Firm growth and the illusion of randomness


Derbyshire, J. and Garnsey, E. 2014. Firm growth and the illusion of randomness. Journal of Business Venturing Insights. 1-2, pp. 8-11.
TitleFirm growth and the illusion of randomness
AuthorsDerbyshire, J. and Garnsey, E.

This paper shows that randomness can be an artefact of the methods used to examine firm performance. It questions the recent equating of entrepreneurship with gambling based on the assumption of random firm performance. It shows that complexity science provides a useful alternative perspective on randomness in relation to firm performance.

KeywordsFirm growth, randomness
Research GroupCentre for Enterprise, Environment and Development Research (CEEDR)
JournalJournal of Business Venturing Insights
Publication dates
PrintDec 2014
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Deposited07 May 2015
Output statusPublished
Accepted author manuscript
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Available online 16 October 2014

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