SchemaLine: timeline visualization for sensemaking

Conference paper

Nguyen, P., Xu, K., Walker, R. and Wong, B. 2014. SchemaLine: timeline visualization for sensemaking. 18th International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV). pp. 225-233
TypeConference paper
TitleSchemaLine: timeline visualization for sensemaking
AuthorsNguyen, P., Xu, K., Walker, R. and Wong, B.

Timeline visualization is an important tool for sense making. It allows analysts to examine information in chronological order and to identify temporal patterns and relationships. However, many existing timeline visualization methods are not designed for the dynamic and iterative nature of the sense making process and the various analysis activities it involves. In this paper, we introduce a novel timeline visualization, Schema Line, to address these deficiencies. Schema Line is designed to group notes into analyst-determined schema, using a layout algorithm to produce compact but aesthetically pleasing timeline visualization, and includes fluid user interactions to support sense making activities. It enables interactive temporal schemata construction with seamless integration with visual data exploration and note taking. Our preliminary evaluation results show that the participants found the new method easy to learn and use, and its features effective for the sense making activities for which it was designed.

Keywordsanalyst-determined schema, chronological order, data analysis, Data models, data visualisation, Data visualization, fluid user interactions, Image color analysis, interactive temporal schemata construction, Joining processes, Layout, layout algorithm, note grouping, note taking, SchemaLine, seamless integration, sensemaking, sensemaking activities, temporal pattern identification, timeline visualization, visual analytics, visual data exploration
Conference18th International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV)
Page range225-233
Publication dates
PrintJul 2014
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Deposited07 May 2015
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