Shangri-La and history in 1930s England.

Wings and Prayers.

La musique électro-acoustique 'mixte'.

From sound to music: from recording to theory.

Gender identity and ICT entrepreneurship in an Irish context.

Gender, entrepreneurship and motivations in an Irish context.

The protection of minorities and indigenous peoples in international law: a comparative temporal analysis

Civil and political rights

Application of international standards of human rights law at domestic level.

Business-to-business marketing

Commutator, and self-commutator, approximants, 2

Leon Golub: echoes of the real [2nd ed.]

Workplace learning and higher education

Work-based research: approaches to enquiry for insider-researchers.

Formulation and developing the creative practitioner

A glimpse of the truth: evaluating 'debate' and 'role play' as pedagogical tools for learning about sexuality issues on a law and ethics module.

Third-party grooming in a captive chimpanzee group

Examining player anger in World of Warcraft

The Routledge dance studies reader

Recent advances in the manipulation of murine gene expression and its utility for the study of human neurological disease

Information integration based predictions about the conscious states of a spiking neural network

Reading between the lines: the subversion of authority in two graphic novels for young adults

Between Eros and Thanatos: death and desire in the short fiction of Koren Shadmi and Rutu Modan

Value differentiation: Creating customised value propositions in the South African cement industry

Dimensions of advertising agency client satisfaction

Approaches taken by South African advertisers to select and appoint advertising agencies

Texture-based 3d image retrieval for medical applications

Low frequency of epigenetic events in urothelial tumours from young patients

Strong attachment toward human brand: Its antecedents and implication for the quality of life

Beyond the surface: articulating the power of the performer

Between subject and object: Classical Ballet, Foucault and the dancing body

Terry Southern and the American Grotesque

Development of a secured information system to manage malaria related cases in southwestern region of Nigeria

In-silico approach to the development of a prototype clinical information system for pediatric units

Development of a medical staff recruitment system for teaching hospitals in Nigeria

Reducing road-traffic accidents on African roads through a computer simulation programming approach

Diagnosis and recommender system for some neglected tropical diseases

A knowledge-based data mining system for diagnosing malaria related cases in healthcare management

A comparative analysis of different neural networks performances in the prediction of superimposed fraud in mobile phone usage

Future for traditional festivals: glocalised cultural practices in global tourism development

Application of mesh morphing techniques in modelling 3D objects

Care of our people - manual handling of recyclables and waste? Should we be concerned?

What are the fundamental features supporting service quality?

Mitigating bank liquidity risk in Europe’s emerging markets during the crisis

Process, outcome and experience of transition from child to adult mental healthcare: multiperspective study

Black and minority ethnic groups and alcohol: A scoping and consultation study

Institutional theory and VET development in the South Mediterranean: the Egyptian case

Researching workplace learning in Australia

A community college's performance of ‘organisation’: it's a drag!

Towards an emergent view of learning work

Low frequency of epigenetic events in urothelial tumors in young patients

Conflict and cooperation in market spaces: learning from the operation of local networks of civic engagement in African market trade

Evolving institutions of trust: personalized and institutional bases of trust in Nigerian and Ghanaian food trading

Backpacker motivations: a travel career approach

Cruise line industry and Caribbean tourism: guests' motivations, activities, and destination preference

The role of social media in promoting special events: acceptance of Facebook ‘events’

From the Celtic to the abstract: shifting perspectives in the music of John Buckley

Possible power-saving gains by dividing a cell into tiers of smaller cells

An evaluation of new services for personality-disordered offenders: staff and service user perspectives

Risk and time preferences: linking experimental and household survey data from Vietnam

Addressing missing values in kernel-based multimodal biometric fusion using neutral point substitution

Turning immigrants to citizens: merits of the pedagogical shift in 3D Virtual Learning Environments

Using strong conflicts to detect quality issues in component-based complex systems

The International Criminal Court and non-party States

'Victor’s justice': selecting 'situations’ at the International Criminal Court

Commentary on Paul Boghossian, 'the concept of genocide'

Retroactive application of the Genocide Convention

Type 2 diabetes mellitus as a risk factor for the onset of depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Distributed space-time block code over mixed Rayleigh and Rician frequency-selective fading channels

Capital adequacy requirements in emerging markets

A union founded on the rule of law: meaning and reality of the rule of law as a constitutional principle of EU law

Supporting the first year student experience through the use of learning technologies

Migrant and minority community organisations: funding, sustainability and ways forward

Psychiatric disorders in male prisoners who made near-lethal suicide attempts: case-control study

Psychiatric disorders in women prisoners who have engaged in near-lethal self-harm: case–control study

A new metaheuristic bat-inspired algorithm

Eagle strategy using Lévy walk and firefly algorithm for stochastic optimization

Optimization and data mining for fracture prediction in geosciences

Firefly algorithm, stochastic test functions and design optimisation

Oil and gas assessment of the Kuqa depression of Tarim Basin in western China by simple fluid flow models of primary and secondary migrations of hydrocarbons

Lo-fi prototyping to design interactive-tabletop applications for children

Resource discovery using mobile agents

Prosecuting Dr Strangelove, Goldfinger, and the Joker at the International Criminal Court: closing the loopholes

Crimes against humanity in Western Burma: the situation of the Rohingyas.

Reactive service location in IEEE WAVE

Research seminars on music and language [part of Society section]

Critical perspectives on researching the professional doctorate (Editorial)

Doctoral learning that leads to organisational and individual change

Organisational involvement in supporting the learned professional

The design of re-writeable ultra-high density scanning-probe phase-change memories

Situation variable effects and tactical performance in professional association football

The discursive constrution of tourism in Higher Education in England.

A biokinetic model to describe the distribution and excretion of arsenic by man following acute and chronic intakes of arsenite/arsenate compounds by ingestion.

External evaluation of Innovation Exchange.

Between economic competitiveness and social inclusion: New Labour and the economic revival of deprived neighbourhoods.

A domain specific language for contextual design

Constructed wetlands for flood prevention and water reuse

Exchange rate uncertainty and export decisions in the UK.

A remark concerning value-at-risk

The Italian mafia

Political violence: a criminological analysis

Optimising cash flows in APVIOBPCS using control theory

Estradiol, progesterone, testosterone profiles in human follicular fluid and cultured granulosa cells from luteinized pre-ovulatory follicles

Security models for heterogeneous networking

The self-editor: a strategy for improving reflective writing

Automatic generation of data merging program codes

Using data mining to improve student retention in HE: a case study

Visuospatial superiority in developmental dyslexia: myth or reality?

Art students who cannot draw: Exploring the relations between drawing ability, visual memory, accuracy of copying, and dyslexia

Experimental investigation on micromilling of oxygen-free, high-conductivity copper using tungsten carbide, chemistry vapour deposition, and single-crystal diamond micro tools.

Archives of the Dance (22): Pioneer Women – early British modern dancers (the National Resource Centre for Dance, University of Surrey).

'The two of us' and 'My name is Sarah Simpson'

The effect of exchange rates on firm exports: the role of imported intermediate inputs.

Sustainable stormwater management in the city of the future

Information trajectory of optimal learning

The functional neuroanatomy of reading

Values and justice as predictors of perceived stress in Lebanese organisational settings

Reading and dyslexia in different orthographies

Corporate governance and institutional ownership: evidence from Jordan

Use of antibody–hapten complexes attached to optical sensor surfaces as a substrate for proteases: real-time biosensing of protease activity

High follicular fluid adenosine levels may be pivotal in the metabolism and recycling of adenosine nucleotides in the human follicle

Attitudes and intention to donate oocytes for research

Novel ways for cooperation to enhance academic library professionalism.


Corporate scandals in China.

Sensualities/textualities and technologies: writings of the body in 21st Century performance

Developing a TEMPUS application

What price respect: exploring the notion of respect in a 21st century global learning environment

Cell turnover in apocrine metaplasia and apocrine adenosis of the breast

'Status dogs' and gangs

Social enterprise and the environment: a review of the literature

Protestant ethic endorsement, personality and general intelligence

Making changes to assessment methods in social work education: focusing on process and outcome

International biopolitics: Foucault, globalisation and imperialism.

IL for lifelong learning: changing roles of library and information professionals in e-information era.

Surrogate motherhood: a critical perspective

Modeling scalable grid information services with Colored Peti Nets.

Exchange rate volatility and exports: new empirical evidence from the emerging East Asian economies.

Bottom of the class.

Rapid detection of Escherichia coli in water using a hand-held fluorescence detector

The value relevance of effective investor relations

The emerging demand for elderly care in China: an analysis of trends and differentials

Identifying and classifying the sources and uses of xenobiotics in urban environments

The management of urban surface water drainage in England and Wales.

Non-linear effect of exchange rate volatility on exports: the role of financial sector development in emerging East Asian economies.

The costs of the summer 2007 floods in England.

A global approach to public interest disclosure: what we can learn from existing whistleblowing legislation and research.

Combating corruption through employment law and whistleblower protection.

When is it OK to learn at work? The learning work of organisational practices

The Basel capital accords in developing countries.

The ideal of non-coherence in the World Bank’s social capital reforms: a textual analysis of 'gratuitous complexity'.

Custodians of the land: indigenous peoples, human rights and cultural integrity.

Discourse or reality: “work-life balance” flexibility and gendered organisations.

Work-life initiatives and organizational change: overcoming mixed messages to move from the margin to the mainstream

The age of opportunity? Revisiting assumptions about the life-long learning opportunities of older people using social care services

Social disorder and the criminalisation of indolence.

Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

Lessons learnt: Retail Enforcement Pilot (REP)

The communicative power of metaphors: an analysis and interpretation of metaphors in accounts of the experience of addiction.

British South Asian communities and drug supply networks in the UK

Drug economy.

International and domestic prosecutions

Hedging mean-reverting commodities.

Political conservatism, need for cognitive closure and intergroup hostility

The determinants of employment: a sectoral analysis for Turkey.

Autonomy, evidence and intuition: nurses and decision-making

Dialogue based interfaces for universal access.

Global crisis and the policy reaction in Western and Eastern EU: can policy save capitalism from itself

Impossibility of consistent estimation of the distribution function of a sample maximum.

Agatha Christie (1890-1976)

The making and representation of Muslim identity in Britain: conversations with British Muslim elites

The international criminal court: a commentary on the Rome statute

Family migration policies in France.

Context, strategy and financial participation: a comparative analysis

Towards a unified conception of innovation systems.

Can the relative strength of the national systems of innovation mitigate the severity of the global recession on the BRICS?

Towards new conceptions of work-life balance: session on recognising the role of men in achieving work-life balance in a globalised world.

Developmental dyslexics and unimpaired children’s reading and memory for words in a transparent orthography.


Heritage tourism: emotional journeys into nationhood.

The living room.

La Cour de Justice caraïbe: une juridiction inclassable

Coping with Conway v. Rimmer [1968] AC 910: how civil servants control access to justice

Random coefficients models of arms imports.

Evaluation of an intervention to help students avoid unintentional plagiarism by improving their authorial identity.

A daily diary investigation of the effects of work stress on exercise intention implementation: Can planning overcome the disruptive effects of work?

The coincidence of opposites: C.G. Jung’s reception of Nicholas of Cusa.

Attribution of blame for criminal acts and its relationship with psychopathy as measured by the Hare Psychopathic Checklist (PCL-SV).

An evaluation of escaping victimhood

Some approximants in operator algebras.

A sudden topicality: Marx, Nietzsche and the politics of crisis.

Stock liquidity and investment opportunities: new evidence from FTSE 100 index deletions

Utility and value of information in cognitive science, biology and quantum theory.

Unintended consequences: changes in organised drug supply in the UK

Clashes in culture? the 'professionalisation' and 'criminalisation' of the drugs workforce

A study of the communication patterns among global software student teams.

The effects of task type on the patterns of communication behaviors among global software student teams

Optimisation of the detection of bacterial proteases using adsorbed immunoglobulins as universal substrates

Detection of proteases using an immunochemical method with haptenylated–gelatin as a solid-phase substrate

Foreign currency exposure and derivatives use: evidence from France from 2002 to 2005.

Foreign currency derivatives use, firm value and the effect of the exposure profile: evidence from France.

The UK national minimum wage and age discrimination

Review on the course of Chinese medicine regulation in the UK of the last 10 years.

Medicalization and marketing.

Crisis in Western and Eastern EU: does policy reaction address its origins?

Evaluating the X-Lib library automation system at Babcock University, Nigeria: a case study

Real knowledge managers

A holistic integrated dynamic design and modelling approach applied to the development of ultraprecision micro-milling machines.

Why it's easy being a vegetarian.

The effects of perceived organizational support, perceived supervisor support and intra-organizational network resources on turnover intentions: a study of Chinese employees in multinational organizations.

Submerged discontent and institutions: doctors’ pay in Chinese hospitals.

The law and practice of whistleblowing in the United Kingdom.

Why healthcare research?

Moldovan employment relations: path dependency?

Damien Hirst’s shark: nature, capitalism and the sublime.

The lick

Dynamic cross-realm authentication for secure SOA-based business processes.

Dependable peer-to-peer systems (editorial to special issue)

Building relationships with the invisible in the digital (global) economy (BRIDGE).

Building the BRIDGE: closing the gap on digital exclusion

Forensic psychology: concepts, debates and practice.

Pluralism in qualitative research: the impact of different researchers and qualitative approaches on the analysis of qualitative data.

Forgotten Futures: British Municipal Cinema 1920-1980.

Accessing and making the transition from FE to HE: important socio-economic and life course considerations.

Triumph against adversity: how ‘access to social work’ students’ in FE colleges exert individual agency and overcome structural barriers to gain entry to HE.

Design of a 5-Axis ultraprecision micro milling machine – UltraMill: Part 1: holistic design approach, design considerations, and specifications.

Liquidity management in small firms: a learning perspective.

Stephen Mumberson: early printworks

Beauty and the beholder.

Quality planning based on risk assessment.

Large volume metrology process model: measurability analysis with integration of metrology classification model and feature-based selection model.

The framework of the virtual laser tracker: a systematic approach to the assessment of error sources and uncertainty in laser tracker measurement.

Modeling of dynamic cutting force in high-speed dry gear based on multifactor coupling.

Developing a qualitative research culture in university psychology departments

Dynamic characteristics of a direct-drive air-bearing slide system with squeeze film damping.

Mothering on the margins of space: meanings of space in accounts of maternal experience

Role of the UN in the promotion and protection of human rights.

Infinite exchange: the social ontology of the photographic image.

Investigation of research on P2P resource discovery for service-oriented computing.

From client-server to P2P networking

Self-adaptation and self-organization for search in social-like peer-to-peer networks

Exploring professional stereotypes and learning for inter-professional practice: an example from UK qualifying level social work education.

Local institutions for floodplain management in Bangladesh and the influence of the Flood Action Plan.

The effect of foreign affiliate employment on wages, employment, and the wage share in Austria.

Who are these people/Melancholia exists. [shown as part of Rugby's 2010 anniversary show].


Class in education: knowledge, pedagogy, subjectivity.

Revolutionizing pedagogy: education for social justice within and beyond global neo-liberalism.

Corporate governance and employees in South Africa.

Employee involvement in Ukrainian companies

Work-based projects: making the most of your expertise.

Planning and reviewing work based learning: a practical guide.

Work-based learning impact study

Sharing work based learning pedagogies across subject disciplines.

Service-level agreements for electronic services

Accessing social work education: barriers and triumphs.

Port risk management and public private partnerships: factors relating to risk allocation and risk sustainability

Reading and spelling in different orthographies: an introduction and overview

Cross-cultural differences in normal and dyslexic reading: behavioural and functional anatomical observations in readers of regular and irregular orthographies

Unimpaired reading development and dyslexia across different languages

Alcohol harm reduction in Europe.

Fact and fiction.

The rise of obesity in transition: theory and empirical evidence from Russia.

Flashback: drugs and dealing in the golden age of the London rave scene.

The myth of creativity at work

Every bodies enemies.

Coupling a model of human thermoregulation with computational fluid dynamics for predicting human-environment interaction

The Basel Capital Accords: bringing development finance to the agenda.

Basel II implementation in low-income countries: challenges and effects on SME development.

Basel Rules in Brazil: what are the implications for development finance?

Exploring the use of peer assessment as a vehicle for closing the gap between feedback given and feedback used

Life out of a box [part of 'Covered 2010' exhibition]

On the usefulness of anxiety: two evil media stratagems.



Introduction: why Basel II matters.

2000AD: understanding the 'British invasion' of American comics

Chinese older people in Haringey: meeting the needs of an ‘invisible’ community

Reviewing and investigating the use of co-axial rotor systems in small UAVs.

The patron saint of foreign girls.

The patron saint of remaindered books.

The patron saint of liars.

The patron saint of careless cyclists.

The pros and cons.


Surrogate mothers

Developing a low-cost beer dispensing robotic system for the service industry

APUSS: assessing the significance of infiltration and exfiltration on the performance of urban sewer systems

The cultural implications of biosemiotics


The blind man’s stick

ByPasser [Commissioned by Dance Digital].

Nature and nurture: what do theory and research tell us?

Heineken bot [a robot installation presented at the Kinetic Art Fair 2010]

Chinese migrant worker representation and institutional change: social or centralist corporatism?

Market segmentation from a behavioral perspective

Substitutability and independence: matching analyses of brands and products

Heterotopic erotic oases - the public nude beach experience

Biology's gift: interrogating the turn to affect

Debt and consumerism.

The usefulness of anxiety.

After the crash: reinventing the left in Britain.[E-book]

Ethical socialism.

Collaborative knowledge construction with web video conferencing: a work based learning approach

Social care management, strategy and business planning.

Test and field applications of methods in the UK

The exfiltration process and the colmation layer

Current themes in social marketing research: text-mining the past five years.

Sediment impacts and exfiltration

Program logics for homogeneous meta-programming.

Comparative study of DSL tools.

Semantic malware detection.

Japantastic: Japanese-inspired patterns for British homes, 1880-1930

Sex offenders' use of the Internet.

Evaluating tourism community preferences

Emergence of best security systems for libraries: RFID

Web based Information Sources with Reference to Forensic Science

A drama project about older people’s intimacy and sexuality

Bony metastases from breast cancer: a study of foetal antigen 2 as a blood tumour marker.

Purine metabolite levels in pre-ovulatory human follicles may hold the key to ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome.

Acceptance and usage of Web 2.0 services in libraries: a survey.

Privatizing international conflict: war as corporate crime.

Race, crime and criminal justice in Italy.

Dirty collar crime in Naples.

Lending wings to the freaks.

Reflections on leadership and place

Stories about calculations: remembering Peter Landin.

Sex, sexuality and relationships: developing confidence and discernment when assessing lesbian and gay prospective adopters.

Out and proud? Social work's relationship with lesbian and gay equality

Feral Glissando [sound performance part of Experimenting with geography conference]

Creating a sustainable work environment in British Airways: implications of the 2010 cabin crew dispute.

Processing with cell assemblies

BA's culture of industrial relations

Corporate social responsibility: risk managing for value creation in the housing sector in the UK.

Hoop [sound performance in the exhibition RELLA].

Sick of London [part of 'Hot Plate' international show]

Iceberg, bread, tunny [part of from 'From floor to sky' exhibition]

Pretty flamingo.


Complementary and alternative medicine: shaping a marketing research agenda.

Realisable or thwarted ambitions?: ‘Access to social work’ students’ post-compulsory education and career choices.

Why do students study abroad? Exploring motivations beyond earning academic credits

Supporting pedagogy and practice in early years settings

Il rapido progresso verso l’abolizione della pena di morte in Africa

Early assessment of the impact of BIS equity fund initiatives

Is there a debt finance gap relating to Scottish SMEs? A demand-side perspective

Armed struggle in Italy: the limits to criminology in the analysis of political violence

Commonwealth Professional Fellowship: the wealth of experience and lessons learned.

The effect of the pricing policy of the Cypriot banks upon accession to the Euro area as at 31/12/2007.

Insights for Singapore’s re-employment legislation: evidence from the future of retirement survey 2006.

Attitudes towards bearing the cost of care in later life: evidence from the HSBC global ageing study on the future of retirement.

The opportunities and challenges of self, peer and group assessment.

Working in the community with young people who offend.

Transplanting the Anglo American corporate governance model into Asian countries: prospects and practicality.

Using the patient experience to develop a model of care for breast cancer follow-up.

Development of a transferable package of capacity and demand training to empower front-line staff to use change tools and techniques, informed by data, to improve their patient flows.

Anti-cardiolipin antibodies and early pregnancy loss.

Etchings of Stephen Mumberson 2004-2009.

Diversity in age: the challenges of reaching the ‘hard to reach'.

The challenge of mainstreaming ICT design for all.

Designing with older car drivers: seeking out aspirations and needs.

Web 2.0 for learning and teaching: the teachers’ tale.

The clinical structure of phobia: Lacan's reformulation of the variables and its treatment.

Attendance, employability and learning technologies: are we getting it right?

PosteMobile: delivering innovative mobile banking and commerce solutions.

A critical analysis of Antonovsky’s sense of coherence theory in relation to mental health and mental disorder and the effect of a lifelong learning intervention on the sense of coherence of mental health service users.

Alterity and sensitivity: contours of the tutor in marketing ethics education.

Building materials: conceptualising materials via the architectural specification

Perceptions of the effectiveness of a global diversity network.

Understanding the sexual health information needs and preferences of “hard to reach” young people.

Resonant listening.

Endometriosis and cultural diversity: the experience of minority ethnic women.

Theory and practice of model transformations: third international conference, ICMT 2010, Malaga, Spain, June 28-July 2, 2010. Proceedings.

Persuading young consumers to make healthy nutritional decisions.

Multi-group linear turbo equalization with intercell interference cancellation for MC-CDMA cellular systems.

The private sector housing evidence base: getting good practice into publication to help enhance the positive health impacts of housing interventions

Work-based learning at higher education level: value, practice and critique

Enjoyable learning: The role of humour, games, and fun activities in nursing and midwifery education

Welcome to our world built with you in mind: the impact of multicultural healthcare teams on patient safety.

Polish pupils in London schools: opportunities and challenges.

Is this collaborating? In search of an artistic attitude.

Becoming Polish In London: negotiating ethnicity through migration

Laser cutting for letterpress printing: new uses of materials and techniques.

Stakeholder action to support the development of small and medium size enterprises in the northern part of Cyprus.

I-pot: a new approach utilising visual and contextual cues to support users in graphical web browser revisitation.

Just in time: defining historical chronographics

Attempting to mainstream ethnicity in a multi-country EU mental health and social inclusion project: lessons for social work

Professional autonomy in 21st century healthcare: nurses’ accounts of clinical decision-making

Trajectories towards death: how people cope when they are dying.

Business practices within South Asian family and non-family firms: a comparative study

In the end there will be little else for us to do but shop.

Organized crime: between the informal and the formal economy.

Penal abolitionism

Higher ambitions for fair access and work based learning.

Who corrupts whom? A criminal eco-system made in Italy.

Approaches to measuring the scale of the social enterprise sector in the UK

Enterprise resource planning systems implementation and upgrade (a Kenyan study)

The default retirement age: legitimate aims and disproportionate means.

Alterity & sensitivity in inter-organizational relations: contours of the tutor in marketing ethics education.

The IMP contribution to understanding business with China.

Exploring systems interactions for building resilience within coastal environments and communities.

Cybersemiotics and human modelling

Organisational commitment and job satisfaction in higher educational institutions: the Kenyan case.

The determinants of the fixed and floating rate debt: a case for UK non-financial firms.

From Freud's unconscious to Lacan's subject: identification from Freud to Lacan via Conté.

Reflecting on impact, changes and continuities: restructuring workplace cultures: the ultimate work-family challenge.

Identifying success factors in urban surface BMP implementation: mission impossible?

The application of a GIS-based BMP selection tool for the evaluation of hydrologic performance and storm flow reduction.

Emission control strategies for short-chain chloroparaffins in two semi-hypothetical case cities

A risk assessment approach for prioritising stormwater control strategies.

An analytical approach for performance analysis of handoffs in the next generation integrated cellular networks and WLANs

Information for handover management in heterogeneous networks: data representation,languages and integrated platforms

Exploring a new Markov chain model for multiqueue systems.

Older people, sexualities and soap operas: representations of lesbian, gay, bisexual sexualities and transgender identity in television soap operas, and older audiences’ responses.

Providing security in 4G systems: unveiling the challenges

Bestiarium: one man show of sixty computer graphics works from the last ten years.

A Pong playing agent modelled with massively overlapping cell assemblies

The design-by-adaptation approach to universal access: learning from videogame technology

Integration of geographic information system and RADARSAT synthetic aperture radar data using a self-organizing map network as compensation for realtime ground data in automatic image classification

Towards an integrated network security framework using the Y-Comm architecture

Conscious community: belonging, identities and networks in local communities’ response to flooding.

A typology of multiple perpetrator rape

Between a rock and a hard place

An evaluation of implementing Koha in a Chinese language environment.

Hearing the voices of young women: interpreting teenage pregnancy narratives individually and collectively.

A young bilingual child starting school: learning in an English nursery class.

Developing links between communities, schools and teacher training

Write strategies for multiterabit per square inch scanned-probe phase-change memories

The ERA: a brave new world of accountability for Australian University Accounting Schools.

Gaps in the US Safety Net: a challenge for the Obama Administration.

Social enterprise and ethnic minorities

Random coefficients models of arms imports

From reproduction to creativity and the aesthetic: towards an ontological approach to the assessment of devised performance

Making our students more 'fit for purpose': a commentary on 'a role for the compulsory study of literature in accounting education'.

Using accounting history and Luca Pacioli to put relevance back into the teaching of double entry.

Clearing method in Shang Han Lun.

TCM treatment for peptic ulcer.

Negative evaluation of the group increases collective narcissism and intergroup hostility under intergroup threat.

Predominant occupation of the MHC class I MHC molecule H-2Kwm7 with a single self peptide suggest a mechanism for its diabetes-protective effect.

Children’s empowerment, play and informal learning in two after school provisions.

The future is in the post: perspectives on strategy in the postal industry.

Liberalising the accounting curriculum. (Editorial).

Criminology and crimes against the environment.

Green criminology and dirty collar crime.

Young workers and age discrimination.

The process of organizational interpretation and three types of uncertainty: an integrated framework.

Environmental scanning, perceived uncertainty and the interpretation of trends: an empirical study.

Time machines.

Luca Pacioli: the father of accounting education

Report on the TICER Summer School (26th to 30th July 2010)

Caught in the light.

Routledge Handbook of International Criminal Law

Judicial activism and the crime of genocide

The ambitions and challenges of SROI.

Collective collaborations through telematics

Use of virtual reality environments to improve the learning of historical chronology.

Stephen Mumberson and Chris Pig: etchings and relief prints.

Doing business in China: is the importance of guanxi diminishing?

Key issues in marketing education: the marketing educators' view.

Of a complex sensitivity in marketing ethics education.

Marketing simulation games: student and lecturer perspectives.

Sense-making in visual analytics: processes and challenges

Electronic resource discovery systems: from user behaviour to design.

Social and interactional practices for disseminating current awareness information in an organisational setting.

Discovery-led refinement in e-discovery investigations: sensemaking, cognitive ergonomics and system design.

Conceptual misfits in email-based current awareness interaction

Evaluation study of the IHM project on the evaluation of the accreditation of health and social care managers: a pilot.

Discovering our own theories of project management.

The role of project collaboration quality and knowledge integration capability in multi-partner projects.

The Dynamics of collaboration in multipartner projects.

Knowledge flows in software projects: an empirical investigation.

I giovani lavatori e la discriminazione in base all'eta.

The LAS story: learning from failure.

The paradox of uncertainty: when less means more.

A framework for reasoning on component composition

Green IT principles in Cypriot organizations.

Organised behaviour and organised identity.

Contract & agency labour: beyond self-regulation?

Gonadotropins and gonadotropin receptors: evolutional genetics, signalling mechanisms, extra gonadal function and roles in oncogenesis.

Biological function of the free β -subunit: expression and treatment target in cancer.

Critical issues in people resourcing (2): the dilemmas with outsourcing and offshoring

Greece: mind the gap: employee perspective.

Critical issues in human resource management

Does hCG or hCGß play a role in cancer cell biology?

Sparse kernel learning with LASSO and Bayesian inference algorithm

Towards healthcare based on ubiquitous computing

Evolutionary FCMAC-BYY applied to stream data analysis

Fuzzy CMAC with incremental Bayesian Ying–Yang learning and dynamic rule construction

Advanced Hough transform using a multilayer fractional Fourier method

Feature link propagation across variability representations with Isabelle/HOL

Investigating the use of unmanned plant machinery on construction sites

Development of a low-cost SLAM radar for applications in robotics.

Development of a test-rig for exploring optimal conditions of small unmanned aerial vehicle co-axial rotor systems

On limiting cluster size distributions for processes of exceedances for stationary sequences.

Fiscal crisis in Europe or a crisis of distribution?

Service quality: mind the gap!

FDI and domestic investments in Germany: crowding in or out?

The effect of globalization on the distribution of taxes and social expenditures in Europe: Do welfare state regimes matter?

The Council of Europe resolution and recommendation on the protection of whistleblowers

Ten years of Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 claims: what can we learn from the statistics and recent research?

The role of critical evaluation in finance: evidence from an MSc in finance programme

Cultural impacts on knowledge sharing: empirical data from EU project collaboration.

Implementation of non-pipelined and pipelined data encryption standard (DES) using Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA technology.

Performance modelling of virtualized servers.

Mixtures density estimation in lifetime data analysis: an application of nonparametric Bayesian estimation technique

Formalizing homogeneous language embeddings.

Advanced modelling made simple with the Gmodel metalanguage.

MobDSL: a domain specific language for multiple mobile platform deployment

Multiparadigm programming: guest editors' introduction. IEEE Software, 27 (5) . pp. 2-7. ISSN 0740-7459

Multiparadigm programming in industry: a discussion with Neal Ford and Brian Goetz.

Social Enterprise Investment Fund evaluation - phase one: scoping, review and methodology development.

Conclusions and recommendations for the study of employment relations and health inequalities.

The solution space: developing research and policy agendas to eliminate employment-related health inequalities.

Introduction to the WHO commission on social determinants of health employment conditions network (EMCONET) study, with a glossary on employment relations.

Policies and interventions on employment relations and health inequalities.

Time to call it quits? The safety and health of older workers.

Managing occupational health and safety.

Social Impact Measurement (SIM) experiencing and future Directions for the third sector organisations in the east of England.

Inextinguishable fibres: demolition and the vital materialism of asbestos.

Accessing and making the transition from further education to higher education: important socio-economic and life course considerations

Follow-up research into mid-cap business having difficulty raising bank finance.

Seeing more than the graph: evaluation of multivariate graph visualization methods.

Investigating the perceptions of failure and success in information systems.

University challenge: learning to work with employer engagement

How am I doing? Advancing management skills through the use of a multi-source feedback tool to enhance work-based learning on a post-qualifying post-graduate leadership and management programme.

Visualisation of the complexome.

Genetic sequences: tracing the mutations of a disease.

Hospitalization records: characterization of pandemic spread.

Antiviral pandemic risk assessment for urban receiving waters.

Corporate governance and its effect on the performance on family and non-family companies listed on the Cyprus stock exchange.

Psychology in and out of the kitchen: smells, tastes and brains.

In times of crisis invest in maturity: results of an assessment in Iceland.

Using functional active objects to enforce privacy

Implementing privacy with Erlang active objects

Privacy by flexible parameterization with Erlang active objects.

'Where do you want to go today?' An analysis of family group decisions to visit museums

Extending knowledge domains for new media education: integrating interaction design theory and methods

A critical analysis of a goods and services tax in Hong Kong.

The adoption of western management methods by Chinese family and publicly listed companies in Asia.

Developing a recommendation for collection of municipal solid waste in Cyprus.

Detection of cancer.

The use and meaning of all solutions (interest rates) to the time value of money equation.

Measurement error associated with the SAGIT/Squash computer tracking software.

Delay: notes on photography as non-representational thinking

The platonic photographer: the role of political portraiture and the task of the photographer as author

Sociocultural differences in self-construal and subjective well-being: a test of four cultural models

Theory of mind and preschoolers’ understanding of implicit causality in verbs: a comparison between Serbian and Hungarian children.

The efficiency and ergonomics of different data entry systems in real-time and lapsed-time computer notation systems

The use of Zone 14 as a strategic attacking area in the English Championship

Virtually real: a psychological perspective on massively multiplayer online games.

The evolving role of the school library and information centre in education in digital Europe.

Detection of changes through visual alerts and comparisons using a multi-layered display.

Report of an evaluation of the community engagement programme

Report of an evaluation of partnership working for London Probation Trust

Delivering higher education to meet local needs in a developing context: the quality dilemmas?

Context-based authentication and transport of cultural assets.

An architectural framework for analyzing tradeoffs between software security and performance.

Distributed fault tolerant controllers

Distributed orchestration of pervasive services.

The making of a global movement: cycles of protest and scales of action

The natural environment

Persistant organic pollutants and pesticides.

No right turn.

Labour in a time of coalition

Labour's good society.

A state machine-based approach for reliable adaptive distributed systems.

(Re)presentation of women in Indian accountancy bodies' websites.

Leveraging communities for sustainable innovation: a commentary.

Book review: Slawomir Magala, The management of meaning in organizations.

An ethnographic and linguistic investigation into the construction of an individual’s ‘unpopularity’ on the debating floor of the Northern Ireland Assembly

Extending and embedding work based learning across the university: change strategies in action [conference item]

The impact of cross-cultural training for expatriates in a Chinese firm.

Influences on perceived career success: findings from US graduate business degree alumni.

Stopped, searched and (reasonably) suspicious: young people’s experiences of pro-active policing

Organizational identity and legitimacy under major environmental changes: tales of two UK building societies

Creating learning organizations in higher education: applying a systems perspective

Creating learning organizations: a systems perspective

The why, what, and how of reviewer education: a human capital approach

An agency theory perspective of the Israeli labor market segmentation: past, present, and future

The organizational lunch

Career transitions: an empirical examination of second career of military retirees

Achieving organizational effectiveness through promotion of women into managerial positions: HRM practice focus.

An evaluation of the NCY Trust teenage parenting project

Affect and embodiment.

Word and picture naming in adult dyslexia in a transparent orthography: evidence from Turkish.

The role of context on age of acquisition effects in visual word recognition: evidence from Turkish.

Strategic control and age of acquisition effects in visual word recognition.

What really determines policy? An evaluation of outcome measures for prioritising flood and coastal risk management in England

A simple validated GIS expert system to map relative soil vulnerability and patterns of erosion during the muddy floods of 2000-2001 on the South Downs Sussex, UK.

Mathematics in different settings: plenary panel.

Gender differences in Polish citizens attitudes towards immigration to the UK.

Without fear or favour, prejudice of ill will: magistrates sentencing decisions

Supervision as oversight: a new era in the history of psychoanalytic practice and training?

Atypical development of motion processing trajectories in autism

Spelling transparency and its impact on short term memory: Evidence from Persian and English

An efficient signal detection algorithm for 3GPP LTE downlink.

Performance bounds for MMSE-based signal detection in LTE downlink

Network coding-based ARQ retransmission strategies for two-way wireless relay networks.

Iterative (turbo processing) receiver design of OFDM systems in the presence of carrier frequency offset.

Virtual leadership: on becoming a real leader.

Survey of grid resource monitoring and prediction strategies.

Efficient identity-based broadcast encryption without random oracles.

Solving job shop scheduling problem using genetic algorithm with penalty function

Opening up critical spaces in an employer engagement discourse.

Learning to assess in higher education: exploring the interplay of ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ learning in the academic workplace.

Constructing the professional doctorate: ‘what counts’ for academic advisers

Endometriosis and cultural diversity: improving services for minority ethnic women.

Framework for intrusion detection in IEEE 802.11 wireless mesh networks

Measurement campaign on transmit delay diversity for mobile DVB-T/H systems

Error-resilient scheme for wavelet video codec using automatic ROI detection and wyner-ziv coding over packet erasure channel

Cognitive mesh networks: cognitive radio over fiber for microcells applications

Towards ultra-high density scanning-probe memory using rewritable phase-change media

Phase-change technologies: from PCRAM to probe-storage to processors

Britain’s broken economy: and how to mend it.

Labour’s future.

A brief history of pension reform.

Ultra-high density scanning electrical probe phase-change memory for archival storage.

The common table.

A critical assessment of human rights in English and Dutch prisons

Tangible and intangible capital and the pattern of specialization in the EU

The neuroscience of leadership

A review of motivation and management of helpline volunteers within charity A.

Maximising employer-responsive progression.

Adapting 'A Man of the People to stage: can stage adaptation successfully return Igbo literary fiction to the Igbo people?

Ethnicity and alcohol: a review of the UK literature

The systemic impact of a consultant within an organisational field

Does HCG or HCG-beta play a role in breast cancer cell biology?

Ectopic HCG beta may induce epithelialmensenchymal transition on human kera tinocytes in vitro and this could promote tumour progression and invasion.

Structural modelling of human chorion ic gonadotropin: the effect of nicking and glycosylation on the molecular folding and likely epitope recognition by HCG antibodies.

Serum biomarkers of collagen metabolism, pyridinoline (PYD) and aminoterminal properptide of type i procollagen (PINP) as diagnostic staging markers of bone metastases in breast cancer patients.

Parental order reporters' attitudes towards their role, surrogacy arrangements and UK legislation

Pathways through care for people with dual diagnosis in Europe: results from the treatment options for dual diagnosis user zoom instrument

Of sea anemones and clownfish: exploring a mutually beneficial approach to educational development through soft systems methodology.

Using content and text classification methods to characterize team performance

The challenges of teaching students how to work in global software teams

Strategies and guidelines for building effective distributed learning teams in higher education

Using learning management systems as support mechanisms for formative feedback – the case of lifelong learning.

Meaning in the media: discourse, controversy and debate

Effect of carrot (daucus carota) microstructure on carotene bioaccessibility in the upper gastrointestinal tract. 2: In vivo digestions

Balancing streaming and demand accesses in a network based storage environment.

Critical issues in employee relations (2): global unions

Endocul: endometriosis and cultural diversity: improving services for minority ethnic women.

How does substantial similarity of expression in infringement actions look from a linguistic point of view?

Multidisciplinary perspectives on intercultural conflict: the "Bermuda Triangle" of conflict, culture, and communication.

Cross-cultural organizational psychology: an African perspective.

Welcome to postnormal times

The Namesake: futures; futures studies; futurology; futuristic; foresight - what's in a name?

Freeze framing Muslims

Use of latent semantic indexing for content based searching and routing of mobile agents on P2P network

RFID Gesture Generating Robot [catalogue]

(Re)presentation of women in Indian accountancy bodies’ web sites

Textbook on immigration and asylum law. 4th ed.

Tame, messy and wicked risk leadership.

Software engineering systems as services using a business-focused service framework

"Journey." Arthur Green Shop. Hastings. Part of Coastal Currents. Visual Arts Festival.

Harnessing respect for developing an effective organizational culture.

Innovations in learning and teaching interactions between BA (Hons) Product Design and BSc (Hons) Product Design engineering students on design projects

I curse your preoccupation with your record collection: The Fall on vinyl 1978-83

Project-oriented leadership

Program management

Corporate social responsibility and societal governance: lessons from transparency in the oil and gas sector

The challenges and opportunities of re-inventing higher education as centres of research capacity building.

Exploring the outflow of FDI from the developing economies: case studies from China, India and South Africa.

Technology business incubators in China and in India: a comparative analysis.

Information seeking behaviour model as a theoretical lens: high and low literate users behaviour process analysed.

Open-­card sort to explain why low-literate users abandon their web searches early.

Interacting with Information.

Dying for the cause: choreographing the myths of Ulrike Meinhof and Wolfgang Grams

SRA final report: evaluation: work based learning scheme pilot: cohort 1: 2008-2010

Global recession and the national system of innovation in China: ‘A Blessing in Disguise’?

Mitigating impact of national systems of innovation on the severity of the global Rrcession: comparison of selected Asian economies.

The Middlesex University 'Africa Group' Showcase

Design tribes and information spaces for creative conversations

A study of major determinants and hindrances of FDI inflow in Bangladesh.

Mediation role of boundary objects in articulating common information spaces.

Semantics for the asynchronous communication in LIPS, a language for implementing parallel/distributed systems

An equivalence theorem for the specification of asynchronous communication systems (SACS) and asynchronous message passing systems (AMPS)

Qualified and unqualified (N-R C) mental health nursing staff: minor differences in sources of stress and burnout: a European multi-centre study

Developing a framework of common information space (CIS): grounded theory analysis of airport CIS

Building relationships with the invisible in the digital economy


3D path planning with novel multiple 2D layered approach for complex human-robot interaction

Gaming and social interactions in the rehabilitation of brain injuries: a pilot study with the Nintendo Wii Console

Design of redundant drive joints with double actuation using springs in the second actuator to avoid excessive active torques

Action plan on communication practices: roles of tutors at EMU Distance Education Institute to overcome social barriers in constructing knowledge

Heidegger: time, work and the challenges for higher education

Higher education quality and work-based learning: two concepts not yet fully integrated

Preparing students’ entry into the business world. The case of European University Cyprus

The effect of self-rated-health (SRH) on the quality of life (QoL) of older adults across the world: evidence from a global ageing survey 'The future of retirement'

Online child sexual abuse by female offenders: an exploratory study

Understanding the perpetrators' online behaviour

Detection of changes through visual alerts and comparisons using a multi-layered display

Guilt, suffering and the psyche

A locally nameless theory of objects

Locally nameless sigma calculus

Formalizing statecharts using hierarchical automata

Radical future: politics for the next generation

A moment of experimentation: spatial practice and representation of space as narrative elements in location-based games

The liberalization of capital outflows in China, India, Brazil and South Africa: what opportunities for other developing countries?

Conversational spaces for learning and designing

Integrating biological conservation into management: community adaptive learning in the wetlands of Bangladesh

The United Kingdom government's 'business case' approach to the regulation of retirement

Who would delay retirement? Typologies of older workers

Generation and performance of patient-specific forward models for breast imaging with EIT

Tracking conductivity variations in the absence of accurate state evolution models in electrical impedance tomography

Flexible approaches to building awards using CPD and Work Based Learning – experiences from Middlesex University

Stories of Masud Khan: Linda Hopkins, False Self: The Life of Masud Khan, and Roger Willoughby, Masud Khan: The Myth and the Reality.

Work based projects: what they are and how to do them

Factors predicting consumers’ knowledge of spirulina health benefits

Work based learning: learning for the student, the organisation and the HEI

Crystal & flame

Newly arrived migrant and refugee children in the British educational system


Engineering optimization: an introduction with metaheuristic applications

Engineering optimisation by cuckoo search

Multiplicative update rules for Multilinear Support Tensor Machines

Relative Margin Support Tensor Machines for gait and action recognition

The spectacle of silence and stillness

When does harassment warrant redress?

Teleworking in the European Union

Distance constraint satisfaction problems

The complexity of positive first-order logic without equality II: the four-element case

On the scope of the universal-algebraic approach to constraint satisfaction

The limits of tractability in resolution-based propositional proof systems

The lattice structure of sets of surjective hyper-operations

Neuromorphic circuit implementation of isotropic sequence order learning

Toward a halal tourism market

The impact of customer relationship management capability on innovation and performance advantages: testing a mediated model

Spike timing dependent plasticity: a route to robustness in hardware and algorithms

If the term baroque did not exist would it be necessary to invent it? (with apologies to Voltaire)

Abbas Kiarostami

Flood risk communication

Flood risk science and management

Map open space

Open space

Beyond trauma: politicising the expository documentary

Geographical dislocations, personal upheavals, and feminist politics in Guo Xiaolu and Deepa Mehta's film practices

Music of language, language of music

Art history: contemporary perspectives on method

Mourning the disappeared

Periodic scheduling for wireless mesh networks

An ethnographic study of Changdeok Palace: heritage tourism and symbolic representations of national identity

Political participation and life satisfaction: a cross-European analysis

Altruism and social integration

Culture and life satisfaction in developed and less developed nations

Culture, industrialisation and multiple domains of employees' job satisfaction: a case for HR strategy redesign in India

Sally Mann: the family and the land

Sweating method in Shang Han Lun

Self-harm in prisons: dominant models and (mis)understandings

‘Rethinking the missionary position’ – the quest for sustainable audience development strategies

Can young children recognize emotion in the human voice?

Discounting future pain: effects on self-reported pain

Personal identity: a theoretical and experimental analysis

Religious favoritism in Europe: a political competition model

The big carrot: high-stakes incentives revisited

Inducing efficient conditional cooperation patterns in public goods games, an experimental investigation

Developments in the treatment for substance misuse offending

A curious chapter in the manual of animation: Stan VanDerBeek's animated spatial politics

Direct comparison of in vivo Achilles tendon moment arms obtained from ultrasound and MR scans

Luxurious dump: wasted buildings and the landscape of pure suspension

Flirting with re-enchantment: anima and objet a

Sensibilidad, resistencia y expresión del dolor: relación con la socialización del dolor

[Review of] "Tomorrow belongs to me": an image of the dangerous puer' by Bortz, Mark

Presence and fate of priority substances in domestic greywater treatment and reuse systems

Doing work based research: approaches to enquiry for insider research

Sexual assault.

Child sexual abuse

Child victims of sexual abuse.

Re-spatializing the creative industries: a relational examination of underground spaces and professional and organisational lock-in

Local left strategy now

Neo-liberalism and the future of place marketing

Knowledge transfer and innovation among attractions

LETS as alternative, post-capitalist economic spaces? Learning lessons from the Totnes Acorn

Breaking new ground: relational mapping of the creative economy

Afuera! Art in Public Spaces - Gather: Justicia

Knowledge intensive entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe: results of a firm level survey

Place marketing as politics: the limits of neo-liberalism

The influence of corporate psychopaths on corporate social responsibility and organizational commitment to employees

An entrepreneurial network evolving: patterns of change

Understanding individual membership at heritage sites

Contemporary issues in social, arts, museum and nonprofit marketing

A new type of "Third Place"?

What is interior design?

Getting what you want: power increases the accessibility of active goals

Adopting consumer time and the marketing of higher education

Adenoviral-mediated Cre expression effectively suppresses GlyT1 binding in the thalamic area of GlyT1 conditional knock-out mice

2-D DIGE analysis of the budding yeast pH 6-11 proteome in meiosis

Situating the female gaze: understanding (sex) tourism practices in Thailand

ENQUIRE: a (self-)reflexive journey

Analysis of the budding yeast pH 4–7 proteome in meiosis

Analysis of polo-like kinase Cdc5 in the meiosis recombination checkpoint

Separation logic and concurrency

Semi-bipartite graph visualization for gene ontology networks

Recommending rides: psychometric profiling in the theme park

Inter-process buffers in separation logic with rely-guarantee

Bandwidth prediction based on nu-support vector regression and parallel hybrid particle swarm optimization

Does hCG or hCGβ play a role in cancer cell biology?

Euler graph transformations for Euler diagram layout

Rod outer segment membrane guanylate cyclase type 1 (ROS-GC1) calcium-modulated transduction system in the sperm

A qualitative investigation of employees' perceptions of the impact of work on health behaviours

Planning for peak oil: learning from Cuba's special period

What now for urban regeneration?

Creative spaces: the role of the underground and the prospect of lock-in in the creative industries

Colour space effect on tracking in video surveillance

Robotic system for transrectal biopsy of the prostate: real-time guidance under MRI

Parallel machine scheduling with s-precedence constraints [article]

Mechanical verification of cryptographic protocols

Mass function derivation and combination in multivariate data spaces

Responding to systemic human rights violations: an analysis of pilot judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and their impact at national level

Survival of the fairest? Evolution and the geneticization of rights

Television, deregulation and the reshaping of leisure

Tumor Necrosis Factor-α (TNF-α) regulates shedding of TNF-α receptor 1 by the metalloprotease-disintegrin ADAM8: evidence for a protease-regulated feedback loop in neuroprotection

Transgene expression and effective gene silencing in vagal afferent neurons in vivo using recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors

Retracted: Being lucky and being deserving, and distribution

MisTanzania (performance)

Health promotion for health practitioners

Involvement, Tate and me

Fruits of Sorabji's Indian summer: ‘Il tessuto d'arabeschi’ and ‘Fantasiettina atematica’

Let's dance architecture: improvisation, technology and form

The cultural politics of celebrity

Making London’s modernity: capital, memory and nature

En foüllant à l’aveugle: discovering the Villa of the Papyri in the 18th century

Modernity in London and Paris

Re-employment of older workers in Singapore: preliminary insights

War crimes

The concept of non-international armed conflict in international humanitarian law

Babel's network narrative: packaging a globalized art cinema

A future museum of the present


Leadership from the bottom up: reinventing dementia care in residential and nursing home settings

Younger, paler, decidedly less straight: the new porn professionals

Dances and laments for violin & cello duo

Allan Kaprow's 18 happening in 6 parts

Lapped translated lines

Invitus invitam

Eidolon 1 & 2


Moth theatre

Tanz auf dem Vulkan (Dancing on a volcano)

Burmese pictures

The will of the many: how the alterglobalisation movement is changing the face of democracy [review]

The limits of community-based theatre: performance and HIV prevention in Tanzania

Variance analysis

The dogs of time

The effect of mesenchymal stromal cells on the osseoinduction of impaction grafts

Uncemented computer-assisted design-computer-assisted manufacture femoral components in revision total hip replacement: a minimum follow up of ten years

Claims for a feminist politics in painting

Behaviour within groups

Where angels fear to tread: the undergraduate research project

Young heterosexual men’s use of the miscommunication model in explaining acquaintance rape

Like love: part 1, part 2, part 3

Mapping Bow bells

Ethnic discrimination in the Greek labour market: occupational access, insurance coverage and wage offers

Ethnic differences in housing opportunities in Athens

Women artists between the wars: a fair field and no favour

Neural correlates of automatic attention in touch: event related potentials and behavioural measures

On probation: Tracey Emin as sign

Muddy floods: challenges for the future

Copper binding regulates intracellular alpha-synuclein localisation, aggregation and toxicity

Iconicity and flagshipness of tourist attractions

The effect of reliability, content and timing of public announcements on asset trading behavior

Heterotopic erotic oases: the public nude beach experience

Gravikords and pyrophones: the reflexive piano

Analysis of an efficient rule-based motion planning system for simulating human crowds

The international political economy of work and employability

Context-aware adaptive applications: fault patterns and their automated identification

Perception of color in 3D Virtual World architectural computer aided design: impact of color design in student satisfaction

Heavy metal concentrations and toxicity in water and sediment from stormwater ponds and sedimentation tanks

Update scheduling for improving consistency in distributed virtual environments

The complexity of the warranted formula problem in propositional argumentation

Firm friends: exploring the supportive components in gay men's workplace friendships

Towards a process theory of IT fashion entrepreneurship

Power-friendly access network selection strategy for heterogeneous wireless multimedia networks

Performance of an adaptive multimedia mechanism in a wireless multi-user environment

American pragmatism and feminism: fresh opportunities for sociological inquiry

A functional magnetic resonance imaging study of verbal working memory in young people at increased familial risk of depression


Anxious attachment style and salivary cortisol dysregulation in healthy female children and adolescents

The determinants of global integration strategies of Chinese Multinationals - some empirical evidence

Determinants of shareholder activism in emerging markets

Demonstrating cognitive packet network resilience to worm attacks

Disclosure and sickle cell disorder: a mixed methods study of the young person with sickle cell at school

Competing meanings of the diaspora: the case of Zimbabweans in Britain

A drama project about older people's intimacy and sexuality

Reported school experiences of young people living with sickle cell disorder in England

May's tensions today: France, then and now

Imagining home: diasporic landscapes of the Greek-German second generation

Multi-method Evaluation of the Management, Organisation and Staffing (MEMOS) in high security treatment services for people with Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD)

Variation in diagnostic criteria for developmental dysplasia of the hip among orthopaedic surgeons

Variation in diagnostic criteria for DDH among orthopaedic surgeons

A note on a priori estimations of classification circuit complexity

Uphill unfolding of native protein conformations in cubic lattices

Analysis of local search landscapes for k-SAT instances

Ranking of microRNA target prediction scores by Pareto front analysis

New events in historic venues: a case of London

The invisible expert practitioner: theorising performer expertise in contemporary performance-making

Attitudes towards old age and retirement age across the world: findings from the global ageing survey

Human rights

International political economy I : theory & history

Impact of information exchange on supply chain strategies


Conclusions: sovereignty, globalization and the future of international relations

International political economy, Part II: key factors and controversies

Intergovernemntal organisations

Development, poverty and inequality


Call centres as sites of professional practice: where old social workers go to die?

User behaviour: searching for scholarly material using electronic resource discovery systems

The design and implementation of a workflow analysis tool

L'idraulico polacco torna a cassa? Migrazione e recessione nel Regno Unito

Performing memory

Legislation and policy: protecting young people, sentencing and managing Internet sex offenders

What happens in supervision? An exploration of the use of stylistic devices in professional management supervision and their role in mediating organisational and professional culture within a social services department

Developing learning materials to promote positive interaction with people with dementia: we are all in it together!

Islamic hospitality in the UAE: indigenization of products and human capital

The implications of migration for gender and care regimes in the South


The rise of women artists

Malaysian moslem mothers' experience of depression and service use

Depressed mothers and their children: attachment issues

Le esperienze di maltrattamento vissute dai fratelli: tra ambiente condiviso e non condiviso

Psychotherapists’ experience of power in the psychotherapy relationship

Adult attachment style: its relevance to health and to health psychology

What cannot be said: speech and violence

The lifelong learning of older people using social care services: rhetoric and realities

An exploration of the use of colonial discourse within Mustafa Sa’eed’s interracial relationships in Season of Migration to the North

Work based learners’ engagement with the university: an exploratory study

Literature review of work based learning: October 2008

Brits behaving badly: template analysis of newspaper content

Everything looks beautiful in slow motion.


Cruise visitors’ experience in a Mediterranean port of call

Internet child abuse: current research and policy

The Society for the Study of Labour History, 1956–1985: its origins and its heyday

Fifty years on

Career patterns and competences of PhDs in science and engineering in the knowledge economy: the case of graduates from a UK research-based university

Web 2.0, e-portfolios, and continuing professional education in university masters courses and beyond

Knowing what students know: assessments of complex skills in global economy & fast changing world

An alternative characterization of weak order dependence


Britain: the Twentieth Century

Organized labour history in Britain

Histories of labour: national and international perspectives. Editors' introduction

Groupwork in practice: a work-based learning approach

Effect of student emotion-associations on architectural color design of educational spaces in 3D Virtual Learning Environments

Analogy between student perception of educational space dimensions and size perspective in 3D virtual worlds versus physical world

Relationship between students’ overall satisfaction from 3D virtual learning spaces and their individual design components

Harnessing 3D applications for technology enhanced learning

Investigating student satisfaction from environmental and architectural design elements of 3D educational facilities within 3D virtual worlds

Architectural propositions for enhancement of learning spaces within 3D Virtual Learning Environments

Pedagogical immigration to 3D virtual worlds: a critical review of underlying themes and their concepts

Assistive technologies and advantageous themes for collaboration, learning & teaching within 3D Virtual Learning Environments

Whose turn to renovate the class today? Analogy between impact of architectural design characteristics of learning spaces on learners in the physical world and 3D virtual world

Efficiency and environmental factors in investment banking

Neuroendocrinology and resistance training in adult males

The stretch-shortening cycle: proposed mechanisms and methods for enhancements

Strong normalization for System F by HOAS on top of FOAS

Incremental pattern-based coinduction for process algebra and its Isabelle formalization

Developing a Bill of Rights for the UK

Opinion: a Bill of Rights for the UK? Why the process matters

The times they are not a changing: neoliberal interpellation, revisiting the Frankfurt school

Genetic variability of Austropotamobius Italicus in the Marches region: implications for conservation

A paradox revealed: karyotype evolution in the four-horned antelope occurs by tandem fusion (Mammalia, Bovidae, Tetracerus quadricornis)

The international protection against inhuman or degrading punishment

Responding to vulnerability: can state and corporation be business partners?

Women in recovery

The Alcohol Concern SMART recovery pilot project: final evaluation report

Presence and fate of priority substances in domestic greywater treatment and reuse systems

Heavy metal concentrations and toxicity in water and sediment from stormwater ponds and sedimentation tanks

Analysis of conditions for introducing nursing procedures in Santa Cruz (Bolivia) = Análisis de las condiciones para la implantación del proceso enfermero en Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

Psychology and sport rehabilitation

Enquire - a (self) reflexive journey

Physiological requirements for carbonate precipitation during biofilm development of Bacillus subtilis etfA mutant

Exopolymeric substances (EPS) from Bacillus subtilis: polymers and genes encoding their synthesis

Arsenic precipitation by an anaerobic arsenic-respiring bacterial strain isolated from the polluted sediments of Orbetello Lagoon, Italy

A decentralised, measurement-based admission control mechanism for self-aware networks

A distributed admission control mechanism for multi-criteria QoS

The impact of gendered and racialised identities on the experience of discrimination

The complexity of the warranted formula problem in propositional argumentation

Argumentation about treatment efficacy

McGahey, Michael (Mick) (1925-1999)

Birch, Reginald (Reg) (1914-1994), Trade union leader Communist Maoist

Histories of labour: national and international perspectives

Effects of social networking in academic literacy: myths and truths

Analogy between Impact of architectural design characteristics of learning spaces on learners in the physical world and 3D virtual world

Perception of colour in 3D virtual world architectural computer aided design: impact of colour design in student satisfaction

Global software development learning teams

Assistive technologies and advantageous themes for collaboration, learning & teaching within virtual worlds and virtual learning environments

Whose turn to renovate the class today? Analogy between Impact of architectural design characteristics of learning spaces on learners in the physical world and 3D virtual world

Lifelong learning and workforce development design – towards a new generation of educational planning tools

Relationship between students' overall satisfaction from 3D virtual learning spaces and their individual design components

Effects of virtual world environments in student satisfaction: an investigation of the role of architecture in 3D education

Assessing exfiltration and infiltration on the performance of urban sewer systems

A self-paced online BCI for mobile robot control

Planar biped walking with an equilibrium point controller and state machines

Fundamental rights protection in the EU post Lisbon Treaty

La liberte d'expression: apercus de droit compare

Poverty alleviation in a changing policy and political context: the case of PRSPs in Latin America

Feminisation or de-feminisation? Gendered experiences of poverty post-disaster

Social vulnerability to natural hazards

Public services in the European Union & in the 27 member states: mapping of the public services, May 2010

Custom uncemented revision stems based on a femoral classification

Beyond borders: expanding the uses of work-based learning

Higher ambitions for the volunteer workforce, at V4V: academic credit for the volunteer workforce

Employer engagement, co-funding and the MODNet project

Maximising employer-responsive progression, developing a new relationship between employers and higher education?

“Trying to have it both ways” — on the first judgments of the Court of First Instance concerning EC acts adopted in the fight against international terrorism

Hypersaline environments on Earth and beyond: normal or not?

Gravity shift

Using peer assessment to close the feedback gap

Using peer review as scaffolding for student learning across the social work qualifying curriculum

'Disrespectful foreign innovations': trouser tensions in the interwar years

Fashion media; yesterday, today, tomorrow. Pecha Kucha

Calcium carbonate precipitation and pH variation during biofilm development from bacterial strains isolated in Puerto Rico

Calcium carbonate precipitation and pH variation during biofilm development from isolated bacterial strains in Puerto Rico

Effect of carrot (Daucus Carota) microstructure on carotene bioaccessibility in the upper gastrointestinal tract 1. In vitro simulations of carrot digestion

The effect of exercise on plasma soluble IL-6 receptor concentration: a dichotomous response

Effect of milk-based carbohydrate-protein supplement timing on the attenuation of exercise-induced muscle damage

A realistic evaluation of the independent practice placement facilitation project in NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent

Inside the black box of the antibody test: deconstructing the official classifications of risk in testing for the human immunodeficiency virus

How specific end users interpret HIV/AIDS biomedical knowledge

Reconstructing professionalism in ECEC: the case for the 'critically reflective emotional professional'

Narrative methods in the nursery: (re)-considering claims to give voice through processes of decision-making

An evaluation of the Kensington and Chelsea sleep clinic pilot

Studies of calcium carbonate precipitation during bacillus subtilis biofilm formation.Â

Studies of calcium carbonate precipitation during bacillus subtilis biofilm formation

Professional identities in the nursery: contested terrain

Contested constructions of professionalism within the nursery

Viscous victorians: Hammer, colour and realism

Social monitoring by reputation: how to compare humans and animals in an evolutionary framework?

Semantic network analysis of religious pamphlets

Developmental trajectory of understanding plants, animals, humanoids, supernatural agents, and invisibility

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A view from abroad: messages about safeguarding and child protection from overseas qualified social workers

Bone mineral density and aspects of the female athlete triad in elite endurance runners: 1562: Board# 218 June 2 11: 00 AM-12: 30 PM

Bone-mineral density and other features of the female athlete triad in elite endurance runners: a longitudinal and cross-sectional observational study

The import of intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics in work performance

Benjamin Britten’s 'Pierrot' Ensembles

The Pierrot Ensembles

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Determinants of EU foreign direct investment in China: a firm-level panel study, 1998-2007

Foreign ownership and firm performance: evidence from a panel study of EU firms in China

European Union foreign direct investment in China: evidence from a panel study of EU manufacturing firms

Enhancing synergistic multinational innovation capability in china: evidence from EU firm panel study, 1998-2007

The contribution of tutor groups to social work education: an evaluative study

Workplace friendships between men: gay men's perspectives and experiences

[Entry in XIX International Festival of Humour and Satire Golden Helmet Krusevac Serbia]

Graph-theoretic conditions for injectivity of functions on rectangular domains

P-matrices and signed digraphs

Segmenting residents’ attitudes towards tourism in Cape Verde: a cluster analysis

Creative Evolution: Symbolist representations of Bergson’s duration in the works of Katherine Mansfield

Assessment for developing practice

Quelles sont les reparations adequates dans les affaires de disparitions? Lecons issues des affaires sue la Tchetchenie

First-time and recurrent inmates' experiences of imprisonment

Study of the legal status of Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD) patients and prisoners, and the impact of DSPD status on Parole Board and Mental Health Review Tribunal decision-making

The reality of short term prison sentences: early findings from research with the Prison Governors Association, October 2010 Briefing

Governance and risk management of network and information security: the role of public private partnerships in managing the existing and emerging risks

Managing innovation in a publicly-funded organization: the innovator’s perspective

Non-negative multilinear principal component analysis of auditory temporal modulations for music genre classification

The hour of truth: accounting and auditing in (and of) psychoanalysis

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Negotiating peer-group identities in the ‘‘periphery’’: the case of older women

Traveling eye: the elusive digital frame and the elasticity of time in art

New Work [3 solo exhibitions at Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London, La Fabrica, Madrid and Guernsey]

Psychology and sports rehabilitation

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The prevalence of personality disorder, its comorbidity with mental state disorders, and its clinical significance in community mental health teams

A qualitative study of illicit and non-prescribed drug use amongst people with psychotic disorders

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