community nurse training for intravenous therapy administration skills within a central London home nursing service supporting patients with HIV-related infections living at home

116th Exhibition of Contemporary Prints - Bankside Gallery London

British University adult education in context

Longest runs in a sequence of m-dependent random variables

Inference about the Pareto--type distribution

High performance liquid chromatography of non-protein amino acids extracted from Acacia seeds

Non-protein amino acids in seeds of neotropical species of acacia

Japanese electric utilities face limits to growth