Curating New Narratives interviews Ute Meta Bauer

Using performance indicators to improve health care quality in the public sector: A review of the literature

Nigel Henderson

Working notes: conversation with Katy Deepwell

Facts or fragments? Visual histories in the age of mechanical reproduction

Developments in the law of genocide

The ICJ ruling against the United States: is it really about the death penalty?

A stranger to this place

The prescription of typical and atypical antipsychotic drugs to people with schizophrenia: relationships between advice,information, choice and the type of drug prescribed.

An investigation into priming effects in mental imagery and perception using Pavio’s Mental Clock Task.

State, labour markets and immigration: overseas doctors in the UK.

Contemporary European migrations, civic stratification and citizenship

Control strategies for inventory management

Human osteoblasts' proliferative responses to strain and 17-estradiol are mediated by the estrogen receptor and the receptor for insulin-like growth factor I

Quasi-optimal trajectory planning and control of a CRS A251 industrial robot

Dissociations in processing past tense morphology: neuropathology and behavioral studies

The effect of early coastal development on the fringing coral reefs of Langkawi: a study in small scale changes

Marketing issues for non-degree UK higher education: The case of foundation degrees

From the invisible hand to the invisible hand shake: marketing higher education

Vision models based identification of traffic signs

Content based retrieval of lesioned brain images

Portugal transformed

Economic change and regional development in Portugal

Contemporary Portugal: dimensions of economic and political change

Moby Dick and the crimes of the economy

Getting beyond the 'official line': reflections on dilemmas of access, knowledge, and power in researching policy networks

The vertigo of philosophy: Deleuze and the problem of immanence

Modelling an industrial manipulator: a case study

Loss of heterozygosity and allelic imbalance in apocrine metaplasia of the breast: Microdissection microsatellite analysis

What role for the arts in palliative care?

Entertaining Other Options: Restaging "Theory" in the Age of Practice as Research

Interpreting and reinterpreting agri-environmental policy: communication, trust and knowledge in the implementation process

Slobodan Milosevic on trial: a companion

Through the looking glass: Victor Frankenstein and Robert Owen

The abolition of the death penalty in International Law. 3rd edition

NATN's online education

Expression of c-erbB2, p53, Bcl-2, Bax, c-myc and Ki-67 in apocrine metaplasia and apocrine change within sclerosing adenosis of the breast

Reframing human resource management in Africa: a cross-cultural perspective

C-myc oncoprotein expression and gene amplification in apocrine metaplasia and apocrine change within sclerosing adenosis of the breast

Developing culturally competent researchers

Treating an opiate-dependent inpatient population: a one-year follow-up study of treatment completers and noncompleters

Empirical measurement of the effects of cultural diversity on software quality management.

Adaptive simulated annealing for CT image classification

A cooperative environment for genetic variance analysis using component database for database integration.

Quality of life, sleep, mood and alcohol consumption: a complex interaction

The oil crisis, risk and evidence-based practice

The fast alcohol screening test

Stress and work with substance misusers: the development and cross-validation of a new instrument to measure staff stress

Sewer losses and interactions with groundwater quality.

Developing research conceptions of emotion among adult learners of mathematics.

From discharge to follow-up: a small-scale study of medium secure provision in the independent sector.

Beyond metaculture

Travelling to the ancestral homeland: the aspirations and experiences of a UK Caribbean community.

Towards a taxonomy of fantasy.

Water supply in England and Wales: whose responsibility is it when things go wrong?

Environmental risk assessment and the intrusion of bias

FOXM1 is a downstream target of Gli1 in basal cell carcinomas

Changing significance of inland fisheries for livelihoods and nutrition in Bangladesh

Vulnerability to flooding: health and social dimensions.

Being deaf and being other things: young Asian people negotiating identities

Young South Asian deaf people and their families: negotiating relationships and identities

Sophistry, relevance and technology transfer in management research: an IMP perspective.

The deserving and the undeserving: refugees, asylum seekers and welfare in Britain

A critical examination of the democratic transition in South Africa: the question of public participation.

Exploring the gender dimensions of reconstruction processes post-hurricane Mitch.

The African diaspora: developmental and modern African political theory

Crime and modernity: continuities in left realist criminology

Applying linguistics: questions of language and law.

Translation and linguistics: what does the future hold?

Witchcraft and kingship in the North Berwick witch-hunt and Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Absolutely postcolonial: writing between the singular and the specific


Levinas, Feminism and the Feminine

Technology and the instrument

Instrument und Pseudoinstrument - Akusmatische Konzepte

Interacting with pictures: film, narrative and interaction

Love, labour and loss.

Discourses on Research and the PhD in Design

A qualitative analysis of composers at work.

The Storyteller: No 1.

Webern's Op.21 and the unity of musical space.

A new mouse mutant, skijumper.

A comparison of techniques to optimize measurement of voltage changes in electrical impedance tomography by minimizing phase shift errors

Enhanced affinity capture MALDI-TOF MS: orientation of an immunoglobulin G using recombinant protein G

Proceedings of Common Ground, Design Research Society International Conference

Safe disposal of inflammatory monosodium urate monohydrate crystals by differentiated macrophages

Airborne Particle-associated Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, n-alkanes, elemental and organic carbon in three European Cities.

Strategic parameters for capital budgeting when abandonment value is stochastic

Multilevel clustering of extremes

The management of people across cultures: valuing people differently

Factorial validity and internal reliability of the Honey and Mumford's learning styles questionaire

Targeted support for high-growth start-ups: some policy issues

What causes structure to find a place in love

Bungalow blitz: another history of Irish architecture

Mathis Lussy: a pioneer in studies of expressive performance

[h]interland GDA, and touring as [h]interland 2.

'Cluster': telematic performance viewed in situ and webcast.

Future physical.

After Seattle

The commodification of conspiracy theory.

Flexible working time and interest representation in German and British banking.

The Uncanny Room.


Zero Carat.

Toward a metaphysics of shit.

The outsider within: Shonibare's Dandy and the parasitic economy of exchange.

The intimacy of the infinite.

Intimations of the real.

Duncan Newton: abstract pictures.

It's inside.

Esemplastic Tuesdays.

Requirements specification for a composition tools system.


West Orange Blues.

Three Spuikars.

The limits of globalization: legal and political issues in E-commerce

Review: the 'Nowalls' Conference at De Montfort University

Histories and ideologies of synthesis.

CD review: The British 'school' of acousmatic music

Abstract and concrete.

Review of "Making an entrance: theory and practice for disabled and non-disabled dancers by Adam Benjamin."

Caring for Stravinsky


Export control regimes and India's space and missile programmes

Regulating natural monopolies: the case of drinking water in France.

Measuring country risk as implied volatility.

Controlling the risk: a case study of the Indian liquidity crisis 1990-92

Country rulers: macrometrics for country risk assessment.

Analysis of ethical perceptions of current management practices and circumstantial: self-behaviour among management students.

International finance.

Comparative employment systems.

Financial transformation and social citizenship in the EU.

Work-family cultural changes: company initiatives

Current trends in work-life research.

Drug misuse and motherhood

International HRM: a cross-cultural approach

Organisational research in the NPM: the turn to qualitative methods

Young Europeans, work and family: futures in transition

Measuring the return on human capital.

Crewing the international merchant fleet.

Knowledge management in the context of mergers and acquisitions.

Do you know how much your greatest asset is worth?

A thorough evaluation

A reply to Walker's note: "A comment on Tasiran's wages and income effects on the timing and spacing of births in Sweden and in the United States"

Valuing people as assets.

Crisi del sindicato o suo rinnovamento: le riposts dei sindicati all'individualizzazione delle relzioni sul posto di lavoro.

Co-determination and strategic integration in German firms

The diffusion of management concepts in Europe: conceptual considerations and longitudinal analysis.

Public sector employment

Profiles of union workplace representatives : evidence from three unions in SW England

Econometric analysis of fertility dynamics in Turkey: the proceedings of the Economic Research Forum's Conference on Population Challenges in the Middle East and North Africa: towards the 21st Century

'New unionism', organising and partnership: a comparative analysis of union renewal strategies in the public sector

Trade union strategy and renewal: the restructuring of work and work relations in the UK aerospace industry

Clarification of employer's liability for work-related stress

Practitioners' use of online law reports

Whistleblowing procedures at work: what are the implications for human resource practitioners?

A survey of confidential reporting procedures in English and Welsh local authorities

New transfer regulations

New transfer regulations and insolvency

Consultation with employees

The German corporate governance code: what implications?

Corporate governance.

Adaptation processes in supplier-customer relationships

Business to business markets and marketing research

Managerial relevance in academic research: an exploratory study

Human rights and employment law

Franchising, Retailing and the Development of E-Commerce: an examination of the theoretical reasons behind the development of retailing through franchising and a consideration of its future

Long head runs and long match patterns.

Compound poisson approximation for the distribution of extremes

Extraction of features from 3D PET images.

Towards archiving 3D PET brain images based on their physiological and visual content.

Invariant recognition of traffic signs

A new approach to traffic sign recognition

Road sign recognition by means of the behavioural model of vision.

Approaches to modelling open networks with bursty arrivals.

Modelling multiserver systems with time or operation dependent breakdowns, alternate repair strategies, reconfiguration and rebooting delays

Road sign recognition by one fixation of space-variant sensor.

A multi-agent decision support system for stock trading

Object detection with vision vased system: a secondary aid for visually impaired and blind people.

Object modelling of gene mutation data for variance analysis.

The role of subject knowledge in the effective teaching of primary science

Making decisions based on evidence.

I told you I was ill: a tribute to the work of Spike Milligan

Philosophy of language

Sentence meaning

Pragmatics for undergraduates

Putting the pleasure back into poetry.

Music and creativity.

Perceiving animals: humans and beasts in early modern English culture

Just a plaything for your pet cat?

Picturing children: constructions of childhood between Rousseau and Freud

Book burning

Science fiction in the academies of history and literature; or, history and the use of science fiction.

Reversing a common notion: translation and examples in contrastive linguistics.

The end of politics: culture, nation and other fundamentalisms

Storia inconcepibile.

Quaker relief work in the Spanish Civil War.

Surpassing the love of vampires: or why (and how) a queer reading of the Buffy/ Willow relationship is denied.

A systematic basis for developing cognitive assessment methods for assistive technology

Testing, evolution and implementation issues in metaCASE and computer assisted method engineering (CAME) environments.

FATHOM: a framework for assessment through hybridising of methods.

Removing the barriers to accessibility: technologies and pedagogies of on-line learning: accessible courseware shared spaces.

An investigation of the effects of cultural diversity on software quality management.

The need for and the problems with location aware services (LAS) for people with disabilities.

The navigation requirements of older people with a range of disabilities in complex pedestrian environments.

Multiple viewpoints on computer supported team work: a case study on ambulance dispatch.

Learning to look: real and virtual artifacts.

Learning with digital artifacts: gaining a sense of the object

Analysing ambulance dispatcher decision making: trialing emergent themes analysis

Deleuze meets Hitchcock; and the horror thereafter.

Abbas Kiarostami: new waves, authorship, and the politics of the festival circuit

Badiou's politics: equality and justice.

Badiou et la déliaison absolue

Neural cell assemblies for practical applications.

No room for manoeuvre: does 'best value' provide a better deal for workers in UK local government?

Technologies and pedagogies of trans-continental online tearning: towards removing the barriers to accessibility.

Global campus: learning to walk with webbed feet.

Feeling the way through DLL hell

Evolution of distributed Java progams.

Distance learning comes home: resource-based learning for campus-based students.

High concentrations of CA 125 in uterine flushings: influence of cause of infertility and menstrual cycle day.

A feasibility study of remote monitoring of asthmatic patients.

Design and performance of the UCLH mark 1b 64 channel electrical impedance tomography (EIT) system, optimized for imaging brain function

A multi-shell algorithm to reconstruct EIT images of brain function

Work based learning: models and implementations.

Practice-based research methodologies for practitioner-researchers

Knowledge work and learning.

Fighting your way through the electronic jungle: who manages e-journals?

Inference on heavy tails from dependent data.

On self-normalised sums [supplement]

Bringing learning to life and life to earning

Regulated expression of signal transducer and activator of transcription, Stat5, and its enhancement of PRL expression in human endometrial stromal cells in vitro

Future prospects for vaccines to control fertility

Antifertility vaccines

Reduced apoptotic levels in squamous but not basal cell carcinomas correlates with detection of cutaneous human papillomavirus

The transitional autonomy model (TAM): a telepistemology for online work based learning.

Falsely elevated human chorionic gonadotropin leading to unnecessary therapy

Who deserves foundation degrees?

Marketing higher and further education: an educator's guide to promoting courses, departments and institutions.

Old versus young generation values in Cyprus a world apart? Gender roles, family and sexual norms, and value change.

A case study of independent group peer-assisted learning

The international human rights regime and the protection of linguistic rights.

Disability & racial discrimination: the international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.

Self-experience in Thomas Merton and C.G. Jung.

Supporting South Asian carers and those they care for: the role of the primary health care team

Citizens’ participation in primary health care planning: innovative citizenship practice in empirical perspective

South Asian disabled young people and their families

Working with young people in Europe: what we can learn from our neighbours

Dynamic aspects of visual event perception and the production of pointing by human infants

Development of algorithms to image impedance changes inside the human head.

The impact of working life on health behavior: the effect of job strain on the cognitive predictors of exercise

Psychological distress of cancer and clinical trial participation: a review of the literature.

Does an integrated care pathway improve interprofessional collaboration? An evaluation of collaboration in discharge planning in London, UK.

Researching pornography and sexual bodies

The body

Developing learner autonomy via part time work.

Repetition, homophone and phonological priming of object naming from naming words to printed definitions.

The role of emotional perception in attentional bias for threat.

Taking a stance on the bodily expression of emotion: evidence from the UK and China.

Effects of early mobility on shortcut performance in a simulated maze

Textual turns - and a turn-up for the books.

Before the posthuman can take [its] place: performing place and person in the early 21st century

Cytolytic viruses as potential anti-cancer agents

Use of virtual environments to acquire spatial understanding of real-world multi-level environments

The Gollin incomplete figure test as a masking problem

Establishing the validity of pressure ulcer risk assessment scales: a novel approach using illustrated patient scenarios

The development of the professional accreditation of conservator-restorers: a form of professional systems architecture.

An action research project to evaluate the clinical practice facilitator role for junior nurses in an acute hospital setting

Open awareness and dying: the use of denial and acceptance as coping strategies by hospice patients

An assessment of lead R&D nursing roles in acute trusts and an evaluation of their status within the NHS research agenda

Flappers and shawls: the female embodiment of Irish National Identity in the 1920s

Gender, identity and the Irish Press, 1922-1937: embodying the nation

Mother India/ Mother Ireland: gendered dialogues of nationalism and colonialism

A correspondence of life and letters: 'why war?'

I’m going to England: Irish women’s stories of migration in the 1930s

Sexualising emigration: discourses on Irish female migration in the 1930s

Social capital and well-being: generations in an East London neighbourhood.

Impact of mass media programs on family planning in Jiggasha area: evidence from a micro study

Report on methodological issues in family and migration research

Seasonal removal of herbicides in urban runoff

Modelling contraceptive prevalence in Bangladesh: a hierarchical approach

Pollutant biodegradation potentials on airport surfaces.

Elimination of luteinizing hormone cross-reactive epitopes from human chorionic gonadotropin.

Genes and IgG glycosylation in autoimmune and non-autoimmune strains of mice

The complete guide to infertility: diagnosis, treatment, options

Safe water.

Complementarity and co-ordination of self-employment support in rural areas.

Business regeneration in deprived areas: a review of the evidence base.

A note on trust, networks, social capital and entrepreneurial behaviour.

Mapping the social economy in the rural East Midlands.

Conceptual Art.

Placentally derived prostaglandin E2 acts via the EP4 receptor to inhibit IL-2-dependent proliferation of CTLL-2 T cells.

Measurement of the diffusion coefficient within lumbar intervertebral disks using high dose gadodiamide enhanced MRI.

Gendered poverties and power relations: looking inside communities and households.

Measuring enterprise impacts upon deprived areas.

Adapting authorship: beyond sovereignty and death.

The Incisive Line: prints, paintings & drawings By Richard Fozard (1925 - 2000).

Calling creatures by their true Names: Bacon, the new science and the beast in man.

Afghan nationals in the UK: professional capacity and views on return

The ‘third world’ in the ‘first world’: migrant women, citizenship and political action.

Migration policy in Europe: contradictions and continuities.

Management knowledge: a critical view.

Emotion and cognition in business ethics teaching.

UK Libraries Plus: two years of progress.

Le Sommet mondial pour le développement durable de Johanesbourg, un sommet de plus?

Greedy Kunst.

Philosophies of race and ethnicity.

The emergence of a new generation of workers in Turkish industry: an examination of age related differences.

Diel drift behaviour of fish eggs and larvae, in particular barbel, Barbus barbus (L.), in an English chalk stream.

A cooperative environment for genetic variance analysis using component database for database integration.

Playgrounds - risks, benefits and choices

Understanding and responding to societal concerns.

Charisma: cultural heritage, access and risk management.

Cyborg culture, high and low.

Staging machines: power and the spectacle of technology.

Divided loyalties, divided expectations: research ethics, professional and occupational responsibilities.

Working with older people with communication difficulties: an evaluation of care worker training.

Media Space: an analysis of spatial practices in planar pictorial media.

Marxism against postmodernism in educational theory.

Erosion risk with rapid and extensive agricultural clearances on differing lithologies in S.E. Spain.

Developing a virtual project environment for research to aid doctoral level professional studies: 'the transitional autonomy model'(TAM).

The accreditation process.

Postmodernism adieu: toward a politics of human resistance.

Resistance postmodernism: progressive politics or rhetorical left posturing?

Marxism, class analysis, and postmodernism.

Hotel yield management and its impact on customer relationships.

Critical education for economic and social justice: a democratic Marxist programme for schooling and teacher education.

The third way and education: New Labour, the dominance of neo-liberal global capital in European education policies and inequality.

Social roles and spatial relations of NGOs and civil society.

Six theses on class, global capital and resistance by education and other cultural workers.

Modelling generalization and other class-to-parent relationships.

A pattern based approach to defining the dynamic infrastructure of UML 2.0.

Pilot trials of a constructed wetland system for reducing the dissolved hydrocarbon in the runoff from a decommissioned oil refinery

The mark-up rates in Turkish private manufacturing industry during trade liberalization.

Measuring wage flexibility: the case of Turkey before and after structural adjustment.

A meta-model facility for a family of UML constraint languages.

Object modeling with the OCL: the rationale behind the object constraint language.

11th September 2001: the deterrent effect on travel

A metamodel for package extension with renaming.

Object-oriented theories for model driven architecture.

Meeting health care needs in culturally diverse societies.

Enhancing the template mechanism.

Unambiguous UML submission to UML 2 infrastructure RFP (ad/00-09-01).

The use of audio diaries in a study with visually impaired people.

Reporting and validating research findings through reconstructed stories.

A pattern based approach to defining translations between languages.

Patterns for renaming and stamping out object-oriented models.

Engineering modelling languages: a precise meta-modelling approach.

Nursing with dignity part 4: Christianity II.

Sexuality and people with acute illness.

A programmers guide to MMT.

Defining OCL expressions using templates.

Unambiguous UML (2U) submission to UML 2 infrastructure RFP.

A model for the development of culturally competent researchers.

Cultural competence in action: working with mental health providers.

Cancer and culture: investigating meanings and experiences of cancer of men from different ethnic groups. A pilot study.

The EMBRACE UK Project: the Ethiopian migrants, their beliefs, refugeedom, adaptation, calamities, and experiences in the UK.

The needs of visually impaired people resident in the London Borough of Enfield. Report no.4, the final report.

Language and ethnic national identity in Europe: the importance of Gaelic and Sorbian to the maintenance of associated cultures and ethno cultural identities

Xiqu and modernisation: the transformations of the Chinese traditional theatre in the process of social formation of modern China.

Heidegger and science: nature, objectivity and the present-at-hand

Good governance for sustainable superior manufacturing performance: a novel model, methodology and roadmap

Multilayer microwave structures using thick-film technology

The investment decision-making process in small manufacturing enterprises: with particular reference to printing and clothing industries.

The promised land: a critical investigation of Evangelical Christian Zionism in Britain and the United States of America since 1800.

Managing quality assurance and enhancement processes in higher education with special reference to initial teacher training provision

The trusted mediator: developing an ethical framework for the professionalisation of commercial mediation.

A strategic approach to CPD in the driver training industry.

Mathematical thinking: studying the notion of 'transfer'.

Work based learning partnerships and structural capital: the case of Middlesex University.

Developing corporate knowledge and a BAA plc policy position on aircraft emissions and climate change.

It's only a game: using interactive graphics middleware to visualise historical data

Parallel literacy classes and hidden strengths: learning to read in English, Urdu and classical Arabic

Revealing invisible worlds: connecting the mainstream with bilingual children’s home and community learning

Autonomia: a movement of refusal: social movements and social conflict in Italy in the 1970's

Adorno and the problem of philosophy.

Trade liberalisation, openness and economic growth in less-developed countries.

Survivors of male rape: the emergence of a social and legal issue.

Providing a formal linkage between MDG and HOL based on a verified MDG system.

On the African leopard whip snake, Psammophis leopardinus Bocage, 1887 (Serpentes, Colubridae), with the description of a new species from Zambia.

Fordism in the fast food industry: pervasive management control and occupational health and safety risks for young temporary workers.

Interior [Part of Fabric: reinterpreting the house exhibition]

Analysis of strategies in soccer as a function of European and domestic competition.

Building critical organizational knowledge: a case study

Acquired dyslexia as a function of orthographic transparency.

On the AoA effects and orthographic transparency: evidence from Turkish.

Sex and cultural differences in perceptions of estimated multiple intelligence for self and family: a British-Iranian comparison

Children’s memory for television advertising: effects of programme–advertisement congruency.

Parallelised max-Log-Map model

Investment attraction and trade promotion in economic development: a study of Ghana within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

An investigation into consumer behaviour towards the purchase of new luxury cars in two culturally distinct countries: the UK and Thailand.

Retail change: a consideration of the UK food retail industry, 1950-2010.

Networked surfaces: a new concept in mobile networking

Rethinking Islam.

Painting as a Foreign Language.

The metalloprotease disintegrin ADAM8. Processing by autocatalysis is required for proteolytic activity and cell adhesion

"Attac": a global social movement?

Private label milk and Greek consumers' behaviour

Age and gender effects on consumers’ awareness and source of awareness for food related private label brands

Language and gender in political debates in the House of Commons

Determining linkages between consumer choices in a social context and the consumer's values: a means–end approach

Polyoma virus middle T antigen and its role in identifying cancer-related molecules

Is empirical imagination a constraint on adaptationist theory construction? (Commentary)

Reading architectural history

Chile: the consequences of privatisation

The Single European Currency and implications of labour market imperfections

Uncanny place, narrative space: the architectural imagination of animation

Critical realism, value and capital

Gender differences in target throwing skills and dart playing performance: evidence from elite dart players

Evolution of network computing paradigms: applications of mobile agents in wired and wireless networks

The process of conducting herbal medicine research through the clinical trials exemption scheme

Fast parallel heuristics for the job shop scheduling problem

Bounded-depth threshold circuits for computer-assisted CT image classification

The convergence of stochastic algorithms solving flow shop scheduling

MBA: management research

The use of neural nets in the field of social science

Childhood adversity, parental vulnerability and disorder: examining intergenerational transmission of risk

Adult Attachment Style. II: Its relationship to psychosocial depressive-vulnerability

Adult attachment style. I: Its relationship to clinical depression

Der früling der migrantinnen

Exploring psychological abuse in childhood: II. Association with other abuse and adult clinical depression

Exploring psychological abuse in childhood. I: developing a new interview scale

Attachment style measurement: a clinical and epidemiological perspective

Cross-cultural usability of computing metaphors: do we colonise the minds of indigenous web users?

Scale of hospitality firms and local economic development - evidence from Crete

Options in tourism development: conscious versus conventional tourism

The relationship between consumer ethnocentrism and human values

The human values’ lenses of country of origin images

Leveraging corporate identity in the digital age

Defining the corporate identity construct

The impact of information technology on global marketing strategies

Industry in transition: corporate identity on hold?

The Independent Group : urban reality and the impact of science, the media and American popular culture

Capability and its development: experiences from a work-based doctorate

Developing a research culture in the further education sector: a case study of a work-based approach to staff development

Developing the environment agency's capacity for policy advocacy

Geometric models for composition operators on the little Bloch space

The demutualisation of building societies : a contextual analysis of the changing nature of mutuality

Gender issues in child sexual abuse

An investigation into attitudinal responses of years nine, ten and eleven students towards the programmes of study of the modern foreign language National Curriculum in three West Essex 11 -16 LM comprehensive schools

The application of VAT and indirect “cascade” taxes on financial services: the case of Greece, a comparative evaluation with Spain and Portugal

A robust framework for medical image segmentation through adaptable class-specific representation

Fixing meaning: intertextuality, inferencing and genre in interpretation

An investigation into attitudinal responses of years nine, ten and eleven students towards the programmes of study of the modern foreign languages national curriculum in three west Essex 11-16 LM comprehensive schools

The regulation of nightlife and the production of social differentiation: regeneration and licensing in Southview

Perfect moments: British advertising during the 1990s - an assessment of determinants

The demand for military expenditure in developing countries

Characterization of amphiphilic polymers covalently attached with Pirkle-concept chiral selectors for chiral seperations by Merck

Forte capacité de dispersion d’austropotamobius pallipes révélée par des marqueurs microsatellites dans un ruisseau français

High dispersal ability of Austropotamobius pallipes revealed by microsatellite markers in a French brook

Social capital, generations and health in East London

Requirements, specifications, and minimal refinement

Implementation of belief change operators using BDDs

Using UML to build knowledge management and decision support tools: the case of dynamically allocating roles in software engineering teams

Using UML to build knowledge management and decision support tools: the case of dynamically allocating roles in software engineering teams

Business-to-Employee cooperation support through online job interviews

A model for selecting CSCW technologies for distributed software maintenance teams in virtual organisations

Investigating cultural differences in virtual software teams

Revealing invisible worlds: connecting the mainstream with bilingual children’s home and community experiences

Tess of the D’ Urbervilles

Children's memory for television advertising: effects of programme-advertisement congruency

Cross-cultural use of the library metaphor


Grange Hill



Canned man

Enabling men to access help for testicular cancer

Mapping and integration of sexual health services in Preston, Chorley and South Ribble. Report prepared for Chorley and South Ribble Primary Care Trust

Interaction between protein allergens and model gastric emulsions

The influence of xanthan and lambda-carrageenan on the creaming and flocculation of an oil-in-water emulsion containing soy protein

A physicochemical Investigation of two phospatidylcholine/bile salt interfaces: implications for lipase activity

Contesting AIDS/HIV: the lay reception of biomedical knowledge

Delivering a work-focused service: views and experiences of clients. Research report no. 167

An evaluation of the jobseekers' basic skills pilot

Assessing the business skills of early years, childcare and playwork providers

'Relationship between national and local evaluations' in respect of the Sure Start Euston evaluation

Circadian effects on the acute responses of salivary cortisol and IgA in well trained swimmers

International mini-print and book plate exhibition-european cities national museum of art, Cluj-Napoca Romania

Nina Ponomareva's hats: the new revisionism, the communist international and the communist party of Great Britain 1920-30

For a revolutionary workers government: the Communist International, the Communist Party of Great Britain and revisionist interpretations of the third period, 1927-33

The Scots at the Lenin School: an essay in collective biography

High-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry assay for the rapid high sensitivity measurement of basal acetylcholine from microdialysates

Amino acid neurotransmitters: separation approaches and diagnostic value

Product quality and the international location of manufacturing industry

Can market size outweigh adverse comparative advantage?