‘Men have careers, women have babies’: unequal parental care among Irish entrepreneurs

Employment law. 6th ed.

Q&A Employment Law 2012 and 2013.

The Cambridge companion to fantasy literature

How far are national broadcasting orders converging as a consequence of European media law and policy?

Music in Bakhtin’s philosophical aesthetics

Moderating accurate topographic EDM survey with expert-derived planimetric geomorphological information: a case study mapping soil pipes, Mocatán, SE Spain

The creative voice: free indirect speech in the cinema of Rohmer and Bresson

Consenting to what? Issues of access, gatekeeping and ‘informed’ consent

How does globalization affect the implicit tax rates on labor income, capital income, and consumption in the European Union?

The determinants of board meetings: evidence from categorical analysis

Collective narcissism and anti-semitism in Poland

KASL-II: a dynamic four-loop model for knowledge sharing and learning

Sources of TFP growth in a framework of convergence-evidence from Greece

Group-work therapeutic engagement in a high secure hospital: male service user perspectives

The new scramble for Africa: towards a human-rights based approach to large-scale land acquisitions in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) sub-region

Philosophy, politics and homage in Tears of the Black Tiger

The effect of CEO risk appetite on firm volatility: an empirical analysis of financial firms

'You don't have to shout'—vocal behaviour in social work communication

The rehabilitation of the drive in neuropsychoanalysis: from sexuality to self-preservation

Corporate accountability and indigenous peoples: prospects and limitations of the US Alien Tort Claims Act

Contested Chinatown: Chinese migrants' incorporation and the urban space in London and Milan


The future of European social democracy: building the good society

Expert-performance-practitioner-centred modes of knowledge and models of intelligibility: disciplinary specificity and the digital submission

From knowledge acquisition to knowledge production: issues with Australian honours curricula

Uncaged boxed-up

Reading cases in interdisciplinary studies of law and literature

The impact of revenue management on hotel key account relationship development

Postcolonialism and organizational knowledge in the wake of China’s presence in Africa: interrogating South-South relations

Re-thinking continuing professional development through changing metaphors and location in professional practices

The content of whistleblowing procedures: a critical review of recent official guidelines

Can multiple “spatial” virtual timelines convey the relatedness of chronological knowledge across parallel domains?

Muslims in Britain: making social and political space

Establishing the Digital Library: don’t ignore the library standards and don’t forget the training needed.

Learning in-between, across and beyond workplace boundaries: possibilities for human resource development practice

On exceedances of high levels

Re.act feminism: feminist, gender-critical and trans-gender performance art: Katy Deepwell interviews Bettina Knaup and Beatrice E. Stammer

Student midwives experiences of bullying during training

A longitudinal analysis of the corporate strategic stance and actions employed by South African banks in response to the global economic crisis

The perceived contribution of the practise of strategic marketing on the performance of South African companies

Drivers of learning management system use in a South African open and distance learning institution

Multi-objective routing optimization using evolutionary algorithms

Inpatriates and expatriates: sources of strategic human capital for multinational food and beverage firms

Estimation de l'échelle en coloscopie monoculaire par quantification du flou optique: étude de faisabilité

Assessing composition in modeling approaches

Measuring the size of neoplasia in colonoscopy using depth-from-defocus

On template-based reconstruction from a single view: analytical solutions and proofs of well-posedness for developable, isometric and conformal surfaces

Curriculum design tools: Using information modelling for course transformation and mapping

A common basis for modelling service-oriented and event-driven architecture

AnoSpEx: a spatially explicit predictive computational model for studying Anopheles metapopulation dynamics towards malaria control

Integrating novel genetic control methods into AnoSpEx: an advanced mathematical simulation model for malaria eradication campaign

A study of smartphone applications and their effects on users' attachment and positive WOM

Systems thinking approach for transforming management education

Moving bodies: exploring the power of the dance performer

Computational predictive framework towards the control and reduction of malaria incidences in Africa

Promoting public health and safety: a predictive modeling software analysis on perceived road fatality contributory factors

Development of a prototype hybrid-grid-based computing framework for accessing bioinformatics databases and resources

MACbenabim: A multi-platform mobile application for searching keyterms in computational biology and bioinformatics

Computer power management awareness: an insight from youngsters in Mauritius

Public announcement logic in geometric frameworks

Which HRM practices contribute to service culture?

Sequence learning under uncertainty in children: self-reflection vs. self-assertion

Clinical simulation training on PICC lines for student nurses

Greece reports prototype intervention with first peripherally inserted central catheter: case report and literature review

Domestic firms competing with multinational enterprises: The relevance of resource-accessing alliance formations

Burnout, compassion fatigue, and compassion satisfaction among staff in community-based mental health services

Professional accountability in social care and health: challenging unacceptable practice and its management

A narrative from the inside, studying St Anns in Nottingham: belonging, continuity and change

Analoge and digital signal transmission utilizing GPON-CWDM based RoF over long distance

Natural ventilation in built environment

Decision-making for feedback

Written feedback: what is it good for and how can we do it well?

Changing conceptions of feedback

What is the problem with feedback?

Problematising practice-based education

Learning organizational practices that persist, perpetuate and change: a Schatzkian view

Creating work: employee-driven innovation through work practice reconstruction

Feedback in higher and professional education: Understanding it and doing it well

Art at Wharepuk-Webarchive page New Zealand-two person show report at the Wharepuk Art Center Keri Keri New Zealand

David Ferry and Stephen Mumberson Prints at Art At Wharepuke Kerikeri, New Zealand

EAP essentials: a teacher’s guide to principles and practice [Book review]

Critical illness-related bone loss is associated with osteoclastic and angiogenic abnormalities

Social enterprise support policies: distinctions and challenges

Surveying “difficult-to-sample” backpackers through Facebook? Employing a mixed-mode dual-frame procedure

Working with Toshiba, Lewin and Dewey: a journey into the heart of change

Flashpacking: a discussion of independent travel in a digital world

A quantified triple bottom line for tourism: experimental results

FLASHPACKERS: an emerging sub-culture?

Christian youth work: teaching faith, filling churches or response to social need?

Imagining change; coastal conversations

Within it lie ancient melodies: Dowland’s musical rhetoric and Britten’s songs from the Chinese

The measure of the ultimate

Reconceptualising learning and teaching about early years leadership, management, and multidisciplinary roles

Lack of evidence for inhibitory processes in over-selectivity

Revaluation manipulations produce emergence of underselected stimuli following simultaneous discrimination in humans

Resistance to paclitaxel in a cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer cell line is mediated by P-glycoprotein

Dynamics of information and optimal control of mutation in evolutionary systems

The dark side of friendship: 'envy'

Ban happy sheets! — Understanding and using evaluation

Priority-setting and rationing in healthcare: evidence from the English experience

The International Criminal Court: struggling to find its way

The first ten years of the International Criminal Court

Women, migration, and care: explorations of diversity and dynamism in the global south

Changing legal characteristics of dangerous and severe personality disorder (DSPD) patients and prisoners

Bat algorithm for topology optimization in microelectronic applications

Visualizing 'community': an experiment in participatory photography among Kurdish diasporic workers in London

Self-interest and fairness: self-serving choices of justice principles

De-collectivization and employment problems: the experiences of minority ethnic workers seeking help through Citizens Advice

An efficient cooperative retransmission for wireless regenerative relay networks

Efficient cooperative spectrum sensing for cognitive wireless relay networks over Rayleigh flat fading channels

Model-based identification and use of task complexity factors of human integrated systems

Embedding information literacy skills as employability attributes

A cooperative particle swarm optimizer with statistical variable interdependence learning

6LoWPAN: a study on QoS security threats and countermeasures using intrusion detection system approach

A user study on curved edges in graph visualization

The impact of regional entrepreneurial contexts upon enterprise education

Reconsidering private sector engagement in subnational economic governance

Transforming e-assessment for learning: developing an institution wide scaffold

Rare events forecasting using a residual-feedback GMDH neural network

Introduction to social and sustainable enterprise: changing the nature of business

Cuckoo search for business optimization applications

Identification and characterisation of a Bacillus licheniformis strain with profound keratinase activity for degradation of melanised feather

Social and sustainable enterprise: Changing the nature of business

Gender balance in the governance of social enterprise

My iPad and I

The effect of exchange rates on firm exports and the role of FDI

How responsive are Chinese exports to exchange rate changes? Evidence from firm-level data

A reasoning system for uncertain and dynamic environments

A mixture model classifier and its application on the biomedical time series

The Pierrot Ensembles: Chronicle and Catalogue, 1912-2012

Urban governance and economic development in the diverse city

From theory to reality! Moving out of the classroom

A model based approach to systems requirements for event driven enterprise architecture

Goal based alignment of enterprise architectures

Bat algorithm for constrained optimization tasks

Efficiency analysis of swarm intelligence and randomization techniques

Modelling of a pulsating heat pipe and start up asymptotics

Computational optimization, modelling and simulation: smart algorithms and better models

Free lunch or no free lunch: that is not just a question?

Coupled eagle strategy and differential evolution for unconstrained and constrained global optimization

Bat algorithm: a novel approach for global engineering optimization

Evolutionary boundary constraint handling scheme

Two-stage eagle strategy with differential evolution

Firefly Algorithm for solving non-convex economic dispatch problems with valve loading effect

M-Sieve: a visualisation tool for supporting network security analysts

Embedding information literacy skills as employability attributes

Mathematical models to predict soil heavy metal toxicity in the 2012 Olympic site

Micro-political and related barriers to stakeholder engagement in flood risk management

Dyslexia in UK higher education and employment: an introduction and overview

Women counsellors' experiences of personal therapy: A thematic analysis

Rethinking care through social reproduction: Articulating circuits of migration

Culture, employee outcomes and performance: an empirical analysis of Indian software firms

A formally verified AKA protocol for vertical handover inheterogeneous environments using Casper/FDR

Sustainable ecological restoration of brownfield sites through engineering or managed natural attenuation? a case study from Northwest England

Auditor merger, audit quality and audit fee: evidence from the PricewaterhouseCoopers merger in the UK

CQI reporting strategies for nonregenerative two-way relay networks

Early cognitive profiles of emergent readers: A longitudinal study

Supporting dyslexic adults in higher education and the workplace

Environmental policies and firm value

On evolution of an information dynamic system and its generating operator

Work-based doctorates: professional extension at the highest levels


Optical characteristics of LiZnVO4 green phosphor at low temperature preparation

Reproductive health psychology

Rethinking software development: the case for a dynamic life cycle model.

Law and the wearing of religious symbols: European bans on the wearing of religious symbols in education

From baconian to popperian neuroscience

Partnerships: a mechanism for local alcohol policy implementation.

Prosocial norms and degree heterogeneity in social networks

Sinuosity and the affect grid: a method for adjusting repeated mood scores

Reflexive attention in touch: an investigation of event related potentials and behavioural responses

Unimaginable atrocities: justice, politics, and rights at the war crimes tribunals

The psychosocial consequences of the 1992-5 war in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Community of Workers' University: a pragmatic institution for the future?

ParaSites: initial report and research context

Beyond ‘Political Economism’: new identities for unions in Western Europe?

A reappraisal of the rank-and-file versus bureaucracy debate

Efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders in older people: a meta-analysis and meta-regression of randomized controlled trials.

BBC Radio 4 PM Programme - The Future Battlefield - Nano UAVs

Flexible friends? Flexible working time arrangements, blurred work-life boundaries and friendship

Entitled to a sustainable career? Motherhood in science, engineering and technology

The utility of controlled vocabularies within bookmark management tasks.

Bridging the abridged – the diffusion of Telemedicine in Europe and China

Larkspur, Open Exhibition 2011, The London Group

Maximal connectivity and constraints in the human brain

Editorial for the theme issue on model-based interoperability

A self-relevance analysis of safer-sex cognition

Escherichia coli contamination of the river Thames in different seasons and weather conditions

Specific protease activity indicates the degree of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in chronic infected wounds

UHEED - an unequal clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks

Vinyl: a history of the analogue record

An empirical analysis of marginal conditional stochastic dominance

Employee turnover, HRM and institutional contexts.

Enzymatic degradation of prion protein by keratinase producing proteolytic micro-organisms

Second order project management

Criminal enterprise, identity and repertoires of action

Workplace problems among Kurdish workers in London: experiences of an invisible community and the role of community organisations as support networks

Limits and achievements of the Human Rights Act from the socio-economic point of view: the HRA, poverty and social exclusion

Biological network visualisation.

A fresh look at graphical web browser revisitation using an organic bookmark management system

Team Sensemaking Assessment Method (TSAM): an inspection method for evaluating collaborative analysis technologies

Foreign currency derivative use and shareholder value

Researching their own practice (II): the competencies required by practitioner researchers

Researching care, family and neighbourhood in Tehran, Iran

Public and private meanings in diaries: researching family and childcare

The use of role-play and drama in interprofessional education: an evaluation of a workshop with social work, midwifery, early years and medical students

Political congruence: a conceptual framework and historical case study

Empowerment, lifelong learning and recovery in mental health: towards a new paradigm

A population perspective on mobile phone related tasks

Certification or conformance: making a successful commitment to WCAG 2.0

Designing a first prototype touchscreen interface for older novice users

Using task analysis to explore older novice participants’ experiences with a handheld touchscreen device

Women as social entrepreneurs.

Strategies for scaling up social enterprise: lessons from early years providers

Nature, the metropolis and the apocalyptic sublime

Characteristics of a population-wide sample of smokers recruited proactively for the ESCAPE trial

Work, stress and health behaviours.

Rogue seasonality detection in supply chains

Male caregivers of patients with breast and gynecologic cancer: experiences from caring for their spouses and partners

A survey of potential architectures for communication in heterogeneous networks

Scaling up social enterprise: strategies taken from early years providers

Structural analysis of an escort type rehabilitation robot.

A feasible study of EEG-driven assistive robotic system for stroke rehabilitation

Is there a limit to agglomeration? Evidence from productivity of Dutch firms

Corporate governance and bank performance in China

Online child sexual abuse: grooming, policing and child protection in a multi-media world

Researching pedagogy in a contested space

A software based solution to facilitate end to end information supply chain visibility

Green radio communication networks applying radio-over-fibre technology for wireless access

Unique word-based distributed space-time block codes for two-hop wireless relay networks

Persistent economic divergence and institutional dysfunction in post-communist economies: an alternative synthesis

Review of: Zombie capitalism : global crisis and the relevance of Marx / Chris Harman, 2009

African modern art and black cultural trauma

Working at the margins : the views and experiences of court social workers on parental orders work in surrogacy arrangements

Peculiarities of digitising materials from the collections of the National Academy of Sciences, Armenia

Implementing constructivist approach into online course designs in Distance Education Institute at Eastern Mediterranean University

The difference in agricultural production cost among European and non-European countries – potato and tomato – market challenges for import-export

Gender and skiller migration in Europe

Empire of the saviours

Emission control strategies for short-chain chloroparaffins in two semi-hypothetical case cities

Levels of welfarism and intergenerational transfers within the family: evidence from the Global Ageing Survey (GLAS)

Illicit economies and the carceral social zone

Performance of ethical equity investing in the UK: active, passive and criteria

Informed trading, information uncertainty, and price momentum


The implementation of the public sector equality duty by local authorities: a case study of the London Borough of Southwark

ASPfun: a typed functional active object calculus

Application of verification techniques to security: model checking insider attacks

Certified and uncertified skills and productivity growth performance: cross-country evidence at industry level

Insulin-like growth factor-II and heparin are anti-apoptotic survival factors in human villous cytotrophoblast

Imagined inference: helping writers to think like readers

The Stuff of Dreams

Gene expression profiling of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in simulated multi-stress conditions and within THP-1 cells reveals a new kind of interactive intramacrophage behaviour

Do challenge, task experience or computer familiarity influence the learning of historical chronology from virtual environments in 8–9 year old children?

Real feelings for virtual people: emotional attachments and interpersonal attraction in video games

Review for the American Mathematical Society (AMS): A. Francalanza et al. Permission-based separation logic for message-passing concurrency. Logical methods in computer science, 7: 1-47, 2011

Reviews for the American Mathematical Society (AMS): Russell O’Connor. Classical mathematics for a constructive world. MSCS (21): 861–882, Cambridge University Press. 2010.

A formally verified device authentication protocol using Casper/FDR

Corruption and organized crime in Europe: illegal partnerships

Engineering security protocols with modelchecking – Radius-SHA256 and secured simple protocol.

Shades of grey: the nuanced approach to age discrimination

The relevance of information and trading costs in explaining momentum profits: evidence from optioned and non-optioned stocks

Interactive visualization for low literacy users: from lessons learnt to design

Maximum likelihood solution for the linear structural relationship with three parameters known

Retrieval of 3D medical images via their texture features

Exploiting location and contextual information to develop a comprehensive framework for proactive handover in heterogeneous environments

Satyrykon - Legnica 2012

8th British International Mini Print Exhibition

A method for enterprise architecture alignment

Dyslexie, Legasthenie, Ordblindhed: Dyslexia in different languages

A reputational extravaganza? The role of the urban street gang in the riots in London

Unleashed: the Phenomena of Status Dogs and Weapon Dogs

'Rotten Boroughs' relief (print) series

More on approximate operators

Explaining persistence of dysfunctionality in post-communist transformation

Textbook on immigration and asylum law. 5th ed.

Developing an e-portfolio based pedagogy for work-based learners

Evaluating platform architectures within ecosystems: modeling the relation to indirect value

The business value of structured workplace learning

Looking to score: the dissociation of goal influence on eye movement and meta-attentional allocation in a complex dynamic natural scene

Implementing cross compliance for agriculture in the EU: relational agency, power and action in different socio-material contexts

How do European SME owner-managers make sense of stakeholder management? Insights from a cross-national study

The impact of applying microstrip lines on RF power amplifiers and their assembly lines and examine how efficiency and quality is being assured

E-customer relationship management readiness in the banking industry: the case of Egypt

Editorial: ‘Arts and extremely dangerous’: critical commentary on the Arts in social work education

2nd Gold Panda International Cartoon and Illustration Competition 2012

On knowledge and obligation

The iron cage re-revisited: institutional isomorphism in non-profit organisations in South Africa

Cross-cultural management and the informal economy in sub-Saharan Africa: implications for organization, employment and skills development

A Rawlsian basis for core labour rights

National frame for the integration of newcomers in the United Kingdom

Enfield Citizens’ Advice Bureau - clients profile & needs gap analysis

Business crime in Greece: employment offences in third sector companies

A security model for functional active objects

Street government: the role of the violent street gang in the London riots

It came up to here: learning from children's flood narratives

The hidden advantage of delegation: pareto-improvements in a gift-exchange game

Structures and processes for priority-setting by health-care funders: a national survey of primary care trusts in England

Who loses if flood risk is reduced: should we be concerned?

Economic evaluation of structural and non-structural flood risk management measures: examples from the Mulde river

Assessing multifaceted vulnerability and resilience in order to design risk mitigation strategies

A model for student adoption of online interactivity

The evolving nature of town centre management internationally and my advocacy for a strategic global-local approach to practice and research in this profession

Change management in higher education: an exploration of a cross-organisational change initiative and the development of a framework to support such endeavours

From cancer researcher to opinion leadership and advocacy in translational medicine

How public is public criminology?

Railing against neoliberalism: radical political unionism in SUD-Rail and RMT

African dance

Not fit for purpose

The application of BIM in volumetric construction

What makes a homicide newsworthy? UK national tabloid newspaper journalists tell all

New imaging mapping device for the detection and location of rectal cancer

Interactive visualisation for low literacy users

Worth the energy? The geopolitics of Arctic oil and gas

Enablers and barriers to exercise uptake by women during middle age: a grounded theory approach

Antibodies @ Hors-carte - Orléans

A positive choice: young people who drink little or no alcohol

A threatened world city: the benefits of protecting London from the sea

The development of conceptual models and frameworks to inform design for co‐design in mass customisation

Using virtual spaces for learning communities to facilitate project development and collaborative learning

Implementing financial management and governance in transitional states: reflections on introducing Western normative models of public internal financial control in the new Republic of Kosovo

The language detective: a course for young linguists

Beginning with 'One More Thing': pragmatics and editorial intervention in the work of Raymond Carver

Qualitative findings on marketing management practices from Greek ski centers

The extensions of psychoanalysis: colonialism, post-colonialism and hospitality

The determinants of exports in the Greek manufacturing sector

The Silvern series: photographs from the collections of the South Kensington Museum

A case study of Shinsegae E-mart

Strategic complexity and global expansion: an empirical study of newcomer multinational corporations from small economies

Evidence, research and publication: a guide for environmental health professionals

Using aggregated RSVP in nested HMIPv6

Justifying age discrimination

Addressing governance and ethics in European technology development projects through scenarios

Political congruence and trade union renewal

Lightness (moving image commission for the exhibition, Everything Flows: The Art of Getting in the Zone)

Evaluation of The Forgiveness project within prisons

Making ways (visual essay for the Journal of Visual Culture's Ways of seeing: 40th Anniversary Issue)

Citius, Altius (single-channel video work commissioned for the Samsung IOC Olympics Media Art Collection)

Identity, performance and technology: practices of empowerment, embodiment and technicity

Woven bodies, woven cultures

The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry Report. What it is likely to say and the Government’s likely response: a risk assessment

Ways of seeing: 40th anniversary issue

Lights on at the end of the party: are lads mags’ mainstreaming dangerous sexism?

Beyond safety to wellbeing: how local authorities can mitigate the mental health risks of living houses in multiple occupation

The relevance of tones: prosodic meanings in utterance interpretation and in relevance theory

The extended evolutionary synthesis and the role of soft inheritance in evolution

Teenage pregnancy in the United Kingdom: a behavioral ecological perspective

Network coding-based block acknowledgement scheme for wireless regenerative relay networks

Completing the surrogate motherhood process: parental order reporters’ attitudes towards surrogacy arrangements, role ambiguity and role conflict

Animal behaviour fieldwork: introducing psychology students to the process of science

Innovation and social enterprise activity in third sector organisations

Metaheuristics in water, geotechnical and transport engineering

17th Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diogenes Taborda

International cartoon contest, Ruse, Bulgaria, 2012

Humour a Gallarate: International Cartoon Contest, Gallarate, Italy

17th International Cartoon Exhibition Zagreb 2012

Jiaxing International - The 6th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition 2012

Brain Sneezing - from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back: cartoon contest, Presov, Slovakia, touring to Poland and East Europe

The International Exhibition of Satirical Graphics Bucovina Romania 6th Edition 2012

The 18th International Cartoon Contest Haifa Israel 2012

One person show at the 4th China International Animation Copyright Fair & invited artist, Dongguan, China

Viaggi/Travels-Umoristi A Marostica, Italy 44th International Graphic Humour Exhibiton, Piazza Castello

Business and ICT alignment in higher education: a case study in measuring maturity

Context-aware content-centric collaborative workflow management for mobile devices

Flower pollination algorithm for global optimization

A question of commitment – improving practitioner responses to domestic and sexual violence, problematic substance use and mental ill-health


Applied metamodelling to collaborative document authoring


From crime to recovery: the reframing of British drugs policy?

Exploiting model driven technology: a tale of two startups

Simulating enterprise architecture models

10th International Cartoon Contest “Karpik 2012” Poland

Review of book: Human resource management in project-based organizations – the HR Quadriad framework

Smoking cessation: promoting the health of older people who smoke

Strategies of deception

Working in partnership to support the women: the Stella Project Mental Health Initiative interim evaluation report

It blocks out the problem and becomes the addiction: the intersections between problem substance use and domestic and sexual violence experienced by young women in two London Boroughs

Reciprocal causation and the proximate–ultimate distinction

Directing the dance legacy of Doris Humphrey: the creative impulse of reconstruction

The complexity of surjective homomorphism problems - a survey

Advances in new technologies, interactive interfaces and communicability

Sexual dysfunction [Chapter 8]; Premature labour and delivery [Chapter 11]; Postnatal blues [Chapter 16]

Creating an integrated online learning module for information literacy, academic writing and communication skills: a case study

Max-margin non-negative matrix factorization

Higher rank support tensor machines for visual recognition

Affective gaming: beyond using sensors

Higher rank support tensor machines

Tensor learning for regression

Stephen Mumberson: artist: UK

2012 International Beggar Cartoon Contest, Redman Cartoon, Beijing, China

Constraint satisfaction with counting quantifiers

Finding vertex-surjective graph homomorphisms

The complexity of positive first-order logic without equality

Social obligation norm and the erosion of land ownership?

Connecting closed world research information systems through the linked open data web

Critical aspects of therapy in the context of child care legal proceedings: an emerging framework

Developing leaders of change in inner-London sixth form colleges

Gloria decoded: an application of Robert Langs’ communicative approach to psychotherapy

An integrated approach to QoS and security in future mobile networks using the Y-Comm framework

Practising psychotherapy as a clinical psychologist: what facilitates capable practice?

When is a work break not a statutory rest break?

Who can help Britain's vulnerable workforce?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression in older people: a meta-analysis and meta-regression of randomized controlled trials

Any time, any place, anywhere: entry clearance, marriage migration and the border

Delivering justice in the Caribbean: a human rights assessment of the Caribbean Court of Justice

Support tensor action spotting

Exploring the similarities of neighboring spatiotemporal points for action pair matching

Enhancing corporate accountability for human rights violations: is extraterritoriality the magic potion?

Kung-fu cinema's Shaolin heroes in the Longue Durée of Chinese revolt

Vicissitudes of violence: Hong Kong martial arts cinema and the 1966/7 unrest

Document legalisation (a new approach to the document legalisation process using enterprise network technology)

The relationship between personality, sensation seeking, reaction time and sport participation: evidence from drag racers, sport science students and archers

DICACO 2012 'New Eco City' South Korea

The changing profile of surrogacy in the UK – implications for national and international policy and practice

In defence of Ballet: women, agency and the philosophy of pleasure

Neuromorphic control of stepping pattern generation: a dynamic model with analog circuit implementation

Characterisation of information flow in an izhikevich network

Measuring information transmission in Izhikevich neuron

Discourses of differentiation: gender and participation in the devolved parliaments of the UK

Gender and linguistic participation in the devolved parliaments of the UK : interview data

Researching gender at work: possibilities and constraints

An uncertainty index to measure the feasibility of Whole-Life Cycle Costing approach in flood risk management

Embedded writing instruction in the first year curriculum

Decentralized checking context inconsistency in ubiquitous mobile computing environments

Impact on prisoners of participating in research interviews related to near-lethal suicide attempts

Studying survivors of near-lethal suicide attempts as a proxy for completed suicide in prisons

The mediating role of tourist satisfaction: a study of Muslim tourists in Malaysia

The inequalities of love – Plato’s symposium, Freud and Lacan

Institutional transition and the financing of high-tech SMEs in China: a longitudinal perspective

BLOODY PIRATES!!! *shakes fist*: re-imagining East Asian film distribution and reception through online filesharing networks

Able as anything: integrated dance performance in New Zealand

Waving or drowning? British labor history in troubled waters

Designing for child resilience

Management, worker responses and an enterprise trade union in transition

Static verification of wireless sensor networks with formal methods

Modeling eating disorders of cognitive impaired people

A multidimensional classification of market anomalies: evidence from 76 price indices

Between welfare and bargaining: union heterogeneity in Europe’s Far East

Legacies, conflict and path dependence in the former Soviet Union

ICT spillovers, absorptive capacity and productivity performance

Overt and covert politics in contemporary choreography

The found children of the disappeared: recovered identities

Pleasure, pain and procrastination: reflections on the experience of doing memory-work research

Commentary: new pluralistic strategies for research in clinical practice

Economic value added adoption in China’s state-owned enterprises : a case of evolutionary change

The impact of life events on job satisfaction

German training revisited: an appraisal of corporatist governance

La militarizacion norteamericana de America Latina

Fear appeals in anti-smoking advertising: how important is self-efficacy?

Tonifying method in Shang Han Lun

Resolving method in Shang Han Lun

Evaluating qualitative research

Religion and public space

Creating a society of sheep? British Muslim elite on mosques and imams


Meaning and entrainment in language and music

Cognitive effort in the beauty contest game

Job satisfaction and self-employment: autonomy or personality?

Traditional versus secular values and the job–life satisfaction relationship across Europe

Discovering frequent user-environment interactions in intelligent environments

A linguistic truth-value temporal reasoning (LTR) system and its application to the design of an intelligent environment

Strikes and class consciousness in the early work of Richard Hyman

Radical political unionism reassessed


Medication administration in the domiciliary care setting: whose role?

A sensor technology survey for a stress aware trading process

Ambient assisted living systems and technologies: a data and information quality perspective

The artist within

Cross layer secure and resource-aware on-demand routing protocol for hybrid wireless mesh networks

Is there an expectations gap in the roles of independent directors? An explorative study of listed Chinese companies

Psychoanalysis, culture and society.

Neuromuscular factors influencing the maximum stretch limit of the human plantar flexors

Plantarflexor stretch training increases reciprocal inhibition measured during voluntary dorsiflexion

Time discounting and pain anticipation: experimental evidence

Patient and impatient punishers of free-riders

Collaboration and democracy: a critique

Participatory Design in a compressed timeframe, through an unConference format

The impact of the national minimum wage on labour productivity in Britain

Union influence in post-socialist Europe

Does it really improve their marks? : a brief foray into measuring the impact of information literacy training at Middlesex University

Secure route selection in wireless mesh networks

Wolf search algorithm with ephemeral memory

Building a scaffold: assessing experiential learning using open negotiated module templates

Nkisi nkondi: an image of transference and projective identification in the analytic process

The Russian food, alcohol, and tobacco consumption during transition

Metaheuristic algorithms for self-organizing systems: a tutorial

Integrating nature-inspired optimization algorithms to K-means clustering

Consenting to what? issues of access, gate-keeping and informed consent. 2nd ed.

Divided loyalties, divided expectations: research ethics, professional and occupational responsibilities. 2nd revised ed.

Antecedents of perceived coach interpersonal behaviors: the coaching environment and coach psychological well- and ill-being

Effects of IDSs on the WSNs lifetime: evidence for the need of new approaches

I Terroni in Città: revisiting southern migrants militancy in Turin's hot autumn

The fallibility of flood warning chains: can Europe’s flood warnings be effective?

Who benefits and who loses from flood risk reduction?

Recommendations for the user-specific enhancement of flood maps

Integrated modelling for urban surface water exceedance flows

Developments in investigative approaches to rape: the investigative heritage

Women's perceptions of their right to choose the place of childbirth: an integrative review

Using the cascade model to improve antenatal screening for the hemoglobin disorders

‘It is my turn to give’: migrants' perceptions of gift exchange and the maintenance of transnational identity

Establishing hospice care for prison populations: an integrative review assessing the UK and USA perspective

A comparative examination of the use of academic sabbaticals

Do banks value the eco-friendliness of firms in their corporate lending decision? Some empirical evidence

Advances in simulation-driven optimization and modelling

Patterns of voluntary participation in membership associations: a study of UK heritage supporter groups

From organisation to decoration: an interiors reader

Professionalization, sectional interests and politics in the digital era: the case of the Greek Accountancy Institute

Wearing the same shirt doesn’t make you a team! Patient safety and the challenges of multicultural healthcare teams

Theatrical cartoon comedy: from animated portmanteau to the risus purus

WikiSensing: an online collaborative approach for sensor data management

The experience and impact of team coaching: a dual case study

Disentangling within-person changes and individual differences among fundamental need satisfaction, attainment of acquisitive desires, and psychological health

Relationship or revenue: potential management conflicts between customer relationship management and hotel revenue management

Trust building in the promotion of peace and intercultural dialogue among adolescents in international summer camps

Analysing trust building in educational activities

Corporate social responsibility or government regulation? evidence on oil spill prevention

A novel treatment strategy for ovarian cancer based on immunization against zona pellucida protein (ZP) 3

An intentional basis for corporate personality - RETRACTION

Approximating the set of local minima in partial RNA folding landscapes

A risk management interpretation of a series of studies of exposure to lead

Implications of floodplain aquaculture enclosure

Development of Zwitterionic Hydrophilic Liquid Chromatography (ZICⓇHILIC-MS) metabolomics method for Shotgun analysis of human urine

Hyperglycosylated hCG, hCGβ and hyperglycosylated hCGβ: interchangeable cancer promoters

Enterprise zone policy: developing sustainable economies through area-based fiscal incentives

The nature of the instrument: Luciano Berio, instrumental thought and Schaefferian theory

Model checking for communicating quantum processes

Wellformedness properties in Euler diagrams: which should be used?

Between judicial minimalism and avoidance: the Court of Justice’s sidestepping of fundamental constitutional issues in Römer and Dominguez

Commercial influences on programme content: the German and UK approaches to transposing EU rules on product placement

Banning Islamic veils: is gender equality a valid argument?

Reputational capital, creative conflict and Hollywood independence: the case of Hal Ashby

Lights, camera, election: celebrity, performance and the 2010 UK general election leadership debates

The UK and the European Court of Human Rights

National Socialist law and the censuring of modernist culture, art and literature

Better regulation for digital markets: a new look at the reference paper

Labelling challenges in Fairtrade: a need for harmonisation?

South Ossetia (2008)

Polity immunodeficiency

Phrasing – the very life of music: performing the music and nineteenth-century performance theory

Who is afraid of public service broadcasting? The digital future of an age-old institution under threat

Nomadism and ethics in/as improvised movement practices

Ambivalent geographies: the British concession in Tianjin, China 1860-1946

Voice (a retracing): an emerging lexicon

How to be a better manager in social work and social care: essential skills for managing care

Developing European guidelines for training care professionals in mental health promotion

Women scientists and engineers in European companies: putting motherhood under the microscope

Experience-driven procedural music generation for games

Implementing innovation more effectively within the highly regulated non-invasive medical device field: a case of pragmatic entrepreneurship

Social innovation in poor places: organizational and institutional work in developing and sustaining an entrepreneurial third sector organization

An investigation on the role of team work to improve current entrepreneurship module used in vocational and technical high schools based on a constructivist approach within the North Cyprus context

Graphic design, the expansion of the public sphere and the mass market book in France after 1950: the visual identity of the livre de poche

Graphic design, globalization, and placemaking in the neighbourhoods of Amsterdam

Repainting the thin green line: the enforcement of UK wildlife law

Funny things happen at the Grange: introducing comedy activities in day services to older people with dementia – innovative practice

Disturbios culturales

Martha Graham in love and war: the life in the work

Art school sluts: art, porn and aesthetics

We can have it all: the girlfriend flick

The Humber Estuary from South Ferriby to Burton Stather, a drawing to explore the wider context of the Alkborough Flats tidal defence scheme

Public sector mentoring scheme: exploring the development and delivery of mentoring programmes through a multi-stakeholder perspective

After Kaprow: The silent room; and, Book of journeys

TooMortal [Too mortal]

Classic cut

EEG filtering with quantum neural networks for a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

Occupy London

Careless talk: social reproduction and fault-lines of the crisis in the UK

The waitress: on affect, method and (re)presentation

Resilience in a recession

Sancti clandestini: undercover saints

Work's intimacy [review]

Tales of 'much of a muchness': adventures in the land of social capital [Review]


The working day commences

After the bees

The other holy place of Umbria

The Stuff of Life: Public Health in Edwardian Britain

Development and implementation issues for managing sales performance

The Blk Art Group research project 2012

Mostafaei: end the death penalty

Social class

Age and ageing

On-line constructions of metrosexuality and masculinities: a membership categorization analysis

Remembering, repeating and working through in Anniversary – An Act Of Memory by Monica Ross and co-recitors (2008–)

Reaction to public information in markets: how much does ambiguity matter?

The young person's guide 2 East London

The Universal Periodic Review - is there life beyond naming and shaming in human rights implementation?

Practice-as-research in music performance

Stop helping me! Identity, recognition and agency in the nexus of work and care

Segmentation and brand positioning for Islamic financial services

On the effects of deposit insurance and observability on bank runs: an experimental study

Knowledge leadership in global scientific research

Public violence, staff harassment and the wellbeing of nursing staff: an analysis of national survey data

Exploring the boundaries of human resource managers’ responsibilities

A modal type theory for formalizing trusted communications

Where is the study of work in critical IPE?

Interactivity-constrained server provisioning in large-scale distributed virtual environments

Energy consumption analysis of video streaming to Android mobile devices

Enabling cost-aware and adaptive elasticity of multi-tier cloud applications

Uncomfortable interactions

Tavaxy: integrating Taverna and Galaxy workflows with cloud computing support

Pragmatism and heterodoxy in organization research: going beyond the quantitative/qualitative divide

Towards a typological theory of organizational IT innovation adoption

Global minority rights

ArtsCross Beijing 2012: light and water

Dance as sign and unruly corporeality in Pasolini’s film and film theory

Working in the present moment: a phenomenological enquiry into the impact of mindfulness practice on trainee psychological therapists’ experience of therapeutic practice

Game theory-based network selection: solutions and challenges

On air

Half a penny & The other side of the coin

Reliability of the piping systems of a modern submarine

On the impact of wireless network traffic location and access technology on the mobile device energy consumption

Quality utility modelling for multimedia applications for Android mobile devices

Wireless multi-access environments and quality of service provisioning: solutions and application

On taking care: symposium

Voice (a retracing)

Spirit in motion


Diurnal patterns of salivary cortisol and DHEA in adolescent anorexia nervosa

The role of universities in higher apprenticeship development

Priority setting and rationing in health care: evidence from the English NHS

The official discourse of fair access to higher education [article]

Cultural adaptation of an evidence-based parenting programme with elders from South East Asia in the US: co-producing Families and Schools Together – FAST

It doesn't have to be treatable: Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT) members’ views about Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD)

Everybody knows that the prisoner is going nowhere: Parole Board members’ views about dangerous and severe personality disorder in England and Wales

Dying in the UK? Politics, ideologies, and futures 83-96

The utility of latency and spectral analysis methods in evoked potential recordings from patients with hepatic encephalopathy

Recovery from adolescent anorexia nervosa and associations with diurnal patterns of salivary stress hormones: a case report

The Place2Be in the inner city: how can a voluntary sector mental health service have an impact on children’s mental health and the school environment?

Tuff city: urban change and contested space in central Naples

Strategies for high retention rates of low-income families in FAST (Families And Schools Together): an evidence-based parenting programme in the USA, UK, Holland and Germany

Social change and education in Greece: a study in class struggle dynamics

Religious transnationalism: the case of Zimbabwean Catholics in Britain

How regulatory networks shaped institutional reform under the EU telecoms framework

International perspectives on public health and palliative care

Evaluation of BEREC and the BEREC Office

Litigation funding: status and issues

Vom Archiv zur Neuerfindung. Fragen zur künstlerischen Handschrift im kreativen Schaffensprozess zeitgenössischer Performance

Beyond Allan Kaprow: an interview with Rosemary Butcher

Pleasure, painting, politics: the three graces – or: why I like Adélaïde Labille-Guiard’s Self-Portrait With Two Pupils

The a-z of dangerous food

Social identity in question: construction, subjectivity and critique

Voices of the silent majority: the transmission of Sunnī learning in Fāṭimī Egypt

Crime as risk taking

Do reporting of randomised controlled trials in solid organ transplantation adherence to CONSORT statement? A 3 year overview

Lost and found: the Sarguẕasht-i Sayyid-nā. Facts and fiction of Ḥasan-i Ṣabbāḥ’s travel to Egypt vis-à-vis the political and intellectual life of 5th/11th century Fāṭimid Cairo

Art, meeting, and encounter: the art of action in Great Britain

Derivative scores from site accessibility and ranking of miRNA target predictions

Sitt al-Mulk: juggling troops, traps and throne at the Fāṭimid Court

Why is Germany 30 years ahead of England?

Shifting spaces

Distant suffering, proper distance: cosmopolitan ethics in the film portrayal of trafficked women

Special issue on inference and implicature in literary interpretation

Trust in exporting relationships: the case of SMEs in Ghana

Film in space: an exhibition of film and expanded cinema selected by Guy Sherwin

The Secret Gardens Festival of Mass Narrative


Thinking, weaving: another approach to cosmopolitanism

James Coleman [Chronology: selected works ca. 1956-2007: exhibition catalogue]

Facing the challenges: revenue management in UK hotels in an uncertain time

Digital journalism

Interpreting as mediation for the bilingual dialogue between foreign citizens and institutions in Italian healthcare settings

Virtual feminisms: girls’ blogging communities, feminist activism, and participatory politics

The Studio Di Fonologia: a musical journey 1954-1983, update 2008-2012

Hotel lobbies and lounges: the architecture of professional hospitality


Equality bodies and individual victims: an example of good practice from the Netherlands

Labor, citizenship, and subjectivity: migrants’ struggles within the Italian crisis

Att utforska i aktion: perspektiv på konstnärlig forskning genom teater = Exploration in action: perspectives on artistic research through theatre

Worker safety and human security: the case for global governance

Multiculturalismo, politiche d’integrazione e big society nel Regno Unito

Conflitti, movimenti e cambiamento sociale nelle teorie sui movimenti

Vulnerable workers in the eurozone crisis

International Criminal Justice: legitimacy and coherence

International Criminal Law

Efficiency and risk-taking in pre-crisis investment banks

Contra el espanto, Por la abolición de la pena de muerte

Parliamentary business: HC 743 support for the creative economy: written evidence submitted by Josie Barnard [SCE 088]

Drawing - in and outside - writing

School ethos and variation in health experience of young people with sickle cell disorder at school

Improving outcomes for service users: digital storytelling as a vehicle for collaborative practice

Understanding and supporting the physical health needs of clients

Damien Hirst: the capitalism sublime?


Ron Haselden / John Timberlake

Altar notes

Touching earth and sky

Roll over Mick Jagger

Quietude and identity: the silent core of language

A phenomenological investigation into the impact of parenthood: giving a voice to mothers with visual impairment in the UK

“Becoming who you are”: the experience of mindfulness in UK therapists and Greek counselling trainees

How is coaching being used within schools? Does coaching have an impact on improvement in school settings?

Tintoretto’s difference. Deleuze, diagrammatics, and the problem of art history

Michael and Gertrud: art and the artist in the films of Carl Theodor Dreyer

Psychiatrie infantojuvénile en Europe: 68 Grande-Bretagne

Understanding adult attachment in family relationships: assessment and intervention

Caring about attachment in young people in residential care: the use of the attachment style interview. Report of a voluntary sector and university partnership

Transcending sectarianism through minority rights in Iraq

Economic development: threats and opportunities

Asa Briggs and the emergence of labour history in post-war Britain [article]

Transmitting sunnī learning in Fāṭimid Egypt: the female voices

The impact of joint commissioning

Early assessment of the UK innovation investment fund

On the relationship between students’ approaches to learning and use of technology in higher education

Perceptions of employability and the use of ePortfolios: an exploratory study

Relativising human rights

Developing a process for stakeholder participation in flood risk mapping

Students' approaches to learning in business education: exploring the role of technology

‘Wrighting’ the self: new technologies and textual subjectivities

Gender differences in the kinetics and kinematics of distance running: implications for footwear design

Investigation of localised pressure applied to the foot through the uppers of footwear during sports specific movements

Influence of footwear choice, velocity and surfaces on tibial accelerations experienced by field hockey participants during running

Influence of surface on impact shock experienced during a fencing lunge

Resilience in the recession

Multi-objective optimization methods in de novo drug design

Rational design of argyrin analogues as selective inhibitors of the proteasome

Architectural evolution of e-learning virtual worlds: proposed design measures to enhance the e-learning experience within 3D learning spaces

Effects of virtual world environments in student satisfaction: an examination of the role of architecture in 3D education

Assistive technologies and environmental design concepts for blended learning and teaching for disabilities within 3D virtual worlds and learning environments

AAL4DS (Can AAL technology help people with Down’s Syndrome to live better lives?)

Evaluation of the Community Group Programme for Children & Young People: final report

Forecast horizon aggregation in integer autoregressive moving average (INARMA) models

Women’s Open Space project evaluation: final report

Family migration: the role of children and education in family migration decision-making

An impact assessment methodology for urban surface runoff quality following best practice treatment

Risk prioritisation of stormwater pollutant sources

Item response theory and validity of the NEO-FFI in adolescents

Understanding interdependencies and tensions around cultural tourism in city destinations: the case of Nanjing, China

A field-based fitness testing battery for Rugby League

Psychiatrie infantojuvénile en Europe – Grande-Bretagne

Foundational, compositional (co)datatypes for higher-order logic: category theory applied to theorem proving

A neuro-computational approach to PP attachment ambiguity resolution

Contentious politics: financial crisis, political-economic conflict, and collective struggles - a commentary

Editors' introduction: conflicts within the crisis

Perspectives on alcohol use in a traveller community: an exploratory case study

More SPASS with Isabelle: superposition with hard sorts and configurable simplification

Proving concurrent noninterference

Religion or belief, equality and human rights in England and Wales

Debating social rights [Book review]

Exploring neoliberal social-reproduction: a working theoretical framework

Bioimpedance imaging: an overview of potential clinical applications

Whither lung EIT: where are we, where do we want to go and what do we need to get there?

A cable theory based biophysical model of resistance change in crab peripheral nerve and human cerebral cortex during neuronal depolarisation: implications for electrical impedance tomography of fast neural activity in the brain

Pattern and timing of diversification of Cetartiodactyla (Mammalia, Laurasiatheria), as revealed by a comprehensive analysis of mitochondrial genomes = Histoire évolutive des Cetartiodactyla (Mammalia, Laurasiatheria) racontée par l’analyse des génomes mitochondriaux

Corporate crimes and the ICC Statute

Corporate crimes and the ICC Statute

International criminal law and Iraq

Assessing diplomatic assurances in the context of extradition and transfer of individuals to States where they can be subjected to the death penalty

Extra-territoriality as a way to enhance corporate accountability for human rights violations committed abroad

Identifying promising approaches and initiatives to reducing alcohol related harm

New regulation of the right to a dignified dying in Spain: repercussions for nursing

Personality and sensation seeking in extreme sport

Fade in Fade out

Ways of seeing, ways of being and ways of knowing in the inner city: exploring sense of place through visual tours

Importance of B4 medium in determining organomineralization potential of bacterial environmental isolates

Black microcolonial fungi as deteriogens of two famous marble statues in Florence, Italy

Salmonella y escherichia coli enteropatógena en el ambiente de producción de cultivos: fuentes potenciales, supervivencia y gestión

Impacto de las variedades de tomate y su estado de madurez en la susceptibilidad a Salmonella

Using energy criteria to admit flows in a wired network

Socio-economic impact of integration policies in the United Kingdom

National discourses on the migration-integration nexus during a period of electoral and political change in the UK

A generic cyclic theorem prover

Shifting religions and cultures in London’s East End

Review: Michael Rushton (ed.): Creative communities: art works in economic development

International migration and labour turnover: the case of the construction sector in the EU and the CIS

The institutional development of the EU: a case of plus ca change…?

Spatiotemporal experience through the use of ICTs and smart devices: a comparative analysis of the theories of Bergson and Lefebvre

Lois mémorielles et liberté d’expression: de la controverse à l’ambiguïté Note sous la décision du Conseil constitutionnel n° 2012-647 DC du 28 Février 2012

La liberte d'expression des agents publics (Freedom of expression of civil servants in French, EU and EHCR law)

The rule of law as a guiding principle of the EU's external action

Faster, Higher (paper)

Spectres of world literature

Just valid or even accurate? Determine the measurement accuracy of the pupillographic sleepiness test by applying self and observer ratings

British and Indian attitudes toward ‘Western’ counselling: a quantitative comparative study

An examination, evaluation and analysis of work-based learning leadership within a higher education setting

Faster, higher (paper)

Ways of reading: advanced reading skills for students of literature

Yayoi Kusama

The conquests of Henry VIII: masculinity, sex and the national past in the Tudors’

Television, sex and society: analysing contemporary representations

Lifelong learning and workforce development through university-business collaboration

The official discourse of fair access to higher education [conference item]

Building work based learning qualifications

Implementation and delivery of the higher apprenticeship in construction operations management

Higher apprenticeship development

Higher level skills – challenges and opportunities for universities

The ule of law and the European Union

Infringements of personality rights by means of the internet

Innovation and society: a socio-psychological and economic perspective

Honne and Tatemae: a world dominated by a “game of masks”

United Kingdom

Twelve step programs

Cooperative multicell processing techniques for energy-efficient cellular wireless communications

Interference management in cooperative multi-cell networks

Coordinated beamforming using semidefinite programming

A decentralized downlink beamforming algorithm for multicell processing

Internet et les conflits de juridictions

The CJEU as the guardian of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Community and future in the thought of Ernst Bloch

Some foundational conceptions of communication: revising and expanding the traditions of thought

Swing up and balance control of the acrobot solved by genetic programming

Femme et mode dans l’entre- deux guerres- regards croises Franco-Anglais

Myth or reality cinema going and its impact of young working class women's fashion in the 1930s

Bettina von Zwehl: Made up Love Song

Global unions as imperfect multilateral organizations: an international relations perspective

Rotten Boroughs - film of two person print show at Wharepuke Print Studio, Kerikeri, New Zealand

Evaluating transitions: human rights and qualitative democracy in East/Central Europe

Cooperation and competition during the resort lifecycle

Editorial [Statelessness in Europe (Special Issue of the European Journal of Migration and Law (Editor with Amal de Chickera), 14/3, 2012]

Analysis of Inter-RSU beaconing interference in VANETs

Mutation in etfA causes pleiotropic effects in Bacillus subtilis

Transcultural nursing: delivering compassionate and culturally competent care for all

Orientation for communication: embodiment, and the language of dance

Social media and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Reconceptualising the notion of 'hard to reach': the dilemmas of engaging families

Enhancing compassionate care as an integral part of primary care and general practice

Monitoring patients with diabetes mellitus type II and associated cardiovascular risk factors in an academic primary care unit on Crete, Greece

Enhancing compassionate care on the island of Crete, Greece: a report on current initiatives from the University of Crete

The Problem Areas in Diabetes (PAID) scale: psychometric evaluation survey in a Greek sample with type 2 diabetes

Masculinity, sex and the national past

The Tudors (2007-2010) and the international, post-national and post-historical TV series

The rate of publication of abstracts in solid organ transplantation presented at scientific meetings

Strict inequality in the box-counting dimension product formulas

Sonic Wallpapers

The Silver Studio art reference collection

Perfectionism, self-efficacy and OCB: the moderating role of gender

Separating Invariants for the Basic G_a actions

On the depth of separating invariants for finite groups

Prospects for a British 'Second Modernity' in the Music of Matthew Taylor and Peter Fribbins

Innovation capability in MNC subsidiaries: evidence from a panel study in transition economies

Innovation in small middle enterprises, beyond the national innovation system in China: evidence on the policies of SMEs during 1997-2008

Ownership concentration and foreign subsidiary product innovation in China

Firm capabilities, joint ventures and host institutions: evidence of MNC’s innovation in China

Analysis on China's equipment manufacturing security issues based on industrial control

Gay men in the police: identity disclosure and management issues

The key character in the sitcom

21 Twenty-one, 21 designers for twenty-first century Britain

Long-term outcomes of the incredible years parent and teacher classroom management training programmes

Queering cross-sex friendships: an analysis of gay and bisexual men's workplace friendships with heterosexual women

Local government in 2020: challenges and opportunities

How to move from local e-government to collaborative e-governance

Transforming local government: the issues project managers overlook

Mobilisations, interventions and cultural policy

Global convergence in systems of differential equations arising from chemical reaction networks

Cycle structure in SR and DSR graphs: implications for multiple equilibria and stable oscillation in chemical reaction networks

Differences between diurnal patterns of salivary cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone in healthy female adolescents

The extended evolutionary synthesis and the role of soft inheritance in evolution

Phone-hacking, the famous and a free media - balancing freedom of the press and privacy

Jeux sans frontieres: It's a library knockout

Alpha Masters [Book review]

Investing in your education

The essence of ancient Chinese architecture – vernacular castles

A manifesto for real lasting change

How does the British snowman work? The disruptive characteristic of British snow

Open innovation in the creative industries sector: the relational capital of SMEs in the East of England

China: celebrity endorsement within the Chinese beauty industry – views from Beijing’s female consumers

The elusive digital frame and the elasticity of time in painting

Do banks value the eco-friendliness of the firms in their corporate lending decisions? Some empirical evidence

In search of a concrete music by Pierre Schaeffer; translated by Christine North and John Dack.

Transference: seduction and transcendence

A multi-level metadata approach for a public sector information data infrastructure

Modeling the context of scientific information: Mapping VIVO and CERIF

Capturing Middle England

A model-driven engineering framework for architecting and analysing Wireless Sensor Networks

Healthy relationships? An exploration of violence, blame and relationships amongst sixteen to nineteen year old students

Siberian Tiger, 2012, Channel 4 broadcast intervention commissioned by FACT in association with Arts Council England for Random Acts

The definition of non-international armed conflict in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: an analysis of the threshold of application contained in Article 8(2)(f)

A face recognition algorithm using a fusion method based on Adaboost Bidirectional 2DLDA

A security design for cloud computing: an implementation of an on premises authentication with Kerberos and IPSec within a network

The X-linked retinitis pigmentosa protein RP2 facilitates G protein traffic

Bul proteins, a nonredundant, antagonistic family of ubiquitin ligase regulatory proteins

The commissioning and provision of advocacy for problem drug users in English DATS; a cross sectional survey

Use of an age-period-cohort model to reveal the impact of cigarette smoking on trends in Twentieth-century adult cohort mortality in England and Wales

Time for a change: the influence of the writings of Henri Bergson and Arthur Symons on the short stories of Katherine Mansfield

New instruments for communication: web, mobiles, sms, social networks

Modeling the semantics of contextual and content-specific research metadata using ontology languages: issues on combining CERIF and OWL

The data model of the OpenAIRE scientific communication e-infrastructure

Streamlining the CERIF XML data exchange format: towards CERIF 2.0.

Are learner perceptions of digital literacy skills teaching affected by demographic factors?

"Why should I?" Engaging learners in digital literacy skills development

"Why bother?" Learner perceptions of digital literacy skills development - learning design implications

"What do I need?" - evaluating learner perceptions of digital literacy skills development to inform enhancements to learning design

Punk Scholars Network

Crass and Communal Living: Blending the Subversive into the Everyday in Epping Forest

The modern woman and women’s emancipation in 19th century English and Romanian comedies

Study on precarious work and social rights

Polyethnic market orientation and performance: a fast-moving consumer goods perspective

BRCA1/2 mutation analysis in 43 ovarian cell lines reveals only one functionally deleterious BRCA1 mutation

A systematic approach to the study of cancer stem cells applied to ovarian cancer

E-learning 3.0 = E-learning 2.0 + WEB 3.0?

A formal approach to lakatosian heuristics

Passivity and Jouissance: analysis of two focus group studies with nurses in England and Australia

Emotional competence for nursing practice and psychological wellbeing

MSD and approaches to management

Characterization and monitoring of seismic performance of post-tensioned steel modular structures

Students go click, flick and cheat: e-cheating, technologies and more

A hierarchical framework of barriers to green supply chain management in the construction sector