Developments in nano unmanned aerial systems.

Conference keynote

Prior, S. 2011. Developments in nano unmanned aerial systems. The First International Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation 2011 (ICETI2011). Kenting, Taiwan 11 - 15 Nov 2011
TypeConference keynote
TitleDevelopments in nano unmanned aerial systems.
AuthorsPrior, S.

There is a growing realization by military planners that to win the insurgency wars of the future, forward units will have to operate within the close confines of urban conurbations and for prolonged periods of time with minimal support. Micro/Nano Air vehicles (MAV/NAVs) are rapidly developing to become an integral component of a soldier’s real-time information and intelligence gathering capability on enemy strength, dispositions and tactics.
The recent MoD Nano UAS UOR tender (Feb 2011) called for an air element of <60 g with a minimum range of 300 m and an endurance of at least 20 min. A major obstacle faced by many MAV/NAV developers, when trying to create a fully autonomous and soldier compatriot system, is the advancement of equivalent scale sensor platforms combining Detect, Sense and Avoid (DSA) sub-systems. The few existing systems currently in use at the MAV/NAV scale encompass, at best, a semi-autonomous level of operation, usually without DSA.
The next generation of MAV/NAVs used in combat/reconnaissance missions, intended for use within close proximity to insurgents, will be required to be fully autonomous; carrying out a complete mission using on-board sensing, information processing, control and (re)configuration.

ConferenceThe First International Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation 2011 (ICETI2011)
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THEME: "Recent Trends on Science and Engineering Innovation"
Organized by: National Formosa University, Taiwan
Fuzhou University, P.R. China
Taiwan Association of Engineering and Technology Innovation
Chienkuo Technology University, Taiwan
Taiwan Institute of Knowledge Innovation
This ICETI2011 conference covers a wide range of fields in science and engineering innovation and aims to bring together engineering technology expertise. The professional from the industry, academia and government to discourse on research and development, professional practice, business and management in the science and engineering fields are welcome to the ICETI2011. This conference enables interdisciplinary collaboration between science and engineering technologists in the academic and industrial fields as well as networking internationally. During the conference, there should be substantial time for presentation and discussion. In addition, poster sessions and exhibitions offer ample opportunity for information exchange among delegates and participants, especially for those who are looking for new opportunity between presenters and participants. Attendees will find various activities useful in bringing together a diverse group of engineers and technologists from across disciplines for the generation of new ideas, collaboration potential and business opportunities.

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