Constructing debt: discursive and material strategies of labour coercion in the U.S. South, 1903-1964

The role of macro institutional factors in determining types of entrepreneurial start-ups: a longitudinal panel study

Swimming against the tide: why do people create spaces to support mental health and wellness? A reflexive thematic analysis

An investigation into how the application of the processes and procedures are perceived by the UK Taekwondo community through the lens of Rawls’ theories of justice, fairness and equality

Prozesscontrolling in der Kunststoffrecycling-Branche – Möglichkeiten und Chancen für KMU durch Standardisierung und Tool-Support

Zusammenarbeit zwischen Arbeitgebern und Arbeitnehmervertretungen im Lichte der datenschutzrechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen unter Berücksichtigung der Mitbestimmungsgesetze und Regelungen zum Beschäftigtenschutz

MSF: Médecins Sans Frontières mentoring and coaching hub, Norway mentoring programme

NIHR: National Institute of Health and Care Research mentoring programme

Truth diagrams for some non-classical and modal logics

A logic of isolation

Investigating the factors affecting electronic customer relationship management readiness: the case of banks

The state of the nation in wartime: R.C. Sherriff's three openings for Mrs Miniver

#MDXPD Product Design 2024

Effects of external verbal cueing on countermovement rebound jump performance


A generalized evolutionary metaheuristic (GEM) algorithm for engineering optimization

Parameter tuning of the Firefly Algorithm by standard Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo methods

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in cultural context II: a comparison of the links between ADHD symptoms and waiting-related responses in Hong Kong and UK

Walking (to) Greenham, again: activating feminist heritage

The prevalence of specific learning difficulties in higher education: a study of UK universities across 12 academic years

Control of subsidiary HRM policies by multi-national corporate headquarters: the role of institutional differences and labor unions

From primary school teacher to ethno-psychotherapist: why sound and pedagogy mattered for Beryl Gilroy (1924–2001)

A diversified funding profile for banks: including green bonds in the liability structure

Making connections: Pia Arke and feminists using photography

Chromosomal copy number and mutational status are required to authenticate ovarian cancer cell lines as appropriate cell models

Exploring health-related quality of life, exercise and alcohol use in adolescents with sickle cell disease and healthy siblings

Distributional effects of immigration and imperfect labour markets

Charting achievements: a two-year retrospective of the society for environmental geochemistry and health (SEGH) and the evolving strategies

The EPPO as a domesticated cat: a perspective from Bulgaria

Initial validation of the Self Experiences Questionnaire-2 in people with chronic pain

Reliability of quadriceps twitch muscle properties and explosive voluntary contractions at different knee joint angles

Psychedelic intimacy: altered states of consciousness in romantic relationships

Sustainable wastewater reuse for agriculture

A review of the metaverse in higher education: opportunities, challenges and future research agenda

A Canterbury Tale as folk horror

The joint effects of formal and informal institutions on entrepreneurial start-ups: a global perspective

Online application for the early detection of students at risk of failing through Artificial Intelligence

Flow rate influence on sediment depth estimation in sewers using temperature sensors

Effectiveness of an individualized training based on dynamic strength index on sprinting, jumping and change of direction performance in basketball players: a randomized controlled trial

Explainer: Leaving the European Convention on Human Rights

The telling is political: collectively speaking our collective story

Martial arts in/as science fiction

Soundscapes of infant care and infant-directed communication in two hunter-gatherer societies

Home musical activities boost premature infants' language development

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An investigation into organisational hybridity in faith-based social enterprises in Ghana: an organisational spirituality perspective

Ethnic identity negotiation through dialogical self: the case of Anywaa and Nuer evangelicals in Gambella, Ethiopia

Investigating enhancement of factors affecting mobile government services adoption in Egypt

The framing of contemporary violence policy in England and Wales: an examination of the contributing roles of alcohol and illegal drugs

Anthropometry and physical characteristics in English premiership women’s rugby

The planning, monitoring and training of elite weightlifting

Building engagement for post-pandemic survival and growth in an SME

Rooms of light: bearing witness to the Azerbaijani hospitable being

Coaching through maternity transitions: through the prism of coaching, how can women going through the maternity transitions in the private equity industry be better supported?

Job demands-resources theory extended: stress, loneliness, andcare responsibilities impacting UK doctoral students’ and academics’ mental health

Are survey stock price forecasts anchored by fundamental forecasts? A long-run perspective

(Mis)perception of party congruence and satisfaction with democracy

Worker productivity during Covid-19 and adaptation to working from home

Blockchain in e-learning platform to enhance trustworthy and sharing of micro-credentials

A SWOT analysis of an industry-organised contest using a vocational assessment lens

How AI could transform the advertising pitch game

Campus source to sink wastewater surveillance of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2)

Collective capabilities for organizational democracy: the case of mutual social enterprises

Carry On Kitchen Sink: the early Carry Ons as realist drama

The consequentiality of absences in social settings: a sensemaking perspective

The SHARMED project: the promotion of dialogic intercultural learning in the classroom

Leading engagement and learning in, out and between digital and non-digital interactions

How do childhood and children’s rights mean what they mean? Innovating the debate around the social semantics of childhood and children’s rights through an interdisciplinary approach

Governance and guidance as alternatives to law change: solutions from a comparison of UK prescribed persons’ approaches to whistleblowing with contemporary international practice

An exploration of the interaction between professional identity formation and the campus built environment in health professions education

Transforming business capabilities at William Hill

Grounding in groundlessness, being the change: an existential phenomenological exploration into the embodied experience of postmenopause

Film-Philosophy, volume 28 issue 3: Catherine Malabou, plasticity and film

Introduction: Catherine Malabou, plasticity and film

Between-session reliability of dry-land and in-water tests to measure inter-limb asymmetries in swimmers

Religious discrimination at the CJEU and the social inclusion approach

Relationships and within-group differences in physical attributes and golf performance in elite amateur female players

Gender un/bound: traversing educational possibilities

Ecofeminism and the cultural affinity to genocidal capitalism: theorising necropolitical femicide in contemporary Greece

Unveiling the potential of diffusion model‑based framework with transformer for hyperspectral image classification

An exploration of parents’ perception of Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) in the development of parent voice and authentic, productive and lasting partnerships

Defendroid: real-time Android code vulnerability detection via blockchain federated neural network with XAI

Exploring possibilities for gender to become otherwise: what do child-snail relations make possible?

Technical performance differences amongst international netball teams at the Commonwealth Games 2022

Navigating social work practice research challenges: collaboration, participant rights and ethics

Bewildering early childhood ‘pioneers’

Re-thinking housing inspection and regulation: using 360 technology as a new approach in environmental health practice training

Will social media celebrities drive me crazy? Exploring the effects of celebrity endorsement on impulsive buying behavior in social commerce

The influence of situational variables on the attacking process in football

Constructions of babyhood among baby room leaders in the UK

Politics, belonging and identity across the British South Asian middle classes: between privilege and prejudice

‘Maybe that makes a difference actually’: Attuning to praxis for anti-racist social justice leadership among nursery school head teachers in the UK

Active energy: creating change through citizen engagement

Interprofessional and intraprofessional teamwork and handovers in healthcare: challenges and recommendations from work-based learning

Re-imagining the Froebelian influence on early childhood education as a dynamic and ever-changing web of encounter

Molding the future: optimization of bioleaching of rare earth elements from electronic waste by Penicillium expansum and insights into its mechanism

Ovarian cancer: identifying and managing familial and genetic risk

Ovarian cancer: identifying and managing familial and genetic risk—summary of new NICE guidance

Energy efficiency optimisation of joint computational task offloading and resource allocation using particle swarm optimisation approach in vehicular edge networks

‘We’re not that gullible!’ Revealing dark pattern mental models of 11-12 year-old Scottish children

Effects of task structure and confirmation bias in alternative hypotheses evaluation

Student attitudes and preferences towards communications from their university – a meta-analysis of student communications research within UK higher education institutions

Generating data in an intelligent environment and systematically predicting user activity via bluetooth low energy beacons and machine learning

Gaining insight into user behaviour and systematically determing user location via Bluetooth low energy beacon optimisation

Towards engineering higher quality intelligent environments: a multi case study approach

M.R.James and Nigel Kneale

Way of the intercepting pun: language and the body in Stephen Chow's carnival of kung fu

The rise of the pro-Putin “Revival” party in Bulgaria

The Dynamic Strength Index: is it a useful tool to guide programming decisions?

Developing academic skills for nursing associates

Neurodivergence acceptance in midwifery education - Toolkit

The tomato variety affects the survival of Shigella flexneri 2a in fruit pericarp

Archaeological films as primary sources for Palestinian history

Gamification of E-Learning apps via acceptance requirements analysis

Dissecting the hype: a study of WallStreetBets’ sentiment and network correlation on financial markets

Collective resistance roundtable discussion

The association between countermovement rebound jump metrics and independent measures of athletic performance

Ways of learning and learning styles

Transitioning to higher education

Decolonising midwifery education: shaping the future of midwifery

Mendelian randomization analysis identifies inverse causal relationship between external eating and metabolic phenotypes

Women returning to work: what can we learn from mothers’ stories about 'keeping in touch days' during maternity leave? A narrative inquiry to aid the development of relevant psychotherapeutic approaches

Faith living understanding: towards a theatrical model for oral theologizing

An exploration of strategies to support non-specialist mathematics and statistics learners in higher education in Mauritius

Multiplicity in contemporary Naga society: a study on professional women in multiple lifeworlds

The duality of employee perspectives and organisational requirements: a diagnostic framework for the international HR leader

The shattering of motherhood: an interpretative phenomenological exploration of child-to-parent violence

Mothers’ lived experience of maternal separation: a phenomenological exploration

The message of the book of Nehemiah reconsidered: a postcolonial assessment of the portrait and work of Nehemiah

An investigation of talent identification processes in the youth academies of professional soccer clubs for male foundation phase players (5-11 years old)

A proposal for extending the Common Model of Cognition to emotion

Seasonal variations in performance and asymmetry data for jump and change of direction abilities in female soccer players

Paving the path: empowering women in STEM from university to industry

No poverty, zero hunger and human resource management

Assessing the effect of COVID-19 lockdown on perceived barriers and facilitators to physical activity among women in southeast England

Institutional distance and location choice: an experimental approach to the perception puzzle

Performance | Process | Politics

Exercise training mode effects on myokine expression in healthy adults: A systematic review with meta-analysis

Privacy and the city: how data shapes city identities

Estimating the influence of case characteristics: an application of Bayesian Model Averaging to sentencing shoplifting offences

Indonesian stakeholders' perspectives on warning signs and beliefs about suicide

A Delphi study to strengthen research-methods training in undergraduate psychology programs

Barriers to Industry 4.0 technology adoption in agricultural supply chains: a Fuzzy Delphi-ISM approach

An in-silico analysis of OGT gene association with diabetes mellitus

Brides and Madonnas against the Bomb: feminist activist art practices towards nuclear disarmament and more

The global biodiversity challenge

The right to freedom of thought in South Africa

Low-carbon good lives

Feminist conversations with Buber: dialogic encounters with ‘The Girls’ (stories of Jewish women in Brownsville, Brooklyn, 1940–1995)

Insurgent feminisms – women writing wars: mapping gendered trauma, un/learning generative utopias and the intersectional imperative

The return of drugs courts: some important considerations

Nursing associate students in practice during the Covid-19 pandemic

Curatorial dissonance and conflictual aesthetics: Holocaust memory and public humanities in Greek historiography

Introduction: Gender and work in twentieth-century Italy: new approaches

The right to know: equal pay, privacy and the impact on professional relationships

Fostering effective governance through intragovernmental networks: a case of a justice, crime prevention and security cluster network

Working the system—An empirical analysis of the relationship between systems thinking, paradoxical cognition, and sustainability practices

Averting depletion in a two-player common pool resource game: Being seen, the expectation of future encounters, and biophilia play a role in cooperation

Extractivism and the engendering of disasters: disaster risk creation in the era of the Anthropocene

The Nekra

Cognitive beamforming design for dual-function radar-communications

What does recovery mean to Jordanian mental health service users and their families? A descriptive qualitative study

Faithful Counterfactual Visual Explanations (FCVE)

Explainer: The UK’s ECHR record: how common are Rule 39 orders and how often is the UK found to have violated rights?

An experimental task to measure preschool children’s frustration induced by having to wait unexpectedly: The role of sensitivity to delay and culture

‘A gem in the water’: a contribution to contemporary Pentecostal theology on Baptism of the Holy Spirit from a study of Willis Hoover’s Chilean Methodist Pentecostalism

Development, validation and reliability of a questionnaire to evaluate coaches' and players' perceptions, learning, and resources regarding the ruck in rugby union

Digital mental health in schizophrenia and other severe mental illness: an international consensus on current challenges and potential solutions

The trials of urine specimen collection when diagnosing a urinary tract infection in the adult female population

Does technology distract Generation Z? The effect of technology distraction on consumers’ responses, sensory overload, and discomfort

Navigating ESG arbitrability challenges in energy and climate: an in-depth analysis and future perspectives

Etudes de concert – the journey continues

The invocation of the precautionary principle within the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism: not seizing the occasion

An introduction to blockchain-based dispute resolution: the emergence of new procedural designs

Gendered dynamics of international labour migration: migrant women working in Pakistan

Recruitment, retention, and training of citizen scientists in translational medicine research: a citizen science initiative on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Issues in sustainability reporting assurance: evidence from interviews

Taxonomy and software architecture for real-time context-aware collaborative smart environments

A novel bio-inspired bat node scheduling algorithm for dependable safety-critical wireless sensor network systems

Bulgaria’s Faustian bargain and the betrayal of the 2020 anti-corruption protests

Exploring perspectives and experiences of pressure ulcer prevention among healthcare support workers: a generic qualitative study

Regulation of online speech in the UK

Gendered dynamics of international labour migration in the Kurdistan region - Iraq

Justificative conformity in ontologically ring-fenced fields: problematizing the scholarly nomenclature in qualitative studies

How do physical attributes impact performance on the golf course?

Collecting and organizing the influencing factors of team communications to handle nuclear power plant emergencies

Characteristics and circumstances of rail suicides in England 2019-2021: a cluster analysis and autopsy study  

Unlikely qualities of writing qualitatively: porous stories of thresholds, in-betweeness and the everyday

Existing understanding of geographic profiling principles within UK policing

On Poisson approximation

Some feminist strands and their potential for the performativity of climate regulations: a review

'Dissensus’ and the emergence of activist leadership in the baby room of UK early childhood settings

Basel III compliance with securities financing transactions

Four speculative poems: 'Soulless', 'Simulant', 'Celestial Sound and Light Show', 'The Worm'

With a Biochecker, you'll never be ill again

Practices and perceptions of strength and conditioning training in female golf: A cross-sectional survey study of high-level amateur players

Who Cares: the aesthetic use of thermal imaging to explore the role of touch as a signifier of care, contamination, intimacy and trust

‘We are all working toward one goal. We want people to become well’: A visual exploration of what promotes successful collaboration between community mental health workers and healers in Ghana

Revisiting operations agility and formalizing digitalization in response to varying levels of uncertainty and customization

Validating and identifying KPIs in ATP/WTA hard court tennis match play (2019–2023) using the PWOL method

From “business as usual” to sustainable “purpose‐driven business”: Challenges facing the purpose ecosystem in the United Kingdom and Australia

Health-related quality of life of children and adolescents with sickle cell disease

Women's lives and temporalities of fertility treatment

Enhancing individual UAV path planning with Parallel Multi-Swarm Treatment Coronavirus Herd Immunity Optimizer (PMST-CHIO) algorithm

Standardization and adaptation as a coconstituted process: the pursuit of relational fit in international markets

Network risk parity: graph theory-based portfolio construction

Digital transformation: A multidisciplinary perspective and future research agenda

‘This thing that we do’: in pursuit of hope-full renewals through hydrofeminist scholarly praxis

OP v Commune d'Ans: another step in the wrong direction for headscarf wearing women

Associations and within-group differences in physical characteristics and golf performance data in high-level amateur players

Possibilities for decision science in the metaverse

Evaluating goal threat in football using player and ball locations

Question-order effects on judgements under uncertainty

Sammo Hung: the Kung Fu comic's sublime body

In/secure childhoods: Children and conflict in Kashmir

Eat the fruit earlier: Sakis (Pithecia chrysocephala) show enhanced temporal fruit resource access compared with squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) in an urban forest fragment in Brazil

Pied tamarins change their vocal behavior in response to noise levels in the largest city in the Amazon

Book Review: Mine Doğantan-Dack (Ed.), Rethinking the musical instrument

Do pied tamarins increase scent-marking in response to urban noise?

Responding to ‘wicked problems’: policy and governance on drug-related deaths in English and Welsh prisons, 2015-2021

How gender comes to matter: tracing matter, space, place, time and affect in early childhood research

Strategic fertility, education choices, and conflicts in deeply divided societies

Enthusiasm versus reality: A job analysis of Chinese sport scientists

The pedagogy of action learning facilitation – a critique of the role of the facilitator in an organisational leadership programme

Gender matters: respectful approaches to gender equity in primary school

Practices and perceptions of strength and conditioning in female golf: A survey study of touring professionals

Blockchain based mobile-patient medical records management system

A mobile/tablet app-based patient records management system using blockchain

Enhancing home security with pressure mat sensors: a multi-modal IoT approach

Recognition of differences in the capacity to deal with floods—A cross-country comparison of flood risk management

Associations between physical characteristics and golf clubhead speed: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Geo-political vampirism: how and why has Western literary scholarship appropriated and then re-mythologised the socio-historical origins of the vampire?

Four horror poems: 'Lords of the Nekra', 'Revenant', 'Implant', 'Overdue Barbecue'

Resistance training practices of Brazilian Olympic sprint and jump coaches: toward a deeper understanding of their choices and insights (part III)

A novel scheduling algorithm for improved performance of multi-objective safety-critical WSN using spatial self-organizing feature map

Before solidarity: the process politics of relationality, receptivity and attunement

Applying IB knowledge to IB researchers: the academic capability building and knowledge creation process

What is evidence-based practice in strength and conditioning?

Combatting conspiracies in the classroom: Teacher strategies and perceived outcomes

Genetics of performance and injury: considerations for the strength and conditioning coach

Seasonal variation and positional differences in anthropometry, strength, and power characteristics in English premiership women’s rugby union players

Effects of plyometric jump training on measures of physical fitness and lower-limb asymmetries in prepubertal male soccer players: a randomized controlled trial

The effectiveness of individual and group canine assisted interventions in improving mental health in higher education students

'Nobody left behind': barriers to engagement in early years digitally mediated leadership development

Food portion sizes: trends and drivers in an obesogenic environment

No longer a boy's club

Running event, age and competitive level as predictors of dual energy x-ray absorptiometry-derived body composition and bone health markers in female runners

Discrimination and daycare choice: evidence from a randomized survey

Active Energy: creating change through citizen engagement

Accuracy and reproducibility of a novel device for monitoring resistance training performed at self-selected movement velocity

Ground reaction forces, asymmetries and performance of change of direction tasks in youth elite female basketball players

Variations in strength-speed-power performance across the season: do true changes occur in elite rugby players?

Two speculative poems: 'Unwind' and 'Surface Tension'

Content moderator mental health, secondary trauma, and well-being: a cross-sectional study

Self-surveillance practices of factory women migrant workers receiving SRH interventions in Malaysia: The effects of salience, gendered subjectivity and universalism

Nest/ing: an emergent (un)methodology for becoming otherwise

Disaccharide compositional analysis of chondroitin sulphate using WAX HILIC-MS with pre-column procainamide labelling; application to the placenta in pre-eclampsia

The use of metaphors by service users with diverse long-term conditions: a secondary qualitative data analysis

Age differences in priming as a function of processing at encoding

Reappraising Peter Warlock's An Old Song

Lyuben Dikov, Filippo Vassalli, and Karl Llewellyn: three scholars who may hold a key to understanding some peculiar similarities between Bulgarian, Italian, and US Law

Topical application of L-Menthol – Physiological and genetic considerations to assist in developing female athlete research: A narrative review

Evidence based practice and social work: Developing critically engaged research minded practitioners through enhancing research methods teaching

FedREVAN: real-time detection of vulnerable Android source code through federated neural network with XAI

COVID-19 and mental health in the UK: depression, anxiety and insomnia and their associations with persistent physical symptoms and risk and vulnerability factors

Environmental delicts and post-communist private law in Bulgaria: time for reforms in view of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal?

Statistical tests for sports science practitioners: identifying performance gains in individual athletes

Opening up conversations: collaborative working across sociomaterial contexts in nursing in London

Promotional cultures

The augmented studio: Teaching and learning in digital space

Negotiated encoding and decoding of sensitive heritage

Strength training perceptions amongst vocational circus and dance students

Book review: Derron Wallace, The culture trap: ethnic expectations and unequal schooling for Black youth

How does assessment drive learning? A focus on students' development of evaluative judgement

Supporting digital key workers: Addressing the challenges faced by content moderators during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Defamation and the right to freedom of speech: the UK in comparative perspective

Associative memory with biologically-inspired cell assemblies

The role of character-based personal mitigation in sentencing judgments

Carbon media legitimacy in UK companies: actions or words?

Assessing asymmetries and predicting performance in semiprofessional soccer players

A rank-one optimization framework and its applications to transmit beamforming

Stemming the tide: Does climate risk affect M&A performance?

“I’ll show you differences”: Skills, creativity and meaning

The implementation and enforcement of international human rights law: Reflections on the drafting history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The right to life in armed conflict

Influence of maturation and determinants of repeated sprint ability in youth basketball players

The right to freedom of thought: an interdisciplinary analysis of the UN special rapporteur’s report on freedom of thought

Association between dynamic strength index derived from isometric squat and squat jump or countermovement jump and force-velocity profile

On conducting ethically-sound psychological science in the metaverse

Guaranteeing inclusive education under international human rights law: A proposal for the use of structural indicators addressing issues of equality, non-discrimination and wellbeing

Factors influencing burglary and home security measures in England and Wales

Effects of physical training and associations between physical performance characteristics and golf performance in female players: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Comparing the benefits of parent–infant flute and singing groups for communication and parenting: A feasibility study

Legal change and the role of the scholar: scratching beneath the surface of comparative taxonomies

“A place for learning that feels like home”: Meeting diverse students learning needs to promote business sustainability

Country-of-origin effect

When do interest groups lobby legislators in strong presidential systems?

Creating a difference – a role for the arts in addressing child wellbeing in conflict-affected areas

The separating variety for 2 x 2 matrix invariants

Minority versus majority: The choice of acquisition in Asia-Pacific countries

Investment arbitration and the rule of law: How transparency impacts on domestic accountability

Coming out in the workplace: a comparative study between Italy and England

Medical volunteers as accidental tourists: humanitarianism and the European refugee crisis

Music devised for the film Viva Voce by Keith Piper


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