Fertility differentials in rural Bangladesh


Khan, H., Islam, S., Khan, H. and Bari, R. 1993. Fertility differentials in rural Bangladesh. The Dhaka University Journal of Science. 41 (1), pp. 83-89.
TitleFertility differentials in rural Bangladesh
AuthorsKhan, H., Islam, S., Khan, H. and Bari, R.

Data from two sources in rural Bangladesh have been used in this study to examine the differentials in fertility by selected socio-economic and demographic factors. Results [indicate] that age at first marriage, education of spouses and availability of electricity in the household...have [an] inverse relationship with fertility. Higher fertility is observed for Muslim women than for non-Muslims. It has been found that fertility is the lowest to those women whose husbands are service holders and the highest for agriculture.

PublisherUniversity of Dhaka
JournalThe Dhaka University Journal of Science
Publication dates
Print01 Jan 1993
Publication process dates
Deposited01 Feb 2010
Output statusPublished
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