Memory for words as a function of spelling transparency


Baluch, B. and Danaye-Tousie, M. 2006. Memory for words as a function of spelling transparency. The Journal of Psychology. 140 (2), pp. 95-104.
TitleMemory for words as a function of spelling transparency
AuthorsBaluch, B. and Danaye-Tousie, M.

The authors investigated the impact of spelling transparency on memory for words written in Persian orthography. Adult Persian university students (N = 212) performed in a memory recall experiment on 160 monosyllabic words printed on 8 cards (20 on each card) manipulated for spelling transparency, frequency, and imageability. Each card was presented randomly to the participants and they were asked to read the words aloud as quickly as possible. After reading each card, the participants were asked to engage in a digital addition task for 20 s (as a distracter), which was immediately followed by a request to write down as many words as possible from the cards in 40 s. No significant difference was found in the time to name aloud the opaque and transparent words, whereas on the memory recall task there were main effects for spelling, frequency, and imageability and significant 2-way and 3-way interactions. The effects were greatest for transparent spellings when they were of high frequency and high imageability or low frequency and low imageability. The implications of these findings are discussed.

Keywordsadults, memory, spelling transparency, strategies, words.
Research GroupLanguage, Learning and Cognition group
PublisherHeldref Publications
JournalThe Journal of Psychology
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Deposited18 Apr 2011
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