Directionality and duration in distributed consciousness: modernist perspectives on photographic objectivity

Probation, policy change and personality disorder

Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder and the Offender Personality Disorder Pathway: lessons from England and Wales

Monitoring changes in power, speed, agility and endurance in elite cricketers during the off-season

Guyanese expatriate women ask: “is it a touch of sugar?”

Work-to-family enrichment and gender inequalities in eight European countries

The importance of strength and power on key performance indicators in elite youth soccer

How you see me, how you don't: ethnic identity self-verification in interactions between local subsidiary employees and ethnically similar expatriates

The diagnosis of hereditary angioedema: family caregivers’ experiences

Developing corporate communications: insights from the Italian scenario

Embedding creativity in the university computing curriculum

‘Dumped modernism’? The interplay of musical construction and spiritual affect in John Tavener and his To A Child Dancing In The Wind

Voices apart

Edit distance Kernelization of NP theorem proving for polynomial-time machine learning of proof heuristics

Financial capability, the financial crisis, and trust in news media

How to boost place branding leveraging on community relations: an exploration of the banking sector in Ghana

The 'quasi-artistic venture': MTV idents and alternative animation culture

Legacies of the drunken master: politics of the body in Hong Kong Kung Fu comedy films

Impact of dance in advertisements on emotional attachment towards the advertised brand: Self-congruence theory

'He just gave up': an exploratory study into the perspectives of paid carers on supporting older people living in care homes with depression, self-harm, and suicide ideation and behaviours

The work-life interface and the role of HR: employee experiences in Brazil

Context-aware solutions for asthma condition management: a survey

Attachment style, loneliness and depression in older age women

The internationalization of innovation towards the South: a historical case study of a global pharmaceutical corporation in China (1993-2017)

Using principles of authentic assessment to redesign written examinations and tests

Martin Heidegger (1889–1976): Higher Education as Thinking

Imbalanced big data classification based on virtual reality in cloud computing

Your country needs you? Advertising, public relations and the promotion of Military Service in peacetime Britain

Am I missing something? Experiences of using social media by blind and partially sighted users

Competition and stability in the credit industry: banking vs. factoring industries

Hypotheses on the causes of financial crime

Anarchist education and the paradox of pedagogical authority

Are contingent convertibles going-concern capital?

Everything you always wanted to know about research impact

When your robot avatar misbehaves you are likely to apologize: an exploration of guilt during robot embodiment

Establishing psychological relationship between female customers and retailers: a study of the small to medium scale clothing retail industry

The use of new technologies for corporate marketing communication in luxury retailing: preliminary findings

Producing the 'problem' of new psychoactive substances (NPS) in English prisons

Archives, collections and curatorship: Virtual Special Issue for the Journal of Design History, 2019

Introducing the French psychodynamics of work perspective to critical management education: why do the work task and the organization of work matter?

Development of a wheelchair stability assessment system: design tools and approaches

Behavior modelling and individual recognition of sonar transmitter for secure communication in UASNs

Framing 'drug prevention' for young people in contact with the criminal justice system in England: views from practitioners in the field

Fully-automated identification of imaging biomarkers for post-operative cerebellar mutism syndrome using longitudinal paediatric MRI

Heading home: motherhood, work, and the failed promise of equality, by Shani Orgad. Columbia University Press. 2019, 288 pp., https://doi.org/10.7312/orga18472 [Book review]

Towards a performative understanding of deservingness: merit, gender and the BBC pay dispute

Aligning assessment with the needs of work-integrated learning: the challenges of authentic assessment in a complex context

'Trying to keep up': Intersections of identity, space, time and rhythm in women student carer auto/biographical accounts

Comparing pregnancy, childbirth, and neonatal outcomes in women with different phenotypes of polycystic ovary syndrome and healthy women: a prospective cohort study

Determinants of ins and outs of unemployment

National trends in total cholesterol obscure heterogeneous changes in HDL and non-HDL cholesterol and total-to-HDL cholesterol ratio: a pooled analysis of 458 population-based studies in Asian and Western countries

Tourism, migration, and the exodus to virtual worlds: place attachment in massively multiplayer online gamers

When sorry is not an option: CSR reporting and 'face work' in a stigmatized industry - A case study of Barrick (Acacia) gold mine in Tanzania

An actor based simulation driven digital twin for analyzing complex business systems

Comparing the magnitude and direction of asymmetry during the squat, countermovement and drop jump tests in elite youth female soccer players

Floating architecture in the landscape: climate change adaptation ideas, opportunities and challenges

Health, safety, and well-being through ethical behaviours in computer and information systems development and deployment

Moving beyond the baseline: exploring the potential of experiments in language research

The magnificent seven Mirisch companies: competitive strategy and corporate authorship

Power training in elite young soccer players: effects of using loads above or below the optimum power zone

Instrumental trouble: a queer organology of Hugh Davies’s found instruments

Use of illicit substances and violent behaviour in psychotic disorders: two nationwide case-control studies and meta-analyses

Using the endowment effect to explain managerial resistance towards codetermination: implications for employment relations from the German case

Residents' perceptions of airport construction impacts: a negativity bias approach

A neural cognitive architecture

On booms that never bust: ambiguity in experimental asset markets with bubbles

Answers to questions on uncertainty in geography: old lessons and new scenario tools

Changing perspectives on the internationalization of R&D and innovation by multinational enterprises: a review of the literature

Developing a learning-centred framework for feedback literacy

The use of positive behaviour support plans in mental health inpatient care: a mixed methods study

Accompanied child irregular migrants who arrive to Spain in small boats: experiences and health needs

Reimagining semiotics in communication

Political rhetoric, freedom of expression and hate speech against religious believers

Linking identity and heritage with image and a reputation for competition

Challenges and resilience: managers' perceptions of firm performance following M&As

Caught in the second act: the relationship between film and the TV sitcom

Dancing the digital age: a survey of the new technologies in the choreographic process

Persisting students' explanations of and emotional responses to academic failure

Recommendations to derive quality standards for chemical pollutants in reclaimed water intended for reuse in agricultural irrigation

The tension between the presumption of innocence and victims' participation rights at the International Criminal Court

Are quiz-games an effective revision tool in Anatomical Sciences for Higher Education and what do students think of them?

Change in fatigue in acceptance and commitment therapy‐based treatment for chronic pain and its association with enhanced psychological flexibility

Enshrined education rights: a three state comparison

Days of alt-rage: using the Weatherman movement to deconstruct the radicalisation of the alt-right

'No action required': a historical pattern of inaction and discretion towards child sexual abuse in Queensland policing

Developing professional practice in the early years

Familiarity and strangeness: seeing everyday practices of punishment and resistance in Holloway Prison

Effect of onset threshold on kinetic and kinematic variables of a weightlifting derivative containing a first and second pull

A practical guide to analyzing the force-time curve of isometric tasks in Excel

Does corporate reputation matter? Role of social media in consumer intention to purchase innovative food product

A comparison of match demands using ball-in-play vs. whole match data in elite male youth soccer players

An exploratory study of the upper middle-class consumer attitudes towards counterfeiting in China

Political leaders, media and authoritarianism in Croatia: the media strikes back?

Headscarves return to the CJEU: unfinished business

‘This isn’t just a case of taking someone to the hospital’: police approaches and management of situations involving persons with mental Ill health in the custody suite and beyond

Unbalanced private set intersection cardinality protocol with low communication cost

Are time preference and risk preference associated with cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence?

Improving warehouse responsiveness by job priority management: a European distribution centre field study

Foreign patents surge and technology spillovers in China (1985-2009): evidence from the patent and trade markets

Why is adolescent drinking declining? A systematic review and narrative synthesis

Interest rate regulation, earnings transparency and capital structure: evidence from Chinese listed companies, 2003-2015

The impact of the macro-environment on consumer scepticism towards cause-related marketing: insights from an economic crisis setting

Coping and resilience in riverine Bangladesh

The decline of the bromance and the rise of human-A.I. relationships in science fiction TV and film

The satanic in science fiction and fantasy

In defence of politicization of human rights: the UN special procedures

EU external Human Rights policy

Avian communities of Lundy 2008-2016

The effect of fashion e-blogs on women's intention to use

Country-of-origin effect and millennials’ wine preferences-a comparative experiment

Art school manifestos, classical music and industrial abjection: tracing the artistic, political and musical antecedents of punk

The Philippines Indigenous Peoples Rights Act and ILO Convention 169 on tribal and indigenous peoples: exploring synergies for rights realisation

The leadership of American communism, 1924–1929: sketches for a prosopographical portrait

GVA HxC: appropriation, adaptation and evolution – a contextual observation of Geneva’s hardcore scene

Punk now!! Contemporary perspectives on punk

Wildlife criminology

Monitoring, cajoling and promoting dialogue: what role for supranational human rights bodies in the implementation of individual decisions?

Do I smell coffee? The tale of a 360º Mulsemedia experience

Marketing in the informal economy: an entrepreneurial perspective and research agenda

Researching the affects that on online pornography has on U.K. adolescents aged 11 to 16

Punctuated epistemology in international marketing strategy: a Whiteheadian remedy

Criminal sentencing by preferred numbers

Migration, ethnicity and solidarity: 'multinational workers' in the former Soviet Union

Continuance interaction intention in retailing: relations between customer values, satisfaction, loyalty, and identification

Assessing vulnerabilities in IoT-based ambient assisted living systems

Effects of combined strength and power training on physical performance and interlimb asymmetries in adolescent female soccer players

Jumping-based asymmetries are negatively associated with jump, change of direction, and repeated sprint performance, but not linear speed, in adolescent handball athletes

Vertical force production in soccer: mechanical aspects and applied training strategies

Strength and power training in rehabilitation: underpinning principles and practical strategies to return athletes to high performance

Does the CEO elite education affect firm hedging policies?


Explicating place identity attitudes, place architecture attitudes, and identification triad theory

Practice of consumption and spaces for foods/retail futures

Lost in space? The role of place in the delivery of social welfare law advice over the telephone and face-to-face

Young children’s experiences of music and soundings in museum spaces: lessons, trends and turns from the literature

Corporate identity orientation and disorientation: a complexity theory perspective

Enacting intersectional multilayered citizenship: Kurdish women’s politics

Not entitled to talk: (mis)recognition, inequality and social activism of young Muslims

Transitions of cardio-metabolic risk factors in the Americas between 1980 and 2014

Factors predicting conviction in child stranger rape

"Roll back the years": A study of grandparent special guardians' experiences and implications for social work policy and practice in England

Enablers and barriers to the implementation of socially assistive humanoid robots in health and social care: a systematic review

5MART: A 5G SMART scheduling framework for optimizing QoS through reinforcement learning

Geezer power: the Active Energy project

The predictive validity of multiple mini interviews (MMIs) in nursing and midwifery programmes: Year three findings from a cross-discipline cohort study

Postdigital education, feminism, women

Creating connections: the role of universities in enhancing graduates’ social capital and challenging nepotism

Hebammen als Sachverstaendige heranziehen

Developing powerful athletes, part 1: mechanical underpinnings

Time-to-provision evaluation of IoT devices using automated zero-touch provisioning

On designing a machine learning based wireless link quality classifier

Security, usability, and biometric authentication scheme for electronic voting using multiple keys

Learning to detect anomalous wireless links in IoT networks

Adaptive CNN ensemble for complex multispectral image analysis

Keeping up with access to justice in arbitration? A critical analysis

Access to justice and blockchain-based arbitration: new platforms could be a useful tool for resolving commercial disputes

The resolution of B2B disputes in blockchain-based arbitration: a solution for improving the parties’ right of access to justice in the digital age?

Access to Justice in Arbitration: Concept, Context and Practice

Assessing human trafficking: the slavery nexus and its impact on migrant domestic workers

Mixed migration flows into Europe: discharging state anti-trafficking obligations through the proper identification of trafficking victims

The art and science of winning: professional cricket coaching as transdisciplinary practice

Material words for voicing dancers: a practice-led inquiry into the role of voice for the improvising dancer

Refractive two-view reconstruction for underwater 3D vision

Sanierung und Restrukturierung von Geschlossenen Immobilienfonds – Bestandsaufnahme, Lösungsansätze und Erfolgsfaktoren

Computer vision in the surgical operating room

Führung in der Pflege ‒ Eine Untersuchung von unterstützenden Führungsverhalten in ausgewählten Führungssituationen der stationären Pflege

Prüfungslücken bei der eingeschränkten Revision einer Schweizer Aktiengesellschaft: Empirische Analyse zur Verbesserung der Prüfungssicherheit

Inhalte und Elemente für eine Entwicklung von Lieferanten von fahrrelevanten Komponenten für Elektrofahrzeuge im Ersatzteilgeschäft der Automobilindustrie

Interkulturelle Kompetenz als Erfolgsfaktor im internationalen Vertrieb - Schwerpunkt: Nachfolgestaaten Jugoslawiens

Turnaround-Management in KMU und die Rolle der Führungskräfte, unter der Berücksichtigung möglicher Branchenunterschiede im industriellen Werkzeugbau

Fähigkeiten Schweizer Unternehmen zur Stärkung von Absorptionskapazität und Innovationskultur durch den Einsatz holistischer IoT-Strategien

The effects of an intensive cycle training camp on inter-limb asymmetry in Race Across America (RAAM) athletes

Chatbot per Moodle: un assistente virtuale per i corsi universitari ad alto numero di studenti

Resolving challenges associated with climate chance modelling in Africa

Compulsions: Richard Fleischer's cinema of crime

Leveraging smart technologies for connected tourist experiences – The case of Dubai

Reviving Hellas : the body and natural movement in early twentieth-century Britain

Towards resolving the co-existing impacts of multiple dynamic factors on the performance of EMG-pattern recognition based prostheses

A real American hero: the superhero-fication of Disney’s Hercules

DreamWorks Animation: intertextuality and aesthetics in Shrek and beyond

Epileptic seizure detection using constrained singular spectrum analysis and 1D-local binary patterns

MAFODKM: Mobile application framework for the management of omics data and knowledge mining

MAVSCOT: A fuzzy logic-based HIV diagnostic system with indigenous multi-lingual interfaces for rural Africa

The role of equal pay auditing in resolving unequal pay: more hindrance than help?

Implementation of biocementation for a partially saturated problematic soil of the UK railway network

Physical health monitoring in individuals with severe mental illness: an audit in general practice in North London

Adaptive electrical impedance tomography resolution enhancement using statistically quantized projected image sub-bands

Privacy, security, legal and technology acceptance requirements for a GDPR compliance platform

DEFeND DSM: a data scope management service for model-based privacy by design GDPR compliance

12th Learning at City Conference - Opportunities to transform the future of higher education: Immersive Web Video for Learning Engagement - Post Covid

The roles of institutional dependence and slack financial resources: Implications for the challenge–hindrance stressors framework in headquarters-subsidiary relationships

Talentmanagement als personalpolitischer Ansatz im Öffentlichen Dienst? Möglichkeiten und Grenzen am Beispiel mehrerer Kommunen im Kreis Stormarn

Mitarbeiterbezogene Anreizsysteme und Personalführung in kleinenund mittelständischen Steuerkanzleien in Deutschland

Motive für nachhaltiges Handeln von Mitarbeitern und Führungskräften in Schweizer KMU

The Book of Witches

Relevanz soziokultureller Faktoren für die Strategieumsetzung in Familienunternehmen – eine empirische Untersuchung anhand von Conrad Electronic

Empirische Analyse der Sensitivität und Gravität der Eingangsparameter im Residualwertverfahren (Residual Method) gem. ÖNORM B 1802-3 bei der Immobilienbewertung

Bergführer im Spannungsfeld zwischen Idealismus und Leistungsfähigkeit – Eine Analyse der Bedeutung von Präventionsbildung für die Leistung von Bergführern

Generation Z – Die Werte angehender Ärzte im Spannungsfeld zum künftigen Spitalalltag

Wie beeinflussen dezentrale Machtstrukturen die strategische Entwicklung eines Schweizer Universitätsspitals?

Mitigation von Risiken durch kooperative Projektabwicklung. Lösungsansätze zur Vermeidung unerwarteter Kostensteigerungen im Hochbau

You are not alone: Exploring experiences and available support structures for mothers with children with Autism

An evolutionary Multilayer Perceptron algorithm for real time river flood prediction

“Being me”: developing pedagogic tools to strengthen education and training for health and social care practitioners who provide services to older LGBTQI+ people

Resource and recycling – collaborative working and the EWMG

The effect of non-interest income on banks profitability in top 23 publicly listed banks in GCC region

Addressing the needs of children under ‘universal’ and ‘vulnerable’ caseloads – a psychosocial case study of health visitors within an inner London borough

Investigating millennial tourists' attitudes and risk perceptions towards terror attacks: a qualitative case study on France

Exploring the relationship between EU political opinion, Euroscepticism, and populist attitudes with destination image perception

Prevalence of tumor BRCA1 and BRCA2 dysfunction in unselected patients with ovarian cancer

Theory of Information and its Value

“It will ruin his career”: Do violence against women arrests really ruin the careers of NBA players?

How poor handwashing is increasing the spread of Coronavirus…[News article]

Isolation and characterization of a salt-tolerant denitrifying bacterium Alishewanella sp. F2 from seawall muddy water

Achieving real equality in health and social care: IENE9 project, a work in progress for LGBT+ people

Editorial to special issue on hybrid artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in intelligent systems

A low-complexity trajectory privacy preservation approach for indoor fingerprinting positioning systems

Beurteilung von Investitionen in die digitalisierte Produktion

Designing my job – Wie mit Job Crafting Führungspersonen im mittleren Spitalmanagement ihre Arbeit gestalten

Leerstellenmanagement in der Planung und Steuerung des Change-Managements von Bautechnologieunternehmen. Eine generelle Explikation, wie die autopoietische Fähigkeit von Unternehmen durch Lücken im Veränderungsprozess positiv potenziert werden kann

Geschlechterdisparität an der Spitze von Unternehmungen. Eine qualitative Untersuchung im Schweizer Bankensektor

Empirische Untersuchungen zu Vorteilen und Kosten von Traineeprogrammen für Unternehmen

Wie lassen sich die wirtschaftlichen und volkswirtschaftlichen Chancen von Hydraulic Fracturing als unkonventionelle Fördermethode von Erdgas im Rahmen der Energiewende bewerten?

Steigerung der Marktorientierung von oberösterreichischen KMU durch externen Wissenstransfer

Pourqoui 1989? Ecrire sur le feminisme, l'art et le "contemporain global"

A 360 degree learning environment for university online teaching

Physical health monitoring in individuals with severe mental illness: an audit in general practice in North London

Internet of things assisted public security management platform for urban transportation using hybridised cryptographic‐integrated steganography

Perceptions of strength training in dance

Le droit coutumier, les normes impératives (jus cogens) et la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme’

An introduction to the International Criminal Court, sixth edition

Ganzheitliche Bewertung der Einsatzfähigkeit von hochdynamischen Technologieinnovationen aus dem Bereich der Produktionstechnik - Entwicklung einer Methodik zur Entscheidungsfindung für das Technologiemanagement

Evaluating the impact of online peer to peer value co-creation in online Hospitality sector

The impact of the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental-health services in Europe

Residual deficits in reactive strength indicate incomplete restoration of athletic qualities following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in professional soccer players

Reflections on textile and memory. The invisible hand and women's work: Dean Castle Textile Team at the Dick Institute, Kilmarnock

Spiritual support for hospitalised COVID-19 patients during March to May 2020

Context-aware system for cardiac condition monitoring and management: a survey

Low cost air quality monitoring: Comparing the energy consumption of an arduino against a raspberry Pi based system

Application of augmented reality in aviation: Improving engagement of cabin crew during emergency procedures training

A smart fish feeding system for internet of things based aquariums

Developing an effective regulatory framework for virtual currencies in Mauritius

The impact of internal marketing on knowledge sharing capability

Transfer learning for endoscopy disease detection and segmentation with mask-RCNN benchmark architecture

ADAPT: Approach to Develop context-Aware solutions for Personalised asthma managemenT

Exploring resident-tourist interaction and its impact on tourists' destination image

HRM formality differences in Pakistani SMEs: a three-sector comparative study

An objective comparison of detection and segmentation algorithms for artefacts in clinical endoscopy

#MDXPD Product Design 2020

Guest editorial [Branding and place branding management: theory, research, and practice]

Food shopping under risk and uncertainty

White learning methodology: a case study of cancer-related disease factors analysis in real-time PACS environment

The discord between discourse and data in engendering resilience building for sustainability

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When to stop - A cardinal secretary search experiment

Attack Trees in Isabelle for GDPR compliance of IoT healthcare systems

A Southern encounter: Maternal body work and low-income mothers in South Africa

Editorial: Emerging techniques and applications for 5G networks and beyond

Short-term PsychoEducation for Carers To Reduce Over Medication of people with intellectual disabilities (SPECTROM): study protocol

Branchenspezifische makro- und mikroökonomische Einflussgrössen und deren Auswirkungen auf den wirtschaftlichen Erfolg von privaten Schweizer Sicherheitsdienstleistern. Eine qualitative empirische Studie

BRCA1 promoter methylation and clinical outcomes in ovarian cancer: an individual patient data meta-analysis

The effects of challenge and hindrance stressors on multinational corporations’ subsidiary performance: the role of institutional dependence

Newham working student pilot project summary report

Caffeine increases strength and power performance in resistance‐trained females during early follicular phase

Between a rock and a hard place: COVID-19 and South Africa’s response

An analysis of beer game trials

Loneliness and holding environments in the UK General Practice: psychoanalytic perspectives

Hot coffee: associative memory with bump attractor cell assemblies of spiking neurons

Tourists' emotional solidarity with residents: A segmentation analysis and its links to destination image and loyalty

History and scenario planning: a commentary on Schoemaker 2020

COVID-19 and The ICT industry: a mix of prospects and hurdles

5G smart and innovative healthcare services: opportunities, challenges and prospective solutions

The relationship between self-harm and alexithymia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Isolation and characterization of a salt-tolerant denitrifying bacterium Alishewanella sp. F2 from seawall muddy water

Studying Instagram beyond selfies

The relationships between intelligence and consciousness in natural and artificial systems

Eye-tracking experimental study investigating the influence factors of construction safety hazard recognition

A systematic review of the literature regarding socially assistive robots in pre-tertiary education

Civic engagement and mental health system strengthening in Indonesia: a qualitative examination of the views of health professionals and national key stakeholders

Implementing civic engagement within mental health services in South East Asia: a systematic review and realist synthesis of current evidence

A framework for adapting deep brain stimulation using Parkinsonian state estimates

Hedgefonds in Deutschland und die Auswirkungen auf Corporate Governance im Sinne des Deutschen Corporate Governance Kodex

An enhanced deep learning architecture for classification of Tuberculosis types from CT lung images

Performance evaluation of routing strategies over multimedia-based SDNs under realistic environments

Ancestral primacy of same-sex sexual behaviour does not explain its stable prevalence in modern populations

Mimicry diversification in Papilio dardanus via a genomic inversion in the regulatory region of engrailed – invected

Training teachers for and through citizenship: learning from citizenship experiences

Using tangible user interfaces for teaching concepts of internet of things: usability and learning effectiveness

Reconfiguring the 'Male Montessorian': the mattering of gender through pink towering practices

A cross-cultural study of attitudes toward suicide among young people in India, Italy and Australia

Educating at scale for sustainable development and social enterprise growth: the impact of online learning and a massive open online course (MOOC)

Cohort profile: The Cohorts Consortium of Latin America and the Caribbean (CC-LAC)

Doxorubicin selectively induces apoptosis through the inhibition of a novel isoform of Bcl‑2 in acute myeloid leukaemia MOLM‑13 cells with reduced Beclin 1 expression

Deployment of drone-based small cells for public safety communication system

Pets that have ‘something inside’: the material politics of in/animacy and queer kin within the childhood menagerie

Introduction: reimagining 'childhood, motherhood, family and community'

Improving employees' performance through internal marketing and organizational learning: mediating role of organizational innovation in an emerging market

Mapping human serum induced gene networks as a basis for the creation of biomimetic periosteum for bone repair

Destination loyalty explained through place attachment, destination familiarity and destination image

Bioaugmented constructed wetlands for denitrification of saline wastewater: a boost for both microorganisms and plants

Treatment of typical antibiotics in constructed wetlands integrated with microbial fuel cells: roles of plant and circuit operation mode

Nature-inspired optimization algorithms: challenges and open problems

Review of BIM adoption in the Higher Education of AEC disciplines

Saline and Alkaline tolerance of wetland plants — what are the most representative evaluation indicators?

Student voice in higher education: opening the loop

Customers' need for uniqueness theory versus brand congruence theory: the impact on satisfaction with social network sites

The opportunity cost hypothesis and the cyclical behaviour of research spending

A domain specific language for complex dynamic decision making

The balance of adult mental health care: provision of core health versus other types of care in eight European countries

Implementing democratic governance and ownership: the interplay of structure and culture in public service social enterprises

Territorial capital as a source of firm competitive advantage: evidence from the North and South of Italy

Motivation: key to a healthy lifestyle in people with diabetes? Current and emerging knowledge and applications

Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 and data protection for health research in South Africa

Traditional healers' and biomedical practitioners' perceptions of collaborative mental healthcare in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review

How 25 years of psychosocial research has contributed to a better understanding of the links between depression and diabetes

Telephone delivered incentives for encouraging adherence to supervised methadone consumption (TIES): Study protocol for a feasibility study for an RCT of clinical and cost effectiveness

Leaders or organisations? A comparison study of factors affecting organisational citizenship behaviour in independent hotels

Early stage investing in green SMEs: the case of the UK

Explaining conative destination image through cognitive and affective destination image and emotional solidarity with residents

Demarcation and definition: explicating the meaning and scope of ‘decolonisation’ in the social and political sciences

The short guide to sociology

A smart environments architecture (Search)

Critiquing the "National Standards for School-based Initial Teacher Training Mentors" in England: what lessons can be learned from inter-professional comparison?

Comparative proteomic profiling of methicillin-susceptible and resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Exploring the potential use of patient and public involvement to strengthen Indonesian mental health care for people with psychosis: a qualitative exploration of the views of service users and carers

Use of a big data analysis technique for extracting HRA data from event investigation reports based on the Safety-II concept

"Visual Affluence" in social photography: applicability of image segmentation as a visually oriented approach to study Instagram hashtags

Telling the other what one knows? Strategic lying in a modified acquiring-a-company experiment with two-sided private information

Cognition and violent behavior in psychotic disorders: a nationwide case-control study

Using destination image and place attachment to explore support for tourism development: the case of tourism versus non-tourism employees in EILAT

Effect of Berberine on in vitro metabolism of Sulfonylureas: a herb-drug interactions study

Levinas's contribution to the Law of Hospitality

Back to the factory: the continuing salience of industrial workplace history

Examining the effects of celebrity trust on advertising credibility, brand credibility and corporate credibility

A holistic framework of corporate website favourability

Advantage of low quality in short life cycle products

Teaching about terrorism, extremism and radicalisation: some implications for controversial issues pedagogy

Greenhouse gas emissions and wastewater treatment performance by three plant species in subsurface flow constructed wetland mesocosms

Peirce’s diagrammatic reasoning and the cinema: image, diagram, and narrative in The Shape of Water

Ethical food packaging and designed encounters with distant and exotic others


Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms

In, out and through digital worlds. Hybrid-transitions as a space for children's agency

Residents' destination image: a perspective article

Part IV: Geography matters; spatiality and auto/biography: Front matter

Reconceptualising academic development as community development: lessons from working with Syrian academics in exile

The political institutionalization of the social economy in Ecuador: indigeneity and institutional logics

It's gender Jim, but not as we know it ... A critical review of constructions of gendered knowledge of the Global South

Analysis of tuberculosis severity levels from CT pulmonary images based on enhanced residual deep learning architecture

The effect of initial inequality on meritocracy: a voting experiment on tax redistribution

Revisiting subject knowledge in citizenship education: understanding power and agency

Stylist as auteur: hierarchy, reputation and creative control

A philosophy of textile: between practice and theory

International commercial surrogacy as a new head of tortious damage: XX V Whittington Hospital NHS Trust [2018] EWCA Civ 2832

Exploring elite soccer teams’ performances during different match-status periods of close matches’ comebacks

Stretching the golden thread: the impact of Brexit on the presumption of innocence

Cartoons for Museo De Humor Grafico Diogenes Taborda - Chinese new year 2020 - year of the metal rat

Islamophobia in the National Health Service: an ethnography of institutional racism in PREVENT's counter‐radicalisation policy

What makes a social robot good at interacting with humans?

Hamstring strain injuries: incidence, mechanisms, risk factors and training recommendations

THE OTHERS: the role of individual personality, cultural acculturation, and perceived value on towards firm’s social media and acculturation orientation

Developing student competence through peer assessment: the role of feedback, self-regulation and evaluative judgement

Unpaid Britain: challenges of enforcement and wage recovery

A survey of modern exogenous fault detection and diagnosis methods for swarm robotics

Multidimensional characterization of global food supply from 1961 to 2013

Towards a theoretical framework on sensorial place brand identity

Stravinsky’s ear for instruments

Integrative therapists’ clinical experiences of personal blind spots: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

Exploring self-compassion: an action research study with women who have been sexually abused as children #wearenotalone

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Towards a thoracic conductive phantom for EIT

Clinical learning environments

Suicide ideation among nursing home residents in the US: conceptual issues and the international context

Contribution to Printmakers Council archive exhibition

Mapping the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination as a living instrument

A forgotten episode in the history of Hollywood cinema, television and seriality: the case of the Mirisch Company

SRL pathogenicity island contributes to the metabolism of D-aspartate via an aspartate racemase in Shigella flexneri YSH6000

"It seemed like a good idea at the time": Hollywood, homology and hired guns – the making of The Magnificent Seven

Strength, jumping, and change of direction speed asymmetries are not associated with athletic performance in elite academy soccer players

The governance of genomic biobank research in Africa: reframing the regulatory tilt

Liking but devaluing animals: emotional and deliberative paths to speciesism

Non-financial firms hedging risks in East Asia: the link between financial derivatives use, firm value and exposures to country risks

IoT and cloud forensic investigation guidelines

Blockchain of custody, BoC

Teaching on the edge of time: developing a slow pedagogy through feminist science fiction

Shaping flood risk governance through science-policy interfaces: Insights from England, France and The Netherlands

The effect of training order on neuromuscular, endocrine and mood response to small-sided games and resistance training sessions over a 24-h period

Blood diamonds: an analysis of the state of affairs and the effectiveness of the Kimberley Process

Inter-limb asymmetries are associated with decrements in physical performance in youth elite team sports athletes

Academic literacy and student diversity: evaluating a curriculum-integrated inclusive practice intervention in the United Kingdom

How Brexit produced the largest Conservative majority since Thatcher [News article]

Occupational factors associated with health-related quality of life in nursing professionals: a multi-centre study

Solo il Labour può evitare una nuova era Thatcher

Randomised feasibility trial of the helping families programme-modified: an intensive parenting intervention for parents affected by severe personality difficulties

The impact of brand value on brand competitiveness

A digital twin framework for Industry 4.0 enabling next-gen manufacturing

The role of the central bank in financial distress management and resolution in developing economies

Improving society's management of risks - a statement of principles

Feminisms, gender and social media: public and political performativities regarding sexual harassment in Cyprus

Language support for multi agent reinforcement learning

Gender effects on consumers' attitudes toward comedic violence in advertisements

Brevinin-2GHk from Sylvirana guentheri and the design of truncated analogs exhibiting the enhancement of antimicrobial activity

The things that make you sick

Women on corporate boards of public listed companies - a UK and EU gender diversity conundrum

Brand repositioning of Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood: do you see what I see, views from the female electorate?

Where did the floating charge come from? [Blog post]

Disengaging and rehabilitating high-value detainees: a small scale qualitative study

Art criticism and the state of feminist art criticism

Rugby as a rehabilitation program in a United Kingdom male young offenders' institution: key findings and implications from mixed methods research

"Once we owned slaves". Labour and coercion in 20th century American plantations

Lying on networks: the role of structure and topology in promoting honesty

Describing and simulating concurrent quantum systems

"Do the right thing" for whom? An experiment on ingroup favouritism, group assorting and moral suasion

Contributions to Sicaco 2019 cartoon contest - hot & cold - South Korea

Effect of sternal electrode gap and belt rotation on the robustness of pulmonary electrical impedance tomography parameters

Preferences for water treatment provision in rural India: comparing communal, pay-per-use, and labour-for-water schemes

Design and validation of a meter band rate in OpenFlow and OpenDaylight for optimizing QoS

Risky play in a risk averse world

Does the public need criminology?

Exploitation of nitric oxide donors to control bacterial adhesion on ready‐to‐eat vegetables and dispersal of pathogenic biofilm from polypropylene

Practicalities in doctorate research of using grounded theory methodology in understanding nurses’ behaviours when caring for culturally diverse patients

Abolishing the factory tax - how to boost investment and level up Britain

Does growth matter for cycles?

R&D smoothing: evidence and some theory

Lucha de clases, democracia e intervencionismo de Estados Unidos en Venezuela

Puerto Rico: the reassertion of US colonialism

Annual and non-monsoon rainfall prediction modelling using SVR-MLP: an empirical study from Odisha

A sparse Bayesian learning method for structural equation model-based gene regulatory network inference

Influence of initialization on the performance of metaheuristic optimizers

A game theoretic analysis of resource mining in blockchain

Hybridization of cognitive computing for food services

Teaching to resistance and refusal: feminist pedagogical engagements in the UK Higher Education classroom

Older LGBT+ health inequalities in the UK: setting a research agenda

Coaching in the sales profession: what part can coaching with literature play in dealing with a contemporary "Bartleby"?

Tracey Emin: art into life

Adaptive dynamic disturbance strategy for differential evolution algorithm

Structured psychological support for people with personality disorder: feasibility randomised controlled trial of a low-intensity intervention

Quality of governance, social capital and corruption: local governance and the Pakistan marketplace

Corrigendum: Strength, jumping, and change of direction speed asymmetries are not associated with athletic performance in elite academy soccer players

Case-based reasoning of a deep learning network for prediction of early stage of oesophageal cancer

Degree bounds for modular covariants

Co-creating brand image and reputation through stakeholder's social network

Examining the effects of advertising credibility on brand credibility, corporate credibility and corporate image: a qualitative approach

Corporate branding and value creation for initiating and managing relationships in B2B markets

Virtual influencers in digital marketing: innovative trend or passing fad?

Commuter students: Middlesex University case study

Enlightened management: lessons from the convergence of law and spirituality

The association of parental genetic, lifestyle, and social determinants of health with offspring overweight

The new educational pastorate: link workers, pastoral power and the pedagogicalisation of parenting

The effect of anchors and social information on behaviour

Women leaders in Latin America: The impact of gender equality on performance

Preventing wildlife crime: contemporary issues in enforcement and policy perspectives

A theatre of mathematical history – a historical memoir

Giving and receiving a diagnosis of a progressive neurological condition: A scoping review of doctors’ and patients’ perspectives

An assessment of brand experience knowledge literature: using bibliometric data to identify future research direction

Framing and reframing drug ‘problems’ in prison spaces and populations

Drinking in pregnancy: shifting towards the 'precautionary' principle

Translation and transferability of approaches and intervention programmes: cross country report WP7

Joining the dots: a framework for assessing integration in flood risk management with applications to England and Serbia

Underlying motivating factors for movie-induced tourism among Emiratis and Indian expatriates in the United Arab Emirates

A new service management framework for vehicular networks

Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response

Power splitting versus time switching based cooperative relaying protocols for SWIPT in NOMA systems

Active energy - visual narrative

The impact of kinesiology tape application on the volume of interstitial space over the gastrocnemius within healthy mixed-gender participants using ultrasonography

Wine tourism as a non-core business strategy for small wineries

Corporate brand strategy: drivers and outcomes of hotel industry’s brand orientation

Promoting Academic Integrity: A Tale of Two Case Studies

Landscape and the science fiction imaginary

Pan: conversational agent for criminal investigations

Right restriction or restricting rights? The UK acts to address COVID-19

Comparison of bilateral vs. unilateral-biased strength and power training interventions on measures of physical performance in elite youth soccer players

Inter-limb asymmetry during rehabilitation understanding formulas and monitoring the "magnitude" and "direction"

Determining the reliability and usability of change of direction speed tests in adolescent female soccer players: a systematic review

The consequence of waiters' professional identity on passion for work and its effects on employee turnover: a qualitative approach

Framing #Brexit on Twitter: the EU 27’s lesson in message discipline?

Aging predicts decline in explicit and implicit memory: a life-span study

Tracing healthcare organisation integration in the UK using actor-network theory

Fucking criminology! Challenging mainstream criminology in the classroom

Fine-grained action recognition by motion saliency and mid-level patches

Culture and sentencing at the ICC

Assessing the adoption of e-government using TAM model: case of Egypt

Bilateral vs. unilateral countermovement jumps: comparing the magnitude and direction of asymmetry in elite academy soccer players

Antibiotic selective pressure in microcosms: pollution influences the persistence of multidrug resistant Shigella flexneri 2a YSH6000 strain in polluted river water samples

XOR multiplexing technique for nanocomputers

Regional disparities and industrial structure: territorial capital and productivity in Italian firms

Introduction to the special issue of the 3rd international colloquium on design, branding and marketing

Evaluation of the energy utilization index in sheep milk cooling systems

Conferencing otherwise: a feminist new materialist writing experiment

Adventures requiring care and recklessness: doing early childhood research differently

In/animate relationalities within the family home: making queer kin through worldling and care

Preferences for efficiency, rather than preferences for morality, drive cooperation in the one-shot Stag-Hunt game

Foreign versus local firms: implications for environmental sustainability

Achieving substantive equality: mainstreaming duties to complement affirmative action measures

Effectiveness of affirmative action measures in the United Kingdom and South Africa

Affirmative action and the law: efficacy of national and international approaches

Adoption of e-commerce by the agri-food sector in China: the case of Minyu e-commerce company

Modelling and validating three-dimensional human breast and cancerous human breast tissues in vitro

Re-materialising the religious tourism experience: a post-human perspective

Reliability analysis of an air traffic network: from network structure to transport function

Introduction: Special Issue on Domestic Tourism in Asia

Time, tea breaks and the frontier of control in UK workplaces

Amanda Ciafone. Counter-Cola: A Multinational History of the Global Corporation. [Book review]

Renyi’s entropy based multilevel thresholding using a novel meta-heuristics algorithm

Post Covid-19 and business analytics

Programming in groups: developing industry-facing software development skills in the undergraduate mathematics curriculum

The Inuit: sustaining themselves, the Arctic and the World

Getting back to connectedness: an exploration of a team reflective practice group in a personality disorder service

How does identity influence creative photography

Physical biology of biomembranes and biomolecules (PHYBIOM)

Ambient assisted living deployment aims to empower people living with dementia (AnAbEL)

Intercellular production of Hydrogen peroxide in Solanum lycopersicum: an immune response to Salmonella infection

Psychological research and Covid-19: are a few notes necessary? [Blog post]

Talent development as an alternative to orthodox career thinking: the Scandinavian case

Factors influencing bilateral deficit and inter-limb asymmetry of maximal and explosive strength: motor task, outcome measure and muscle group

Translanguaging as a political act with Roma: carving a path between pluralism and collectivism for transformation

SCT and translanguaging-to-learn: proposed conceptual integration

Children are turning to drawing during the lockdown – what can we learn from them? [Blog post]

Spousal support and relationship happiness in adults with type 2 diabetes and their spouses

How matter comes to matter in the baby room: thinkingfeelingdoing experiments in early childhood education for more liveable worlds

Interview with Jayne Osgood

Special Issue "Reimagining childhood, motherhood, family & community", Genealogy 2020, 4(2)

Health-related quality of life and health behaviours in children and adolescents with sickle cell disease

Transformational change in the NHS: using action research to improve the way change leadership skills are developed

Attention allocation during the observation of biological motion: an EEG study

Killing environmental campaigners: manifest and latent justifications

Does online retail coupons and memberships create favourable psychological disposition?

Detecting malware with information complexity

Firm size implications for environmental sustainability of supply chains: evidence from the UAE

Formal verification and analysis of primary authentication based on 5G-AKA protocol

Network service federated identity (NS-FId) protocol for service authorization in 5G network

TimeSets: temporal sensemaking in intelligence analysis

Putting the "I" in Interaction: interactive interfaces personalized to the individual

Survey on the analysis of user interactions and visualization provenance

There's a beautiful game in social isolation [Blog post]

Art strikes: an inventory

Agricultural sustainability estimation of the European photovoltaic greenhouses

States of emergency

The case for federated identity management in 5G communications

The value premium puzzle, behavior versus risk: new evidence from China

Dealing with ‘fake judges’ under EU Law: Poland as a case study in light of the Court of Justice’s ruling of 26 March 2020 in Simpson and HG

Hommage à Ligeti

Three states of wax

Working for the clampdown: the clash, the dawn of Neoliberalism and the political promise of Punk by Colin Coulter (ed). [Book Review]

Eleven reflections on Beckett, music and silence [CD Booklet essay]

what is the word [CD]

Main challenges and the future of International Criminal Law

Learning context-aware outfit recommendation

Design and development of the sEMG-based exoskeleton strength enhancer for the legs

What is the impact of psychiatric decision units on mental health crisis care pathways? Protocol for an interrupted time series analysis with a synthetic control study

Factors associated with the onset of major depressive disorder in adults with type 2 diabetes living in 12 different countries; results from the INTERPRET-DD prospective study

Doxorubicin combined with phytochemicals as pro-apoptotic agents and protein kinase inhibitors for the treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia

Using technology to enhance learning, progression and achievement in higher education

Exploring the managerial effectiveness of strategic performance management in a United Arab Emirates organisational context

Developing a conceptual learning enhancement framework for study abroad programmes: the role of action research in the participation of students

Electrical impedance tomography reveals pathophysiology of neonatal pneumothorax during NAVA

Lex Maritima in a changing world: development and prospect of rules governing carriage of goods by sea

Repositioning of the global epicentre of non-optimal cholesterol

Employment law - ninth edition

Achieving multi-user capabilities through an indoor positioning system based on BLE beacons

Context-aware approach for cardiac rehabilitation monitoring

Managing preference profiles in multi-user intelligent environments

Security aspects of communications in VANETs

Towards autonomous driving: a machine learning-based pedestrian detection system using 16-layer LiDAR

Exploring the provision of reliable network storage in highly mobile environments

Risk and substance use: framing dangerous people and dangerous places

Assessing the reliability and validity of agility testing in team sports: a systematic review

Deep neural network augmentation: generating faces for affect analysis

The experience of long stay in high and medium secure psychiatric hospitals in England: qualitative study of the patient perspective

Value migration: digitalization of shipping as a mechanism of industry dethronement

The benefits of strength training on musculoskeletal system health: practical applications for interdisciplinary care

Correctly slicing extended finite state machines

Self-selecting into being a dictator: distributional consequences

The clinical application of electrical impedance technology in the detection of malignant neoplasms: a systematic review

A method for monetising the mental health costs of flooding

Spreading the use of economic methods in coastal risk management: a simple but insightful “calculator”

Mapping and assessment of developments for one of the sectoral professions under directive 2005/36/EC Nurse responsible for general care: final study

A nature-inspired feature selection approach based on hypercomplex information

MALDI TOF MS and currently related proteomic technologies in reconciling bacterial systematics

The effective feedback challenge: how to begin developing self-regulated learners

The comprehensive environmental management model in post-Covid19 era

Competing during a pandemic? Retailers’ ups and downs during the COVID-19 outbreak

Associations between adult attachment and vision-related quality of life in visually impaired individuals

Delay and reliability analysis of p-persistent carrier sense multiple access for multi-event industrial wireless sensor networks

Valuing diversity in universities: institutional value statements and the reality of student intakes

Is local journalism failing? Local voices in the aftermath of the Grenfell and Lakanal fire disasters

Incorporating BIM in the final semester undergraduate project of construction management — a case study in Fuzhou University

Sustainable banking: the pivotal role of liquidity management

What explains the degree of internationalization of early-stage entrepreneurial firms? A multilevel study on the joint effects of entrepreneurial self-efficacy, opportunity-motivated entrepreneurship, and home-country institutions

Embracing boundary spanning roles in flood risk management [PhD research briefing note 2]

A journey to achieving integration in flood risk management [PhD research briefing note 1]

Stashing behaviour in a Herring Gull

The dynamics of domestic human rights implementation: lessons from qualitative research in Europe

Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome of Diplostomum baeri

“Who goes there?” Reflections on signs and personhood in Christopher Hutton’s Integrationism and the Self

Professional artefacts: evaluating creative outcomes for work-based inquiry

A feminist action research inquiry into the hermeneutical injustice of ‘being silenced’ in everyday conversational life

Design and psychometric analysis of the COVID-19 prevention, recognition and home-management self-efficacy scale

Innovation and external knowledge sources in knowledge intensive business services (KIBS): evidence from de-industrialized UK regions

Rotational flywheel training in youth female team sport athletes: could inter-repetition movement variability be beneficial?

Inclusion in the World Health Organization model list of essential medicines of non-vitamin K anticoagulants for treatment of non-valvular atrial fibrillation: a step towards reducing the burden of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality

Songs of wonder: an inquiry into wonder and magic in everyday and organisational life

Exploring dialogic approaches in teaching and learning: a study in a rural Kenyan community

An assessment of customer retention with self-service technology: a comparative study between internet banking and mobile banking in Saudi Arabia

The German Music@Home: validation of a questionnaire measuring at home musical exposure and interaction of young children

MoDA Podcast Season 1, Episode 2, Home displacements

MoDA Podcast Season 1, Episode 1, Home memories

Restructuring seafarers’ welfare under the Maritime Labour Convention: an empirical case study of Greece

Carceral fantasies: cinema and prison in early twentieth-century America [Book Review]

Validity and reliability of the new Basic Functional Assessment protocol (BFA)

Exploring the removal of online child sexual abuse material in the United Kingdom: processes and practice

Multi-objective decision model for green supply chain management

Decision-making system for university selection: a priority comparison of pre- and post-COVID-19

2020 Global nutrition report: action on equity to end malnutrition

Identifying and assessing the implementation of human rights decisions

Blurring lines between fiction and reality: Perspectives of experts on marketing effectiveness of virtual influencers

The impact of irritable bowel syndrome on health-related quality of life in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Preparing for a challenging winter 2020/21

Making sense of the impact agenda in UK higher education: a case study of preventing violent extremism policy in schools

Blockchain based integrated security measure for reliable service delegation in 6G communication environment

The influence of age of acquisition on recall and recognition in Alzheimer’s patients and healthy ageing controls in Turkish

Minimising trauma in staff at a sexual assault referral centre: what and who is needed?

COVID-19 as a global challenge: towards an inclusive and sustainable future

The NORMAN Association and the European Partnership for Chemicals Risk Assessment (PARC): let’s cooperate! [Commentary]

What are the factors to consider in assisted reproductive technology? [Blog post]

Place/Nation branding and marketing: rethinking synergies and relations [Editorial]

Corporate branding, identity, image and reputation: current and future trends, developments and challenges [Editorial]

Does the coronavirus pandemic carry signs of a generational trauma?

Summer at Bankside Gallery exhibition contributions

RE Original Prints 2020 exhibition contributions

Post-sentence supervision: A case study of the extension of community resettlement support for short sentence prisoners

A bibliometric investigation of service failure literature and a research agenda

[Introductory note to] Joined Cases A. K. v. Krajowa Rada Sądownictwa (C-585/18) and CP (C-624/18), DO (C-625/18) v. Sąd Najwyższy (C.J.E.U.)

Gender differences in the trade-off between objective equality and efficiency

The effect of norm-based messages on reading and understanding COVID-19 pandemic response governmental rules

What makes Airbnb likeable? Exploring the nexus between service attractiveness, country image, perceived authenticity and experience from a social exchange theory perspective within an emerging economy context

The sociocultural dimension of the Software Process Improvement manifesto: pilot validation by experts

A multi-level study of entrepreneurial characteristics, IPR, and the degree of internationalization

COVID-19 decontamination multi-purpose chamber using 405nm visible light

‘In the same boat, helping each other’: a grounded theory of growth and emancipation in peer-led hearing voices groups

Narrative and design for wellbeing: a user-centered approach

A question of intervention - tectonic or autonomous?

Feminist interpretations of witches and the witch craze in contemporary art by women

The road to Prest v Petrodel: an analysis of the UK judicial approach to The Corporate Veil - part 1

Chinese manufacturing suppliers’ upgrading in global value chains

Identification of a Type IV-A CRISPR-Cas system located exclusively on IncHI1B/IncFIB plasmids in Enterobacteriaceae

Bayesian Data-Driven approach enhances synthetic flood loss models

From serendipity to sustainable Green IoT: technical, industrial and political perspective

Obstacles to compassion-giving among nursing and midwifery managers: an international study

Higher vertical jumping asymmetries and lower physical performance are indicators of increased injury incidence in youth team-sport athletes

Being in the hidden third: Insights into transdisciplinary ontology

Do same-level review ratings have the same level of review helpfulness? The role of information diagnosticity in online reviews

A global multinational survey of cefotaxime-resistant coliforms in urban wastewater treatment plants

The evolution of trust and trustworthiness

Pareto-optimal pilot design for cellular massive MIMO systems

Contemporary thinking on transdisciplinary knowledge: what those who know, know

Degradation and detoxification of leather tannery effluent by a newly developed bacterial consortium GS-TE1310 for environmental safety

Conception by egg donation: perceptions, maternal bonding and health practices

Global occurrence, chemical properties, and ecological impacts of e-wastes (IUPAC technical report)

Road lighting and future factors

Journeying together towards goodness: participant understanding of practices and narratives in a University of the Nations Discipleship Training School

Rethinking Indigenous Christianity in Northwest Canada: perspectives from the Nuu-chah-nulth

Understanding violence against women irregular migrants who arrive in Spain in small boats

The resonance of Sushant Singh: A sociological and psychological exploration

Learning in partnership

Value-sensitive co-design for resilient information systems

An autoethnography of respectful tourism: the double-bind of a female traveller in Morocco

Continuous user authentication featuring keystroke dynamics based on robust recurrent confidence model and ensemble learning approach

Retaining and reframing: notes on processes of remembering in Rosemary Butcher's choreography-making

Environmental and health hazards of textile industry wastewater pollutants and its treatment approaches

The role of communication apprehension and self stigma of academic help-seeking in native and non-native English speakers: evidence from UK university students

The comedy and legacy of music-hall women 1880-1920: brazen impudence and boisterous vulgarity

Nursing associate apprenticeship - a descriptive case study narrative of impact, innovation and quality improvement

Use of digital badges in Higher Education

Brexit and the hierarchies of Europeanness

Halal dating: changing relationship attitudes and experiences among young British Muslims

Globalisation and social policy

Dog‐assisted interventions and outcomes for older adults in residential long‐term care facilities: a systematic review and meta‐analysis

Availability, accessibility, and coverage of needle and syringe programs in prisons in the European Union

Modeling and analyzing the Corona-virus warning app with the Isabelle infrastructure framework

Inter-blockchain protocols with the Isabelle Infrastructure framework

Maritime transport, the WTO, and regional trade agreements: too many cooks?

Detection of extended-spectrum β-lactamase and carbapenemase activity in Gram-negative bacilli using liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry

Lagunas (intencionadas) del derecho internacional en la delimitación de obligaciones del Estado

Public health participation in alcohol licensing decisions in England: the importance of navigating "contested space"

To have and to hold: marital rape perception in Russian women

Factors associated with perception of marital rape in India

Serendipity, Poetry and Play in Toy Piano composition and Four Pieces for Toy Piano


Universalism or fragmentation: United Nations treaty-bodies and affirmative actions in Latin-America, the United Kingdom, South Africa, China and India

The EU Directive on the protection of whistleblowers: a missed opportunity to establish international best practices

The ICC Appeals Chamber signals a possible change in approach to the permissibility of trials in absentia [Blog post]

Risperidone versus placebo for aggression following traumatic brain injury: a feasibility randomised controlled trial

Towards the development of ethics guidelines for visual psychology: a review of relevant visual research ethics guidelines

Communicating impacts in flood warning and forecasting [project summary SC150013/S]

Communicating impacts in flood warnings and forecasting

Project sigma: the temporality of activism

Relationship between the morphological, mechanical and permeability properties of porous bone scaffolds and the underlying microstructure

War time women

Towards an understanding of corporate heritage: its evolution from 2006 to 2019 and an agenda for future inquiry

Examining the linkage between class attendance at university and academic performance in an international branch campus setting

Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and improved stability of a D-Amino acid enantiomer of DMPC-10A, the designed derivative of dermaseptin truncates

Lessons from COVID-19 and a resilience model for higher education

The road to Prest v Petrodel: an analysis of the UK judicial approach to the corporate veil - part 2: post Prest

The Internet-of-Things: a surveillance wonderland

New and novel business paradigms in and from China and India

Covid-19: the last call for telepsychiatry

How international SME's vicarious learning may improve their performance? The role of absorptive capacity, strength of ties with local SMEs, and their prior success experiences

Social capital, communication channels and opinion formation

Jihadist and far-right extremism: subjectivity, embodiment and imaginaries of violence

COVID-19 funded projects: presenting the MRIC/IEEE funded project for the development of a multi-purpose light disinfection chamber

Where energy flows, passion grows: testing a moderated mediation model of work passion through a cross-cultural lens

The psychologisation of counter-extremism: unpacking PREVENT

‘Becoming Hannibal’: Identification and transformation in queer horror television

Overwhelmed and powerless: staff perspectives on mother - infant separations in English prisons

Unequal internationalisation and the emergence of a new epistemic community: gender and migration

Migrants at work: perspectives, perceptions and new connections [Editorial]

Informal learning, practitioner inquiry and occupational education: an epistemological perspective

What might the Pandemic have done to and for higher education?

Psychometric properties of the self‐assessment practice scale for professional training contexts: evidence from confirmatory factor analysis and Rasch analysis

Overexposure-aware influence maximization

NOACs added to WHO’s essential medicines list: recommendations for future policy actions

Interdisciplinary research in Rajasthan, India: exploring the role of culture and art to support rural development and water management

Impact of directors’ networks on corporate social responsibility: a cross country study

Differences in mobile and nonmobile reviews: the role of perceived costs in review-posting

Differentiating criminal networks in the illegal wildlife trade: organized, corporate and disorganized crime

Negotiations of Socialist Modernity: the Czech glass figurine (from the late 1940s-1960s)

Strength, jumping and change of direction speed asymmetries in soccer, basketball and tennis players

The early British Communist leaders, 1920–1923: a prosopographical exploration

Transforming rehabilitation: a failed experiment in throughcare and offender reintegration

The contribution of specific non-communicable diseases to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 3.4 in Peru

Digital Nomadism: The nexus of remote working and travel mobility

Magnitude, demographics and dynamics of the effect of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on all-cause mortality in 21 industrialised countries

Topics, trends, and sentiments of Tweets about the COVID-19 pandemic: temporal infoveillance study

Community, work and family in diverse contexts and changing times

Could mergers become more sustainable? A study of the stock exchange mergers of NASDAQ and OMX

Quantifying gender norm resistance

Flood risk management under uncertainty in transboundary basins: a delicate balancing act

Exploring digital corporate social responsibility communications on Twitter

El futuro de la evaluación en la educación superior

Retos en la reforma de la evaluación en educación superior: una mirada desde la lejanía

Optimising coverage efficiency in heterogeneous wireless cellular networks

The mediation of financial crises: watchdogs, lapdogs or canaries in the coal mine?

Aggregation 2, Wharepuke Art Centre, KeriKeri, New Zealand

That feels like home: connecting sites of lockdown to design collections

How influential is ballot design in elections?

Emerging applications in mass spectrometry imaging; enablers and roadblocks

Cartoon contribution to SICACO 2020

Minority religions under Irish law: Islam in national and international context. Edited by Kathryn O’Sullivan, Leiden and Boston, Brill, 2019, 254 pp., €99 (hardback), ISBN 978-90-04-39823-8; ISBN 978-90-04-39825-2 (e-book) [Book review]

Regulation’s influence on EU banking efficiency: an evaluation post crisis

Women, the economy and the news: undeserved and underrepresented?

The complexity of obesity

Cross-fertilising scenario planning and business history by process-tracing historical developments: aiding counterfactual reasoning and uncovering history to come

Data-driven structural health monitoring using feature fusion and hybrid deep learning

Customer engagement and relationships in multi-actor service ecosystems

Community based interventions for problematic substance use in later life: a systematic review of evaluated studies and their outcomes

Patters of use and key predictors for the use of wearable health care devices by US adults: insights from a national survey

Green finance for entrepreneurs: current perspectives and conceptual model

Bond at the Olympics: On Her Majesty's (Public) Service [Blog post]

A ladder of words: mid-twentieth century Welsh plays in English

Print contributions to exhibition: New work by the re: printmakers during lockdown

Learning analytics stakeholders' expectations in higher education institutions: A literature review

Are people experiencing the ‘pains of imprisonment’ during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Height and body-mass index trajectories of school-aged children and adolescents from 1985 to 2019 in 200 countries: pooled analysis of 2,086 population-based studies with 65 million participants

A pilot study to determine whether repeated post-exercise cryotherapy exposure augments physiological and perceptual responses to cold

Risk factors affecting maternal health outcomes in Rivers State of Nigeria: towards the PRISMA model

A welcome to the “Creativity in Work-Applied Management” special issue, Journal of Work-Applied Management. ISSN 2205-2062

Active Energy: Communities countering Climate Change

Recovery of rare earth elements from electronic waste through bioleaching

Colonial Crime, Environmental Destruction and Indigenous Peoples: A Roadmap to Accountability and Protection

Masculinities and animal harm

OrgML - a domain specific language for organisational decision-making

Réveiller l’archive d’une guerre coloniale: photographies et écrits de Gaston Chérau correspondant de guerre en Libye (1911-1912) edited by Pierre Schill, Grâne, Créaphis, 2018, 480 pp., €35 (hardcover), ISBN: 978-2-35428-141-0 [Book review]

Sound art and music: philosophy, composition, performance

Culturally competent and compassionate LGBT+ curriculum in health and social care education and practice

A qualitative assessment of machine learning support for detecting data completeness and accuracy issues to improve data analytics in big data for the healthcare industry

Cooperation through image scoring: a replication

Examining the moderating role of brand loyalty among consumers of technology products

Does the stakeholder engagement result in new drinks? Evidence from family owned SMEs

Topical issues in electrical impedance tomography and bioimpedance application research

The dynamics of the Rome Conference

Leadership strategies for global supply chain management: the case of UAE’s construction sector

The influence of ethical practice on sustainable supplier selection in the furniture industry

Applications of green supply chain management in the U.K. restaurant industry

Out of the archive: Berenice Abbott's changing New York and the carry-all coat

A transitional plan for digital and technology change

Academic tutors/advisors and students working in partnership: negotiating and co-creating in “The Third Space”

Qualitative research approaches: application in a UK public administration context

Exposing students to new terminologies while collecting browsing search data (best technical paper)

L1 norm based pedestrian detection using video analytics technique

"Space Plague": an investigation into immersive theatre and narrative transportation effects in informal pandemic science education

HR at the top table


Student perspectives on Teaching and the Prevent policy

A formal development cycle for security engineering in Isabelle

Applying the Isabelle Insider framework to airplane security

Do same-level review ratings have the same level of review helpfulness? The role of information diagnosticity in online reviews

Engaging with Europe after Brexit: Time to reset the UK’s relationship with the Council of Europe

Reproducing white: the chief officers’ club in the Metropolitan Police service

The deliberative classroom and the development of secondary students’ conceptual understanding of Democracy

Conclusion: reflections on the first five years of the Prevent duty in early years, primary, secondary and further education

The Prevent Duty in education: impact, enactment and implications

The International Court of Justice

Life events and emotional disorder revisited: research and clinical applications

Fellow Creature 360 annotated

On the T-test

A gender analysis of intercultural sensitivity among flight attendants

International Law and the abolition of the death penalty

Human dignity principle in the United Kingdom

A systematic literature review on the benefit-drivers of RFID implementation in supply chains and its impact on organizational competitive advantage

Urgency at the European Court of Human Rights: new directions and future prospects for the interim measures mechanism?

Learning categories with spiking nets and spike timing dependent plasticity

Challenges of rapid migration to fully virtual education in the age of the Corona virus pandemic: experiences from across the world

Space plague - saving the world from zombies in South London

Oral delivery of biologics via the intestine

Binding interactions of Peptide Aptamers

Spiritual care for patients with Covid-19: are we ready this time around?

Freedom of religion or belief and the wearing of religious symbols

How do women with a history of SEED-AN experience navigating their lives away from and beyond their illness - A narrative inquiry study

Supply chain network design models for a circular economy: a review and a case study assessment

Fathers and substance misuse: a literature review

Creative articulations process: a rhizomatic practice (video exposition)

MoDA Podcast Season 1, Episode 4, Home planet

MoDA Podcast Season 1, Episode 3, Home(Dis)comforts

Social interactions or business transactions? What customer reviews disclose about Airbnb marketplace

Whitechapel, dark city: performative recuperation of urban identity in Gilded Age Chicago’s Whitechapel Club

States of emergency: analysing global use of emergency powers in response to COVID-19

The citizen and the state: criminal justice and civil liberties in conflict

Legal safeguarding for work-based learners in creative educational models

Venezuela: fighting Coronavirus and US aggression

Impacts of service user involvement in mental health nurse training on management of aggression: a qualitative description research

Needed: a systems approach to improve flood risk mitigation through private precautionary measures

Living wage and business ethics

Doing qualitatively-driven mixed methods and pluralistic qualitative research

Modern challenges: the socio-political issues of introducing professional and practice in doctoral education in the emerging economy of Georgia

Mercenary attack on Venezuela: what were the political objectives?

Conservatives deploy Brexit to score electoral victory in the UK

Return the gold to Venezuela

Venezuela's National Assembly elections: a victory for Chavismo

What we know offers clues to what we must guess: a drawing of the Three Rivers Estuary

Deben Estuary

Providing a foundation for interpretable autonomous agents through elicitation and modeling of criminal investigation pathways

What does work, achievement and identity mean to black British women? The lived experience of professional black British women of Jamaican heritage

Does Transverse Friction Massage add benefit to loading exercises for achilles tendinopathy? A pilot and feasibility study

Co-Design with Wyn Griffiths

Ant colony optimization for object-oriented unit test generation

Mini prints selected for 40th International Mini Print event in Cadaqués, Spain 2020

“A difficult tightrope to walk”: an exploration of therapists’ experiences of working with suicidal students in Higher Education

How Blockchain technology can monetize new music ventures: an examination of new business models

Domestic fronts: arrangements for feminist living, or survival is not a metaphor

Planning practitioner projects

Intent classification for a management conversational assistant

Implementing practitioner research projects

Output sampling for output diversity in automatic unit test generation

The Socialist Labour Party and the leadership of early British Communism

Improving educational and training programmes through learning analytics and visualisation of educational data

Learning journey abroad: a critical analysis of the impact of short-term mission by Korean Christians on intercultural sensitivity

Inter-limb asymmetry: longitudinal monitoring and associations with speed and change of direction speed in elite academy soccer players

Exploring the ethical issues of dual relationships and researching our own clients: a narrative case study approach

Third generation narratives of the Holocaust: a narrative auto-ethnographic inquiry

An investigation into the hermeneutical viability of the interpretive practices of the LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

‘Undetermined exiles’: a phenomenological exploration of transition out of Army life

World War One trauma and masculinity

An investigation into the influences shaping organisational CSR practices in Vietnam

Seeking Christian enculturation among Vietnamese Evangelicals

'Local species' in African soil: the development of James McKeown's Mission Models and The Church of Pentecost, Ghana

Peace research in non-violence contexts: a case study among the Southwest Nigerian Yorùbá

Mining God’s way: towards mineral resource justice with artisanal gold miners in East Africa

Understanding identity and social change through narrative: with special reference to Roma Pentecostalism in Croatia and Serbia

Appropriation, translation and transformation of institutionalised development discourses: the case of faith-based organisations doing development work in the Philippines

Toward a new heaven and new earth: a scientific, biblical and theological exploration of continuity and discontinuity

‘Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk’, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, 29 February–18 March and 27 August–25 October 2020

Orienting of willed temporal attention: an EEG study

Maria Janion

Metal size distribution in rainfall and snowmelt-induced runoff from three urban catchments

The intercorrelation between Arabic calligraphy and graphic design in Saudi Arabia: an analytical study of the current status of Arabic calligraphy and the impact of graphic design and Saudi’s policy on its role as a traditional craft

A phenomenological exploration into the lived experience of fathers living with new mothers diagnosed as PND

What happens when we end: a psycho social exploration of therapists’ experience

Prevention | Rescue | Resuscitation – The influence of New Zealand lifeguarding practice on global drowning prevention

Saving the Church of England: John Edwards (1637-1716) as dissenting conformer

Experiential transmission: an auto-ethnographical study of coaching in educational contexts

The crime of 'terror' under International Humanitarian Law

Feral objects and acts of domestic piracy: sculpture, secular magic, and strategies of feminist disruption

The development of an automated decision-making framework through the utilisation of the latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technologies for organisational change

Understanding the influence of physical environment design on emotional well-being and its effect on consumers’ perception towards brand performance: A study in the context of a retail setting in the United Kingdom

MoDA Podcast Season 2, Episode 3, Home sounds

MoDA Podcast Season 2, Episode 2, Home senses

MoDA Podcast Season 2, Episode 1, Home spaces

Exploring social work: an anthropological perspective

Principled resistance to ECtHR Judgments – A New Paradigm?, edited by Marten Breuer [Book review]

MoDA Podcast Season 2, Episode 7, Staging home

MoDA Podcast Season 2, Episode 6, Home & Housing

MoDA Podcast Season 2, Episode 5, Home work / House work

MoDA Podcast Season 2, Episode 4, Home cities: epidemics and health

Video recording lectures: blending the quarantini

Defining the limits of honour crimes

Puppets between human, animal and machine: towards the modes of movement contesting the anthropocentric view of life in animation

Challenges of outward facing mobility opportunities for Nursing students: pre and peri Covid-19

Using technology to engage Generation Z Mathematics students

Valuing the multilingual repertoires of students from African migrant communities at a London university

Nursing in a global pandemic: the challenges of Covid19 in the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020

Uncovering creative intuitions

A writerly trajectory: reflections on published classroom resources for learners of English and students of academic writing

COVID-19 and assisted reproductive technologies: a doctoral research reflection during lockdown [Blog post]

The impact of COVID on service user populations with alcohol and drug issues the UK perspective – oral presentation to the International Nurses Society on Addictions. USA

Self Leadership

A community-based experience of being permanently excluded from secondary school: an existential reflection

The male therapists’ experience of emotional intimacy in the male-male therapeutic dyad – an autoethnographic study

The importance of cancer patients' functional recollections to explore the acceptability of an isometric‐resistance exercise intervention: a qualitative study

What is it like to experience the loss of an adult child in old age?

Consume happy: the relationship with food for fat women with a history of early psychological adversity

Designing a business model for SMEs global expansion: the case of WET in Hong Kong

The experience of existential experimentation from the service users’ perspective in primary care

On healthcare and healing - my inquiry into learning from giving birth too soon - learning from and for liminality

Projection interpretation: toward a hermeneutic for homiletics

Is your accent guilty? The experiences of foreign born domestic violence victims within the English criminal justice system and criminal justice professionals’ perceptions of these victims

Exploring public health intervention strategies to address barriers and challenges in the prevention of avoidable blindness due to glaucoma in Anambra State, Nigeria

Triple disadvantage: when othered students, study an othered course at an othered university – working-class, mature students’ discursive accounts of life on (and beyond) a two-year undergraduate Law degree

Using trauma as a lens to explore the experience of mothering a very premature infant in the first year after hospital discharge

Technological ambiguity and the uneasy conscience: bringing Reinhold Niebuhr’s theology into dialogue with the philosophy of Lewis Mumford and Herbert Marcuse towards a Christian conception of responsibility in the technical age

Seeking connectedness post-stroke: an existential perspective on lived experiences of working-age men using grounded theory

Interim report on hand hygiene practices in Northern Ireland during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Why aren't we washing our hands? [News article], June 2020 issue, ISSN: 0969-9856

NI handwashing "wholly inadequate" - but there are signs of change [News article]

How poor handwashing increases the spread of coronavirus [News article]

Wash your hands well to prevent the transmission of COVID-19

Practitioner and service user experiences of short term imprisonment and resettlement under the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014

ADAPT: Approach to Develop context-Aware solutions for Personalised asthma managemenT

A mixed methods sequential explanatory study of the utilisation and practice of traditional Chinese medicine by Chinese people in Hong Kong and Guangzhou

T. J. Bacon reflects on CHTHONIC

The implementation of marketing in private early childhood education centres in Hong Kong: an investigation of the effect on marketing ethics

A study of university teacher–student relationships from the perspective of trust: a Socratic and Confucian comparison

Investigating how educational technologies can enhance learning experiences by assisting different learning activities

An exploration of the potential of creating a coaching culture in a primary school

Teaching is like engineering: my living educational theory

Developing quality assurance processes in a private higher education institution in Australia

A comparative study of methods used in the exegesis of the Qur’an and the Bible

Essays on the corporate dividend policy using data from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries

What is the effect of long-term coaching engagements on the business coach’s process and approach?

On theorizing and methodological fetishism

Punk sans frontières: mapping the trajectory of Global Punk

I Want Out

Book review: The struggle for freedom from fear: contesting violence against women at the frontiers of globalization

The probabilistic flood damage model for residential buildings – BN-FLEMOps [en] Das probabilistische Hochwasserschadensmodell für Wohngebäude – BN-FLEMOps [de]

Phytoremediation using native plants

Violenza Politica: Visioni e Immaginari

Punk Scholars Network website

Do social capital and relationship quality matter to the key account management effectiveness?

Development of OpenFlow Native Capabilities to optimize QoS


A game theoretical semantics for logics of nonsense

An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) of the experiential perspectives of volunteer befrienders, pertaining to causes of suicidality and prevention

Tracheostomy care: the role of the nurse, before, during and after insertion

A phenomenological study into the lived experience of traumatic bereavement for adults aged 21-55

Gamification to encourage increase on healthier physical activity in younger users

Guest Editorial [Special issue: Transforming the Perception of Apprenticeships in England: Careers in the Public Sector] , Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning, Vol. 10 No. 5, pp. 693-700.


Inclusive learning, diversity and nurse education

Dimensions on nursing teaching and learning: supporting nursing students in learning nursing

Pedagogy for nursing: challenging traditional theories

Using Lego® Serious Play® in higher education with law students: encouraging playfulness and creativity within library workshops

Monitoring cardiovascular disease risk in individuals with severe mental illness in an inpatient mental health setting: a secondary data analysis.

Monitoring cardiovascular disease risk in individuals with severe mental illness in an inpatient mental health setting: a secondary data analysis

The paths and the ways: an insight into transdisciplinarity

Priests, a grandmother and schizophrenia

5. Country case studies: 5.10. United Kingdom

International security studies: theory and practice (2nd edition)

Exploring the relationship between corporate identity disorientation and dynamic capabilities

Why a vaccine for Covid-19 is only part of the solution: broader prevention measures are the key [Blog post]

Family business efficacy and the role of dynamic capabilities: a social cognitive approach

The pedagogy of computer programming using cognitive development through an e-learning object

The attacking process in football: a taxonomy for classifying how teams create goal scoring opportunities

Investigating Rollenwahrnehmung, perspective and space through Virtual Reality related game interfaces

Expectations gaps in the roles of independent directors: evidence from Saudi Arabia

UX evaluation of VR locomotion & virtual object interaction mechanics

Making sense of CSR practices: a case of companies operating in Nepal

Influence in decision-making: perspectives of adolescent ethical food consumption

A reflexive thematic analysis study to explore what contributes to initial engagement in therapy from the perspectives of clients and their therapists

The narrative of Ephesians 2:11-22: motion towards maximal proximity and higher status

Trait emotional intelligence: a strategy for managing nurses’ affective wellbeing at work

Measuring the effect of user-generated external representations during sensemaking in electronic environments

Induction of death in myeloid leukaemia cells by doxorubicin and betulinic acid, singly and in combination was associated with the regulation of apoptosis, autophagy and the PI3K/Akt pathways

The acoustic discrimination and recognition of individual heterospecifics by humans: proximate and ultimate causes

Practising-as-inquiry: developing self-as-practitioner

Hide and Seek: a grounded theory study of psychotherapists’ experience of needing and asking for help

Defamation, the right to freedom of expression and libel reform in the UK: A comparative analysis of legal regulation and jurisprudence in the UK, the United States of America, Germany, and the European Court of Human Rights

The experiences of foster parents who have been through therapeutic training

Identity and mothering: The second generation of Ghanaian migrants

A reformed Evangelical critique of Thomas Jay Oord’s Evangelical process theology

‘A soul wound’: Exploring the therapeutic practices of Christian psychological therapists addressing religious or spiritual abuse that occurs within a Christian religious setting

Exploring the development of reflective practice with trainee teachers, using video annotation software

Great Expectations? Universities as civic anchors for local innovation and development

COVID-19 detection and disease progression visualization: Deep learning on chest X-rays for classification and coarse localization

Developing creativity in exceptional young dancers: An investigation of the Dance4 Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme

The incombatibility of the Free Methodist Church and fundamentalist theology: why Free Methodists are not fundamentalists

An exploration of the methods used by external coaches when coaching IT professionals

Modernising Cantonese opera through contemporary sound production design

Film/TV Industries-Academia Discussion Forum: Discussion highlights and proposed next steps

Connected Campus for Creative Industries Slide Deck

Challenges to the right of fair trial by the application of Sharia law within the Council of Europe

Trafficking in human beings in the tourism industry: trends and approaches

What meaning do gay men on PrEP make of their sexuality: a phenomenological investigation

Analyses from an A/r/tographic perspective of maintaining participatory flow with the intention of enhancing empowerment during a school-community art & craft project

A system to explore using a collaborative robot in improvisational dance practice

Reasoning with user's preferences in ambient assisted living environments

Identity crimes in the UK: An examination of the strategies employed by front-line practitioners in the public and private sector to detect, prevent and mitigate against this crime

The effectiveness of customer engagement in co-creation: the moderating role of customer personality traits

The impact on primary school children’s Chinese language learning by using elements of Peking Opera

Understanding affluent male NEETs (not in employment, education or training) by choice: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

Composer and performer roles in contemporary music: an autoethnographic study

The use of performance analysis in Olympic and Paralympic sport: the perspectives of coaches and analysts

Faith narratives on (un)belonging: a sociological exploration of women leaving or joining Islam

What are the experiences of female paramedics as professionals within an Arab country

A taxonomy of contemporary versions of penal substitutionary atonement

The relationship between alexithymia and self-harm: a mixed methods investigation

The gift of life: an existential phenomenological exploration of receiving a lifesaving organ transplant and how this affects life subsequently

An investigation of the impact of social media brand communication on brand equity for young Chinese consumers: a study of international high street fashion brands in China

Beyond the notion of performance anxiety: a phenomenological exploration of the lived experiences of anxiety for elite Egyptian tennis athletes

A taxonomy of network threats and the effect of current datasets on intrusion detection systems

The private sector against human trafficking in tourism

Corporate psychopaths - included in your risk assessment processes?

Differential roles of push and pull factors on escape for travel: Personal and social identity perspectives

Examining the link: exposure to animal abuse and subsequent human violence

Disinfection tunnels: what health risks?

Detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks using conditional entropy in software-defined networking

Zoneless load balancing for massively multiplayer online games

BIM between myth and practice for heritage in UK

Improving productivity by the automation of checking of 3D parametric modelling

Classification for restoration of heritage using building information modelling

Organisational & asset information requirements for BIM between theory and practice

The potential of the multi-angled facade system in improving natural ventilation

The nature of temptation and its role in the development of moral virtue: an exploration in analytic moral theology

The interaction between the seated shot-putter and their throwing frame

Designing a teacher orientation course for English as a foreign language faculty at Saudi Arabian universities: the case of a private university in Riyadh

ROR1 and Rab27b – novel biomarkers for chemoresistance in ovarian cancer

A philosophical, scientific, and theological analysis of the problem of creaturely suffering: towards a new perception of God and pain

Targeting gold nanoparticles constructs in colorectal cancer

Indigenous performance politics: a decolonial perspective of performative works by Kent Monkman, Spiderwoman Theater Company, Rebecca Belmore and James Luna

Potential and limits of abolitionist restorative justice in the UK

Policy-based network management with end-to-end QoS solution in software defined networking

A ‘3P’ soft power model: an agile approach to diplomatic strategy

"New managerialism" in higher education: the case of United Arab Emirates

Knowledge management processes and performance: the impact of ownership of public sector organizations

New media, global terrorism and the cyber battlespace: the role of the internet in radicalisation of young Saudi males

He descended into hell: an English reformation controversy

The teaching role of the Holy Spirit in British Pentecostal theological education

The effect of corporate governance on UK investment trusts

Language and culture: the importance of cultural language to enhance the teaching and learning of Persian language in a Persian heritage language school

Soliloquies for trumpet and string orchestra

Da Blair a Brexit. Venti anni d'immigrazione e politiche migratorie nel Regno Unito

Building behavioural (ethical) decision-making guidelines at a biopharmaceutical company. A case study

The BRICS configuration’s conversion of common sense into good sense: the relevance of a neo-Gramscian study for inclusive international relations

Teaching strategy for Arabic language teaching of 11 to 16-year-olds at Al- Iman School located in North West London, England, UK

Gender practices and the business-household nexus: Women’s entrepreneurship in São Paulo, Brazil

How does childhood trauma and victimisation contribute to youth homelessness and criminal misconduct? A study of influences on young people’s propensity to offend and the role of professionals in supporting homeless young people into living a crime free life

A critical reflection of the collaborative grey space within a Danish municipal project setting

A grapheme synaesthete’s A–Z of colour: A textile practitioner’s response

Strategic motivations and performance determinants of the UK International Joint Ventures (IJVs) in China and India: A dual parent perspective

An examination of the impact of foreign and local managers on firm resources: A case of micro and small serviced apartments in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Separation of powers in the Kuwaiti criminal justice system

Consciousness technology in Black Mirror. Do cookies feel pain?

4 Esquisses

Air from Etudes de concert

Danilo Dolci: Environmental education and empowerment

Types of interference and their resolution in monolingual language production

The Break-Up

Emerging applications in mass spectrometry imaging; enablers and roadblocks

Taming the dragon: Rebranding Cardiff City Council