Arts issues: the state of arts funding

Osaka Gas Company Ltd.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. Inc.

Setting the agenda: Anti-discriminatory practice teaching

Characterization of a hepatitis A virus strain suitable for vaccine production

Autosomal recessive chronic granulomatous disease caused by deletion at a dinucleotide repeat

Effect of alpha-interferon therapy on hepatitis C viraemia in community-acquired chronic non-A, non-B hepatitis: a quantitative polymerase chain reaction study

Hepatitis C viraemia in adults with type 2 autoimmune hepatitis.

Hepatitis C virus infection in Egyptian volunteer blood donors in Riyadh

Hepatitis C antibody profile and viraemia prevalence in adults with severe haemophilia

Improvement of HCV genome detection with "short" PCR products

Some aspects of proximate determinants of fertility in a rural area of Bangladesh

Effects of selected socio-economic and demographic factors on fertility: a path analysis

Regulation of human growth hormone receptor gene expression by human growth hormone in a human hepatoma cell line

Reading the body in the merchant of Venice.

The industrial attitudes of active white collar civil service trade unionists.

Relationships between algebra, differential equations and logic in England 1800-1860.

Development of instrumentation incorporating solid state gas sensors for measurement of oxygen partial pressure.

Visit to the FADINAP / NFIS National Cooperating Centre in Hanoi, Viet Nam, 8-19 May 1991

Visit to the FADINAP / NFIS National Cooperating Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan, 24 November to 8 December, 1991

Implementation notes for users of the CCF/F: the Common Communication Format for Factual Information.

Visual word recognition: evidence for strategic control of lexical and nonlexical routines in oral reading

Noises offscreen: could a crisis of confidence be good for media studies?

Intelligence: issues in a word or a field.

A new development in low cost pneumatic actuators.

The 'Flexator' as a robotic actuator.

[Review of book:] Dreams, a portal to the source by Edward C. Whitmont and Sylvia Briton Perera, London: Routledge, 1989.

Import demand functions for capital goods in Bangladesh

Differentiation in the social evaluation of work: an investigation of stigmatizing characteristics of death-related occupations

On the nature and effect of power distribution noise in CMOS digital integrated circuits

Chemical and electrochemical studies of Leclanché cells

Force sensing enhancement of robot system

The dew points of acidic vapours in simulated power station flue gases

Correlation of stress distribution with bony remodelling in retrieved femora with proximal femoral replacements

A comparison of cortical strain following cemented and uncemented proximal and distal femoral replacement

Janet uses hypertext to go to the library

'HMS Belfast before the city' (linocut) and 'Canary Wharf' (linocut) [in Open Print Exhibition London1991]

[Work in Salvaged! The art of a throwaway world-South Bank Centre, London]

'The Imperial war museum' and 'Lloyds of London' (linocuts) [in Contemporary Prints, 1991, London]

Border country, Raymond Williams in adult education Part I

The permanent revolution? Conservative law and the trade unions

Rate of convergence in the limit theorem for the length of the longest head run

On the distribution of the maximum of random number of random variables

pH regulation of penicillin production in Aspergillus nidulans