Development and application of a survey quality assessment model


Chen, T., Raeside, R. and Khan, H. 2014. Development and application of a survey quality assessment model. Global Journal of Quantitative Science. 1 (1), pp. 15-29.
TitleDevelopment and application of a survey quality assessment model
AuthorsChen, T., Raeside, R. and Khan, H.

Until recently research has been undertaken to improve the quality and effectiveness of surveys. By reviewing existing works, an improved model has been developed in this paper in order to assess the quality of statistical surveys. The model has been applied to over 103 national and international surveys and it is then used to generate synthetic data based on similar principles such as formulation, design and application quality etc. Various measures of the survey have been undertaken such as average question length, number of questions etc., and input into the database; which are analysed using statistical classification tools. This has allowed the identification of structural features of surveys which is associated with survey quality and this is reported
precisely in the paper. Recommendations are made as to how a systematic approach can be taken to improve survey quality and effectiveness.

PublisherEducation Knowledge Research and Advancement (EKRA)
JournalGlobal Journal of Quantitative Science
Publication dates
Print01 Mar 2014
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Deposited09 Apr 2014
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