Working with grammar as a tool for making meaning

Evaluation of long-term counselling at a community health service for women who are on a low income

Rogue seasonality in supply chains: an investigation and a measurement approach


An integrated model of firms' brand likeability: antecedents and consequences

The move to abolish mandatory retirement age: the case of the United Kingdom

Global population aging: unequal distribution of risks in later life between developed and developing countries

Transforming 'summary justice' through police-led prosecution and 'virtual courts': is 'procedural due process' being undermined?

What can higher education learn from the workplace?

Interactive feature space extension for multidimensional data projection

Genocide and hate crime

Knowledge exchange in networked organizations: does place matter?

MNEs and flexible working practices in Mauritius

People, liminal spaces and experience: Understanding recontextualisation of knowledge for newly qualified nurses

Situating ethics and values in social work practice

Compact composition operators with symbol a universal covering map

The effect of earned versus house money on price bubble formation in experimental asset markets


The contribution of education and learning for ethical practice: situating ethics and values within the social work continuum

The calibration of student judgement through self-assessment: disruptive effects of assessment patterns

Happiness and education: troubling students for their own contentment

Social enterprise – a new phenomenon in the field of economic and social welfare?

Overseeing oversight: governance of quality and safety by hospital boards in the English NHS

The Nile: its role in the fortunes and misfortunes of the Fatimid dynasty during its rule of Egypt (969-1171)

12 teachers’ use of writing in displays of young children’s artwork

Sharing the burden of adapting to increasing flood risk: who pays for flood insurance and flood risk management investment in the United Kingdom

Student satisfaction or happiness? : a preliminary rethink of what is important in the student experience

Image loss concealment using edge-guided interpolation and multi-scale transformation

Mobilizing memory: interview with Ayse Gül Altinay and Isin Önol

Letter to the editor: Concepts of informed choice

Transformation in the South African mining industry - looking beyond the employment equity scorecard

SMEs wealth creation model: A conceptual framework

An analysis of theological and strategic management perspectives of Moses as a leader

Network-lifetime maximization of wireless sensor networks

Cross-layer network lifetime maximization in interference-limited WSNs

‘Tied visas’ and inadequate labour protections: a formula for abuse and exploitation of migrant domestic workers in the United Kingdom


How big is this neoplasia? Live colonoscopic size measurement using the Infocus-Breakpoint

Estimation de l'échelle absolue par vision passive monofocale et application à la mesure 3D de néoplasies en imagerie coloscopique

Practical dry calibration with medium adaptation for fluid-immersed endoscopy

Can organisational theory and multi-agent systems influence next generation enterprise modelling?

Toward overcoming accidental complexity in organisational decision-making

A conceptual framework for enterprise agility

Using a projectional editor to implement interactive model navigation and view control

Game theoretical semantics for paraconsistent logics

Non-orthogonal multiple access for wireless downlink in cloud radio access networks

A comparative analysis of the genetic relationships between the pathogens of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, Marburg Virus, HIV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, and Hepatitis E

Dialogues in sound and movement: research-led teaching in contemporary choreography and sound composition

Association between early postoperatively elevated TLR-4 & TLR-5 gene expression and late nosocomial infection in elective high-risk hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery

Remarks by William Schabas

Mark Osteen, Nightmare Alley: Film Noir and the American Dream (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012, $34.95). Pp. 336. ISBN 978 1 4214 0780 7 [Book review]

Narrative perspective

Cisco: next generation connected lighting

Fabric of India - a lecture

An exploratory study about the impact of phishing attacks on online financial institutions in the UAE

Investigation of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) security and design of conceptual framework: using fingerprint biometric as proposed solution to username/password challenges in Web 2.0

Reaching the end of the unbeaten path? An analysis of Lonely Planet’s Digital Media ‘Requiem’

On wealth and the diversity of friendships: high social class people around the world have fewer international friends

Indian egg donors’ characteristics, motivations and feelings towards the recipient and resultant child

Expanding the networks of disadvantaged entrepreneurs

How to get the best out of your middle aged clients? Strategies for personal trainers

Surrender unto me: Punk Rock, Bhakti-rasa and the devotional aesthetic of Krishnacore

Personal carbon footprint reduction: ICT as a key enabler

Green cryptography: energy performance optimization of 3DES

Fight Back: Punk, Politics and Resistance, The Subcultures Network (ed.) (2014) 1st ed., Manchester: Manchester University Press, 320 pp., ISBN: 9780719090295, h/bk, £75.00 [Book review]

Incidence of bullying and victimisation among adolescents in New Zealand

Promoting equality for ethnic minority NHS staff-what works?

Developing a tool for mapping adult mental health care provision in Europe: the REMAST research protocol and its contribution to better integrated care

Taste function in early stage treated and untreated Parkinson’s disease

One good day [Shortlisted play script]

NNT pseudoexon activation as a novel mechanism for disease in two siblings with familial glucocorticoid deficiency

Access and non-probability sampling in qualitative research on trust

Handbook of research methods on trust

Member of the panel on stage at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in the conference 'Exposure 3' discussing the work of Richard Billingham and Melanie Manchot

Performance and Photography: Theatre of Photography

A study on attendance and academic achievement

Teaching statistics using dance and movement

Prediction intervals for electric load forecast: evaluation for different profiles

Signal (stream) synchronization with white noise sources, in biomedical applications

Mobility management in LTE/mobile femtocell networks: outage probability and drop/block calls probability

Identifying similar patients using self-organising maps: a case study on type-1 diabetes self-care survey responses

All about… multilingualism & critical thinking

Exploring the effects of a universal classroom management training programme on teacher and child behaviour: a group randomised controlled trial and cost analysis

#MDXPD Product Design 2015

Improving the communication of uncertainty in climate science and intelligence analysis

In or out? Barriers and facilitators to refugee-background young people accessing mental health services

Greek adaptation and validation of the Patient-Rated Tennis Elbow Evaluation (PRTEE)

Artist's Impression: Mangled Metal installed at Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck, June 2015

Exports and FDI in China

Entrepreneurship in cities: neighbourhoods, households and homes

Integrating entrepreneurship with urban and neighbourhood studies: lessons for future research

Connecting entrepreneurship with neighbourhoods and homes

Rape and sexual violence in the ICJ's judgment in Croatia v. Serbia

Unilateral total hip replacement patients with symptomatic leg length inequality have abnormal hip biomechanics during walking

Excusing sinners and blaming God - A Calvinist assessment of determinism, moral responsibility, and divine involvement in evil

EU law relating to online infringement of personality rights – is EU law effective in preventing forum shopping for the pursuit of actions arising from online infringement of personality rights?

Exotic England: the making of a curious nation

Running to keep up: a research journey

Evolving models of environmental health service delivery: a real-time experiment?

Developing an LGBTI inclusive environment for older people living in care homes: findings from a scheme using LGBTI community advisors in England, UK

T-helper cell polarisation following severe polytrauma

Post-operative immune suppression is reversible with interferon gamma and independent of IL-6 pathways

The role of micrornas in the development of hospital acquired infection in polytrauma patients

Making the 'here' and 'now': rethinking children's digital photography with Deleuzian concepts

Anxious attachment style predicts an enhanced cortisol response to group psychosocial stress

Looking back: how the founders considered science and progress in their relation to human rights / Un regard rétrospectif: comment les fondateurs envisageaient science et progrès dans leur relation aux droits de l’homme

Roger Clark: a personal tribute

The European convention on human rights: a commentary

Assessing the quality of life of children with sickle cell anaemia using self-, parent-proxy and healthcare professional-proxy reports

Longitudinal MRI assessment: the identification of relevant features in the development of posterior fossa syndrome in children

Windowed DMD as a microtexture descriptor for finger vein counter-spoofing in biometrics

Globally optimal 2D-3D registration from points or lines without correspondences

A generalisable framework for saliency-based line segment detection

A novel Markov logic rule induction strategy for characterizing sports video footage

Artificial co-drivers as a universal enabling technology for future intelligent vehicles and transportation systems

Asymmetric topologies on statistical manifolds

An energy-efficient resource allocation for optimal downlink coverage in heterogeneous wireless cellular networks

On the design of reliable hybrid wired-wireless network-on-chip architectures

Cross-layer topology design for network coding based wireless multicasting

A short discussion about "Economic optimization design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers by a cuckoo-search-algorithm"

Bio-inspired exploring and recruiting tasks in a team of distributed robots over mined regions

Modified bat algorithm with quaternion representation

A heuristic optimization method inspired by wolf preying behavior

Sizing optimization of truss structures using flower pollination algorithm

Color image segmentation by cuckoo search

Modelling work domain knowledge with the combined use of abstraction hierarchy and living systems theory

Random-key cuckoo search for the travelling salesman problem

The implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights against the UK: unravelling the paradox

Phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-trisphosphate stimulates Ca2+ elevation and Akt phosphorylation to constitute a major mechanism of thromboxane A2 formation in human platelets

Solution-processed anthracene-based molecular glasses as stable blue-light-emission laser gain media

Changes in gene expression following trauma are related to the age of transfused packed red blood cells

The perioperative immune response

Critical illness-induced bone loss is related to deficient autophagy and histone hypomethylation

Epigenetic regulatory pathways involving microRNAs may modulate the host immune response following major trauma

A robust transmission strategy for multi-cell interference networks

BaProbSDN: A probabilistic-based QoS routing mechanism for software defined networks

Towards a ‘long view’: historical perspectives on the scaling and replication of social ventures

A group decision making model for partially ordered preference under uncertainty

Sum-rate analysis of cell edge users under cooperative NOMA

Exploring energy consumption issues for multimedia streaming in LTE HetNet small cells

On the coverage and power allocation for downlink in heterogeneous wireless cellular networks

Power allocation for HARQ-IR systems under QoS constraints and limited feedback

Non-invasive and non-destructive measurements of confluence in cultured adherent cell lines

Identifying novel hypoxia-associated markers of chemoresistance in ovarian cancer

Longitudinal photo-documentation: recording living walls

Just in Time: Rosemary Butcher, making memories and marks

Stakeholder influences on drug and alcohol policy processes

The 'R' word: racism

Job satisfaction and socio-demographic nexus: an examination of Business Link employees in England

An exploration of intra-cultural competence in Christian counselling: an action research study

Developments in whistleblowing research 2015

ChArt conference post conference web piece

The shifting roles of medical stakeholders in opioid substitution treatment: a comparison between Denmark and the UK

Breast cancer data analytics with missing values: a study on ethnic, age and income groups

Swimming against the tide: women's experience of choosing a homebirth in Switzerland

Authentic recipes from around the world

Diversity and inclusion depend on effective engagementIt is everyone’s business to ensure that progress is maintained

Gendered rights in the post-2015 development and disasters agendas

Teaching and learning about child rights: a study of implementation in 26 countries

The development and testing of a system for wheelchair stability measurement

The world trade network and the environment

Structural characterization and transdermal delivery studies on sugar microneedles: experimental and finite element modelling analyses

Inducing targeted brain states utilizing merged reality systems

Disconnected and unplugged: experiences of technology induced anxieties and tensions while traveling

A comparison between Asian and Australasia backpackers using cultural consensus analysis

The social affordances of flashpacking: exploring the mobility nexus of travel and communication

Lambeth floating marsh

The unrepresentative house: the inconvenient truth about members of parliament

Raising the bar: legislating to achieve diversity in the professions is only half of the story

Ethics and spirituality in the workplace: the growing role of the business case in reforms

Business process models for visually navigating process execution data

Strategy method (and payment cards)

U-sphere: strengthening scalable flat-name routing for decentralized networks

Les 'nouveaux crimes' de la turquie

Disaster management communication networks: challenges and architecture design

From Indymedia to Anonymous: rethinking action and identity in digital cultures

An expert review of REVERIE and its potential for game-based learning

The Barry Gray archive

Packet arrival analysis in wireless sensor networks

A framework for energy based performability models for wireless sensor networks

HiReD: a high-resolution multi-window visualisation environment for cluster-driven displays

Double-threshold based cooperative spectrum sensing over imperfect channels

A biologically inspired network design model

The Festival and Event Experience

Effects of two retraining strategies on nursing students' acquisition and retention of BLS/AED skills: a cluster randomised trial

Preventing the development of observationally learnt fears in children by devaluing the model's negative response

Serious and organised crime toolkit - evaluation report

eABLE: embedding social media in academic curriculum as a learning and assessment strategy to enhance students learning and e-professionalism

Using simulation to address intrinsic complexity in multi-modelling of enterprises for decision making

Collaborative performance-making in context

Productive misapprehensions: Artscross as a cross-cultural collaborative zone of contestation of contemporary dance practice

Collaboration in performance practice: Premises, workings and failures

Clinical usefulness of SPECT–CT in patients with an unexplained pain in metal on metal (MOM) total hip arthroplasty

The application of mHealth to mental health: opportunities and challenges

Osseointegration of acellular and cellularized osteoconductive scaffolds: is tissue engineering using mesenchymal stem cells necessary for implant fixation?

Mesenchymal stem cells with increased stromal cell-derived factor 1 expression enhanced fracture healing

On the interference tolerance of the primary system in cognitive radio networks

On the energy-delay tradeoff and relay positioning of wireless butterfly networks

Enhancing physical layer security of cognitive radio transceiver via chaotic OFDM

Effects of concurrent activation potentiation on countermovement jump performance

Invalid Geometry - written work on 3d printmaking

What a girl’s gotta do: the labour of the biopolitical celebrity in austerity Britain

The impact of work-based research projects at postgraduate level

Educational knowledge in professional practice: a transdisciplinary approach

Instructions on reasonable doubt: defining the standard of proof and the juror's task

Standards and best practices in digital and multimedia forensics

Impact of allowance submissions in European carbon emission markets

On the impact of video content type on the mobile device energy consumption

ECO-M: energy-efficient cluster-oriented multimedia delivery in a LTE D2D environment

Independent effects of bottom-up temporal expectancy and top-down spatial attention. An audiovisual study using rhythmic cueing

Consideration of the bioavailability of metal/metalloid species in freshwaters: experiences regarding the implementation of biotic ligand model-based approaches in risk assessment frameworks

How do employees perceive the impact of health and safety policies on logistics delivery performance? A case study of a cement manufacturer based in Malaysia

Opening access to administrative data for evaluating public services: The case of the Justice Data Lab

Analytic provenance for sensemaking: a research agenda

Engineers' professional learning: a practice-theory perspective

Openness and isolation: the trade performance of the former Soviet Central Asian countries

“Let the dance floor feel your leather”: set design, dance, and the articulation of audiences in RKO Radio’s Astaire-Rogers series

Hospital board oversight of quality and safety: a stakeholder analysis exploring the role of trust and intelligence

eFRIEND: an ethical framework for intelligent environments development

Determination of urinary cortisol, cortisone and 6-sulfatoxymelatonin using dilute and shoot ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Optimum design of frame structures using the eagle strategy with differential evolution

Analysis of randomisation methods in swarm intelligence

Fighting over the last drop? a critique of the "water wars" thesis

Are firm growth paths random? A further response regarding Gambler's Ruin Theory

Abnormal secretion of melatonin and cortisol in relation to sleep disturbances in children with Williams syndrome

Misogyny: Witches and Wicked Bodies

The application of KAZE features to the classification echocardiogram videos

The role of parliaments following judgments of the European Court of Human Rights

Detection of face spoofing using visual dynamics

Greater priming for previously distracting information in young than older adults when suppression is ruled out

Scratching the surface: Practice, personality, approaches to learning and the acquisition of high level representational drawing ability

Human-computer interaction and international public policymaking: a framework for understanding and taking future actions. SIGCHI report: April 2015

Low complexity sub-block perceptual distortion assessment for mode decision and rate-control

Data analysis for strength and conditioning coaches: using Excel to analyze reliability, differences, and relationships

Discourses of knowledge across global networks: what can be learnt about knowledge leadership from the ATLAS collaboration?

Values of souvenirs as commodities

Carboplatin and taxol resistance develops more rapidly in functional BRCA1 compared to dysfunctional BRCA1 ovarian cancer cells

NHS guardians won’t help whistleblowers unless they’re protected from bullying too

Sorption behaviours and transport potentials for selected pharmaceuticals and triclosan in two sterilised soils

Expectations and experiences of gamete donors and donor-conceived adults searching for genetics relatives using DNA linking through a voluntary register

On the perspective transformation for efficient relay placement in wireless multicast networks

On the role of value sensitive concerns in software engineering practice

An approach to early evaluation of informational privacy requirements

A formal analysis of authentication protocols for mobile devices in next generation networks

An integrated authentication and authorization approach for the network of information architecture

Challenges and solutions for secure information centric networks: a case study of the NetInf architecture

The moderating influences on the relationship of corporate reputation with its antecedents and consequences: a meta-analytic review

Proof over promise: towards a more inclusive ranking of Dutch academics in Economics & Business

Pressure changes under the ischial tuberosities during gluteal neuromuscular stimulation in spinal cord injury: a comparison of sacral nerve root stimulation with surface functional electrical stimulation

A 'reality of return': the case of the Sarawakian-Chinese visiting China

The relationship between consumer ethnocentrism, cosmopolitanism and product country image among younger generation consumers: the moderating role of country development status

Modelling of chromatic contrast for retrieval of wallpaper images

CSR and related terms in SME owner-managers' mental models in six European countries: national context matters

Gendered perspectives on integration discourses and measures

Life, architecture, mathematics, and the fourth dimension

Counterfeit purchase typologies during an economic crisis

Cultural mapping and planning for sustainable communities

Feedback: ensuring it leads to enhanced learning

'Doing the writing' and 'working in parallel': How 'distal nursing' affects delegation and supervision in the emerging role of the newly qualified nurse

Planning the sports training sessions with the bat algorithm

Concerto for Violin & Orchestra - Dances, Elegies & Epitaphs

Intuitive learnability of touch gestures for technology-naïve older adults

Ethics and the crimes of the powerful

Contracting within the business coaching relationship - a guide and a cautionary tale!

Using narratives in assessments of older people

The city awakens to the challenge of mental health

Love: a guide for amateurs

Lang-Lit from A to BA: student backgrounds and first year content

"What do you want me to tell?" The inferential texture of Alice Munro's 'Postcard'

eWU-TV: user-centric energy-efficient digital TV broadcast over Wi-Fi networks

The ‘integrative approach’ and labour regulation and Indonesia: prospects and challenges

Knowledge spillovers, absorptive capacity and growth: an industry-level analysis for OECD countries

Posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic stress disorder after termination of pregnancy and reproductive loss: a systematic review

Following Francis: to build a safe NHS we must go from targets to teams

Employment law: the essentials (2015)

Editorial: employee responses to changing work practices

Preventing domestic violence and abuse: common themes and lessons learned from West Midlands' DHRs

Creative compliance, constructive compliance: corporate environmental crime and the criminal entrepreneur

The making of a glass slipper: exploring patterns of inclusion and exclusion in a feminized profession

New heroines of labour: domesticating post-feminism and neoliberal capitalism in Russia

Executive remuneration consultancy in the UK: exploring a professional project through the lens of institutional work

Freud and Jung: the creation of the psychoanalytic universe

Freud and Jung: the creation of the psychoanalytic universe

The experience of post-qualifying healthcare students of University-based continuing professional development

Financial development, real sector, and economic growth

Working in the UK without a default retirement age: health, safety and the oldest workers

Gender and preferences at a young age: evidence from Armenia

Some non-classical approaches to the Brandenburger–Keisler paradox

A ‘narrow world, strewn with prohibitions’: Chang Cheh’s The Assassin and the 1967 Hong Kong riots

Effect of postactivation potentiation on fifty-meter freestyle in national swimmers

Dilemmas in continuing professional learning: Learning inscribed in frameworks or elicited from practice?

Why and how does shared language affect subsidiary knowledge inflows? A social identity perspective

The sacralization of straightedge punk: Bhakti-yoga, Nada Brahma and the divine received: Embodiment of Krishnacore

Top leaders’ experiences of learning

The use of social networking sites in eLearning

Decision making and underperformance in competitive environments: evidence from the National Hockey League

Reproducibility in forecasting research

The end of the “safe space” for unions? A response to Simon Joyce

Producing the 'problem of drugs': a cross national-comparison of ‘recovery' discourse in two Australian and British reports

Reclaiming the commons: a discourse for new politics. How grassroots activists are shaping the future

An autoethnographic study into mindfulness meditation and the impact on psychotherapy training

Patients’ satisfaction received from nursing staff in the Home Care Programme run by the Ministry of Health in Cyprus

Friendship-making: exploring network formations through the narratives of Irish highly qualified migrants in Britain

The distance between us : a comparative examination of the technical, spatial and temporal dimensions of the transnational social relationships of highly skilled migrants

Migrant capital: networks, identities and strategies

Shareholder value creation in Japanese banking

Arbitrage opportunities and feedback trading in emissions and energy markets

Orientation training and job satisfaction: a sector and gender analysis

'What works' in reducing sexual harassment and sexual offences on public transport nationally and internationally: a rapid evidence assessment

Early intervention screening involves more than “simple” screening

Factors perceived to influence exercise adherence in women with breast cancer participating in an exercise programme during adjuvant chemotherapy: a focus group study

Exercise: a path to wellness during adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer?

Supporting staff to respond effectively to informal complaints: findings from an action research study

Gatekeeping access to the midwifery unit: managing complaints by bending the rules

A needs analysis and testing battery for field hockey

The rationales of resilience in English and Dutch flood risk policies

Do electrical stimulation enhance pressure ulcer healing in people living with spinal cord injuries: a meta-analysis and systematic review of randomised and non-randomised controlled trials

National and international labour relations in oil and gas trans national corporations in Kazakhstan

Carriers beware! – Circumstances in which navigation addresses conflicting liability regimes

MicroRNA target prediction based upon metastable RNA secondary structures

A framework for model transformation verification

XPL: a language for modular homogeneous language embedding

Exploring the constraint profile of winter sports resort tourist segments

Writing rubbish about Naples: urban trash and the post-political condition

Postcolonial citizenships and the ‘refugeeization’ of the workforce: migrant agricultural labor in the Italian Mezzogiorno

Braccianti stranieri e retorica umanitaria

Mothers apart: working with birth mothers who have had children successively and permanently removed from their care

Linking lack of care in childhood to anxiety disorders in emerging adulthood: the role of attachment styles

Communication and engagement techniques in local flood risk management. Companion guide

Communication and engagement in local flood risk management

Integrating the strengths of cognitive emotion models with traditional HCI analysis tools

Facilitating support groups for siblings of children with neurodevelopmental disorders using audioconferencing: a longitudinal feasibility study

Library of Coastal Vulnerability Indicators

Library of Coastal Vulnerability Indicators guidance document

A probabilistic analysis framework for malicious insider threats

Confinement for active objects

Migrating motherhood and gendering exile: Eastern European women narrate migrancy and homing

Narrating the city: histories, space and the everyday

Dismantling diasporas: rethinking the geographies of diasporic identity, connection and development

Counter-diaspora: the Greek second generation returns "home"

'Racism', intersectionality and migration studies: framing some theoretical reflections

Term-generic logic

On malfunctioning software

An exploratory study to identify risk factors for the development of capecitabine-induced palmar plantar erythrodysesthesia (PPE)

Supporting communication in information centric networks using the location/ID split protocol and time released caching

Introducing a hybrid infrastructure and information-centric approach for secure cloud computing

Emotional and psychosocial risk associated with fertility treatment

A systematic review of changes in women’s physical activity before and during pregnancy and the postnatal period

Will ToR achieve its goals in the "future internet"? : an empirical study of using ToR with cloud computing

The development of specialist support services for young people who have offended and who have also been victims of crime, abuse and/or violence: final report

Evaluation of colour appearances displaying on smartphones

Witnessing (co)datatypes

Experiences of combining work and infertility treatment

The characterization of armed conflict in the jurisprudence of the ICC

Artificial co-drivers as a universal enabling technology for future intelligent vehicles and transportation systems

A comparison of simple agents implemented in simulated neurons

Religion or belief in the workplace and service delivery: findings from a call for evidence

The protection of religious minorities in Europe: strengths and weaknesses

Developing navigational services for people with Down's Syndrome

Understanding the experience of parents of pre-pubescent children with gender identity issues

Asymmetric intergroup bullying: the enactment and maintenance of societal inequality at work

Architectures of control and points of resistance: surveillance culture and digital documentaries

Information asymmetry and deception

Regulating the employment dynamics of domestic supply chains

Book Review [Heroin and music in New York City by Barry Spunt]

Protecting workers through supply chains: lessons from two construction case studies

Secularism and identity: non-Islamiosity in the Iranian diaspora

Personalised learning materials based on dyslexia types: ontological approach

DAEL framework: a new adaptive e-learning framework for students with dyslexia

Changing prisons in challenging times- reporting from a roundtable seminar

Business and human rights [lecture, London, UK]

Survey of NHS staff, employers, regulators and trade unions. The Independent Review into creating an open and honest reporting culture in the NHS

Migrant organisations: embodied community capital?

Power and crime

Defending nature: the evolution of the international legal restriction of military ecocide

International security studies: theory and practice

Binary flower pollination algorithm and its application to feature selection

Discrete Cuckoo search applied to job shop scheduling problem

Swarm intelligence and evolutionary computation: overview and analysis

Recent advances in swarm intelligence and evolutionary computation

Adaptation and hybridization in nature-inspired algorithms

Solutions of non-smooth economic dispatch problems by swarm intelligence

A short discussion about economic optimization design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers by a cuckoo-search-algorithm

Bio-inspired computation in telecommunications

The right-to-manage default rule

War and the death of Achilles

Balzac and the crime of the powerful

Drinking outcome expectancies and normative perceptions of students engaged in university sport in England

Tibialis anterior moment arm: effects of measurement errors and assumptions

The madness of women: myth and experience [Book Review]

Policy to practice: a critical analysis of the ‘valuing people’ strategy

New Testament quotation at the reader-author intersection: evoking story for transformation

Engaging consumers on new integrated multichannel retail settings: challenges for retailers

Interlingual translation and the transfer of value-infused practices: an in-depth qualitative exploration

Towards a queer politics and ethics within organization studies

Sexual minorities in the workplace

Validating the power of mitochondrial metagenomics for community ecology and phylogenetics of complex assemblages

Interplay of robustness and plasticity of life-history traits drives ecotypic differentiation in thermally distinct habitats

Phylogenetic community ecology of soil biodiversity using mitochondrial metagenomics

Summary of my innovation and contributions to research on cultural productivity, contemporary literature and art, and strategic planning of culture construction

The grammar of justification: the doctrines of Peter Martyr Vermigli and John Henry Newman and their ecumenical implications

Transportation, cooperation, and harmonization: GATS as a gateway to integrating the UN’s Seaborne Cargo Regimes into the WTO

Foundational extensible corecursion: a proof assistant perspective

Performance as a gesture of resistance in Laila Soliman’s No Time for Art

Here… there… and the question of belonging

Here, there, and the question of belonging in a time of revolution

Gestures of resistance between the street and the theatre: documentary theatre in Egypt and Laila Soliman’s No Time For Art

My City, My Revolution

Institutions, history and wage bargaining outcomes: international evidence from the post-World War Two era

Contribución de las prácticas de producción de cultivos y las condiciones climáticas a la seguridad microbiológica de los tomates y pimientos

Effect of the irrigation regime on the susceptibility of pepper and tomato to post-harvest proliferation of Salmonella enterica

Accrual-based and real earnings management and political connections

Technological breadth and depth of knowledge in innovation: the role of mergers and acquisitions in biotech

Cross-cultural management and language studies within international business research: past and present paradigms and suggestions for future research

The transformation of work and industrial relations in the post-Soviet bloc: 25 years on from 1989

On the application of frequency selective common mode feedback for multifrequency EIT

Changing family structures, living arrangements and care support for the elderly in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries: some policy implications

Reflective teaching in higher education

An adult social care compendium of approaches and tools for organisational change

Financial crime after the crisis in the UK

How military intelligence personnel collaborate on a sense-making exercise

Distributed sensemaking: a case study of military analysis

How analysts think: inference making strategies

Exploring the challenges of implementing guidelines for the design of visual analytics systems

Women with gestational diabetes and co-morbid depression: an exploratory study

Reducing nurse medicine administration errors

Student midwives’ knowledge of perinatal mental health

Political risk and foreign direct investment in Africa: the case of the Nigerian telecommunications industry

Extreme restorative justice

Quasirational models of sentencing

Self-efficacy as a construct for understanding teachers and students' engagement with Web 2.0 technologies

COST Action ES1403: new and emerging challenges and opportunities in wastewater REUSe (NEREUS)

Soup to tree: the phylogeny of beetles inferred by mitochondrial metagenomics of a Bornean rainforest sample

Managerial risk incentives and investment related agency costs


Is it really just the cuts? Neo-liberal tales from the women’s voluntary and community sector in London

‘Gotta go visit family’: reconsidering the relationship between tourism and transnationalism

Focus group research

URAN: utility-based reputation-oriented access network selection strategy for HetNets

Occupational closure in nursing work reconsidered: UK health care support workers and assistant practitioners: a focus group study

E2DOAS: user experience meets energy saving for multi-device adaptive video delivery

Body in mind

Functional income distribution in European transition countries

How does working on university-industry collaborative projects affect science and engineering doctorates' careers? Evidence from a UK research-based university

A new vision of evaluating gene expression signatures

Ressources Humanines sans Frontieries 'Behind the bar code' & 'Charlie'

Satyrykon 2015 - Legnica, Poland

22nd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the Arts - Museum House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

21st International Cartoon Competition on the topic of beer - The Golden Keg 2015 - Honorable mention

Three tales of a city: stakeholders' images of Eilat as a tourist destination

The prison population and drug use

Invalid geometry - video interview with Stephen Mumberson about 3d printmaking research at the Grove CAD Area

Royal society of Painter-Printmakers Open show Bankside London

Hard-to-get-at data from difficult-to-access users

An approximate theory for value sensitivity

Towards cyber-physical systems as services: the ASIP protocol

Racial disparities, judge characteristics, and standards of review in sentencing: comment

An evaluation of the link between subjects studied in hospitality courses in Cyprus and career success: Perceptions of industry professionals

Accessibility and user needs: pedestrian mobility and urban design in the UK

Thinking Lampedusa: border construction, the spectacle of bare life and the productivity of migrants

Exposure 2. An event and symposium at the Photographers’ Gallery

An exploration in visibility: some experiences of Indian women accountants

A consistent foundation for Isabelle/HOL

Surface water sewer misconnections in England and Wales: pollution sources and impacts

Transdisciplinarity as epistemology, ontology or principles of practical judgement

If time doesn't exist, why are we learning about the past?

Introduction: Paris-Londres

Relative values: London and Paris as cross channel cousins


A short book about art

Case study: engaging older people in creative thinking: the Active Energy project

Upholding the rule of law in the EU : on the Commission's 'pre-article 7 procedure' as a timid step in the right direction

France’s burning issue: understanding the urban riots of November 2005

Renforcer le respect de l’Etat de droit dans l’UE: Regards critiques sur les nouveaux mécanismes proposes par la Commission et le Conseil = Upholding the rule of law in the EU: on the Commission's 'pre-article 7 procedure' as a timid step in the right direction

Transdisciplinary professional learning and practice

Collaboration, democracy and the total artwork

Resilience and values: antecedents for effective co-design of information systems

A unified system identification approach for a class of pneumatically-driven soft actuators

Skins and sleeves for soft robotics: inspiration from nature and architecture

Towards connecting people, locations and real-world events in a cellular network [conference item]

Enhancing throughput of cognitive radio system with multiple power levels for primary users

A novel chaos based cost function for power control of cognitive radio networks

Six Women / Art Vapours

Identifying robust response options to manage environmental change using an Ecosystem Approach: A stress-testing case study for the UK

What's it like being you? Growing old(er) with Autism Spectrum Conditions – a scoping study

Improving VANET performance with heuristic and adaptive fuzzy logic scheme

Duty cycle control with joint optimisation of delay and energy efficiency for capillary machine-to-machine networks in 5G communication system

Design and implementation of parallel video combiner architecture for multi-user video conferencing at ultra-high definition resolution

Brainnsneezing cartoon exhibition Presov Slovakia

Blue lace: part of Draw II

‘Contractual’ and ‘cooperative’ civic engagement: the emergence and roles of ‘flood action groups’ in England and Wales

The distributional consequences of future flood risk management in England and Wales

Libertad de expresión, viñetas y blasfemia en Francia

Forlane for piano solo (part of ‘Le Tombeau de Rachmaninov’)

Concerto for Violin & Orchestra

Ethics, values and social work practice

Social capital and job satisfaction: the case of Europe in times of economic crisis

Through the window: Wing Chun as woman warrior

SPSL – A to Y (Revisited)

Art vapours: ways of seeing, hearing and speaking again

Introduction: understanding ‘migrant capital'

Improvisation practices and dramaturgical consciousness: a workshop

Some fleshy thinking: improvisation, experience, perception

Muscle atrophy and metal-on-metal hip implants

Flood risk assessments at different spatial scales

Adaptive flood risk management planning based on a comprehensive flood risk conceptualisation

Explaining differences in flood management approaches in Europe and in the USA – a comparative analysis

A realistic assessment of fluvial and coastal flood risk in England and Wales

The ebb and flow of power: British flood risk management and the politics of scale

Can digital technology be used to improve reflection in order to develop students’ critical thinking?

An evaluation of how critical thinking skills are embedded into the teaching and assessment of a BA Early Childhood Studies programme

Reflections of early childhood studies students on their critical thinking skills

"Flights of impractical fancy": Oriental spaces at sea: from the Titanic to the Empress of Britain

'Drift' Two Person Exhibition of Drawings with Evelyn Buchanan. Part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

'Blue Plate' Coastal Currents Arts Festival

'The journey to Rye on the train' The Crypt Gallery and Arts in Healthcare NHS East Sussex

Exploring traffic and QoS management mechanisms to support mobile cloud computing using service localisation in heterogeneous environments

A snapshot review of culturally competent compassion as addressed in selected mental health textbooks for undergraduate nursing students

HAVE A BREAK and the changing demands of trademark registration

The IWW in Turin: militant history and the crisis of high capitalism in 1970s Italy

American peonage: connections, categories, scales, 1935-1952

Art of play: contemporary art and play processes

Iranian immigrants in Great Britain

Collaborative creativity to enhance wellbeing in early years settings

Parent-child closeness in art-making with digital and non-digital technologies

Exploring and extending practitioner responses to young children’s art-making

Collaborative creativity in digital text-making: challenging notions of personal ownership

Schematic or subversive? Ready-made imagery in children’s digital art-making

Making the ‘here’ and ‘now’: rethinking children’s digital photography with Deleuzian concepts

Early years: young children deserve the best possible start in life

Child-initiated pedagogies in Finland, Estonia and England: exploring young children’s views on decisions [article]

The ‘aesthetics of pedestrianism’ and the politics of belonging in contemporary women’s art

Tripartism in comparative and historical perspective

Teaching for transformation, diversity and equality in the teacher education system in England

Plurilingual communication in healthcare: interlinguistic and intercultural mediation

Third Text, Volume 29, 2015 - Issue 4-5: Trans-figurations: Transnational Perspectives on Domestic Spaces

Il ruolo del mediatore nei servizi di cura dedicati alla salute delle donne, tra traduzione ed educazione del paziente

A decision support framework for proactive maintenance of water and wastewater systems

A case study of Alibaba: “Control your destiny or someone else will”

The special adviser on the prevention of genocide and his inscrutable mandate

Victors’ justice or pursuit of justice

Psychosocial and relationship based practice

Secrets of the open sea

Moving in time: making marks and memories an exhibition from Rosemary Butcher’s archive

Dancing the everyday: some very ordinary and private experiences

Mary Wigman the witch

Making marks and memories – the body in recorded time

Youth ministry – social, spiritual and institutional agendas

Innovation in youth work: thinking in practice

Graded shuttle run performance by playing positions in elite female basketball

University higher apprenticeships

Developing a transdisciplinary work-based learning curriculum: a model for recognising learning from work

Examining evidence for behavioural mimicry of parental eating by adolescent females. An observational study

Entrepreneurial learning: gender differences

Business and human rights [book section]

Strategic behaviour in Schelling dynamics: theory and experimental evidence

Pairwise-similarity-based instance reduction for efficient instance selection in multiple-instance learning

Formalization of quantum protocols using Coq

From complexity to algebra and back: digraph classes, collapsibility and the PGP

Constraint satisfaction problems over the integers with successor

Can child injury prevention include healthy risk promotion?

On the axiomatizability of impossible futures

Continuous-time orbit problems are decidable in polynomial-time

Software theory change for resilient near-complete specifications

A framework for trustworthiness assessment based on fidelity in cyber and physical domains

Measuring life events and their association with clinical disorder: a protocol for development of an online approach

The new Klein Lacan dialogues

Tourism entrepreneurship and social capital

Exploring older women's confidence during route planning

The interaction of music and language in the ontogenesis of human communication: a multimodal parent-infant co-regulation system.

Symbol timing offset mitigation in OFDMA-based CoMP utilizing position aware transmission

Salmonella enterica biofilm-mediated dispersal by nitric oxide donors in association with cellulose nanocrystal hydrogels

Context-dependent cheating: experimental evidence from 16 countries

Alessandro Stanziani, Bondage. Labor and rights in Eurasia from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries

A qualitatively driven approach to multimethod and mixed methods research

Evolving mixed and multi method approaches for psychology

“And it was all my choice but it didn’t feel like a choice”: a re-examination of interpretation of data using a ‘rhetoric of choice’ lens

“A life free from care” – the hermit and the analyst

Playing with words and pictures: using post-modernist picture books as a resource with teenage and adult language learners

Fashion on television: identity and celebrity culture [Book Review]

A wide-spectrum approach to modelling and analysis of organisation for machine-assisted decision-making

Social preferences and cognitive reflection: evidence from a dictator game experiment

Corporate criminal liability under international law: the new TV S.A.L. and Akhbar Beirut S.A.L. cases at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Links between reflective practice, ethics and values

Researching pedagogy in a contested space

Two launch pads

‘Nothing about us without us’: collaborations between disabled and non-disabled practitioners

An experimental study of gender differences in distributive justice

Gift membership in heritage and arts organisations: a research agenda

Membership friends and engaging people

Solo women - a new agenda for ageing?

Realist consequence, epistemic inference, computational correctness

Do higher education institutes communicate trust well?

Attack tree generation by policy invalidation

Improvisation: a legitimate strategy in the face of adversity

Love triangles: the hidden mechanisms of the independent group

Individuals and groups of individuals breaking laws

The deaths of semiology and mythoclasm: Barthes and media studies

Winning and losing the ‘battle for number 10’: a linguistic analysis of the Paxman vs Cameron/Miliband election interviews

Child-father creative text-making at home with crayons, iPad, collage & PC

Does neurocognitive training have the potential to improve dietary self-care in type 2 diabetes? Study protocol of a double blind randomised controlled trial

Smart feedback and the challenges of virtualisation

Addressing key issues in the consanguinity-related risk of autosomal recessive disorders in consanguineous communities: lessons from a qualitative study of British Pakistanis

Does co-authorship lead to higher academic productivity?



Communicating wisdom: An Arts and Humanities-based study of fishing in youth work

The destiny of metaphysics in Russia: an investigation of being and communicative behavior



The concept of Work Based Learning at Middlesex University

Delivering higher level and degree apprenticeships: opportunities and challenges - Middlesex University case study workshop

New degree apprenticeships and the implications for credit

Composition operators induced by universal covering maps

Narratives of women artists in/out of Vorticism

Political economy of life: Negt and Kluge's history and obstinacy

Art Strike panel at the Radical Philosophy conference, HKW, Berlin, Jan 2015

Exploring the visual ingredients of a multi-cultural Malaysia

CHArt 2015 Conference, Kings, London and Impact 9, Hangzhou, China-showing video on 3d printmaking 'Invalid Geometry'

The role of regulatory credibility in effective bank regulation

Advances on biological rhythmic pattern generation: Experiments, algorithms and applications

‘Who’s left holding the baby?’ Exploring couples’ decision-making to have a biological baby following a woman’s diagnosis of Marfan syndrome

The lived experience of therapeutic work in the midst of grief: an existential phenomenological study

Is time of the essence? Experiential accounts from clients of time-limited existential therapy at an HIV counselling service

Looking on the bright side in therapy: clients’ and therapist’s understanding of the use of positive psychology principles to address emotional eating

The rules of procedure of the EU Courts - where arid rhymes with fertile

The 5th Red Man International Humour Art Biennial, Beijing, China

Metagenome skimming of insect specimen pools: potential for comparative genomics

A three dimensional tourist typology

Speaking out against suffering: neoliberalism, masculinity and everyday silencing of suffering at work

The 'third thing': Rancière, process drama and experimental performance

Gestures of resistance between the street and the theatre: documentary theatre in Egypt and Laila Soliman’s No Time For Art

Plagiarism policy and people: exploring tensions

Methodologies and strategies for enhancing the undergraduate experience for BA/BSC product design students through collaborations with designer Moritz Waldemeyer

Re-engaging the rules governing title to territory

Sustainable development and social inclusion: why a changed approach is central to combating vulnerability [conference item]

Two proposals on the right to food

Autonomy in South Asia: evidence for the emergence of a regional custom

Referencing boundaries: why the world needs the World Court

The title to Dokdo/Takeshima: addressing the legacy of World War II territorial settlements/finding the right settlement of dispute mechanism

Reversing damage, demanding accountability and winning the future: towards a new compact on international law and indigenous rights

Transnational regulation of temporary agency work compromised partnership between private employment agencies and global union federations

Beyond access and skills: from Moodle evaluation to digital literacies in situated practices

The role of emotional labour, mentalization, empathy and mindfulness in practice education

Loves, louts and London

Been on the job too long

Illustrated envelope in "Pushing the envelope" exhibition

Navigability analysis of magnetic map with projecting pursuit-based selection method by using firefly algorithm

[Book Review:] Workers and labour in a globalised capitalism, edited by Maurizio Atzeni. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2013, 264 pp., ISBN: 9780230303171, £28.99, paperback

Secure information transmission and power transfer in cellular networks

Selecting cases at the international criminal tribunal for Rwanda

Jung and apophatic discourse

Evaluating an intelligent Q&A system for mobile cultural learning

Digital literacies in situated practices

Talk for panel debate: is service user and survivor research safe in the university?

The cinema cure: can expressions of madness in film be part of personal recovery?

Micro-enterprises: small enough to care?

Micro-provision of social care support for marginalized communities - filling the gap or building bridges to the mainstream?

Human rights and the criminal justice system

Non-orthogonal multiple access for wireless downlink in cloud radio access networks

The development of student learning and information literacy: a case study [conference item]

Time stands still

Economic drivers of biological complexity

A traveller's year [front cover artwork]

["Cartoon artefacts" in MIKS - The 1st international Cartoon Exhibition, Sisak, 2015]

Illustrated envelope in "Pushing the envelope" exhibition

Evaluating quantum neural network filtered motor imagery brain-computer interface using multiple classification techniques

Unheimlichkeit: alienated and integrated identities and criminal existence(s)

“Looking away”: private writing techniques as transformational text shaping

Collaborative planning - an effective project management tool

Culturally competent compassion

Assessing movement using a variety of screening tests

Justifying the crimes of the powerful

An exploration of the experiences of staff working in higher education in disclosing their sexual identity to colleagues. Barriers and benefits of being 'out at work' and how this affects their psychological wellbeing and mental health

Learning tools for intercultural education of healthcare practitioners in Europe

Teaching intercultural communication skills

Przywództwo i zarządżanie w pomocy społecznej (Leadership and Management in Social Care - Polish Translation edition)

Criticality in the mediation of fashion

Collaboration & dialogue in embedded academic writing and language interventions, or how Ac Lits changed my (academic) life

‘Knotworking’ and ‘not working’: a realist evaluation of a culture change intervention with a frontline clinical team in an acute hospital

Capital G for geometry: Masonic lore and the history of geometry

Assessing real world imagery in virtual environments for people with cognitive disabilities

Scaffolding development and the human condition

Consumer behaviour in voice based interactions

An exploratory model of MPR offence progression: the role of self-regulation and male peer support in duo rape offences

Teaching acupuncturists how to care

Tuina - indications, counter-indications and cautions

Cause, effect, and solution? The uneasy relationship between older age bias and age discrimination law

Dyslexia adaptive e-learning system based on multi-layer architecture

Antifungal activity against Candida albicans of starch Pickering emulsion with thymol or amphotericin B in suspension and calcium alginate films

Divine violence and the Christus Victor atonement model

Message forwarding techniques in Bluetooth enabled opportunistic communication environment

A way of life: considering and curating the Sainsbury African Galleries

Acupuncture for treatment of alcohol dependence - establishment of collaboration with St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust and Community Drug Service South London

Enhancing the wellbeing and prospects of children and their families through training: from practice (doing) to theory (thinking) and back again. The development of a professional qualifications department in a service delivery organisation

Creativity, imagery and schizotypy: an exploration of similarities in cognitive processing

From ‘informed’ to ‘virtuous’ choice: a theo-ethical case for the moral reconstruction of SRE policy discourse in England

When passions run high: a phenomenological exploration of the emotional experience of the therapeutic relationship in existential psychotherapy

Delivering the recommendations of the Fraud Review 2006 and the paradox of police leadership

Global Union Federations: the institutions and methods of international solidarity

Literature and language teaching

Academic literacy and linguistic diversity: an account from the chalk face

From the micro to the macro: embedding support for academic writing across an academic school/faculty

Effects of diabetes definition on global surveillance of diabetes prevalence and diagnosis: a pooled analysis of 96 population-based studies with 331 288 participants

The monetary benefit of early flood warnings in Europe

Dyslexia: Creating impact through innovation

The ‘pure’ relationship, sham marriages and immigration control

Bosnia revisited: a retrospective on the legacy of the conflict

Youth work and faith: debates, delights and dilemmas

Porn by any other name: women’s consumption of public sex performances in Amsterdam

Macroeconomic effects on emerging-markets sovereign credit spreads

Supply chains, maintenance and safety in the Australian airline industry

A mixed method evaluation of a medication concordance education programme for mental health nurses

Preparing systemic change agents for sustainable development: What skills and understanding do change agents need to develop?

Towards development of automatic path planning system in image-guided neurosurgery

Investigating child deaths- achieving a balanced approach between sensitivity and the investigative mind set

A great friggin' swindle? Sex Pistols, school kids and 1979

Informal economic relations and organizations: everyday organizational life in Soviet and post-Soviet economies

Delivering alcohol IBA: is there a case for mainstreaming? Insights from an expert workshop and from the published literature

A formally verified access control mechanism for information centric networks

Characterising information correlation in a stochastic Izhikevich neuron

EMG based elbow joint powered exoskeleton for biceps brachii strength augmentation

Religious rights versus sexual orientation discrimination: a fair deal for everyone

Public good games

Social work in movement: marketisation, differentiation and managerial performativity in Sweden and England

Selecting situations and cases

The role of simulation in pedagogies of higher education for the health professions: through a practice-based lens

Northampton Youth Offending Service review panel evaluation

Depression and diabetes distress

The difficulties of accessing bank finance and business support by Black African and Caribbean Entrepreneurs in London

The work of Hugh Davies in the context of experimental electronic music in Britain

Evaluation of Mental Effectiveness Training for people with experience of using mental health services

“And you say”: echoic utterances in Malachi with special reference to irony, denial and echoic questions

Older mothers’ experiences of postnatal depression. An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Augmentation of Chinese community relationships (Guanxi) in learning organisations - case study of a private Kunshan (Shanghai) company

Minimizing total completion time on a single machine with step improving jobs

Perfect periodic scheduling for binary tree routing in wireless networks

How would you finance your later life? An investigation of Hong Kong and the UK employees surveys

Language and age identities among older Greek Cypriot women

The legacy of abolitionism

Managing infertility in primary care

Enterprise Simulation & Experiential Learning (ESEL): case study from Middlesex University

Harold Berman's: Law and Language [Book review]

Rescaling in flood risk governance – new spatial and institutional arrangements and structures

Research and the practitioner: getting a perspective on evidence

Transdisciplinary problems: the teams addressing them and their support through team coaching

Short- and long-run goals in ultimatum bargaining: impatience predicts spite-based behavior

Researching the pedagogy

Cultural homelessness: a challenge to theory and practice [conference item]

Researching practice: opportunities for reconfiguring nearness

Standing on the outside looking in

Industrial relations and the management of whistleblowing after the Francis report: what can be learned from the evidence?

Contextualization of Sufi spirituality in 17th-18th century China: the role of Liu Zhi (c. 1662 – c. 1730)

Association between socio-economic status and health of older adults in rural Bangladesh and India: a comparative cross-sectional study

Psychoanalysis: philosophy, art and clinic

Poverty challenges and solutions for the new millennium: a case study approach to examining the effectiveness of Christian faith-based organizations (CFBOs) in their efforts to eradicate poverty in urban and rural Kenya

Depressive symptoms in cricketers: the relationship with neuroticism, fear of failure and emotional intelligence

The Portuguese-speaking community in Lambeth: a scoping study

Effects of web-based electrocardiography simulation on strategies and learning styles

Understanding sociocultural factors contributing to HIV risk among Ayoreo Bolivian sex workers

Giving more than you take: a conversation about the ethics, responsibilities and practicalities of facilitating student participation in community-based projects: Dr. Loraine Leeson in conversation with Marianne Springham

East London Health Project


Male gays in the female gaze: women who watch m/m pornography

The ethical and legal framework of sterilization of people with intellectual disabilities

Sterilization of men with intellectual disabilities: whose best interest is it anyway?

Active versus passive acquisition of spatial knowledge while controlling a vehicle in a virtual urban space in drivers and non-drivers

Green Universities and eco-friendly learning: from league tables to eco-entrepreneurship education

The impact of hand hygiene messages in public toilets

Portia's choice

A Ghost's story

An exploration of participation football coaches' philosophies from development to expression

A review of interactive narrative systems and technologies: a training perspective

Agreement between two methods of dietary data collection in male adolescent academy-level soccer players

The effect of milk on the attenuation of exercise-induced muscle damage in males and females


Impact 9 Hangzhou China-Yannan Art Gallery

Parallel prints project - Art Gallery Ballarat, Australia

Introducing educational theory: vaginal examination

A data-centric approach to change management

On the satisfiability of indexed linear temporal logics

Community, work and family and the metamorphosis of social change

Eugene: a generic interactive genetic algorithm controller

White British researchers and internationally educated research participants: insights from reflective practices on issues of language and culture in nursing contexts

Cooperative agreements between water supply companies and farmers in Dorset

Visual perspective and feedback guidance for VR free-throw training

'Garland' at MYB Textiles

A novel risk score to predict cardiovascular disease risk in national populations (Globorisk): a pooled analysis of prospective cohorts and health examination surveys

Geographical and socioeconomic inequalities in women and children’s nutritional status in Pakistan in 2011: an analysis of data from a nationally representative survey

Defining dignity in end-of-life care in the emergency department

Highbury Fields

Concerto for piano solo (homage to Alkan)

Embedding stakeholders in sustainable tourism strategies

Skin blood perfusion (BP) changes under ischial tuberosity (IT) during gluteal neuromuscular stimulation (GNMS) in spinal cord injury (SCI)

Non-invasive technologies of tissue viability measurement for pressure ulcer prevention in spinal cord injury

Family friendly? The impact on children of the family migration rules: a review of the financial requirements

'A thing apart': controlling male family migration to the UK

Introduction: the invisible (migrant) man

Evaluation of the roll out of the Care Certificate in Islington community education provider network

Culturally competent and compassionate leadership

An evaluation of the Islington community education provider network super hub. A report commissioned by the Islington Community Education Provider Network and produced for the School of Health and Education Middlesex University

Researching across disciplines and countries: the Virtual International Centre for Transcultural cOmpassion Related to Health (VICTcORY).

Let’s join hands and voices to bring back not only compassion but culturally competent compassion in nursing!

Evaluation of home care nursing for elderly people in Cyprus

Citizen observatories as facilitators of change in water governance? Experiences from three European cases

Gendered migrations and global social reproduction

Her life in movement: reflections on embodiment as a methodology

Robust signature discovery for affymetrix GeneChip® cancer classification

François Bayle’s valeur obscure

Accessible web design – the power of the personal message

Can we fix the web?

Fecundidad adolescente en los países desarrollados: niveles, tendencias y políticas

Does educational exclusion explain health differentials among children? An empirical analysis of children in Ethiopia using Young Lives data

Social media research symposium - social media research and research cycle

Implications of spatial genetic patterns for conserving African leopards

Competitive intelligence organization in practice: the case of a multinational retailer

Continuities in marketing sensing

Invalid geometry [conference item]

The Masters-Relief print exhibition - Bankside Gallery, London

Margaret Mead: contributions to contemporary education

A social ecological, relationship-based strategy for parent involvement: Families And Schools Together (FAST)

Transdisciplinarity as translation

Putting posthumanist theory to work to reconfigure gender in early childhood: when theory becomes method becomes art

Animierte Wunderwelten / Animated Wonderworlds

Animated Wonderworlds / Animierte Wunderwelten Exhibition

The rise of coworking spaces: a literature review

Invisible workers in an invisible medium: an ethnographic approach to Italian public and private freelance radio producers

'A game of cat's cradle: reconfiguring early childhood education with Haraway', researching the assemblage of methodology/ies at work

Uncertain negotiations: developing the methodology of a cross-disciplinary, multi-method, transnational approach to studying the value of early childhood education and care work

What can a too tutu do? Reconfiguring gender in early childhood

Reconfiguring quality in early childhood: chronicling 'act'ivism through anarchy

Reconfiguring quality in early childhood: beyond discourses and subjectivities to becoming

From practical idealism to the ideology of the market: Whitehall, Westminster and higher education 1963–1983

Compassion in medicine or medicine with compassion?

The role of compassion and ‘Tough Love’ in caring for and supporting the homeless: experiences from ‘Catching Lives’ Canterbury, UK

Is compassion an optional extra? [Blog response]

Is it possible to develop a compassionate organization? Comment on 'Why and how is compassion necessary to provide good quality healthcare?'

Effect of religiosity/spirituality and sense of coherence on depression within a rural population in Greece: the Spili III project

Cultivating compassion in hospitals: applying compassion within the context of the hospital setting

Explicit and implicit constructs of compassion: getting to the heart of the therapeutic relationship

Child-initiated pedagogies in Finland, Estonia and England: exploring young children’s views on decisions [conference item]

Feminism-art-theory 1968-2014: an anthology

Laboratory activity to teach about the proliferation of salmonella in vegetables

Nitric oxide (NO) donors to disperse biofilms of industrial significance formed by salmonella enterica, pathogenic escherichia coli and listeria sp

Editorial [special virtual issue: feminism in educational research]

Assessment of energy intake and energy expenditure of male adolescent academy-level soccer players during a competitive week

Reimagining gender and play

Postmodernist theorizing in ECEC: making the familiar strange in pursuit of social justice

Gait generation for powered Hip-Ankle-Linkage-Orthosis

Shoulder joint contact force during lever-propelled wheelchair propulsion

Like a version?: Balancing the foreign and domestic in imported television drama

The clash of past, present and cultures in Hammer’s The Mummy (1959)

In defense of life: Civil Observation Mission (MOC) report on the situation of human rights defenders in Mexico 2015 = En defensa de la vida: conclusiones de la Misión de Observación Civil sobre la situación de las personas defensoras en México 2015

The Mummy’s revenge: secularism, religion and the sacred dead in Universal and Hammer’s Mummy movies

More honey than vinegar: peer review as a middle ground between universalism and national sovereignty

Adapting The Pilgrim's Progress for the stage (2)

Introduction to rural planning: economies, communities and landscapes. 2nd ed.

England’s citizenship education experiment: active citizenship or service?

Cheese or ham? Comic strip

Book review: Eric S Brown, The Black Professional Middle Class: Race, Class, and Community in the Post-Civil Rights Era

Small business survey: linking 2006 and 2007 waves to the IDBR

Can an ethic of care support the management of change?

Financing SME growth in the UK: meeting the challenges after the global financial crisis

The future of early stage and growth finance in Northern Ireland, Report to the Department for Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI)

Establishing a new UK finance escalator for innovative SMEs: the roles of the Enterprise Capital Funds and Angel Co-investment Fund

What is the role of public feeder markets in developing technology-based small firms? An exploration of the motivations for listing on AIM since the GFC

Using data mining for assessing the impact of social media in higher education: the case of integrating social media in the curriculum

Sub-post offices and high street revitalisation: lessons from the experience of grant assistance to sub-post offices in deprived urban areas of the UK

Investigating the impact of social customer relationship management in higher education

Challenges associated with the adoption of social media: towards training needs analysis in the web-marketing sector

Guidelines for determining an effective role for social media in e-learning enhancement

The role of Web 2.0 technologies in higher education: a case of teaching customer relationship management concepts

Assessing social media adoption: learning needs analysis for SMEs in Saudi Arabia

Sustainability and gender equality: exploring the post-2015 sustainable development agenda

A Christmas alleluia: for SATB choir and organ

Sustainable development and social inclusion: why a changed approach is central to combating vulnerability

Cyber-physical-security model for safety-critical IoT infrastructures

‘This is not a Banksy!’: street art as aesthetic protest

Film as rape culture: the ethics of aversion in Srdan Spasojevic’s A Serbian Film (2010)

The multimodal writer: one practitioner’s experience of moving between different types of writing for different modes of dissemination

Pedagogical benefits for creative writing students of running a literary festival, a practitioner-teacher’s observations

Paradise lost? The case of technology-based small firms in New Zealand in the post global financial crisis economic environment

Business strategy and the environment Tesco Plc's declining financial performance and underlying issues

Evidence on education to career transitions in the financial and accountancy sector

The competing claims of crime versus heritage in A Memento for Istanbul, Ahmed Umit

The role of a mentor in supporting early career academics: the relationship is more important than the label

Developing documentary practices for sensitive contexts – video ethnography in the UK hospice sector

Tutta un'altra classe ... appunti di viaggio per una pedagogia della vulnerabilita

RoCH fans & legends (solo exhibition)

Developing a novel programme for transition to nursing and graduate study at Middlesex University London using accreditation of prior learning

‘Inference to the best diagnosis’: HIV antibody-testing and regulatory expertise

The role of UK government hybrid venture capital funds in addressing the finance gap facing innovative SMEs in the post-2007 financial crisis era

Fat souls (plays volume one)

How becoming a mother involves a confrontation with existence: an existential-phenomenological exploration of the experience of early motherhood

The university business of work-based learning

The resilient entrepreneur: the use of successful coping behaviours to experience relief from emotional intensity by entrepreneurs in Canada

How the experience of being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder affects relations with others and one’s self-perception - an existential phenomenological study

Spatial pattern of structural ageing in eastern Croatia: evolution and explanations

Political corporate social responsibility: reviewing theories and setting new agendas

Interpreting international surveys of adult skills: methodological and policy-related Issues

Children's cultures, wellbeing and digital society: paddling in the digital wave

Differences, inequalities and sociological imagination. Disadvantage in the hegemonic discourse on early years education in England - a double fold concept

The principles of child-initiated pedagogy

The implications of the 'Children and Families Act 2014' for early years provision. A comparative case study research

The hundred meanings of self-determination: protection from harm or promotion of autonomy? Early years practitioner perspectives

Individual children and their right for self-determination within child-initiated pedagogies

Utilising outdoor space to promote children's curiosity. Practitioners' perception of risks and opportunities for children and adults

'Developing innovative learning environments in the early years', in collaboration with London Early Years Foundations (LEYF)

Challenges, opportunities, risks and hopes. Making the voice of non-English speaking children stronger in early years provision [Belfast]

The implications of the 'Children and Families Act 2014' for early years provision and professionals. A case study research

Challenges, opportunities, risks and hopes. Making the voice of non-English speaking children stronger in early years provision [Aberdeen]

The implications of the 'Children and Families Act 2014' for early years provision and professionals. A case study research

What is Psychoanalysis?

A life course approach to understand work–life choices of women entrepreneurs: evidence from Pakistan

An evaluation of the impact of ‘Compassion in practice: nursing, midwifery and care staff - our vision and strategy’ on staff experience in NHS Trusts in England.

A realist evaluation of the development of general practice placements for student nurses in North Central and East London. A report commissioned by Health Education North Central and East London and produced on behalf of the School of Health and Education, Middlesex University.

Identifying quantitative imaging features of posterior fossa syndrome in longitudinal MRI

The standing of victims in the procedural design of the International Criminal Court

Judging the judge: boundaries, barriers and benefits

Stakeholder ownership: a theoretical framework for cross national understanding and analyses of stakeholder involvement in issues of substance use, problem use and addiction

Making sense of the complexity of managerial flow: the case of urban regeneration in the UK

Mothering and migration: interdisciplinary dialogues, European perspectives and international contexts: introduction

'Masters of caricature'- eighth edition of the International Biennial on the topic of sheep and wolves - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Highlighting the wider relevance of science centre evaluations: a reflection on the evaluation of a physics engagement programme

Learning co-operatively: networking engagement and experience

The implications of movement of water through an urban catchment on the delivery of a range of ecosystem services

A methodology to assess the potential impact of swales on groundwater quality

‘Disrespectful foreign innovations': trouser tensions in Britain the interwar years

Improving management and effectiveness of home blood pressure monitoring: a qualitative UK primary care study

The use of MCQs within team based learning: choosing the right approach to foster student learning

Leading change in information management

A mini review of physiotherapies for patellofemoral pain syndrome

Investigating the relationship between formal time management practices and business performance of UK SMEs

Fine art screenprinting-Maggie Jennings-image used 'Brixton ' silk screen-1988

50 years of artist prints - celebrating 50 years of the Printmaking Council - Bankside Gallery, London

"Where's my audience now?" Pragmatics and writing

An examination of strategy development and strategic management processes within growth-seeking small businesses

Raising awareness of clinical practice from an existential perspective with clients affected by cancer

Social psychology: a commentary on organizational research

Beyond the global financial crisis: challenges facing venture capitalists operating in an emerging economy such as Nigeria

Quality improvement through the paradigm of learning

The impact of corporate provision of social welfare on the legitimacy of the state: providing anti-retroviral drugs in South Africa

Processual constructions: towards a non-representational poetics of choreography

From silence to speech: tracing diasporic journeys through collective memory, visual culture and art practice

Impact estimation: IT priority decisions

Advancing ambient assisted living with caution

‘I see you’: agency and empathy in animation

Abjection, the performative and creativity in the works of Suzan Pitt, Tabaimo and Miwa Matreyek

(Re)claiming Aboriginal identity: Inuit animation from Cape Dorset to Quickdraw

Proposed US and UK laws will entrench surveillance powers across the atlantic

The early design stage for building renovation with a novel loop-heat-pipe based solar thermal façade (LHP-STF) heat pump water heating system: techno-economic analysis in three European climates

Liquid breeding

Policing online child sexual abuse - the British experience

Current and emerging practice of end-of-life care in British prisons: findings from an online survey of prison nurses


Influence of a montmorency cherry juice blend on indices of exercise-induced stress and upper respiratory tract symptoms following marathon running—a pilot investigation

Indo- and Afro-Trinidadian women’s experience of domestic violence, somatization disorder and help-seeking: a mixed methodological analysis

Exploring learning outcomes in CBT and existential therapy in Denmark

BARCH: a business analytics problem formulation and solving framework

Building a think tank: an alternative, progressive public space in Ireland

Assessing the impact of contemporary international criminal courts and tribunals in the Commonwealth

Change agility: growing the capacity for creative adjustment in ‘the global field’

The Katyn Forest Massacre and the Nuremberg Trial

Charles Hasler sends his greetings

Knowledge management in higher education: a case study using a stakeholder approach

Chasing expertise: reappraising the role of intuitive process in creative decisionmaking

The development of a pilot tool for examining engagement and involvement in screen-based activities in the early years

The Hasler Gallery

The Grand Arcade: creativity and regeneration

Sefer Tehillim in a Pakistani context: historical, translational and linguistic study of the Punjabi metrical psalms by Rev. Dr. Imam-ud-Din Shahbaz

Artful excursions in a complex world

An inquiry into the tension between displacement and belonging as experienced by globally mobile professionals: an emerging practice of shallow-rooted belonging

Human rights limitations: clarifying the emerging obligations of business

The key research issues arising from an ageing workforce

SMASHfestUK: exploring approaches for widening participation and increasing diversity in STEM through the arts

Works selected for First International Drawing Competition "Close up on Women Discrimination" in collaboration with the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris

Stephen Mumberson

Investor confidence, macroeconomic forces and the performance of stock market- an empirical investigation of the Pakistan stock market

Exploring transformative engagement of managers, clinical staff and patients

A study of drink driving in Lagos – from the perspective of law enforcement officers

A phenomenological exploration into the lived experience of childfree women aged 45-55

A comparison of the evangelical movement in Russia in the 1920s and the 1990s

The future of foundation degrees

Essays on foreign direct investment institutions output efficiency and economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa countries (SSA)

Pathways to employment for people in the recovery phase of mental illness

Precarious employment and vulnerable workers. Part 2

Community collaborations 1978-2015

Precarious employment and vulnerable workers. Part 1

The developing role of evidence-based environmental health: perceptions, experiences, and understandings from the front line

School-based to school-led initial teacher training: reconceptualising the mentor's role

What are you waiting for?

Movies in the classroom: lessons for curriculum design

Can environmental health lead integrated services so 'staying put' becomes 'staying put, but better'?

Insights into the grief of parentally bereaved young people: a grounded theory study exploring young people’s psychological and emotional experiences following the death of a parent

Noise induced hearing loss in music therapists: a case study

Health warning: might contain multiple personalities - the problem of homonyms in Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators

The impact on receiving waters of pharmaceutical residues and antibiotic resistant faecal bacteria found in urban waste water effluents

An inquiry into the relevance of the current model of continuing professional development to the work of psychotherapy

Methods of analysis for bacterial contamination in environmental waters

Assessing the costs of natural hazards - state of the art and the way forward

Coastal risk assessment framework guidance document

Theme Prize Winner at The 4th Sejong International Cartoon Contest - SICACO 2015 Seoul Korea

'A feminine touch’: gender, design and the ocean liner

Enhancing the engagement of higher education academics in knowledge transfer through a rewards and incentives scheme using an action research approach

Motivations, experiences and psychological well-being of Indian surrogates

Rex Silver, designer-manager: the Silver Studio and questions of authorship

Implementing resource discovery techniques at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, Middlesex University

Causation in medical litigation and the failure to warn of inherent risks

iRDA: a new filter towards predictive, stable, and enriched candidate genes

Including corporate criminal liability for international crimes in the future Business and Human Rights Treaty

Resources grabbing and human rights: building a triangular relationship between states, indigenous peoples and corporations

Forensic cyberpsychology: a content analysis approach to investigating and comprehending the self-production of indecent images by minors

‘The blind leading the blind’: a phenomenological study into the experience of blind and partially sighted clients with a sighted therapist

Olense Kartoonale 2015 - Belgium - selected work for exhibition under Amnesty International theme "Right to Asylum for everyone'

The Immigration Act 2014; ‘not on the list you’re not coming in; landlords forced to discriminate’

Peer worker roles and risk in mental health services: a qualitative comparative case study

The Hasler Gallery

Examining the linkage between class attendance and academic performance

Using gamification to incentivize sustainable urban mobility

A review of hough transform and line segment detection approaches

The effects of brand attachment on consumer's quality of life, beyond brand performance

Organised crime in Europe and the mafia method

Design for hydrocitizens: architectural responses to the defend-retreat-attack scenario

Investment in personnel and FDI in Belarusian companies

Developing an intervention psychotherapy programme for the needs of Iranian immigrants in the UK

The early Pentecostals’ experience of divine guidance in mission in the light of Luke-Acts

The role of business in society: creating space to live the question within the paradox of change

Continuous action-space reinforcement learning methods applied to the minimum-time swing-up of the acrobot

British Communists and the 1932 turn to the trade unions

20th International Cartoon Exhibition Zagreb

Evaluation report of the tender healthy relationships project national partnership programme

Guest post: General Court of the European Union annuls the EU-Morocco Free Trade Agreement on human rights grounds but forgets self-determination

The cognitive basis of social behavior: cognitive reflection overrides antisocial but not always prosocial motives

An evaluation of the Islington community education provider network super hub

Dance performance in cyberspace - transfer and transformation

The heuristic strategies for assessing wireless sensor network: an event-based formal approach

From the special section editors: questions business schools don’t ask

Developing leadership: questions business schools don't ask

Experimental economics - volume II: economic applications

Experimental economics - volume I: economic decisions

4th international olive cartoon contest Cyprus

What constitutes a "reasonable belief" in consent to sex? A thematic analysis

Job satisfaction and socio-demographic nexus: an examination of Business Link employees in England

9th International Zagreb car cartoon Exhibit - theme 'Love at The Wheel" 2015

Secure information transmission in the presence of energy-harvesting eavesdroppers in multi-cell networks

A desire for immersion: the panorama to the Oculus Rift

Teaching strategies for librarians: enhancing the quality and impact of your library workshops

Our work here is done.......

Η συγκρότηση της ‘καλής μαγείρισσας’ μέσω συνομιλιακών συνταγών ηλικιωμένων γυναικών της Κύπρου' [The construction of culinary expert through recipe tellings among older Greek Cypriot women]

Symbolic model-checking for resource-bounded ATL

Symbolic model checking for one-resource RB±ATL

Psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy interventions to reduce distress or improve well-being in people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a systematic review

A proposed typology of online hate crime

'You really do give up your own life, once you become a full-time carer': exploring the lived experience of carers in South Essex

Internal branding in universities and the lessons learnt from the past: the significance of employee brand support and transformational leadership

Brand innovation and social media: knowledge acquisition from social media, market orientation, and the moderating role of social media strategic capability

Exploring the corporate image formation process

The brand likeability scale: an exploratory study of likeability in firm-level brands

Luxury fashion brands: factors influencing young female consumers' luxury fashion purchasing in Taiwan

The model of artifice: the doll seen as a mimetic and traumatic figure in the paintings of Kevina Labonne

Exploring the forensic accounting practice in the UK: evidence from the profession

Ethics, values and social work identity(ies)

Motor-evoked potentials reveal a motor-cortical readout of evidence accumulation for sensorimotor decisions

Trans-figurations, transnational perspectives on domestic space

Transnational embodied belonging within ‘edge habitats’

Blurring the lines between fiction and biography: writing about ghosts

From pier to modernity: architectural histories of the seaside pier 1861-1914

Spiritualism, heresy and folk legends: the making of a ghost

Best book of 1981: Lanark

A roadmap for a green interface selection standardization over wireless HetNets

HR leaders hold the key to effective diversity management: … as more and more important decisions are taken at local level

Brain computer interface: a review

The role of ectopic human chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit in inducing epithelial mesenchymal transition in human keratinocytes and its possible pathways

Compact composition operators with symbol a universal covering map onto a multiply connected domain

Disproving inductive entailments in separation logic via base pair approximation

Towards a novel approach for defect localization based on part-of-speech and invocation

Analyzing eventual leader election protocols for dynamic systems by probabilistic model checking

Minimizing transitive trust threats in software management systems

Teaching smart phone ethics: an interdisciplinary approach

The role information literacy in overcoming obstacles to learning and lifelong learning

Accelerated literacy and information literacy can be achieved through access to new technologies

Indirect discrimination 15 years on

Towards relating delivery methods and examination success: lessons learned from the VALO LLP project case study

The role of parliaments in implementing ECHR standards: overview of existing structures and mechanisms

The right to freedom of religion or belief and its intersection with other rights

Attraction and diffusion in nature-inspired optimization algorithms

Cultural governance and urban tourism: an interdisciplinary approach

Invalid geometry [conference item - CHArt 2015]

The unemployed and the moral case for benefit sanctions

Work-life balance can benefit business during financial crisis and austerity: human resources (HR) must convince management of the need for a flexible approach

Financial development, real sector output, and economic growth

China urban transport and city tourism

Sustaining culture: dialectic relationships with urban tourism

Conduct costs, governance and returns: evidence of large banks

Introduction to computational mathematics

Multi-robot cooperative tasks using combined nature-inspired techniques

Targeted killing and characterisation of remote warfare under international humanitarian law

Spirituality and international humanitarian law

The recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards: a London perspective

Solutions of non-smooth economic dispatch problems by swarm intelligence

Nature-inspired algorithms: success and challenges

Effective medium-term planning

Assessing satisfaction with social care services among black and minority ethnic and white British carers of stroke survivors in England

Hidden heroes: soldiers from the empire

For the sake of present and future generations: essays on international law, crime and justice in honour of Roger S. Clark

Biological stress regulation in female adolescents: a key role for confiding

The gendered destruction and reconstruction of assets and the transformative potential of ‘disasters'

Dorothy Dorow

So You Want to Write An Opera?

Chinese medicine treatments for bone and joint diseases in the UK

Pierrot ensemble

The extraordinary life of Rebecca West

‘A very high price to pay?’: Transforming rehabilitation and short prison sentences for women

Imitative or Iconoclastic? How young children use ready-made images in digital art

Applications of social networking technology in IT-based knowledge management systems


National and firm-level drivers of the devolution of HRM decision making to line managers

The labor market regimes of Denmark and Norway – one Nordic model?

Designing global leadership development programmes that promote social capital and knowledge sharing

Effective boundary spanners in IJVs experiencing performance downturn

The panacea of culture: the changing fortunes and careers of China’s Dongba priests

Researching shifts in education policy in the National Archives

Does collectivism value influence firm idiosyncrasies? -- Evidence from China A- shares companies

Static & dynamic approaches testing eclectic paradigm: evidence of EU firms’ investment decisions in China

Has the foreign patents surge prompted technology spillovers in China?

Motor interference in interactive contexts

The multiform motor cortical output: kinematic, predictive and response coding

Interview investigation of insecure attachment styles as mediators between poor childhood care and schizophrenia-spectrum phenomenology

Exploring the rise in connected person’s placements and the use of special guardianship orders across three local authorities

Adaptive saccade controller inspired by the primates' cerebellum

Learning the visual–oculomotor transformation: effects on saccade control and space representation

Sighted at Saatchi for Collect 15

(Un)touched...research phase 2

Reconsidering the validation, efficacy and title of applied theatre

Applied theatre workshop for the “world without war” conference in Auckland

The democrativity of applied theatre and performance art

Democrativity: beyond measurements of democracy in performance

How to monitor training load and mode using sRPE

The death detectives

Animation and the emotional avatar: using motion capture to reflect on non-verbal communication

Cultural policy of the GLC

Active energy - London: capital / climate / culture

Now, then, and again: between anniversary and HERitage

What Bear Grylls can’t do: survivalist mediascapes in austerity Britain

Degrees of twilight

Keeping service users at the heart of practice

Pre-emptive mourning (or melancholia)? : the home as tomb in art informed by feminism and anti-nuclear activism

Fluxus water scores

Big money is moving in, Docklands community poster project and posters from the east London health project

Biosemiotics, politics and Th.A. Sebeok’s move from linguistics to semiotics

Warm-hearted artist prize won at 3rd International Caricature art Competition China

When logic meets engineering: introduction to logical issues in the history and philosophy of computer science

Authorship, autobiography and the archive: Marilyn on Marilyn, television and documentary theory

Robot overlords

Rethinking place branding and place making through creative and cultural quarters


(re)Developing the TV sitcom

(re)Reading the TV sitcom

Space and words for dancers

Gjendin ridge

Gwineverra, Tom and the enemy of man

A piece for two (lovers)

Imagina(c)tion - The Feldenkrais Method® and Action Theater™ improvisation in conversation about the integration of imagination and action

Design: an essential introduction

Attitudes towards mental illnesses: effects of labels and associations with materialism

Rights through alliances; findings from a European project tackling homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools through the engagement of families and young people

What influences physical and mental health-related quality of life for LGBT older people?

Reflections on Reimagining Social Care

On measures of financial risk

Five ways Google Glass can transform social care

The presentation of self in otherworldly life

Aggression and violent crime

INSIDEOUT|(e)merging practice + education

Retrieving the heart of the market?

Britain's recovery industry: profiting from austerity?

What a way to make a living

Some results on the structure and spectra of matrix-products

Playing and reality the work of E J Major

Beyond the personal a new chapter in the work of Marjolaine Ryley


What comes after religion

Everywhere and nowhere: improvisation as an un/rans/disciplinary practice a performance lecture

Guantanamo Bay: the hunger strikes, animated documentary film [included in Animated Wonderworlds exhibition]

[Film stills from 'Feel my way' (1997) and 'The man with the beatiful eyes' (1999) in TYPEMOTION: Type as Image in Motion]

A stigmergic approach to indoor localization using bluetooth low energy beacons

Where have all the (Martello) Towers gone: new sources for investigating OS map redaction

From transformative learning to social change? Using action research to explore and improve informal complaints management in an NHS trust

Improvisation practices and dramaturgical consciousness: a workshop

Exposure 3: human drama and documentary

Trailers (RoCH Fans & Legends)

Flexible frameworks and building blocks

The complex concept of sustainable of diversity management:…and why forming policies in this area is far from straightforward

Recent advances in ambient assisted living - bridging assistive technologies, e-Health and personalized health care

Media, diaspora and conflict: nationalism and identity amongst Turkish and Kurdish migrants in Europe

A cross cultural study of the health-seeking behaviours of Nigerians from the perspective of Nigerian care providers: challenges for collaboration

Tourism and mega-events in Brazil: host community support, identity, emotion and trust in organizing committees

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil: local residents' perceptions of impacts, emotions, attachment, and their support for the event

Residents’ attitudes and the adoption of pro-tourism behaviours: the case of developing island economies

The impact of trust on residents' perception and support for mega-events: the case of 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil: residents’ perceptions of the impacts

Tourism in Cape Verde: profile and valuation of the traveler

Contributions of gastronomy for developing border tourist destinations: a case study

Becoming together: collaborative labour in contemporary performance practice

Business and production solutions: closing loops and the circular economy

Shifting feelings

Women’s experiences of communication with medical staff during complicated pregnancy

Reimagining site-walks: sites for rich learning

Management blockbusters: is there space for open dissent?

Evolution and prenatal development: an evolutionary perspective

Russia, the Black Sea region and security

The developing role of evidence based environmental health: perceptions, experiences and understandings from the front line

Does the protection from Harassment Act 1997 enable compensation for ‘collateral harassment’?

Work-Based projects

How a parenting programme supports and empowers children and families

How a parenting programme supports and empowers children and families

Perspectives on strategic transformation drivers for national and supra-national policy delivery in the future internet and high-tech research & development

Why is EIT so hard, and what are we doing about it?

Geometric parameterisation of pelvic bone and cartilage in contact analysis of the natural hip: an initial study

The effect of cup outer sizes on the contact mechanics and cement fixation of cemented total hip replacements

Medical Physics: forming and testing solutions to clinical problems

Patient specific Parkinson's disease detection for adaptive deep brain stimulation

A wideband low-distortion CMOS current driver for tissue impedance analysis

Enhancing active vision system categorization capability through uniform local binary patterns

Simulated road following using neuroevolution

Cooperative object transport using evolutionary swarm robotics methods

An active vision approach to the road following problem

Advancing evolutionary coordination for fixed-wing communications UAVs

Improving active vision system categorization capability through Histogram of Oriented Gradients

On the design of generalist strategies for swarms of simulated robots engaged in a task-allocation scenario

Enabling seamless V2I communications towards developing cooperative automotive applications in VANET systems

Platelet activating acetylhydrolase involved in inflammation resolution in macrophages and neutrophils which have been stimulated with urate crystals

Supporting the externalisation of thinking in criminal intelligence analysis

Extreme managers, extreme workplaces: capitalism, organizations and corporate psychopaths

Interpreting crimes in the Rome statute of the international criminal court [Book review]

Associating places: strategies for live, site specific, sound art performance

An unusual job for a woman? Female entrepreneurs in scientific, engineering and technology sectors

Environmental implications of privatised public space in gated residential neighbourhood: case study of China's small residential district

Building integrated solar thermal (BIST) technologies and their applications: a review of structural design and architectural integration

Experimental study of heat transfer during mPCM slurry flow in microchannels


We are history

Pro-poor tourism: a critique

Tourism and postcards from the colonial periphery: vintage postcards from Fiji

Tourism in Pacific islands: current issues and future challenges

Tourism in Pacific Islands: current issues and future challenges

Development theory and tourism in developing countries: what has theory ever done for us?

Vanishing peripheries and shifting centres: structural certainties or negotiated ambiguities?

Using court records for sentencing research: pitfalls and possibilities

Improving intelligence analysis with decision science

Ordinal structure of the generic analytic workflow: a survey of intelligence analysts

To practice justice and right’ – international aviation liability: have lessons been learnt?

CONTEST’ing Chicago origins and reflections: lest we forget!

Factors influencing customers’ purchase intention via mobile apps in the fast fashion industry

What drives female entrepreneurship in Japan?

Experiencing brand on mobile augmented reality

The determinants of female entrepreneurship in Japan

What drives consumer’s intention to buy on mobile apps? A study of fast fashion industry

SMASHfestUK 2015 - Asteroid!

Scholar activism in early childhood education: issues, tactics and alliances

Posthuman transgressions: exploring our connections with/to childhood in the post-antropocene

Reconfiguring quality in ECEC

Recognizing the important role of self-initiated expatriates in effective global talent management

The elephant in the room: the role of time in expatriate adjustment

Another look at family adjustment

Caring leadership: A Heideggerian perspective

Book review: Nickie D. Phillips and Staci Strobl, Comic Book Crime: Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Can you spot the difference? Analysis of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) secreted by common non-trophoblastic and trophoblastic cancers

Building and sustaining an open innovation community in retail

Feminist critique: open and critical enquiry: a conversation between Katy Deepwell and Suzana Milevska

‘Thinking/acting with tactics of displacement’

A hierarchy of respect: authority and dominance in the human and animal kingdom

Cartoons, comics and Human Rights after the Charlie-Hebdo massacre

A democratic opening? The AKP and the Kurdish left

On the intrinsic limits to representationally-adaptive machine-learning

Virtualization and cyber security: arming future security practitioners

A systematic review of reviews on patellofemoral pain syndrome. Exploring the risk factors, diagnostic tests, outcome measurements and exercise treatment

Face flow

Robust statistical face frontalization

Automatic construction of robust spherical harmonic subspaces

Unravelling the riddle of Radix: DNA barcoding for species identification of freshwater snail intermediate hosts of zoonotic digeneans and estimating their inter-population evolutionary relationships

Coevolution of urban form and built form: a new typomorphological model for Tehran

Liquid Gold is the Air

The generation game

Ni panacée, ni gadget: Le nouveau cadre de l’Union européenne pour renforcer l’Etat de droit

Monitoring and enforcement of the rule of law in the EU: rhetoric and reality

Emanuel Levinas and the politics of non-violence [Book review]

Frustrated at the interface between court litigation and arbitration? Don’t blame it on Brussels I! Finding reason in the decision of West Tankers, and the recast Brussels I

Informed consent for HIV cure research in South Africa: issues to consider

Mining, the aluminium industry, and indigenous peoples: enhancing corporate respect for indigenous peoples’ rights

Business and Human Rights: indigenous peoples’ experiences with access to remedy. Case studies from Africa, Asia and Latin America

A proposed methodology for the sustainable assessment of industrial subsectors for policy advice

Sustainable assessment of chemical industries for policy advice: the case of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Viet Nam

Sustainable assessment of metal industries for policy advice: the case of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Viet Nam

Does conventional intra-aortic balloon pump trigger timing produce optimal hemodynamic effects in vivo?

Measurements of intra-aortic balloon wall movement during inflation and deflation: effects of angulation

Thawing the frozen conflict? The European Court’s Nagorno-Karabakh judgments


Supporting offenders who are also victims [Blog post]

Law and the periphery

Taking change seriously: the discourse of justice and the reproduction of the status quo


Requirement and input collection: development of guidelines to allow people with cognitive disabilities to exploit the full potential of mobile ICT

Sense about sex: media, sex advice, education and learning

Policing Partnerships: Evidence Review

Suffolk Yacht Harbour and the Stour and Orwell Estuaries Management Group. Saltmarsh Management Scheme 2014/15

Past-present -future

See Red Women's workshop: exhibitions

Enlarger than life: song-films and irrational gestures

Que sera: time travel and physical thinking

Covers I & II (RoCH Fans & Legends)

Data and the city – accessibility and openness. a cybersalon paper on open data

Meanwhile...in Newham...Travels across the ‘Arc of Opportunity’

The Deben Estuary Plan: April 2015

Make/Believe - UK Design for Performance 2011 - 15

Costume at the Turn of the Century, 1990 - 2015


Inspiral London: collaborative artists' walking project

Stylist vs. photographer: craft, collaboration or creative control

How Viable Is the UTAUT Model in a Non-Western Context?

Softly Softly

[Art work featured in group exhibition: Dark Frame / Deep Field (Caroline Corbasson, Dan Holdsworth, Philippe Pleasants, Sophy Rickett, Vintage NASA Photographs, We Colonised the Moon)]

Dances & Laments

[Selected artist in 1st Asia Biennial and 5th Guangzhou Triennial]

DNA SWAP Exhibition & Live interactive program Led by Slashstroke

Illustration for The Weir

Exposure 2 - Lecture at The Photographers' Gallery, London

Exposure 2 Artist Talk: Photographers Gallery

Body of songs: appendix

HeCTA - Sympathy for the auto industry

HeCTA - The concept

Plea bargaining in the US -- why innocent people plead guilty

Great news! You may be innocent: the theoretical scope of the presumption of innocence

Copyright and music policy in China: a literature review

Combined and uneven spectacle of animated VFX: world building, labor and wage relations

Outside edge

Part III – Conclusion and Recommendations: Conclusion – Towards certification of compliance and 'good practice' [&] Recommendations – Synthesis of case study recommendations

Australia: rolling back on progress towards rights realization: the Wik peoples’ experiences with 40 years of bauxite mining in their homelands

The content of free prior and informed consent

Criteria for the identification of indigenous peoples

Introduction – Indigenous peoples’ rights and the aluminium industry

Part III: Conclusion and Recommendations: Conclusion: lessons emerging from indigenous peoples’ experiences [&] Recommendations

Business and human rights: indigenous peoples’ experiences with access to remedy. An introduction

Operational-level grievance mechanism and indigenous peoples’ access to remedy

FutureFest - Nesta 2015

Oral presentation to primary care health professionals - Workshop "Mental Health, what to expect in Primary care" A quick guide

Towards an analytical framework for graphic scores, and a proposed typology

Potential interaction between natural compounds and chemotherapeutic drugs on leukaemia cell line

Language, typography and placemaking: walking the Irish and Ulster-Scots linguistic landscape

Cover painting for the Guardian review - "Wolf Hall and Beyond"

Calculation of Raman optical activity spectra for vibrational analysis

The Raman optical activity of β-D-xylose: where experiment and theory meet

Ray, single screen gallery installation, 2 solo exhibitions and inclusion in 2 group exhibitions and 3 cinema screenings

Exposure 3 at the ICA: Human drama and documentary

British landscape: four solo exhibitions

'Revisiting History', exhibition and symposium (28 October 2015) [artist & invited speaker]

Saft Lol

Positive negatives: or the subtle arts of compromise

Leon Golub: bite your tongue [Consultant / Curator]

Film light: meaning and emotion

Zakes Mda

Rating agencies: reputation restored?

A ritual for survival: questions of identity and politics in one hundred year of Nigerian dance


A qualitative analysis of John Bowlby’s last interview

Globalization and labour migrations

ISEC illegal use of the Internet: policing, collaboration and victimisation—A review of the literature. Document prepared for the European Commission initiative in dealing with cybercrime and cybersecurity

Violence in psychosis: conceptualizing its causal relationship with risk factors

Whole-exome sequencing in the differential diagnosis of primary adrenal insufficiency in children

Learning through resistance: contextualisation, creation and incorporation of a ‘punk pedagogy’

Reflections on the peripheral: punk, pedagogy and the domestication of the radical

Policing wildlife: perspectives on the enforcement of wildlife legislation

Reading, writing and rebellion: pedagogy, academia and the formation of the punk scholars network

Fuel from waste project films

Nocturne No. 1

Leon Golub selected works [Curator]

A New York story. In: Leon Golub: Bite your tongue [Exhibition Catalogue]. Enderby, Emma, Blanchflower, Melissa and Larner, Melissa, eds. Serpentine Galleries | Koenig Books, London. pbk-ISBN 9781908617262, pbk-ISBN 9783863357184.

Understanding small music venues: a report by the Music Venue Trust

Topological semantics for da Costa paraconsistent logics Cω and C*ω

Simians of Swing by the group Simians of Swing [Album]

John Zorn: Cerberus: the book of angels volume 26 [CD]

Ghetto by The Spike Orchestra [Album]

Jiannis Pavlidis Quintet featuring Greg Hutchinson

Radio Londra, Italy presents Acoustic Report with Sam Leak and Josh Arcoleo (UK)



Social setting, intuition, and experience in lab experiments interact to shape cooperative decision-making

Mathematicians and their gods

The history of the fourth dimension: a way of engaging pupils in secondary classrooms

Identification of cancer predisposition variants in apparently healthy individuals using a next-generation sequencing-based family genomics approach

Meta-analysis of genes in commercially available nutrigenomic tests denotes lack of association with dietary intake and nutrient-related pathologies

Nutrigenomics: a controversy

Uniform seaborne cargo regimes - a historical review

Digital built Britain: level 3 building information modelling - strategic plan

Child-initiated pedagogies in Finland, Estonia and England: exploring young children's views on decisions

Writing through an instrument: Benjamin Dwyer [Interview]


Nocturnal, after Benjamin Britten

Conference Review: Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! Crossing Borders of Underground Music Scenes, International Conference, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, 13–17 July 2015

Self-created digital content sharing in retirement

Beyond the snowy white peaks of the NHS - a Race Equality Foundation briefing paper

OpenAIRE guidelines for CRIS managers 1.0

Feminism art theory: an anthology 1968 - 2014, 2nd edition

Ray and Ray and Liz

Leon Golub - chapters in two exhibition catalogues

Animated wonderworlds / Animierte Wunderwelten

Tactile reasoning: hands-on vs. hands-off - what's the difference?

Learning and unlearning sexism in the workplace: two important barriers prevent a more inclusive environment

Jet Black Futures

'Been on the job too long' and 'Telling and re-telling the tale ...'

Measuring urban deprivation from user generated content

There’s no such thing as the perfect map: quantifying bias in spatial crowd-sourcing datasets

Code/Code II

Robot Bodies

Social media and social work students: the boundaries just got more complicated

Punk and spirituality: an introduction to the Krishnacore Movement of the 1990s

The EMT­activator ZEB1 is unrelated to platinum drug resistance in ovarian cancer but predictive of survival

Clinical characteristics and survival outcomes in BRCA1-methylated epithelial ovarian cancer (Bmeth-OC): A pooled analysis of data for 1,278 patients across five studies

Smoking cessation aids and the primary care nurse

Comparison of formative multiple choice questions using online platforms vs summative assessment: experience from an anatomy and physiology module

Using technology to introduce frequent assessments for effective learning: registering student perceptions

Trafficking and slavery: the emerging European legal framework on trafficking in human beings – case-law of the European Court of Human Rights in perspective

Challenges of security and trust in avionics wireless networks

Education in the UAE and the relevance of international human rights law

Using technology to introduce frequent assessments for effective learning: Registering student perceptions

Validation of a building simulation tool for predictive control in energy management systems

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Verbum bonum et suave