Ageing in post-industrial society: trends and trajectories


Powell, J. and Khan, H. 2014. Ageing in post-industrial society: trends and trajectories. Journal of Globalization Studies. 5 (2), pp. 143-151.
TitleAgeing in post-industrial society: trends and trajectories
AuthorsPowell, J. and Khan, H.

This article aims to examine a global question on the power of population ageing in 21st century, particularly the degree to which ageing is becoming a real challenge to many parts of the world. The ageing issues are critically analysed by illustrating valuable scientific inputs including statistical data. A holistic approach has been utilized to understand and resolve the complexities of future ageing society. Finally, suggestions are made on the basis of social and economic implications globally.

PublisherUchitel Publishing House
JournalJournal of Globalization Studies
Publication dates
Print01 Nov 2014
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Deposited15 Jan 2014
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