Migrants with insecure legal status and access to work: the role of ethnic solidarity networks

Financing social enterprise in the UK: responding to new challenges in competitive markets

The International Rule of Law

Negt and Kluge's alternative collective worker and synthetic apperception

Effects of soccer match-play on unilateral jumping and Inter-limb asymmetry: a repeated measures design

Using scenarios to forecast outcomes of a refugee crisis

Jump and change of direction speed asymmetry using smartphone apps: between-session consistency and associations with physical performance

Embedding student feedback in deep pedagogic reflection: the potentials of drawing and Deleuzian analysis

Effects of 8-weeks of isoinertial vs. cable-resistance training on motor skills performance and interlimb asymmetries

Mihailo Petrović (1868-1943)

Stretchy time or screen time: how early years practitioners conceptualise time in relation to children's digital play

Eliciting, processing and enacting feedback: mechanisms for embedding student feedback literacy within the curriculum

Military ecocide

Encountering authority and avoiding trouble: young migrant men’s narratives of negotiation in Europe

The need to disentangle assessment and feedback in higher education

Practices of strength and conditioning coaches: a snapshot from different sports, countries and expertise levels

Impact of CRM strategy on relationship commitment and new product development: mediating effects of learning from failure

Traditional free-weight vs. variable resistance training applied to elite young soccer players during a short preseason: effects on strength, speed, and power performance

Context-aware systems architecture (CaSA)

Contemporary perspectives on environmental enforcement

A review of lean and agile management in humanitarian supply chains: analysing the pre-disaster and post-disaster phases and future directions

Exploring gendered differences among polish migrants in the UK in problematic drinking and pathways into and through alcohol treatment

Psychopathy and an absence of love in organizations

An exploration on the nexus between managers’ present bias and corporate investment

LGBT+ Training needs for health and social care professionals: a cross-cultural comparison among seven European countries

Effects of flywheel training on strength-related variables in female populations. A systematic review

Enhancing high-intensity actions during a basketball game after a strength training program with random recovery times between sets

Religious factors affecting death anxiety in older adults practicing Hinduism

Modeling and verifying a resource allocation algorithm for secure service migration for commercial cloud systems

From multispecies tangles and Anthropocene muddles: what can lichen teach us about precarity and indeterminacy in early childhood

Feedback that works: a realist review of feedback interventions for written tasks

From feedback-as-information to feedback-as-process: a linguistic analysis of the feedback literature

Examining customer's intention to rely on online reviews

The debtor-in-possession model in the EU insolvency and restructuring framework - a domino effect?

Measuring what matters: the positioning of students in feedback processes within national student satisfaction surveys

Instagram influencers: the role of opinion leadership in consumers’ purchase behavior

Sentencing multiple- versus single-offence cases: does more crime mean less punishment?

Midwives' insights in relation to the common barriers in providing effective perinatal care to women from ethnic minority groups with 'high risk' pregnancies: a qualitative study

Making sense of sensory brand experience: constructing an integrative framework for future research

Design and agency [Book Review]

How leadership affects organisational citizenship behaviour – a study of independent hotels

Prevalence of disordered eating, eating disorders and risk of low energy availability in professional, competitive and recreational female athletes based in the United Kingdom

Advancing pedagogical leadership at national level: looking for a policy window

An organisational approach to supporting pedagogical leadership: reporting on a case study with London Early Years Foundation

Hashing fuzzing: introducing input diversity to improve crash detection

Locating functionalized gold nanoparticles using electrical impedance tomography

Retail managers’ preparedness to capture customers’ emotions: a new synergistic framework to exploit unstructured data with new analytics

Fly me to the moon: from corporate branding orientation to retailer preference and business performance

A framework to guide practitioners when selecting metrics during the countermovement and drop jump tests

Snake venoms in diagnostic hemostasis and thrombosis

Practices of strength and conditioning coaches in professional sports: A systematic review

Supporting girls and young women victims of sexual harassment in schools: 'me and you and everyone we know'

'It's a double whammy': A qualitative study of illness uncertainty in individuals with Parkinson's disease in the context of COVID-19

Meeting the private sector housing condition and adaptation needs of older people: responses from environmental health and other services in London

Increasing preparedness for extreme events using plausibility-based scenario planning: lessons from COVID-19

Mitochondrial genome divergence supports an ancient origin of circatidal behaviour in the Anurida maritima (Collembola: Neanuridae) species group

Religious clothing

Editorial: Security of cloud service for the manufacturing industry

The relative Heller operator and relative cohomology for the Klein 4-group

Reflections on whiteness: racialised identities in nursing

Are advanced clinical practice roles in England’s National Health Service a remedy for workforce problems? A qualitative study of senior staff perspectives

Trying for a second chance: Iranian infertile couples’ experiences after failed ART

Linking human capabilities with livelihood strategies to speed poverty reduction: evidence from Rwanda

Deaf women's experiences of maternity in primary care: an integrative review

A qualitative exploration of care homes workers' views and training needs in relation to the use of socially assistive humanoid robots in their workplace

Forward guidance and corporate lending

Healthcare professionals’ involvement in breaking bad news to newly diagnosed patients with motor neurodegenerative conditions: a qualitative study

‘Keeping a lid on it’: exploring ‘problematisations’ of prescribed medication in prisons in the UK

Sharing your assets? A holistic review of the sharing economy

Semiquantitative interpretation of anticardiolipin and antiβ2glycoprotein I antibodies measured with various analytical platforms: communication from the ISTH SSC subcommittee on Lupus Anticoagulant/Antiphospholipid antibodies

Researching Organisations in Transition Economies: Ethics of Fieldwork. SAGE Research Methods Video: Research Ethics & Integrity

Principles of Research Ethics: Procedural Ethics & Ethics of Truth. SAGE Research Methods Video: Research Ethics and Integrity

Coupling of cryptocurrency trading with the sustainable environmental goals: is it on the cards?

Willingness to reduce travel consumption to support a low-carbon transition beyond COVID-19

Exploring challenges and support structures of mothers with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the United Arab Emirates

Analysis of operation performance of three indirect expansion solar assisted air source heat pumps for domestic heating

Dominant narratives, uncertainty denial, negative capability and conviction: a commentary on Fenton-O’Creevy and Tuckett 2021

Female executive leadership and corporate social responsibility

The role and potential of tripartite partnerships to promote strong sustainable consumption in the context of Brazil: an evaluation of possibilities and risks

Digital futures of small businesses and entrepreneurial opportunity

The transformation, expansion and success of a homelessness charity

What is the meaning and essence of the lived experience of the outcome of existential therapy for depression?

Using Sentiment Analysis on online product reviews for determining fairness

What do you mean by belonging?

Peer-to-peer phone calls as a method of providing proactive and personalised support to enhance student engagement

A pilot study for satellite-tracking Gadwalls Mareca strepera wintering in the Lea Valley, UK

Discardscapes of fashion: commodity biography, patch geographies, and preconsumer garment waste in Cambodia

Multi-source multi-destination hybrid infrastructure-aided traffic aware routing in V2V/I networks

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in cultural context do parents in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom adopt different thresholds when rating symptoms, and if so why?

Exploring Human Resource management practise through the Qatar HR Forum; framing the influence of 'Tharaba' culture and the development of Qatar-centric competencies for HR professionals practising in Qatar

Mind the gap? A critical analysis of the recognition and enforcement of cross-border consumer ODR outcomes in the EU

The implementation of sustainable development as a requirement by ICSID tribunals: a proposal for a sustainability standard

The effects of rhythmic presentation of stimuli on item and source memory

Cyber fraud: investigating substantive, procedural and evidentiary legal issues in Cyprus

From national development to local delivery: how neighbourhood policing policy and guidance has informed the understanding of communities and engagement practice at a local level

The effect of financial development, financial agglomeration, and financial constraint on China’s economic development

How we see ourselves: beginning-teacher identity formation

Design of virtual reality for students with autism, developed in a special school setting

Who am I? Self and identity narratives told by second-generation ex-members of high control cultic groups. A life story narrative inquiry

The intersubjective experience of women with chronic primary pain

New methodological approaches to better understanding the attacking process during open play moments in football

Psychotherapist suicidality: breaking the silence using interactive interviewing

Walking with change: a first-person inquiry into the development of a post-human “frilufts”-life

Development of liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry method for measurement of sepsis biomarkers

The rights of the Ahwazi people in Iran: historical claims, contemporary reality and future prospects

The experiences of the young practicing British Iranian Athna-asheri Shia Muslims in London

The role of autophagy in canine osteosarcoma

‘Being-at-home’ and homelessness: an interpretive phenomenological analysis of the experiences of Syrian involuntary immigrants living in Istanbul, Turkey

Analysis of the microbiota of human milk and baby faeces in Nigeria, using molecular and culture-based approaches

Navigating the challenges of professionalising sales careers: a case for degree apprenticeships in sales

Towards a strong UAE National Human Rights Institution: complying with the Paris Principles and beyond

Transparency and disclosure in supply chains: modern slavery and worker voice

Final report: Wind Energy and the just transition. Political and socio-economic pinch points in wind turbine manufacturing and windfarm communities in Europe and South Africa’

Gendered dynamics of international labour migration: migrant women in Greater Beirut, Lebanon

Millennials’ lived experience of navigating having a voice in a collective country: a hermeneutic phenomenological approach

Bedeutung und Rolle des Einkaufs bei mittelgrossen Schweizer Unternehmen. Qualitative Untersuchung der Herausforderungen und Aufgaben

Die Europäische Finanztransaktionssteuer und die Vereinbarkeit mit der Kapitalmarktunion

Exploring the journey of parenting to understand parents’ perceptions of their families’ relationships

The high wasteland, scar, form, and monstrosity in the English landscape: what is the function of the monster in representations of the English landscape?

AMAZONIA CAMTRAP: A dataset of mammal, bird, and reptile species recorded with camera traps in the Amazon forest

Combining geospatial abundance and ecological niche models to identify high-priority areas for conservation: The neglected role of broadscale interspecific competition

Pulp Fiction: why some populations of ripe-fruit specialists Ateles chamek and A. marginatus prefer insect-infested foods

Biotic indicators for ecological state change in Amazonian floodplains

Factors influencing terrestriality in primates of the Americas and Madagascar

Artificial Intelligence to improve learning outcomes through online collaborative activities

From practice to research

Populations and samples

What is data?

How to collect data

Qualitative data analysis

SuperPoint features in endoscopy

Die persönliche Eignung von Kontrollmitgliedern für die Überwachung der Geschäftsführung von gemeinnützigen Vereinen und Unternehmen in der Sozial- und Gesundheitswirtschaft. Anspruch und Wirklichkeit

Untersuchungen der Fähigkeitsadaption innerhalb des agilen Mindsets der Belegschaft unter Berücksichtigung der digitalen Transformation und der multifaktoriellen Brancheneinflüsse bei Personaldienstleistern: Ein Paradigma der Fähigkeiten und Maßnahmen

Wie können deutsche familienkontrollierte Hidden Champions des B2B-Sektors ihre digitale Transformationsstrategie so gestalten, dass ein unternehmerischer Erfolg resultiert? Entwurf eines review-basierten und empirisch konkretisierten Modells

Evaluating the use of alternative normalization approaches on SARS-CoV-2 concentrations in wastewater: experiences from two catchments in northern Sweden

Blue-green infrastructure for all seasons: the need for multicolored thinking

A phenomenological enquiry into gay male domestic abuse victims’ experience of engaging with psychotherapy

The folk horror renaissance and the shadow of Nigel Kneale: a centenary celebration [Panel]

Translational researchers' training and development needs, preferences, and barriers: a survey in a National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre in the United Kingdom

Perceptions of gender equity and markers of achievement in a National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre: a qualitative study

The way of the social media: focused on the needs for social-connection

An empirical model to perceive quality of education sector in UAE schools using data analytics

Examination of fake news from a viral perspective: an interplay of emotions, resonance, and sentiments

Sun shines in Dubai with Shams: A journey of renewable energy space in the United Arab Emirates

Digital poverty in the UK: analysis of secondary data

Exploring a resource allocation security protocol for secure service migration in commercial cloud environments

The Online Behaviour Taxonomy: a conceptual framework to understand behaviour in computer-mediated communication

Impact of the length of stay at hotels on online reviews

UN Sustainable Development Goals: A rubric to evaluate sincerity for implementing long-term sustainabilty pledges

Towards resolving challenges associated with climate change modelling in Africa

Molecular dynamic simulation reveals structure differences in APOL1 variants and implication on pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease

Bioinformatics, computational informatics, and modeling approaches to the design of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine candidates

Ensemble machine learning for Monkeypox transmission time series forecasting

Application of deep learning techniques and Bayesian optimization with tree parzen estimator in the classification of supply chain pricing datasets of health medications

Computational construction of a glycoprotein multi-epitope subunit vaccine candidate for old and new South-African SARS-CoV-2 virus strains

Using deep 1D convolutional grated recurrent unit neural network to optimize quantum molecular properties and predict intramolecular coupling constants of molecules of potential health medications and other generic molecules

Insights into the impacts of and responses to COVID-19 pandemic: The South African food retail supply chains perspective

Intertextuality and “adult” humour in children’s film

A scoping review exploring the 'grey area' of suicide-related expression in later life: developing a conceptual framework for professional engagement


The rapture and rupture of the lived body

The intersubjectivity and intercorporeality of noise and sonic arts

The argument for queering 'The origin of the work of art'

Introduction to phenomenology and SELF/s

Embodied experience

An introduction to the phenomenology of performance art: SELF/s

Introduction: the media and inequality

The Art of Engagement

Freedom of thought in South Africa: undoing Apartheid’s attempt at thought control

Censorship by algorithm: the UK Online Safety Bill and corporate censorship of free speech

Narratives in (in)authenticity: the early career academic

New generation psychological treatments in chronic pain

Gambling problems and help-seeking in serving United Kingdom military personnel: a qualitative study

Gambling problems and associated harms in United Kingdom Royal Air Force personnel

Reappraising the Kung Fu comedy film: from the protestant ethnic to hysterical resistance

Generation of anatomically inspired human airway tree using electrical impedance tomography: A method to estimate regional lung filling characteristics

Race, human rights and the Global South at the first session of the UN General Assembly

A framework for privacy and security requirements analysis and conflict resolution for supporting GDPR compliance through privacy-by-design

Developing secured Android applications by mitigating code vulnerabilities with machine learning

Joan Griffiths - The Big Picture

Methodological alignment in qualitative research of organisational culture

How Educational Broadcasts were made: Sharing BBC School Radio distance learning skills that still work online

Nuremberg and the drafting of the Genocide Convention

Le droit de jouir des arts

Production of the 70:20:10 webinar

Becoming a learning magician: an alternative to head-to-head online teaching

Relationships between international criminal law and other branches of international law

Comparative institutional law and economics: Reclaiming economics for socio-legal research [Translation]

The Majmūʿ al-tarbiya between text and paratext: Exploring the social history of a community's reading culture

Digitalisierung der Unternehmensberatung – Analyse von Beratungsschulen und Digitalisierungspotenzialen

Advances in electrical impedance tomography and bioimpedance including applications in COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment

Share price informativeness and dividend smoothing behavior in GCC markets

Critical approaches to tourism, heritage and culture

Stigma and whistleblowing: Should punitive damages be available in retaliation cases?

The quantum path kernel: A generalized quantum neural tangent kernel for deep quantum machine learning

Owning the masters: a history of sound recording copyright

Integration of internationally educated nurses to the UK: the lived experience of nurses with Nigerian heritage in the London region

Sind Veröffentlichungen von publikationspflichtigen Unternehmensmeldungen faktorbasierte Marktrisiken? Eine Untersuchung von Noise-Trader-Risiken und Noise-Trader-Heuristiken

Anwendungsorientierte Konzeption zur internen Qualitätssteuerung der Klassifikationen KTL und ICF in der medizinischen Rehabilitation

What is so fabulous about Smaug?

An Inert State: Tracing a double-defiance of death via photographic poiesis

Managing risk in nurseries

Drivers of far-right extremism

United Kingdom: Citizenship education in the United Kingdom: comparing England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Movimento per la decrescita e prevenzione della criminalita

Early years teachers’ perspectives of integrated workingand professional development: a qualitative explorationin a local authority in London

Effect of mindfulness on online impulse buying: Moderated mediation model of problematic internet use and emotional intelligence

Lived experiences of mental health recovery in persons of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds within the Australian context

Reconceptualising the factory as plant-ation: Black radicalism and the politics of history in a Detroit automobile plant

Displaying co-creation: an enquiry into participatory practice at the University museum

Digital currency price formation: a production cost perspective

Security in web applications: a comparative analysis of key SQL injection detection techniques

The media and inequality

After yet another election, where are you heading Bulgaria?

Racial economic inequality: the visible tip of an inequality iceberg

Stress shielding and bone resorption of press-fit polyether-ether-ketone (PEEK) hip prosthesis: a sawbone model study


The knowledge and attitudes regarding pressure ulcer prevention among healthcare support workers in the UK: a cross-sectional study

The value of experiments in futures and foresight science as illustrated by the case of scenario planning

Flood risk management through a resilience lens

Detecting vulnerabilities in smart contract within blockchain: a review and comparative analysis of key approaches

RaspiMonitor: a Raspberry Pi based smart home monitoring system

Investigating data repair steps for EHR Big Data

A review and comparative analysis of vulnerability scanning tools for wireless LANs

A mixed-methods investigation of work identity in waiting staff, and its impact on turnover intention

Impact of choreographic approach on health and performance aesthetics in a company of mature dancers

Frequency of upper body muscular actions in ballet and contemporary dance performance

The unequal costs of Covid-19 on well-being in Europe

Emergency first responders and professional wellbeing: a qualitative systematic review

Value of information in the binary case and confusion matrix

Integration of MFC reduces CH4, N2O and NH3 emissions in batch-fed wetland systems

Formalization and evaluation of EAP-AKA’ protocol for 5G network access security

Insider trading, gender diversity within the board room, CEO pay gap, and stock price crash risk

"That's bang out of order, mate!": Gendered and racialized micro‐practices of disadvantage and privilege in UK business schools

The social impact of urban nature in regeneration indicators & guidance 2020-2021

Applying safety investigation standards to occupational health incidents

Rapid prototyping of the SmartAR augmented reality control platform for multiple use cases

NFC tag-based mHealth patient healthcare tracking system

Cyber deception against DDoS attack using moving target defence framework in SDN IOT-EDGE networks

‘What happened to me does not define who I am’: Narratives of resilience in survivor victim impact statements

Efficient framework for structural reliability analysis based on adaptive ensemble learning paired with subset simulation

Joint beamforming design for secure RIS-assisted IoT networks

The role of street art in sustainable development: art and social change

The Practices of Making

Explanation of black box AI for GDPR related privacy using Isabelle

Endoscopic image analysis using deep convolutional GAN and traditional data augmentation

COVID-VIT: classification of Covid-19 from 3D CT chest images based on vision transformer model

Impacts of sea-level rise on coastal zones of Mauritius: insights following calculation of a coastal vulnerability index

Wellness predictors of achievement

Digital twins: a survey on enabling technologies, challenges, trends and future prospects

Humans of interiors – diversity by design

The augmented studio: Teaching and learning in digital space

Does size matter? The effects of public sector organizational size’ on knowledge management processes and operational efficiency

Appraising clinical practice and research evidence for nurses. The creation of a “S.E.R.V.I.C.E” tool

Do people with musculoskeletal pain differ from healthy cohorts in terms of global measures of strength? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Intentionality for inclusivity - the journey at Middlesex University

Multinational evaluation of the measurement invariance of the level of personality functioning scale–brief form 2.0: comparison of student and community samples across seven countries

The introduction of work-based learning to higher education in the UK

Turning towards discomfort in postdevelopmental approaches to childhood art: The potentials of multimodal mediated discourse analysis

Why is greater income inequality associated with lower life satisfaction and poorer health? Evidence from the European Quality of Life Survey, 2012

The impact of Government Industry-Academia collaboration on economic development, innovation and creating future leaders from the UAE

Does size matter? Effects of small vs. large pitch small-sided game training on speed and endurance in collegiate soccer players

A three-pronged-approach to academic advising: case study of Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics (CEI) at Middlesex University Dubai

Piloting of a suicide first aid gatekeeper training (online) for children and young people in conflict affected areas in Syria

Il ruolo di sacerdoti Camilliani nella cura di persone vittime di pratiche di contenimento e/o reclusione a causa di malattia mentale nell’isola di Flores in Indonesia

What is an enabling environment - and who is doing the enabling?

Developing testing frameworks for AI cameras

Humanising technology: the role of policy, law and ethics in technological innovation

Promoting women in STEM: a systematic review of contribution of higher education institutions in the UAE in bridging the STEM gender gap

Application of blockchain technology in digital forensics: a novel tool for the preservation of a chain of custody of forensically acquired online evidence

Empowering students: a success story of developing student research culture in higher education

Gender diversity in the boardroom: case of UAE national banks

Impact of corporate social responsibility on the performance of the banking sector: case of United Arab Emirates

Education and corporate collaboration – recruiting for future. Ensuring an equal playing field.

Criminal court sentencing: the case for specialist ‘young adult’ courts

Generation, susceptibility, and response regarding negativity: an in-depth analysis of negative online reviews

Il lavoro attraverso lo sguardo femminile: la fotografia delle donne in Italia tra ricerca artistica e critica sociale

CODA: Seismic knots of (un)knowing "toddler"(s)

'That's enough!' (But it wasn't): the generative possibilities of attuning to what else a tantrum can do

Editorial: The spectacle of 'tantruming toddler': Reconfiguring child/hood(s) of the Capitalocene

Risking erasure? Posthumanist research practices and figurations of (the) child

Grappling with the miseducation of Montessori: A feminist posthuman rereading of 'child' in early childhood contexts

Who is who in the Bulgarian coup?

Discriminator-based adversarial networks for knowledge graph completion

Introducing Fair Work through ‘soft’ regulation in outsourced public service networks: Explaining unintended outcomes in the implementation of the Scottish living wage policy

Conceptualizing, measuring, and managing marketing assets: developing the marketing assets, communication focus, and capability nexus

Three problems of interdisciplinarity

Malignant Mesothelioma subtyping of tissue images via sampling driven multiple instance prediction

On the morphological deviation in additive manufacturing of porous Ti6Al4V scaffold: a design consideration

Effects of canine-assisted intervention on the mental health of higher education students: a systematic review

The Bulgarian-Macedonian hala meets EU hypocrisy

Bulgarian Private Law at Crossroads (Intersentia 2022)

Intelligent environments with entangled quality properties [Editorial]

Cyber-threat detection system using a hybrid approach of transfer learning and multi-model image representation

Contextualizing AMO explanations of knowledge sharing in MNEs: the role of organizational and national culture

The impact of market orientation on new product performance through product launch quality: a resource-based view

Canine-assisted intervention reduces anxiety and stress in higher education students: a randomized controlled trial

Uptake of advanced clinical practice roles in the health service in England: perspectives at the micro level

Building energy management systems

"I think this news is accurate": endorsing accuracy decreases the sharing of fake news and increases the sharing of real news

Taxane monotherapy regimens for the treatment of recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer [Review - Intervention]

Classification techniques for arrhythmia patterns using convolutional neural networks and Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Novel group handover mechanism for cooperative and coordinated mobile femtocells technology in railway environment

Solidarity in Performance: considering activist processes in neoliberal times

Performance Research, Volume 27, Issue 5 (2022): On Solidarity

Tweeting Brexit: social media and the aftermath of the EU referendum

Workplace well-being and support systems in journalism: comparative analysis of Germany and the United Kingdom

Predicting attitudinal and behavioral responses to COVID-19 pandemic using machine learning

Scenario generation and scenario quality using the cone of plausibility

Securing future healthcare environments in a post-COVID-19 world: moving from frameworks to prototypes

The EMT-activator ZEB1 is unrelated to platinum drug resistance in ovarian cancer but is predictive of survival

RIS-aided smart manufacturing: information transmission and machine health monitoring

A bibliometric review of innovation networks: 30 years of study

Bulgarian private law at crossroads

Adaptive weighted dynamic differential evolution algorithm for emergency material allocation and scheduling

Frontline response: exploring the impact of COVID‐19 on stalking behaviours

An explainable AI-based intrusion detection system for DNS over HTTPS (DoH) attacks

Introduction to the Proceedings of WoRIE’22

Self-concept, creativity and developmental dyslexia in university students: effects of age of assessment

The covid ‐19 pandemic and cultural competence: global implications for managers, nurses and healthcare workers during major health disasters and emergencies

Social Democratic Criminology by Robert Reiner [Book review]

Consumer perceptions of Sustainable Development Goals: conceptualisation, measurement, and contingent effects

Short-stay crisis units for mental health service users on crisis care pathways: systematic review and meta-analysis

A personal journey of studying positive psychology: reflections of undergraduate students in the United Arab Emirates

Who wants a radical nursing curriculum?

Negative Airbnb reviews: an aspect based sentiment analysis approach

Is seeking certainty in climate sensitivity measures counterproductive in the context of climate emergency? The case for scenario planning

Planning and design scenarios for liveable cities

Forecast disagreement about long-run macroeconomic relationships

A time of reckoning? Russia and the Council of Europe [Blog post]

Validity and reliability of strategy metrics to assess countermovement jump performance using the newly developed My Jump Lab smartphone application

Ministry of Defence impunity: the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Act 2021

Student Relational Bonding - the key to focusing on needs of the individual - a UK study

Continued and intensified hostility: the problematisation of immigration in the UK Government’s 2021 ‘New Plan for Immigration’

Working Lives in India: current insights and future directions

Displacement, diaspora, and statelessness: framing the Kurdish case

Youth Culturally adapted Manual Assisted Problem Solving Training (YCMAP) in Pakistani adolescent with a history of self-harm: protocol for multicentre clinical and cost-effectiveness randomised controlled trial

Diabetes distress, depressive, and anxiety symptoms in people with type 2 diabetes: a network analysis approach to understanding comorbidity

Inequality, poverty and the composition of redistribution

Decellularised cartilage ECM culture coatings drive rapid and robust chondrogenic differentiation of human periosteal cells

The knowledge and attitudes regarding pressure ulcer prevention among healthcare support workers in the UK: a cross-sectional study

Temporal expectation improves recognition memory for spatially attended objects

RAMPVIS: Answering the challenges of building visualisation capabilities for large-scale emergency responses

Arts in regeneration: from creative community-led planning to institutional instrumentalism in East London [Blog post]

A multi-disciplinary and comparative approach to evaluating pre-trial detention decisions: towards evidence-based reform

Local public entities in distress: an analysis of the Ugandan approach

The influence of 'soft' fair work regulation on union recovery: a case of re-recognition in the Scottish voluntary social care sector

Unsupervised deep learning-based reconfigurable intelligent surface aided broadcasting communications in industrial IoTs

Mitigation of hazards and risks of emerging pollutants through innovative treatment techniques of post methanated distillery effluent - A review

Assessing the prevalence of refractive errors and accuracy of vision screening by schoolteachers in Liberia

Assessing eccentric hamstring strength using the Nordbord: between-session reliability and inter-limb asymmetries in professional soccer players

Gender and migration: IMISCOE short reader

Explaining cognitive breakpoints to chunk visual analytic actions for transparency in sensemaking

Eye-tracking assistive technologies for individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Communicating uncertainty using words and numbers

Bulgaria's institutional wars

Characterization of industrially pre-treated waste printed circuit boards for the potential recovery of rare earth elements

Sustainability and financial crime

An institutional analysis of 'power within' local governance: a Bazaari tale from Pakistan

Performance analysis practice within Olympic and Paralympic sports: a comparison of coach and analyst experiences

Children’s self-determination in the context of practice. Reflection on adults-children relationships

Reflections at the intersection between environments that enable and children’s agency

The digital challenge for multinational mobile network operators. More marginalization or rejuvenation?

Momentum-based load prescriptions: applications to jump squat training

The rule of law as the perimeter of legitimacy for COVID-19 responses

(Un)Governing: COVID-19 response in the UK

Lessons for a 'post-pandemic' future

The moderation effect of secure attachment on the relationship between positive events and wellbeing

Routledge Handbook of law and the COVID-19 pandemic

Developing a mental health index using a machine learning approach: assessing the impact of mobility and lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic

A perfect storm: the extraordinary constitutional attack against the Istanbul Convention in Bulgaria

The racialisation of class and the racialisation of the nation: ethnic minority identity formation across the british south asian middle classes

Development and application of an innovative approach to predicting pollutant concentrations in highway runoff

Examining the role of the occupational safety and health professional in supporting the control of the risks of multiple psychosocial stressors generated during the COVID-19 pandemic

On solutions of the transport equation in the presence of singularities

Salt-alkalization may potentially promote Microcystis aeruginosa blooms and the production of microcystin-LR

Removal of microcystin (MC-LR) in constructed wetlands integrated with microbial fuel cells: Efficiency, bioelectricity generation and microbial response

Crafting granular stories with child-like embodied, affective and sensory encounters that attune to the world's differential becoming

Response to commentaries: (de)normalization of drinking and its implications for young people, sociality, culture and epidemiology

Luxury brand value co-creation with online brand communities in the service encounter

Crippled warriors: masculinities and martial arts media in Asia

Middle managers’ strategising practices to effect strategic change

Biochar-amended constructed wetlands for eutrophication control and microcystin (MC-LR) removal

Desertification: competing knowledge claims and land-management agendas

Towards a national strategy for the provision of spiritual care during major health disasters: a qualitative study

Strength and conditioning for golf athletes: biomechanics, injury risk, physical requirements, and recommendations for testing and training

Unraveling the secrets of rhizobacteria signaling in rhizosphere

Intervening to prevent suicide at railway locations: findings from a qualitative study with front-line staff and rail commuters

Developing children's agency within a children's rights education framework: 10 propositions

Characterization of persistent organic pollutants and culturable and non-culturable bacterial communities in pulp and paper sludge after secondary treatment

Cultural differences in deliberate counterfeit purchase behavior

Mental well-being and sleep hygiene in undergraduate dance students during the Coronavirus Pandemic: an exploratory analysis

Political violence and behavioural economics

Advancing the circular economy through dynamic capabilities and extended customer engagement: insights from small sustainable fashion enterprises in the UK

Perceptions of attractions, residents as "more knowledgeable others" and destination image: Evidence from two destinations

Social innovation for biodiversity: A literature review and research challenges

Active Energy: Bringing local knowledge into the public realm

Hungry for change: the experiences of people with PKU, and their caregivers, when eating out

Modular covariants of cyclic groups of order p

The innovation process in mining: integrating insights from innovation and change management

Politics as Sound: The Washington, DC, Hardcore Scene, 1978–1983, Shanya L. Maskell (2021) [Book Review]

Headscarves and the CJEU: protecting fundamental rights and pandering to prejudice: the CJEU does both

Assessing suicide ideation among older adults: a systematic review of screening and measurement tools

An elitism-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for min-cost network disintegration

Detection of human papillomavirus (HPV) from super resolution microscopic images applying an explainable deep learning network

Early detection of oesophageal cancer through colour contrast enhancement for data augmentation

Estimation of Scottish pluvial flooding Expected Annual Damages using interpolation techniques

Shall we dance? Recreational dance, well-being and productivity performance during COVID-19: a three-country study

Plant growth promoting strain Bacillus cereus (RCS-4 MZ520573.1) enhances phytoremediation potential of Cynodon dactylon L. in distillery sludge

50 feminist art manifestos

Dentro y contra la latusa: la problemática de las mujeres artistas en las historias del arte

Release of microplastic fibres and fragmentation to billions of nanoplastics from period products: preliminary assessment of potential health implications

Intra- and inter-day reliability of weightlifting variables and correlation to performance during cleans

Paranoid and misidentification subtypes of psychosis in dementia

Relational key account management: insights from the Middle Eastern context

Defining family business efficacy: An exploratory study

Reiki practitioners' perceptions of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the experience, practice and future of Reiki

Pride and anxiety: British journalists’ emotional labour in the Covid-19 pandemic

The impact of e-commerce on Chinese suppliers' upgrading in global value chains in a digitalized era

Double intelligent reflecting surface-assisted multi-user MIMO mmWave systems with hybrid precoding

Suicide first aid guidelines for Indonesia: a Delphi consensus study

The struggling towards a transdisciplinary metaphysics

How does successive inpatriation contribute to subsidiary capability building and subsidiary evolution? An organizational knowledge creation perspective

Contexts and context-awareness revisited from an intelligent environments perspective

Enactment of compassionate leadership by nursing and midwifery managers: results from an international online survey

Trade negotiations: teaching consensus

A critical review of household recycling barriers in the United Kingdom

Masculinity, cancel culture and woke capitalism: Exploring Twitter response to Brendan Leipsic's leaked conversation

Quorum sensing - a promising tool for degradation of industrial waste containing persistent organic pollutants

The degrowth movement and crime prevention

Microbial community dynamics and their relationships with organic and metal pollutants of sugarcane molasses-based distillery wastewater sludge

A multi-analytical approach to studying customers motivations to use innovative totally autonomous vehicles

High removal efficiencies of antibiotics and low accumulation of antibiotic resistant genes obtained in microbial fuel cell-constructed wetlands intensified by sponge iron

Understanding patient health-seeking behaviour to optimise the uptake of cataract surgery in rural Kenya, Zambia and Uganda: findings from a multisite qualitative study

Social access: role of digital media in social relations of young people with disabilities

Hate speech

Signal denoising of viral particle in wide-field photon scattering parametric images using deep learning

Representing suicide: giving voice to a desire to die?

Cloud-based digital twinning for structural health monitoring using deep learning

Workforce size adjustment as a strategic response to exchange rate shocks: a strategy-tripod application to Chinese firms

The bidirectional longitudinal association between depressive symptoms and HbA1c : a systematic review and meta‐analysis

'Americanization' and the drivers of the establishment and use of works councils in three post-socialist countries

Reverse engineering in strength and conditioning: applications to agility training

Declining drinking among adolescents: are we seeing a denormalisation of drinking and a normalisation of non-drinking?

Patients' beliefs towards contingency management: Target behaviours, incentives and the remote application of these interventions

A new privacy framework for the management of chronic diseases via mHealth in a post-Covid-19 world

Effects of unilateral vs. bilateral resistance training interventions on measures of strength, jump, linear and change of direction speed: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Empowerment as a pre-requisite to managing and influencing health in the workplace: the sexual and reproductive health needs of factory women migrant workers in Malaysia

The effect of resident-tourist interaction quality on destination image and loyalty

“Small steps, or giant leaps?” Comparing game demands of U23, U18, and U16 English academy soccer and their associations with speed and endurance

Empowering refugee families in transit: the development of a culturally competent and compassionate training and support package

Effects of a resistance training intervention on the strength-deficit of elite young soccer players

Cultures and institutions: dispositional and contextual explanations for country-of-origin effects in MNC 'ethnocentric' staffing practices

Corporate accountability towards species extinction protection: insights from ecologically forward-thinking companies

3D analytical modelling and iterative solution for high performance computing clusters

Singing to infants matters: early singing interactions affect musical preferences and facilitate vocabulary building

Student motivations for studying criminology: a narrative inquiry

MobiScan: an enhanced invisible screen‐camera communication system for IoT applications

Place-oriented or people-oriented concepts for destination loyalty: destination image and place attachment versus perceived distances and emotional solidarity

Life events, depression and supportive relationships affect academic achievement in university students

Secure smart contracts for cloud-based manufacturing using Ethereum blockchain

Self-management on display: negotiating the visions of Yugoslav socialist modernity at Expo 58 and Porodica i domacinstvo exhibitions

AnAbEL: Towards empowering people living with dementia in ambient assisted living

Lessons in character education: incorporating neoliberal learning in classroom resources

Magnitude or direction? Seasonal variation of interlimb asymmetry in elite academy soccer players

The association between Interlimb asymmetry and athletic performance tasks: a season long study in elite academy soccer players

Return mobilities of highly skilled young people to a post-conflict region: the case of Kurdish-British to Kurdistan – Iraq

Peter Goodrich, Advanced Introduction to Law and Literature (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton MA, USA), 2021.pp. 119 [Book review]

Enhancing value co-creation behaviour in digital peer-to-peer platforms: an integrated approach

Experiencing the sense of the brand: the mining, processing and application of brand data through sensory brand experiences

The effects of training interventions on inter-limbs asymmetries: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Have news reports on suicide and attempted suicide during the COVID-19 pandemic adhered to guidance on safer reporting? A UK-wide content analysis study

Do top management teams’ expectations and support drive management innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises?

Leveraging blockchain in medical tourism value chain

Open Dialogue compared to treatment as usual for adults experiencing a mental health crisis: Protocol for the ODDESSI multi-site cluster randomised controlled trial.

Validation and recalibration of OxMIV in predicting violent behaviour in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders

Statistical investigation of climate change effects on the utilization of the sediment heat energy

BIM for landscape design improving climate adaptation planning: the evaluation of software tools based on the ISO 25010 standard

Effects of direction-specific training interventions on physical performance and inter-limb asymmetries

Confirmation of a crisis leadership model and its effectiveness: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

CroLSSim: Cross‐language software similarity detector using hybrid approach of LSA‐based AST‐MDrep features and CNN‐LSTM model

Direct oral anticoagulants‐Remove versus Taipan snake venom time for detection of a lupus anticoagulant in patients taking oral direct factor Xa inhibitors

'Just have some IVF!': A longitudinal ethnographic study of couples' experiences of seeking fertility treatment

Typology of art produced by travelling artists: art-led regeneration of a historic urban environment

Gold-viral particle identification by deep learning in wide-field photon scattering parametric images

What does a ‘typical’ geography trainee journey look like, and what subject support should we look to provide across the different stages of this journey?

Policy paper on the implications of COVID-19: Insights into state governance and the rule of law, human rights and good governance during the COVID-19 pandemic

Challenges, applications and future of wireless sensors in Internet of Things: a review

Self-transcendent experiences and sustainable prosperity: CUSP working paper no. 32

Does the cost of energy matter for innovation? The effects of energy prices on SME innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Associations between differing magnitudes of inter-limb asymmetry and linear and change of direction speed performance in male youth soccer players

The Intellect handbook of popular music methodologies

Popular music research methodologies: outlining the field(s)

VANT-GAN: adversarial learning for discrepancy-based visual attribution in medical imaging

Stressful eating indulgence by Generation Z: a cognitive conceptual framework of new age consumers’ obesity

Portal-time and wanderlines: what does virusing-with make possible in childhood research?

Regulating the privately rented sector: what should the workforce look like?

Transforming the rented sector: home and regulation

Examining trends in the representation of young people and alcohol in Australian newspapers over twenty years (2000-2019)

Navigating feedback practices across learning contexts: implications for feedback literacy

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on reporting of rape, serious sexual offences, and domestic abuse in one English police force

The one thing you need to change is emotions: the effect of multi-sensory marketing on consumer behavior

Practices and performance outcomes of green supply chain management initiatives in the garment industry

The role of debriefing in enhancing learning and development in professional boxing

Do we look 'good?' Characterizing the influence of brand ethical value on consumer ad avoidance behaviour

Lessons from behaviorism: the problem of construct-led science

Is the answer to improved health hiding in plain sight?

Engaging with maths online - teaching mathematics collaboratively and inclusively through a pandemic and beyond

The post‐COVID‐19 future of digital learning in higher education: views from educators, students, and other professionals in six countries

Capturing regional differences in flood vulnerability improves flood loss estimation

Appropriate safeguards and Article 89 of the GDPR: considerations for biobank, databank and genetic research

Regulating the privately rented housing sector: evidence into practice

iSpring Online Quizzes: the good, the bad and the ugly

Populism as new wine in old bottles in the context of Germany: 'symbolic violence' as collective habitus that devalues the human capital of Turks

Privacy, security and forensics in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Intellectual capital in nonprofit organizations: a focus on social capital as a marketing enabler

Parenting adolescent daughters: differential effects of maternal attachment insecurity and proximity-seeking

Outlook on smart public value governance in Africa

Revisiting restorative justice: exploring restorative justice and its practices in the further education sector

The role of trust in the positioning of children with migrant backgrounds. Reflections on teachers' narratives from London primary schools

Development of the Dance Fitness Indicator©: a high-intensity dance fitness test: a preliminary study

Impunity: the unbearable difficulty of dismissing a General Prosecutor for abuses of office and other crimes

The problematic role of materialistic values in the pursuit of sustainable well-being

Elder financial abuse based on victim–perpetrator relationship as perceived by Asian young adults

Using a hot-spot procedure in an online study of perceptions of hand contamination

Time and symbols in the contentious city

A novel kernel based approach to arbitrary length symbolic data with application to type 2 diabetes risk

COVID‑19, the rule of law and democracy. Analysis of legal responses to a global health crisis

The evolution of food security: where are we now, where should we go next?

Digital ethnography in higher education teaching and learning—a methodological review

Green bonds in the Gulf

Housing as a process of change: international perspectives on understanding and addressing inequity

Reclaimed: The Greenham Common women’s peace camp as quotidian feminist heritage

"Teta, s kom si ti lezbijka?" Z izobraževanjem proti nevidnosti LGBT+ starih ljudi v socialni in zdravstveni oskrbi

But did my athlete improve!? Assessing performance changes when N = 1

Working at the intersection: architecture after the anthropocene

Effects of regional citrate anticoagulation on thrombin generation, fibrinolysis and platelet function in critically ill patients receiving continuous renal replacement therapy for acute kidney injury: a prospective study

Trapped in a cycle: the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014 and the rise in recall to custody

Public health is not the only measure of success. The ‘health’ of democratic institutions matters too

Anchors matter: eliciting maternal expectations on educational outcomes

Enlightened management: reflections on spirituality and Its significance for the future of work

Gamification for healthier lifestyle – user retention

National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic

Author Correction: National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic

The Lockdown Diaries of the Working Class

The bacterial urban resistome: recent advances

Move on Up? Measuring the social mobility impact of apprenticeships

The official discourse of academic credit in England

News: fact or fiction?

Seeing is believing

In the public interest

A conceptual framework for the future of sea-level rise and land uplift changes in the Vaasa region of Finland

Engineering context updates

Putting the black in Britain back on the BBC

Quantifying frequency of use of methods of body mass loss in competing UK powerlifters

Resettlement: a people first approach to community (re)integration

Ice Dynamics and Morphological Changes During Proglacial Lake Development at Exploradores Glacier, Patagonia

Building a text for actors and AR (Backpages 32.1)

L&T Chat Show episode 8 - Alan Wheeler and Lego

What is risk?

Bulgaria’s failed specialized criminal justice experiment

Examining public sentiments and attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccination: infoveillance study using Twitter posts

Transcending a single reality: transdisciplinarity, the emerging forces of spirituality and a pedagogy of self-cultivation

Exploring new traffic prediction models to build an intelligent transport system for Smart Cities

Predictors of outcomes following interdisciplinary acceptance and commitment therapy for chronic pain: profiling psychological flexibility

Post-activation performance enhancement in sprinters: effects of hard versus sand surfaces

Antecedents and consequences of co-creation value with a resolution of complex P2P relationships

Tracing the Sacred Thread: exploring the sonic theology of Krishnacore

Human Rights - the essential frame of reference in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Challenges and support structures of mothers with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the United Arab Emirates: A thematic analysis

Let us talk about something: the evolution of e-WOM from the past to the future

Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart navigation aid for visually impaired

Trauma and repair in the museum: an introduction

New-normal market entry mode for pharmaceuticals: an Internet of Things (IoT) market entry framework stemming from COVID-19

The Commission 2021 rule of law report and the EU monitoring and enforcement of Article 2 TEU values

Can lean management improve support for print disabled students? A Middlesex University case study

LearnSDN: optimizing routing over multimedia-based 5G-SDN using machine learning

Dark side of sharing economy: examining the unethical practices and its impact on coopetition and firm performance

Running on the treadmill: Practitioner experiences of mass supervision


A global and regional analysis of Risk Factors for Blindness and Vision impairment in 2020 and their contribution to the change in prevalence of vision loss over 3 decades

Gender differences in childhood anxiety in relation to school performance

Investigating the prevalence of low energy availability, disordered eating and eating disorders in competitive and recreational female endurance runners

Pagets and Westmacotts in the Mediterranean

Conflict, displacement, and economic revival: the case of the internally displaced minority entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Identification of human papillomavirus from super resolution microscopic images generated using deep learning architectures

A time of reckoning? Russia and the Council of Europe

Geography’s just colouring! What can history teachers genuinely learn from the pedagogies and discipline of geography?

Communicating the standardisation process and cybersecurity standards to undergraduate students

Scale and spaces of global labor markets

Home-based self-employment: combining personal, household and employment influences

Differential cost analysis with simultaneous potentials and anti-potentials

Expanded Landscapes

A Walk through Housing History

Explanation by automated reasoning using the Isabelle Infrastructure framework

Exploring rationality of self awareness in social networking for logical modeling of unintentional insiders

Beware Maria: Mike Dines, Punk Scholar [Podcast]

Fighting without fighting: Kung Fu cinema's journey to the West

Using virtual avatars to explore the impact of instructors' gender, race, and qualification on perceived learning in an online classroom

Cross-sectional chest circumference and shape development in infants

Unravelling the mystery behind bank insolvencies in the East African Community (EAC) – the case for Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania

EPQ @ MDX: Supporting local students (A case study)

Monitoring occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 in school populations: A wastewater-based approach

The Privacy Paradox - investigating people's attitude towards privacy in a time of COVID-19

Exploring external finance to build back better a green UK SME economy

Policy briefing: Exploring external finance to build back better a green UK SME economy

Environmental impact of urbanization, bank credits, and energy use in the UAE—A tourism-induced EKC model

Added value of antiphosphatidylserine/prothrombin antibodies in the workup of thrombotic antiphospholipid syndrome: Communication from the ISTH SSC Subcommittee on Lupus Anticoagulant/Antiphospholipid Antibodies

Industrial networks and intelligent systems: 8th EAI International Conference, INISCOM 2022, Virtual Event, April 21–22, 2022, Proceedings

Joelle Grogan, review of Miguel Poiares Maduro and Paul W. Kahn, eds., Democracy in Times of Pandemic: Different Futures Imagined [Book review]

Russian misuse of international law is final nail in coffin of post WW2 order [Blog post]

The rule of law as a well‑established and well‑defined principle of EU law

Drug Policy. By Alison Ritter, London & New York: Routledge, 2022. ISBN: 9781032124278 (paperback) [Book review]

A low-power recursive I/Q signal generator and current driver for bioimpedance applications

Exploring cisgender therapists' attitudes towards, and experience of, working with trans people in the United Kingdom

Bans on the wearing of Burqas, Niqabs and Hijabs, religious freedom and the secular nature of the state

What is the effect of ankle disk training and taping on proprioception deficit after lateral ankle sprains among active populations? - A systematic review.

A global-scale analysis of the sharing economy model – an AirBnB case study

Critical thinking in nurse education: exploring critical thinking from the the nurse lecturers' perspective

Data-driven network performance prediction for B5G networks: a graph neural network approach

Intersections of LGBTQ+ social spaces using gender analysis and the social model

Police responses to cyberstalking during the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK

Creating disaster risk and constructing gendered vulnerability

Wind Energy and the just transition. Political and socio-economic pinch points in wind turbine manufacturing and windfarm communities in Europe and South Africa

The principle of constant care, prolonged drone surveillance and the right to privacy of non-combatants in armed conflicts

Active Energy: bringing local knowledge into the public realm

The sociotechnical digital twin: on the gap between social and technical feasibility

Development of a biosensor for fast point-of-care blood analysis of Troponin

‘…Be the change, you want to see…’: Evaluation of a pilot mentor scheme for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic social work students

Evaluating the optimal number of clusters to identify similar gene expression patterns during erythropoiesis

Mental health and coping with fertility treatment cessation during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK

Equality as an EU value

Global sex differences in hygiene norms and their relation to sex equality

Meditation and life coaching for law students

High frame rate electrical impedance tomography system for monitoring of regional lung ventilation

Digital twin as risk-free experimentation aid for techno-socio-economic systems

"My heart and my brain is what's bleeding, these are just cuts." An interpretative phenomenological analysis of young women's experiences of self-harm

Trustors' disregard for trustees deciding quickly or slowly in three experiments with time constraints

Health promotion in emergency care: rationale, strategies and activities

RFAP: a revocable fine-grained access control mechanism for autonomous vehicle platoon

An introduction of a modular framework for securing 5G networks and beyond

Nursing as a profession has some way to go to understand the dynamics of racism

From outcome-based to language-based preferences

PhD Work with Robothespian on display at Centre of Contemporary Culture Barcelona

A deep convolutional neural network stacked ensemble for malware threat classification in internet of things

Helpful or not? Appraisal and mechanisms of prosociality in the dark triad

An ISM approach to modeling: antecedents of e-cheating in higher education

Service failure research in the hospitality and tourism industry: a synopsis of past, present and future dynamics from 2001 to 2020

An enabling framework for blockchain in tourism

Unpacking qualitative methodology to explore experiences of mothers with children with autism spectrum disorder in the UAE: a thematic analysis inquiry

The applications of attachment theory to working therapeutically with families in the context of children and young people

Visual analytics of contact tracing policy simulations during an emergency response

Learning from each other: why and how business schools need to create a ‘Paradox Box’ for academic-policy impact

Bank performance and noninterest income: evidence from countries in the Asian region

Bright and dark sides of engaging in fan communities for human brand loyalty

Wearable Devices: how to manage consumer anxiety that coexists with positive perceptions

Causes of and alternatives to medication for behaviours that challenge in people with intellectual disabilities: direct care providers' perspectives

Reducing early-stage Cleantech funding gaps: an exploration of the role of Environmental Performance Indicators

Research and evidence for environmental health policy and practice

Extradition to Russia from an EU member state: judicial incompetence, political bias, or just another sign of rule of law decay?

'Class against class': the leadership of the Communist Party of Great Britain during the Comintern’s Third Period, 1928–1934

A combination of cherry juice and cold water immersion does not enhance marathon recovery compared to either treatment in isolation: a randomized placebo-controlled trial

The resettlement experiences of people supported by the charity Prisoners Abroad

Contemporary issues in criminal court procedure

Funny and disturbing: women’s serio-comic performances on the Victorian music hall

Low temperature heating operation performance of a domestic heating system based on indirect expansion solar assisted air source heat pump

Paper 45: Exploring student perceptions of existing learning communities of practice within a Degree Apprenticeship to enable the greater adoption of inclusivity principles for work-integrated studies

Using Narrative Inquiry to understand physical activity connections through the lifecourse

Dracula's Daughter - the umade, unmakeable script

Post-graduate arts students meet the artists of Notting Hill Carnival; an ongoing programme by Middlesex University London to develop and promote carnival arts. The pioneering work of Adela Ruth Tompsett

How can we mainstream mental health in research engaging the range of Sustainable Development Goals? A theory of change

Exploring the use of learning communities of practice within a degree apprenticeship through university and partnership provision while incorporating the use of inclusive principles and practice

Introduction to Imagining Radical Inclusivity in Work and Learning

Was Physical Education as bad as people remember it? A qualitative thematic review

Understanding sexual violence and factors related to police outcomes

Engaging perioperative students in online learning: human factors

"SERVICE": A strategy to appraise and value evidence based practice

On the power-splitting relaying protocol for SWIPT with multiple UAVs in downlink NOMA-IoT networks

Internet traffic prediction using recurrent neural networks

Auto-pedagogies for landscape architecture

Exchanging prevention practices on polydrug use among youth in criminal justice systems (EPPIC)


The rise of the discourse on children’s right of self-determination. The case study of Early Childhood Education and its construction of children as agents in education

Jet Black Futures II

Human trafficking in the UAE: addressing a transnational threat

Jet Black Futures (Monograph)

Assessing the impact of developmental relationships in a humanitarian context

How we got into popular music studies and where do we go from here?

Supply chain transparency, ethical sourcing, and synthetic diamond alternatives: exploring the perspectives of diamond retailers

A handbook to support the sexual and reproductive health needs of factory women migrant workers

Activated partial thromboplastin time and prothrombin time mixing studies: current state of the art

Multiclass target analysis of contaminants of emerging concern including transformation products, soil bioavailability assessment and retrospective screening as tools to evaluate risks associated with reclaimed water reuse

Embedding impact in collaborative filmmaking processes: a case study

International dimensions of mediation /inclusivity & the workplace

Operationalising a process model of innovation for the mining industry

A transdisciplinary currere

Why sports should embrace bilateral asymmetry: A narrative review

Robot Operating System (ROS) controlled anthropomorphic robot hand

太极推手: Taiji Pushing Hands (Postcard)

The role of autophagy in canine osteosarcoma chemoresistance and metastasis

ATR inhibition increases sensitivity of a highly aggressive osteosarcoma cell line to cisplatin treatment

Migratory bodies express markers of tumour initiating cells and may represent an early stage of osteosarcoma sarcosphere initiation and metastasis

CRISPR/Cas9-mediated ATG7 knockout results in enhanced osteosarcoma chemosensitivity

ATR inhibition increases sensitivity of a highly aggressive osteosarcoma cell line to cisplatin treatment

Migratory bodies express markers of tumour initiating cells and may represent an early stage of osteosarcoma sarcosphere initiation and metastasis

Draft genome of the lowland anoa (Bubalus depressicornis) and comparison with buffalo genome assemblies (Bovidae, Bubalina)

Achieving sustainability: from innovation to valorisation and continuous improvement

Requirements volatility in multicultural situational contexts

The proposal of adding a society value to the software process improvement manifesto

The Imaginary of Greenham Common

Measuring heritability: why bother?

Forward: spatial flood risk management: implementing catchment-based retention and resilience on private land

The effects of outsourcing work activity and use of agency staff on ill health absence: the case of local authority waste collection services (in the UK)

Consumer perceptions towards unsolicited advertisements on social media

‘Care-less whispers’ in the academy during COVID-19: A feminist collaborative autoethnography

Benchmarking the research performance of United Arab Emirates with gulf cooperation council countries – A bibliometric study

Phylogenomic and comparative genomic studies robustly demarcate two distinct clades of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains: proposal to transfer the strains from an outlier clade to a novel species Pseudomonas paraeruginosa sp. nov

Bronchodilator effect on regional lung function in pediatric viral lower respiratory tract infections

Hotting up? Geopolitical rivalry and environmental security in the Arctic

EPISODE 163 Alexandra Kokoli: Gender, shame & visual cultures. The Surviving Society Podcast.

The Engine Room

Explainer: the Bill of Rights Bill

Why the Bill of Rights poses problems for human rights in Europe – and the UK’s international standing

Digital construction and information management workflow. Part 3 - risks and challenges associated with information management

Digital construction and information management workflow. Part 2 – Information requirements

Digital construction and information management workflow. Part 1 – Information management system and BS IN ISO 19650 framework

Digital twin technology heritage restoration as a use case - predictive digital twin opportunities in heritage management

Future of BIM

BIM and integrated digital delivery risk disasters

Spatial equity and inclusiveness for resilient cities

Factors affecting the deployment of learning analytics in developing countries: case of Egypt

The rise of the stylist – London 1980-1985: etymology, social history and status

BIM objects evolution for future heritage asset management

Clemence Dane's Broome Stages - novel and play

Innovative financing for a sustainable shipping industry

Correlation between safety attitudes and early adoption of cognitive aids in the German culture sphere: a multicenter survey study

Culturally competent and compassionate LGBT+ inclusive care

Returning migrants and global reparation

Confirmation of a crisis leadership model and its effectiveness: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

Parental perception of childhood obesity

A contextual understanding of diaspora entrepreneurship: identity, opportunity and resources in the Sri Lankan Tamil and Kurdish diaspora

The Comintern, Communist women leaders and the struggle for women's liberation in Britain between the wars: a political and prosopographical investigation, part 2

The Comintern, Communist women leaders and the struggle for women's liberation in Britain between the wars: a political and prosopographical investigation, part 1

Introducing a framework for improving competitive programming education for the Cyprus Olympiad in Informatics

Exploring the use of coaching for the development of Saudi Arabian healthcare managers through the perspectives of coaches, coachees and coaching sponsors

Op-Ed: Encouraging tolerance and respect and accepting a greater degree of diversity … but not for Muslim women (Case C344/20 LF v SCRL)

Competitive learning with spiking nets and spike timing dependent plasticity

Americanization of Brazilian business and management curriculum

The effectiveness of Intravascular Lithotripsy after sub-optimal non-compliant balloon inflation for treating calcified coronary lesions

A qualitative exploration of patients' experience of mobile telephone‐delivered contingency management to promote adherence to supervised methadone

Genocide and Ukraine: Do words always mean what we choose them to mean?

Brexit or brand it? The effects of attitude towards Brexit and reshored brands on consumer purchase intention

An efficient quality of services based wireless sensor network for anomaly detection using soft computing approaches

The lunatic, the lover & the poet

Human rights in childbearing 3. Providing sensitive antenatal care for autistic women and birthing people

Exploring the motivations and social organisation of intoxication in prison settings

How can midwives and educators better understand, teach and support neurodivergent students?

Editorial: Microbial communities and functions contribute to plant performance under various stresses

Neuromorphic building blocks for locomotion pattern generation

Using the IEPAR framework - a workshop to build a culture of integrity in higher education

Introduction: conjunctural geographies of post-socialist and postcolonial conditions

A tagging SNP set method based on network community partition of linkage disequilibrium and node centrality

Quality traceability for user-centric context-aware systems in intelligent environments

Terrorism and contagion theory: examining the influence of ISIS on Boko Haram (2012-2016)

Smart technologies and beyond: exploring how a smart band can assist in monitoring children’s independent mobility & well-being

The impact of competition and internal corporate governance mechanism on bank performance: the case of North American and European countries

Czech mission: identity of Czech protestant missionaries in their interaction with Slavs in former Yugoslavia countries

A blessing or a curse? An anatomy of the Republic of Cyprus energy program

Make a difference: collaboration and participation in arts-led research

Incentivising ‘regenerative value’ to improve sustainability outcomes

Self-transcendent experiences as promoters of ecological wellbeing? Exploration of the evidence and hypotheses to be tested

Culturally competent and compassionate LGBTQ+ inclusive education in health and social care

The Jesus and Marychain, Psychocandy (1985)

Exploring connections between pre-service teachers' expectations of their career pathways and the lived experience of novice teachers of that career path as it transpires

A duty or a joy? An interpretive phenomenological analysis of EMDR therapists’ experience of Continuing Professional Development (CPD); and what they think they need to know

Below the parapet: a phenomenological exploration of adult inter-personal relationships for individuals who grew up with a sibling with a severe mental illness

The promise: searching for the creative moment in theatre, business and life

Supporting the individuation, analysis and gamification of software components for acceptance requirements fulfilment

David’s political mourning in the Hebrew Bible: an analysis of how David mourns in instances of political significance

Seven Scenes in Tandem: Adventure with Voicing Dancer

BIM Academy: Future Learning Interviews

Digital building logbooks for smart energy efficiency and carbon neutrality

Multi-omic profiling reveals the ataxia protein sacsin is required for integrin trafficking and synaptic organization

Interprofessional Perspectives of Mental Health Crisis for Nursing, Health, and the Helping Professions, Kris Deering and Joanne Williams, eds [Book Review]

An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experience of forced marriage for diasporic south Asian women who have left

Development and evaluation of a haptic framework supporting telerehabilitation robotics and group interaction

Public service mutuals: transforming how services are delivered through social enterprise and democratic governance

Rural social enterprise: contributions, challenges and support needs

The determinants of digital trust of senior consumers in the era of digital transformation

A mother without a mother: women’s experiences of maternal estrangement in motherhood

A phenomenological enquiry into how Chemsex impacts on gay men’s experience of intimacy

Discussions in existential-phenomenological dreamwork using a constructivist grounded theory methodology

Assessing the prevalence and risk of disordered eating in female netball players

Detection of dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) marker tau using a four gold microband electrode impedance sensor

The defiled self: towards a theological response to the experiential phenomenon of defilement amongst adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Deklare! Erhebe deine Stimme! Schreie auf! Klage an! Prangere an! Uber Feministische Kunstmanifeste

The art, life and thought of Monica Sjöö

International intermediaries: A systematic literature review and research agenda

On the T-test

Compound Poisson approximation

Dancing the in-between-ness: (re)articulating Bartenieff Fundamentals through improvised dance performance-making

Bank regulation, supervision and financial stability: An empirical study

The evolving loci of new music

Public spaces, public words: contextualising pro-localist, site-local, new writing and its roots in a community’s history, culture and people

Security for network services delivery of 5G enabled device-to-device communications mobile network

Analysis of DNA methylation in canine osteosarcoma using next generation sequencing technology

Elizabeth Fry: 'The Angel of Prisons'

Men who identify as sex addicts – an IPA study

Exploration of safety climate in Nigeria: a study of organizations in Onne oil and gas free zone

British and Iranian parents’ and children’s awareness of the child’s weight status, physical activity, sedentary behaviours and fundamental movement skills: A mixed methods approach

Theorising affective habitus in historical geographies of mobilities: unfolding spatio-temporal modalities

Introduction: emotions and mobilities: gendered, temporal and spatial representations

The shudder-image: psyche-soma, sex and knowledge in Hannibal

Contextual Pentecostalism from a classical Pentecostal movement to a contemporary Pentecostal church movement: a study of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia with special reference to Joel 2:28-32

An interpretative phenomenological analysis of counselling psychologists' experiences of stress in NHS child and adolescent mental health tier 3 work settings

Hope and helplessness in the post-Covid drama, theatre and performance classroom

Excavating the archive: exchanges between artists and their photographers

Digitalization of climate adaptation planning: the potential of simulation software tools for landscape design

Can board climate-responsible orientation improve corporate carbon performance? The moderating role of board carbon awareness and firm reputation

Folk songs for viola and chamber orchestra

Estimates of pandemic excess mortality in India based on civil registration data

Patterns and predictors of stranger rape locations

Transnational mobilities and return migration

La Mirande - echoes and paraphrases on music by Matheus de Sancto Johanne

The synergistic effect of operational research and big data analytics in greening container terminal operations: a review and future directions

mesh/work im/possibilities and inbetweening

Mobile and wireless communications with practical use-case scenarios

Lachrimae - for string quartet

How to conduct research: methodologies and common pitfalls of research

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Competition law and socio-economic advancement: Nigeria as a case study – giving a hungry man a silk tie?

Immigrant business breakout in a transnational environment: A study of Nigerian immigrant entrepreneurs

Exploring the lived experiences of hearing mothers of Deaf children in Lebanon: A phenomenological study

Development of a smart tourism information chatbot for Mauritius

An observational study of race and gender homophily in nursery children

Action learning and healthcare: affinities and challenges

Sensory brand experience: conceptualisation, measurement, and impact on performance outcomes

Music and its meaning: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experience of chronic pain sufferers use of music as a therapeutic intervention

Corporate criminal liability and international criminal law

The Doctrine of Heaven and New Heaven: coming to a doctrine of heaven and new heaven through Karl Barth and Jürgen Moltmann’s work on creation and eschatology

Experiential accounts of young men between the age of 20 to 29 in the UK who previously engaged in harmful levels of alcohol use but no longer do so

Statutory auditor's role in corporate social and environmental reporting

Design and clinical feasibility of an immersive robotic intervention for phantom limb pain

A critical examination of Bruce W. Thielemann’s need-centered approach to preaching

A framework for strategic planning of data analytics in the educational sector

The Forgotten Parent: an exploration of the lived experience of fathers during the early childhood of their first-born

Investigating the attainment of optimum data quality for EHR Big Data: proposing a new methodological approach

An alternative approach to information security awareness training to reduce human errors

The risen and ascended humanity of Christ in Thomas F. Torrance’s holistic Christology

The present moment as home in mindfulness of God – a spiritual autoethnography

Pursuing efficiency in business: the technological and commercial development of LEO Computers

Analysis and characterisation of human chorionic gonadotropin glycoforms in pregnancy and trophoblastic disorders

A grounded theory study of existential psychotherapists’ experiences of working with clients with shopping addiction

Is the Dayton Agreement a model for long-term peace? A problematic case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Acquirer reputation in mergers and acquisitions

Non solo il Mediterraneo: sbarchi di migranti e politiche dei confini lungo la rotta della Manica

SME Financing for Biodiversity: Building Nature Measurement and Impacts into SME Financing (‘SME FinBio’)

SME Finance for Biodiversity (‘FinBio’) in the UK - project summary

The evaluation of the impact of risk disclosure and bank-level stability: an empirical study of European and US banks

Detection of human face from sketches using deep learning networks

CAGE - Consensus Algorithm Genetically Encouraged

Antecedents and consequences of peer engagement behaviour: A study of peer perception in the context of the peer-to-peer platform in the United Kingdom

An exploration of women’s representation in senior leadership positions in the English National Health Service

The phenomenon of coping for women with primary breast cancer

Christian contemplative prayer: a grounded theory exploration of well-being and embodiment within Christian spirituality

Coaching psychology: the effect of coaching by values in forming Arab teens’ personal and collective self-esteem in the state of Israel

The emergence of the forensic and legal project manager

Rule of law in peril? Checking states’ misuse of power–implications and consequences of article 18 violations

A convex selective segmentation model based on a piece-wise constant metric guided edge detector function

Student video curation

Authentic by design: developing mathematicians for the talent economy

Vasculogenic mimicry in bladder cancer and its association with cancer stem cells and human chorionic gonadotropin-beta

A study of Kierkegaard as a missionary and the possible applications in Japan

A comprehensive analysis of calendar anomalies in mature and emerging markets: essays on the major calendar anomalies in the US and Saudi markets

A cross-discipline study in the school of health and education: examining interpersonal conflict in college life through collective cultural lens

Human rights law in Tunisia in the post-Arab Spring era

Rhetorical strategies in the Fourth Gospel

CRISPR/Cas9-mediated ATG7 knockout results in enhanced osteosarcoma chemosensitivity

Experience of therapist immigrant from Poland in times of Brexit: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

The lower hand: New perspectives on performance-practice evidence in Edward Bunting’s early-irish-harp field transcriptions of the 1790s

Absorptive, adopted and agile: A study of the digital transformation of Africa carriers

Earning deference from Strasbourg: Has the UK got the message?

Inclusive or exclusive? Investigating how retail technology can reduce old consumers’ barriers to shopping

Relationships between dance, health and aesthetic performance in a company of mature dancers: an exploratory study

Neither nationalist nor communist, but independent: the origins and consolidation of Mauritian trade-unionism, 1935–1950

An evaluation of Youth Ink: Interim report

Integration of cognitive and existential therapy

An existential-phenomenological inquiry into self-perceived pornography addiction

Learning from diverse manifestations of the phenomenon of tentativeness

Comics in clinical practice: a grounded theory exploration of how sequential art is applied to talking therapy

‘Travellers in Faith’ or ‘Stealthy Legions’: The Gurāgē role in the rise of Tablīghī Jamā‘at in Ethiopia

The subjective experiences of disagreeing with one's diagnosis of schizophrenia – a phenomenological study

State, religion, and the public good: An examination of Nurcholish Madjid in constructing civil religious pluralism as political philosophy

Surviving Alpha: Using sequential analysis to examine the behaviours of Black-legged Kittiwake chicks during sibling pecking attacks

Securing mHealth - Investigating the development of a novel information security framework

A Gestalt model of domains in couple’s work: a qualitative, theory-building case study

Ethno-nationalism of the Ahiska (Meskhetian) Turks: A diaspora perspective of their response to change in multiple locations, with a particular emphasis on Turkey

ScreenStage performance: Hybridity, perception and enstrangement

Commentary: A phenomenological insight into what final year undergraduate student nurses perceive is the role of the Registered Nurse and who they learn this from

Hybrid christian youth ministry: a study of closed-group social media

Theory of price formation in experimental markets

Digital twin as an aid for decision-making in the face of uncertainty

Cognitive dissonance shaping consumer behaviour within Generation Z: a case of the Indian healthcare industry

Reclaiming British Gujarati culture after conversion to Evangelical Christianity

The Last Horizon

The book of the dead

Developing a competency model for Hong Kong energy engineers in transition: A mixed methods study

This is the Word of the Lord: Nicholas Wolterstorff’s account of scripture, appropriated discourse, and divine authorship

Making pedagogical innovation sustainable: The role of training and dialogue for trainers

The discourses on children’s right of self-determination. Early Childhood Education and the positioning of children as agents in their own (and adults') learning

Innovating the concept of trust to research the positioning of Children with Migrant Background in education

Combining phytoremediation with bioenergy production; exploring options for sustainable remediation

A critical analysis of the use of visual communication in existential practice

Empowering the migrant and refugee family's parenting skills: a literature review

From motivator to ‘psychoeducator’: A critical exploration of emotional distress and recovery

Translation techniques in the Solomonic narrative of OG 2 Chronicles as evinced by OG 2 Chr 4-6

Biographical dimensions of meaning making in coaching psychology: A critical evaluation of the use of biographical inquiry in the exploration of meaning making in coaching psychology

A user-guided personalization methodology for new smart homes

Dialoguing with children’s lived experiences and realities

The cadenza of Malcolm Arnold's Second Clarinet Concerto

Exploring learning gain with LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® and visual ethnography

The effectiveness of school-based run/walk programmes to develop physical literacy and physical activity components in primary school children: A systematic review

Retaliation for whistleblowing: some case studies on the experience of re-employment/redeployment

Children hybrid integration: learning dialogue as a way of upgrading policies of participation

CHILD-UP Horizon 2020 facilitator training for schools

The outcomes of an international Research Project. Horizon2020 Child-UP

Revising the role of the history of mathematics in post-pandemic world

National character and tourism

Review of Milky Peaks (Theatr Clwyd)

Review of The Corn is Green (National Theatre)

Review of Wales at the Edinburgh Fringe

Review of Something in the Air (Jermyn Street Theatre)

I am not just a nurse: The need for a boundaried ethic of care in the context of prolific relationality

Classification of EEG signals on standing, walking and running dataset using LSTM-RNN

Scrolling, safety and self-presentation: A grounded theory of social anxiety for Instagram millennials

Bridging the gap and continuing to develop professionally: A pluralist mixed methods study exploring the impact of continuing professional development (CPD) activity on the practice of therapists working in higher education (HE) settings

A mixed-method investigation of the challenges and opportunities for commissioning culturally competent mental health (dementia) services

The embodied heritage of Armenian people: An interpretative phenomenological analysis – A sample of Armenians living in London

“More than a mask”: A multidimensional model of autistic women’s experience of camouflaging

Exploring folate conjugated liposomal delivery of thymoquinone as a novel targeted treatment for human papillomavirus associated cancers

Stay Safe

Why relationships matter post-disaster: Focus on queer-identified young women and gender diverse people who ‘grew up’ in Post Katrina New Orleans

Trusting in higher education: an anthropological perspective

Suite ecossaise

Protomartyr reading

Afterword to New Images of Thought in the Study of Childhood Drawing

Ritual, magic, and politics: The haunting of Farid Fairuz

Both sides of the coin: Counsellors’ stories of the influence of a fundamentalist religious upbringing on mental health and wellbeing in adulthood

Aesthetic experience, novelty and consciousness in the comprehension of metaphors

The journey down the current of all those who were adrift

'Alterity' at the 29th International Adana Golden Ball Film Festival 2022

From architecture to community: Adaptive reuse as a social practice

Abode And Point To The Eye (Saygun Dura's exhibition at Millî Reasürans Art Gallery, Istanbul)

Global Performance Studies special double issue: Decolonisation and performance studies

Decolonisation and performance studies: Questions from the border

Charles-Valentin Alkan

Gabriel Prokofiev: Viola Concerto

Love of typography & letterforms & poetry

Book-Object-Art Winterbouren House and Garden

The Sun Rises in the West and Sets in the East

Regulation as an opportunity for learning and small business development: The case of Environmental Health inspections and good learning behaviours