Audience improvisation in the immersive experiences: the sensuous world of the body in the work of Lundahl & Seitl

(Re)Claiming cultural identity: the NFB’s Eskimo Legends and Inuit Animation from Cape Dorset

Feminists researching gendered childhoods: generative entanglements

Ten Days in Tarbena: an evolutionary approach to moving through silence and sound to speech

Smart meter and in-home display for energy savings in residential buildings: a pilot investigation in Shanghai, China

The Oxford handbook of improvisation in dance

Our Land: creative approaches to the redevelopment of London’s Docklands

New methods for stress assessment and monitoring at the workplace

The impact of global economic crisis and austerity on quality of working life and work-life balance: a capabilities perspective

Blood perfusion changes during sacral nerve root stimulation versus surface gluteus electrical stimulation on in seated spinal cord injury

Comparison of bio-inspired algorithms applied to the coordination of mobile robots considering the energy consumption

Heavy barbell hip thrusts do not effect sprint performance: an 8-week randomized–controlled study

Delivering information and brief advice on alcohol (IBA) in social work and social care settings: an exploratory study

Lower extremity stiffness: considerations for testing, performance enhancement and injury risk

Regulating factory safety in the Bangladeshi garment industry

Queering queer theory in management and organization studies: notes toward queering heterosexuality

Competition and risk-taking in investment banking

Investigating invisible writing practices in the engineering curriculum using practice architectures

A systematic review and meta-analysis of lifestyle and body mass index predictors of successful assisted reproductive technologies

Hybrids: on the crime-terror nexus

Beyond space and time: the itinerant life of books in the Fāṭimid market place

Does organizational formalization facilitate voice and helping organizational citizenship behaviors? It depends on (national) uncertainty norms

The impact of multinational and domestic enterprises on regional productivity: the evidence from the UK

Identifying an educational response to the prevent policy: student perspectives on learning about terrorism, extremism and radicalisation

Annotated natural deduction for adaptive reasoning

The validity and reliability of the my jump 2 app for measuring the reactive strength index and drop jump performance

Interactive effects of information exchange, relationship capital and environmental uncertainty on international joint venture (IJV) performance: an emerging markets perspective

Israel and the Palestinians: the challenge to Levinasian ethics

A union default: a policy to raise union membership, promote the freedom to associate, protect the freedom not to associate and progress union representation

The evolving duty to consult and obtain free prior and informed consent of Indigenous peoples for extractive projects in the United States and Canada

Spirituality and fashion

Advertising paid and unpaid job roles in sport: an updated position statement from the UK Strength and Conditioning Association

Positioning discourse on homophobia in schools: what have lesbian and gay families got to say?

What makes for effective feedback: Staff and student perspectives

An integrated core competence evaluation framework for portfolio management in the oil industry

Conceptualizing and managing corporate logo: a qualitative study

Common agenda or Europe's agenda? International protection, human rights and migration from the Horn of Africa

The politics of evidence-based policy in Europe’s ‘migration crisis’

A patron of men: Sitt al-Mulk and the military at the Fatimid court

Questioning and organization studies

Protection des personnes LGBT+ en Europe : le cadre juridique national et de l’EU [LGBT+ Protection In Europe: the EU and National Legal Framework]

Work and volunteering: longitudinal relationships between work-related experiences and volunteering behaviour

Influence of brand signature, brand awareness, brand attitude, brand reputation on hotel industry's brand performance

Challenges and changes in gendered poverty: the feminization, de-feminization, and re-feminization of poverty in Latin America

The realities of managing uncertainties surrounding pluvial urban flood risk: an ex post analysis in three European cities

Reshaping traditional marketing mix to include social media participation: evidence from Italian firms

How do older people discuss their own sexuality? A systematic review of qualitative research studies

The International Labour Organisation and film

Knowledge sharing by entrepreneurs in a virtual community of practice (VCoP)

'Female heroes': celebrity executives as postfeminist role models

Towards evaluation criteria in participatory flood risk management

Cheating, incentives, and money manipulation

Childless voices: stories of longing, loss, resistance and choice

(In)dangered domesticity: tactics to subvert an anxious and unsafe interior typology

Towards seamful living

Research on effectiveness of technology transfer in technology alliances: Evidence from Turkish SMEs

Crossing borders and other dividers in Western Europe and the British Isles

The appropriate response of Spanish Gitanos: short-run orientation beyond current socio-economic status

Micropolitical dynamics of interlingual translation processes in an MNC subsidiary

Does the use of summative peer assessment in collaborative group work inhibit good judgement?

Marketing management capability: the construct, and its dimensions: an examination of managers' and entrepreneurs' perceptions in a retail setting

Enhancing university brand image and reputation through customer value co-creation behaviour

Use of scenario planning as a theory-driven evaluation tool

The use of standards for identifying, codifying and transmitting expert ergonomic knowledge

n.paradoxa’s MOOC (Mass Open Online Course): a case study in feminist online pedagogies

New money in rural areas: land Investment in Europe and its place impacts

Mediating effect of intrinsic motivation on the relationship between Islamic work ethic, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment in banking sector

Resist: be modern (again)

Pierre Schaeffer and the (recorded) sound source

Improving procedural fairness in housing possession cases

From writing spaces to a writing home: encouraging belonging through spatial design

The new digital interiorscape and the edited Airbnb interior

Musical composition and mystical spirituality

Kaikhosru Sorabji's letters to Philip Heseltine (Peter Warlock)

Temporal expectancies and rhythmic cueing in touch: the influence of spatial attention

Far apart yet close: social media on acculturation among international students in the UK

Pacts, paratext and polyphony: writing the authorised biography of Robert Wyatt

Sense-making strategies in explorative intelligence analysis of network evolutions

The stain upon the silence


A critical examination of the application of blockchain technology for intellectual property management

An investigation of mobile social networking application users' responses to in-app advertisements


Effects of vicarious disgust learning on the development of fear, disgust, and attentional biases in children

The Influence of ‘high’ vs. ‘low’ rape myth acceptance on police officers’ judgements of victim and perpetrator responsibility, and rape authenticity

Investigating the demographic and attitudinal predictors of rape myth acceptance in U.K. Police officers: developing an evidence-base for training and professional development


Psychometric evaluation and cultural adaptation of the Spanish version of the “Scale for End-of Life Caregiving Appraisal”

Towards an innovation link between dynamic capabilities and sustainability strategy: options for emerging market companies

Privilege, power, and the perversion of privacy protection

International migration, labour mobility and HRM

Organisational culture and effectiveness: a multi-perspective analysis on Indian knowledge-intensive firm

Relationship between corporate identity, place architecture, and identification: an exploratory case study

Absence of excess body fatness

One-repetition-maximum measures or maximum bar-power output: which Is more related to sport performance?

Experimental animation: from analogue to digital

A hermeneutic of polyvalence: deciphering narrative in Lewis Klahr's The Pettifogger (2011)

Craft as critique in experimental animation

Normative influences: how socio-cultural and industrial norms influence the adoption of sustainability practices. A grounded theory of Cretan, small tourism firms

The price of fear: estimating the financial cost of bullying and harassment to the NHS in England

Electrophysiological evidence for changes in attentional orienting and selection in functional somatic symptoms

Legal sanction, international organisations and the Bangladesh Accord

Preventing and responding to depression, self-harm, and suicide in older people living in long term care settings: a systematic review

Infinite Indigeneity

Big data, small law: how gaps in regulation are affecting political campaigning methods and the need for fundamental reform

Contextualizando el Informe Cassese: La dictadura que cambió el sistema de derechos humanos de Naciones Unidas y su legado en el monitoreo de derechos económicos, sociales y culturales

Making sense of consumers' tweets: Sentiment outcomes for fast fashion retailers through big data analytics

Re-evaluating recreational easements- new norms for the twenty-first century?

The creative disruption of degree apprenticeships in the UK

Youth transitions: mobility and the travel intentions of 12-20 year olds, Reading, UK

Threats to student evaluative judgement and their management

Indigenous peoples' rights: Is HRIA an enabler for free, prior and informed consent?

Indigenous peoples’ experiences of resistance, participation and autonomy: consultation and free, prior and informed consent in Peru

Knowledge representation for culturally competent personal robots: requirements, design principles, implementation, and assessment

A framework for comparative institutional research on HRM

Advocacy for women migrant workers in Malaysia through an Intersectionality lens

Next-generation wireless networks meet advanced machine learning applications

The three goods of higher education; as education, in its educative and in its institutional practices

Understanding internationalisation approaches and mechanisms of diaspora entrepreneurs in emerging economies as a learning process

The influence of institutional environment on venture capital development in emerging economies: the example of Nigeria

The implementation of performance analysis and feedback within Olympic sport: the performance analyst’s perspective

Stochastic analysis of a heterogeneous micro-finite element model of a mouse tibia

Using formative assessment to influence self- and co-regulated learning: the role of evaluative judgement

Why academics should have a duty of truth telling in an epoch of post-truth?

Orthographical, phonological, and morphological challenges in language processing: the case of bilingual Turkish-English speakers

Transforming local natural resource conflicts to cooperation in a changing climate: Bangladesh and Nepal lessons

Do different forms of government ownership matter for bank capital behavior? Evidence from China

Peirce in contemporary semiotics

The Menpo benchmark for multi-pose 2D and 3D facial landmark localisation and tracking

Examining the relationship between loyalty and place attachment in an urban park setting

Distributional concerns in managers’ compensation schemes for heterogeneous workers: experimental evidence

Multicomponent frailty assessment tools for older people with psychiatric disorders: a systematic review

Setting realistic student expectations in clearing

Organisational climate, person–organisation fit and turn over intention: a generational perspective within a South African Higher Education Institution

Analysis and optimization of unmanned aerial vehicle swarms in logistics: An intelligent delivery platform

Heritage for tourism or tourism for heritage?

Transformation to advanced mechatronics systems within new industrial revolution: a navel framework in Automation of Everything (AoE)

Whitelisting in RFDMA networks

An existential-phenomenological investigation into the experience of people living long-term with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Ex-post performance implications of divergence of managers’ perceptions of ‘distance’ from ‘reality’ in international business

The contingent effect of product relatedness on B2B firms pricing strategy. Evidence from India

On the margins of where?

Between the local and the global: representations of the mainstream and the marginal

A virtual reality embodiment technique to enhance helping behavior of police toward a victim of police racial aggression

The cultures of the now and technologies of immediacy

First Nigerian Bioinformatics Conference (FNBC): towards a dynamic bioinformatics community

An honest day's pay: cooperation among entrepreneurs vs. students, and linkages to real-world business success

Implementation of a TCM-based computational health informatics diagnostic tool for Sub-Saharan African students

Adapting a retro comic aesthetic with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The physiological demands of elite epée fencers during competition

The potential and the missed opportunity of mandatory equal pay auditing

Facilitating tourists' decision making through open data analyses: a novel recommender system

Design thinking and acceptance requirements for designing gamified software

Goal-oriented requirements engineering: an extended systematic mapping study

DEFeND architecture: a privacy by design platform for GDPR compliance

Learning for Life: Writing for Employability

Transferorientiertes Modularisierungskonzept am Beispiel des Massiven Modularisierten Wohnbaus

Pensionsverpflichtungen im Rahmen von M&A Transaktionen: Eine theoretische Auseinandersetzung und empirische Analyse zu den Implikationen von Pensionsverpflichtungen für die Unternehmensbewertung aus der Sicht von Strategischen Investoren

Threat modeling and security issues for the Internet of Things

Smart library seat, occupant and occupancy information system, using pressure and RFID sensors

Challenges ahead in cyber physical systems: a coding survey

Augmented Reality intelligent lighting smart spaces

TangiNet: a tangible user interface system for teaching the properties of network cables

Investigating personal carbon emissions of employees of higher education institutions: Insights from Mauritius

Innovative teaching practice in Business School, Middlesex University Dubai

Understanding Japanese consumer behaviour and cultural relevance of gift giving

Connecting theory and practice through experiential learning: a co-curricular case study from the ‘Journalism Conversation Series’

The identification of the domestic waste collection system associated with the least operative musculoskeletal disorders using human resource absence data

Waging war with the material world: in the pursuit of the transcendental with Argentinian Krishnacore

From New York punk to Hare Krishna monk: Bhakti-Rasa and the devotional Aesthetic of Krishnacore

Dance Well evaluation report

Using advanced handover and localization techniques for maintaining quality-of-service of mobile users in heterogeneous cloud-based environment

Kritische Erfolgsfaktoren der wertschöpfungsorientierten Strategie im industriellen Service 4.0

A comparison of 2 venous puncture sites for peripheral implanted ports

Erforschung eines unternehmerischen Erfolgsfaktorenmodells in den Visegrád-Staaten - Eine Analyse am Beispiel des mittelständischen Maschinenanlagenbaus aus dem Bundesland Niederösterreich

Ressourcen und Risiken im Umgang mit der Arbeitsplatzunsicherheit: Eine Untersuchung des Effekts von Konflikttypen, dem Führungsstil und dem chronischen Regulationsfokus auf den Zusammenhang zwischen der Arbeitsplatzunsicherheit und erfolgsrelevanten Einstellungen und Verhaltensweisen von Mitarbeitenden in der schweizerischen MEM-Industrie

Experience of parents who have suffered a perinatal death in two Spanish hospitals: a qualitative study

Das Problem der Motivations- und Leistungssteigerung in multinationalen Industrieunternehmen

Affective reasoning: adaptation of a dilapidated workshop

Two Emperors and a Queen: Holocaust and the river Danube

Affective reasoning: converting The Workshop, on Church Street, Niton, Isle of Wight

Characterising citizenship: race, criminalisation and the extension of internal borders

Erfolgsfaktor Bildung 4.0

Exploring intelligent service migration in vehicular networks

Store buildings as tourist attractions: mining retail meaning of store building pictures through a machine learning approach

A feminist new materialist experiment: Exploring what else gets produced through encounters with children's news media

Ermittlung von Erfolgsfaktoren für einen nachhaltigen Vertrieb von Industriekesseln

Going digital for diabetes management: the time is now

A family of globally optimal branch-and-bound algorithms for 2D–3D correspondence-free registration

Wirksamkeit von Managemententscheidungen bei Veränderung des Unternehmensumfelds bei mittelständischen Auftragsfertigern im Maschinenbau

Interpersonales Vertrauen im deutschen Versicherungsvertrieb - eine empirische Analyse der Kundenerwartungen zum Verhalten der Versicherungsvertreter in der Face-to-Face-Interaktion

Business Process Mining in der Schweizerischen Nationalbank: Erarbeitung eines theoretisch hergeleiteten und empirisch validierten Bezugsrahmens zur Daten- und Ereignisprotokollqualität

Improving effectiveness of honeypots: predicting targeted destination port numbers during attacks using J48 algorithm

Analyzing the prospects and acceptance of mobile-based marine debris tracking

IPv4 and IPv6 protocols: a comparative performance study

Revisiting diversity and difference in early childhood through children's news media

Mobile-based Carbon footprint calculation: insights from a usability study

Leadership in the NHS

Partial versus general compulsory solidarity: an experimental analysis

Descriptive geometry in England: lost in translation

Austerity, social work ethics and relationship-based social work with children & families

Standard comparison of local mental health care systems in eight European countries

PMU31 early cost-effectiveness analysis of continuous monitoring of lung-aeration with electrical impedance tomography in preterm neonates with respiratory distress syndrome

"I know what a Muslim really is": how political context predisposes the perceived need for an objective Muslim identity

Sketching the contours of state authenticity

The knowledge and practice of personal trainers working with people with long term health conditions

Alice in Canning Town an exclusively East-End reimagining of a fantasy classic

Identification and denitrification characteristics of a salt-tolerant denitrifying bacterium Pannonibacter phragmitetus F1

Absolute pitch: myths, misconceptions, and learnability

Rank-order competition in the voluntary provision of impure public goods

Trusting versus monitoring: an experiment of endogenous institutional choices

On the performance of NOMA in SWIPT systems with power-splitting relaying

Common threads in the making of Fāṭimid and Norman textiles in the hands of women

Der Flächennutzungsplan als kommunales Steuerungsinstrument. Eine Analyse der Wirkungsmöglichkeiten und Grenzen.

Der direkte Einfluss internationaler Regulierung auf die Strategie österreichischer Versicherungsunternehmen seit der Finanzkrise im Jahr 2008

Influence of salt stress on propagation, growth and nutrient uptake of typical aquatic plant species

Oncometabolite induced primary cilia loss in pheochromocytoma

The effect of carbohydrate dose and timing on timed effort and time to exhaustion within a simulated cycle race in male professional cyclists

A retrospective investigation on age and gender differences of injuries in DanceSport

A 122 fps, 1 MHz bandwidth multi-frequency wearable EIT belt featuring novel active electrode architecture for neonatal thorax vital sign monitoring

Improving the adaptation process for a new smart home user

Yemen: civil war or transnational crime?

Making sense of actor behaviour: an algebraic filmstrip pattern and its implementation

A framework linking ecosystem services and human well‐being: Saltmarsh as a case study

Reports of the death of the libel writ have been greatly exaggerated: reviewing the UK Defamation Act 2013

Prescribing issues experienced by people living with phenylketonuria in the UK

Exploring foster carers' experiences with children who have complex attachment problems

Gendered mobilities and vulnerabilities: refugee journeys to and in Europe

Practice ethics: modelling posthuman entanglements and care in artistic doctorates

Alice in Canning Town

Development of a finite element musculoskeletal model with the ability to predict contractions of three-dimensional muscles

TangiBoard: a toolkit to reduce the implementation burden of Tangible User Interfaces in education

The Offender Personality Disorder pathway for women in England and Wales: a hopeful new development?

Exploiting resource contention in highly mobile environments and its application to vehicular ad-hoc networks

Irish social work at the crossroads: cultural and organisational boundaries between professional practices and the voices of the children

User preferences in intelligent environments

Evaluating the acceptability of a co-produced and co-delivered mental health public engagement festival: Mental Health Matters, Jakarta, Indonesia

Back to the future: environmental security in nineteenth century global politics

Sanierungscontrolling unter Berücksichtigung der Fortbestehensprognose für österreichische kleine und mittlere Unternehmen in Krisenfällen

Regulation of human chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit expression in ovarian cancer

Sonic Hedgehog is a determinant of γδ T-Cell differentiation in the Thymus

The space between worlds: Liminality, multidimensional Virtual Reality and Deep Immersion

A switching multi-level method for the long tail recommendation problem

Toward a pedagogy for professional noticing: learning through observation

'Who Cares?' Gender, care and secondary schooling: 'Accidental findings' from a seclusion unit

Lean Leadership – ein zukunftsorientiertes pflegerisches Führungsmodell? - Ein Aktionsforschungsprojekt in einer psychiatrischen Universitätsklinik


The developmental needs of coaches and coachees: a meta-synthesis of IJMCE Volumes 1-7

Longitudinal associations between depression and diabetes complications: a systematic review and meta-analysis

A qualitative exploration of therapists’ countertransference reactions to clients’ aggression

Hazard perception training and assessment of young drivers in Mauritius: investigating the acceptance of the MauHazard tool

The impact of arts based pedagogies: social work education for ethical practice

Care home staff and family carers perspectives on passive suicide ideation and behaviour of older people in care homes

What future for settlements and undertakings in international human rights resolution? [Blog post]

Enhancing security of MME handover via fractional programming and Firefly algorithm

Rising rural body-mass index is the main driver of the global obesity epidemic in adults [Letter]

Balancing securitisation and education in schools: teachers' agency in implementing the Prevent duty

The impact of the prevent duty on schools: a review of the evidence

AIML and sequence-to-sequence models to build artificial intelligence chatbots: insights from a comparative analysis

Host country institutions and firm-level R&D influences: An analysis of European Union FDI in China

Case-based reasoning for context-aware solutions supporting personalised asthma management

Towards a general framework for evaluating intelligent environments methodologies

Optimisation of folate-mediated liposomal encapsulated arsenic trioxide for treating HPV-positive cervical cancer cells in vitro

On the resource allocation for D2D underlaying uplink cellular networks

AROMA: An adapt-or-reroute strategy for multimedia applications over SDN-based wireless environments

Determining unstable game states to aid the identification of perturbations in football

The potential use of microneedles as an alternative method for skin cancer treatment

The mobilization and demobilization of middle-class revolt: Comparative insights from Argentina

A survey of user-centred approaches for smart home transfer learning and new user home automation adaptation

Removal of chlorpyrifos and its hydrolytic metabolite 3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol in constructed wetland mesocosms under soda saline-alkaline conditions: Effectiveness and influencing factors

An auto-scaling framework for analyzing big data in the cloud environment

The "analysis of competing hypotheses" in intelligence analysis

The impact of visitors' experience intensity on in-situ destination image formation

A QoS-based flow assignment for traffic engineering in software-defined networks

The moderating role of corporate reputation and employee-company identification on the work-related outcomes of job insecurity resulting from workforce localization policies

Concealment of birth: time to repeal a 200-year-old "convenient stop-gap"?

Economic and social perspectives of corporate insolvency law in Uganda: The recent collapse of Crane Bank (Uganda) and the response to the 2007-2008 global economic crisis

The screen and the sand-timer: The integration the interactive whiteboard into an early years free-flow learning environment

Using unilateral strength, power and reactive strength tests to detect the magnitude and direction of asymmetry: A test-retest design

People of immigrant and refugee background sharing experiences of mental health recovery: reflections and recommendations on using digital storytelling

Solution structure of Mannobioses unravelled by means of Raman optical activity

Challenges to providing culturally sensitive drug interventions for black and Asian minority ethnic (BAME) groups within UK youth justice systems

Is perception of destination image stable or does it fluctuate? A measurement of three points in time

Drop jump asymmetry is associated with reduced sprint and change-of-direction speed performance in adult female soccer players

Molecular dynamics simulation on the effect of transition metal binding to the N-terminal fragment of amyloid-β

Not all international assignments are created equal: HQ-subsidiary knowledge transfer patterns across types of assignments and types of knowledge

Evaluating the factors of corporate website favorability: a case of UK and Russia

Financing social enterprises and the demand for social investment

Promoting adoption of management practices from the outside: insights from a randomized field experiment

Exploring cultures of feedback practice: the adoption of learning-focused feedback practices in the UK and Australia

Cues adopted by consumers in examining corporate website favorability: an empirical study of financial institutions in the UK and Russia

Comparing approaches for model-checking strategies under imperfect information and fairness constraints

Hosting as social practice: gendered insights into contemporary tourism mobilities

Whole body cryotherapy, cold water immersion, or a placebo following resistance exercise: a case of mind over matter?

The relationship between innovation culture and innovation outcomes: exploring the effects of sustainability orientation and firm size

Meta-regulation meets deliberation: situating the governor within NHS foundation trust hospitals

Teleology or transcendence? Perspectives on Ligeti’s collusion with automatism

Web-based measure of life events using Computerized Life Events and Assessment Record (CLEAR): preliminary cross-sectional study of reliability, validity, and association with depression

The mens rea of human trafficking: the case of migrant domestic workers

The use of MOOCs in social enterprise education: an evaluation of a North-South collaborative FutureLearn program

Conceptualism - intersectional readings, international framings: situating 'Black Artists & Modernism' in Europe

Read my QR: Quilla Constance and the conceptualist promise of intelligibility

Acute and chronic effects of foam rolling vs eccentric exercise on ROM and force output of the plantar flexors

A comprehensive classification of deep learning libraries

An interpretative phenomenological analysis of discontinued use of the e-cigarette

Vulnerable adults in the privately rented sector in England: a snapshot of current practice issues

Experiences and psychological distress of fertility treatment and employment

Problem-solving criminal justice: developments in England and Wales

Getting close to clothes: using material objects to rethink the creative geographies of post-war London fashion

International and domestic tourists' "a priori" and "in situ" image differences and the impact of direct destination experience on destination image: the case of Linz, Austria

Postactivation potentiation and change of direction speed in elite academy rugby players

Factors associated with variation in hospital use at the end of life in England

Tackling bullying and harassment in the NHS: the critical roles played by managers

Repressors exhibit lower cortisol reactivity to group psychosocial stress

Exopolymeric substances (EPS) from Salmonella enterica: polymers, proteins and their interactions with plants and abiotic surfaces

Images for 8th International Artist Book Triennial Vilnius 2018 in Vercelli ,Italy

Employee perception of impact of knowledge management processes on public sector performance

Preface to the 10th anniversary issue of the Journal on Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments

Belarus: Researching labor management in the environment of silence

Communication, observability and cooperation: a field experiment on collective water management in India

Implementation of tunneled versus not tunneled peripherally inserted central catheters

Factors deterring and prompting the decision to attempt suicide on the railway networks: findings from 353 online surveys and 34 semi-structured interviews

Experiences of mothers of extremely preterm infants after hospital discharge

Towards a tort of political negligence: Political deceit, political misrepresentation and the Brexit conundrum

Prints for migration series at Wharepuke editions-show at the MAHA part of the Wharepuke art centre, New Zealand

Payments for ecosystem services and the rural economy

The right to truth: when does it begin?

Research approaches in professional doctorates: notes on an epistemology of practice

Exploring how followers respond to micro-influencer endorsement

Instagram advertising: The catalyst for impulse purchase?

Twiplomacy in the age of Donald Trump: Is the diplomatic code changing?

Finance pathways for young innovative small‐ and medium‐size enterprises: a demand‐side examination of finance gaps and policy implications for the post‐global financial crisis finance escalator

Blockchain and other innovations in entrepreneurial finance: implications for future policy

Emerging trends in government venture capital policies in smaller peripheral economies: lessons from Finland, New Zealand, and Estonia

The role of government venture capital funds: recent lessons from the U.K. experience

Financing new creative enterprise through Blockchain technology: opportunities and policy implications

Small beer? Peer-to-peer lending in the craft beer sector

The effects of peer judgements on teamwork and self-assessment ability in collaborative group work

Impact of online community engagement on community loyalty and social well-being

Storying diffractive pedagogy: reconfiguring groupwork in early childhood teacher education


'You can’t separate it from anything': glitter’s doings as materialized figurations of childhood (and) art

Knee angle affects posterior chain muscle activation during an isometric test used in soccer players

Becoming a 'mutated modest witness' in early childhood research

(In)conclusion(s): what gets produced through layering feminist thought?

Materialized reconfigurations of gender in early childhood: playing seriously with Lego

Re-turns and dis/continuities of feminist thought in childhood research: indebtedness and entanglements

Introduction: Throwing the baby out with the bathwater? Traces and generative connections between feminist post-structuralism and feminist new materialism in childhood studies

Becoming a "mutated modest witness" in early childhood research

Materialising professionalism in the nursery: exploring the intimate connection between critique and creation

Expert view: gender from an early age

Postdevelopmental Approaches to Childhood Art

Let me tell you this - Book jacket

Sidekicks and Allies

The Ethical Professor: A Practical Guide to Research, Teaching and Professional Life, by Lorraine Eden, Kathy Lund Dean, and Paul M. Vaaler. New York, NY: Routledge, 2018. 234 pages, paperback [Book review]

Guaranteeing user rates with reinforcement learning in 5G Radio access networks

Machine learning in Radio resource scheduling

Improving SIEM for critical SCADA water infrastructures using machine learning

Cartoons for Museo De Humor Grafico Diogenes Taborda

Book review: Sport and physical activity across the lifespan edited by Rylee A. Dionigi and Michael Gard, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, 362 pp., GBP £79.00 (hardback), ISBN: 978-1-137-48561-8, GBP £62.99 (eBook), ISBN: 978-1-137-48562-5

Comparison of proprioception between Kinesiology and adhesive ankle taping: a randomised experimental study

The European Court of Human Rights’ remedial practice and its impact on the execution of judgments

Editorial: research methods and management

Twitter and creative writing: generating an 'authentic' online voice

Understanding new religion-compliant product adoption (NRCPA) in Islamic markets

Multi-path routing for mission critical applications in software-defined networks

Vulnerabilities and limitations of MQTT protocol used between IoT devices

Finding the right management approach in independent hotels

An artwork contribution to Journeys - a travelling selected exhibition by the Printmakers Council

The motivations of external whistleblowers and their impact on the intention to blow the whistle again

Macroeconomic and bank specific determinants of non-performing loans in UAE conventional bank

Cinderella, the beauty myth and a feminist conundrum

Isolation and characterization of lignin-degrading bacterium Bacillus aryabhattai from pulp and paper mill wastewater and evaluation of its lignin-degrading potential

Phytotoxicity, cytotoxicity and genotoxicity evaluation of organic and inorganic pollutants rich tannery wastewater from a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in Unnao district, India using Vigna radiata and Allium cepa

Bolshevism, stalinism and the comintern: a historical controversy revisited

Design, history and time: New temporalities in a digital age

The ART of performance: engaging young people with assisted reproductive technologies

The scales of justice: balancing the goals of international criminal trials

Introduction of key problems in long-distance learning and training

Dietary intake and lifestyle behavior in different phenotypes of polycystic ovarian syndrome: a case-control study

The ecology of cooperation: considerations for litter research

Phytoremediation of heavy metal-contaminated sites: Eco-environmental concerns, field studies, sustainability issues, and future prospects

Education and social development current pedagogical trends

Members Only - The private life of the gay and bi-sexual, male sauna

Contemporary practices in social work supervision: time for new paradigms?

Children’s self-determination in the context of early childhood education and services - discourses, policies and practices


Decolonising the curriculum

Flood insurance in Scotland: a cause for serious concern

Artist book [award]

Front-line practitioners versus received theories of crime and terrorism

The use of mindfulness in primary care

The sanitary inspectors and ‘the slums’ 1914-1921: what they saw, what they thought and how they influenced the post war housing design and standards

Ritual slaughter and religious freedom

Young children drawing together on the iPad versus paper: How collaborative creativity is shaped by different semiotic resources

Levels of awareness and concentrations of heavy metals in the blood of electronic waste scavengers in Nigeria

Validity and reliability of a light-based electronic target for testing response time in fencers

Extended book review: Transnational trade unionism: dream and reality

The competitive and multi-faceted nature of neural coding in motor imagery: Comment on "Muscleless motor synergies and actions without movements: From motor neuroscience to cognitive robotics" by V. Mohan et al.

Which types of knowledge-intensive business services firms collaborate with universities for innovation?

The die is cast: Brexit's influence on student career intentions

Rights and remedies at risk: Implications of the Brexit process on the future of rights in the UK

Three fast lessons and three slow lessons for UK democracy in 2019 [Blog post]

Compressive sensing in electrical impedance tomography for breathing monitoring

A holistic method for improving software product and process quality

The impact of bank insolvency on consumer protection and the drive towards the 2030 sustainable development agenda in developing economies: A Ugandan perspective

Autocracies and the implementation of human rights treaties - the case of Cameroon and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)

Factors predicting jury convictions in stranger rape cases

Localization of computer-mediated communication and corporate impression on online communities

The allergy questionnaire for athletes provides value in ruling‐out exercise‐induced bronchoconstriction [Letter to the Editor]

A real-time power monitoring and energy-efficient network/interface selection tool for android smartphones

Measuring stigma in chronic pain: preliminary investigation of instrument psychometrics, correlates, and magnitude of change in a prospective cohort attending interdisciplinary treatment

A phenomenological inquiry into heterosexual men’s experience of gender identity in couples therapy as client

Journeys exhibition - The Oxmarket gallery

Comment on the consensus report on the management of hyperglycaemia in Type 2 diabetes by the American Diabetes Association and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes

The trouble with captions: the censorship of Elizabeth McCausland’s texts that were originally intended to accompany Berenice Abbott’s photographs within their Changing New York, 1939, Dutton publication [presentation]

Elliptical slot based polarization insensitive compact and flexible chipless RFID tag

A survey of intelligence analysts’ strategies for solving analytic tasks

The perceived trustworthiness of electronic word of mouth (eWOM) on attitude towards dietary supplements, purchase intention and behaviour for dietary supplements amongst female adolescents in Saudi Arabia

Review of Maggie May (Finborough Theatre)

From house to home across the life-course

The art of social work

Understanding paternalistic leadership: How to work with Chinese leaders

Exploring dual gender typicality among young adults in the United States

A cautionary note or two, amid the pleasures and pains of participation in performance-making as Research (revised 2019) [keynote]

Characteristics of severe life events, attachment style, and depression – Using a new online approach

Exploring the inalienable rights of children: a case study of FGM to highlight gaps in safeguarding children in the United States

The European Convention on Human Rights, transitional justice and the protection of property rights in Albania

Overcoming chemoresistance in osteosarcoma: the role of autophagy in cell death or survival following chemotherapy

Animating observed emotional behaviour: a practice-based investigation comparing three approaches to self-figurative animation

The effect of corporate governance characteristics on performance and capital structure: an empirical study of Saudi listed companies

Constructing validated clinical tools to enable the development of a new evidence base for personalised nutrition practice in obesity management

Individual Parental Coaching (IPC) - an optional way to improve communication between parents and adolescents in conventionally structured families in Israel

Building bridges: Introducing concepts from neuroscience and attachment theory to person-centred practitioners

Selective delivery of arsenic trioxide to HPV positive cervical cancer cells with targeted liposomes

Policy contexts and student identity/ies: a post ’92 university case study

Unquestioned testimony: How the diminution of live testimony threatens the accused’s right to be present during international criminal trials

Enhancing user fairness in OFDMA radio access networks through machine learning

Implementation and performance evaluation of a MIMO-VLC system for data transmissions

Group size effects and critical mass in public goods games

What do we know about transgender parenting?: Findings from a systematic review

Methodologies for Practice Research; Approaches for professional doctorates

Digital 3d print in Printmakers Council event at Scarborough Art Gallery

Peripherally inserted central catheter ports: a vascular access specialist's systematic approach

Investigation of the feasibility of using focal vibratory stimulation with robotic aided therapy for spasticity rehabilitation in spinal cord injury

Influence of trust on sharing of knowledge in a cross-cultural working environment

An interpretative phenomenological enquiry into individuals’ experience following Roux-en-Y gastric by-pass surgery

The use of armed drones by the United States against Al-Qaeda and its ‘associates’: a study of law and policy arising from a ‘State of exception’

Breaking down the silos: tales from a jazz musician and management educator

Restorative justice and confucianism in Hong Kong

Disproportionality in NHS disciplinary proceedings

Reconsidering research and supervision as creative embodied practice: reflections from the field, Artistic Doctorates in Europe: third-cycle provision in Dance and Performance

Crisis resolution teams for people experiencing mental health crises: the CORE mixed-methods research programme including two RCTs

An ISM approach to modeling: antecedents of e-cheating in higher education

An exploration into the implementation of the balanced scorecard: a multiple case study approach from Saudi Arabia

Pneumatic interpretation in the renewal tradition: the first 50 years

The Black Majority Church: exploring the impact of faith and a faith community on mental health and well-being

The impact of cryotherapy versus placebo interventions on recovery following strenuous exercise, and adaptations to resistance training

Banging the other side of the saucepan: changing political activism and performance of citizenship among Argentina’s middle class, 2001-2013

Wounded-healer healing: a first-person narrative inquiry into wounds as places of learning

Facilitating leadership development with horses: underpinnings of practice

International financial reporting standards (IFRS): exploring financial evidence from Australia, Germany, Greece, the UK and the US

An investigation into what role anti-Americanism plays in attracting Middle Eastern Arab Sunni men to Islamist extremism, in the contemporary era

Thematic problem solving: A case study on an approach to teaching problem solving in undergraduate mathematics

Investigating the deployment of electronic customer relationship management readiness and maturity models in the Iranian banking industry

Prevalence and impact of Malaria infection on pregnancy and prenatal outcomes in the Blue Nile state of Sudan

Private parties and the revised standing criteria under article 263 TFEU: dawn of effective judicial protection or a false one?

Essays on the financial constraints and related firm behaviour: the case of Pakistan

Exploiting user contention to optimize proactive resource allocation in future networks

How do people make sense of their recovery from academic burnout during their undergraduate studies? An interpretative phenomenological inquiry into the experience of young adults

Adherence to cultural norms and economic incentives: evidence from fertility timing decisions

Event-related alpha desynchronization in touch - comparing attention and perception

A hermeneutical analysis of John Owen's use of Song of Songs 1:2-7 and 2:8-9

A contextual approach to trauma experience: lessons from life events research

BEING ME: Project report on best practices in learning and education to support LGBT ageing care and wellbeing

John Peters Humphrey (1905–1995): The man behind the first draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Deep affect prediction in-the-wild: Aff-wild database and challenge, deep architectures, and beyond

Honoring Don Whitley, pioneer of innovative scientific instruments for Anaerobic Microbiology (1929-2019)

On the performance, availability and energy consumption modelling of clustered IoT systems

Labour market enforcement in the 21st century: should whistleblowers have a greater role?

Dense 3D face decoding over 2500FPS: Joint texture and shape convolutional mesh decoders

GANFIT: Generative adversarial network fitting for high fidelity 3D face reconstruction

The characterisation of armed conflict and targeted killing under international humanitarian law: reflections on the future of Jus in Bello

Living with infertility: an exploratory study of men’s experience

A hope to believe in: a transition programme to support mature students' access to Higher Education

Young men with physical disabilities struggle for digital sex(uality)

The role of unions in addressing behavioural market failures

Context in Mobile learning: the point of view of the learners

Two new kids on the block: How do Crossref and Dimensions compare with Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Scopus and the Web of Science?

Context-aware systems testing and validation

Using formal methods to guide the development of an asthma management system

The SEArch smart environments architecture

Evaluation of crowdsourcing Wi-Fi radio map creation in a real scenario for AAL applications

An interface for managing users' preferences in AmI

Discourses/2. Ireland: Listening to children's voices in Irish social work through cultural and organisational filters

Practices/6, United States of America: Hybrid-transitions as a space for children’s agency. A case-study from a pre-kindergarten in Boston

Staff experiences of working in a Sexual Assault Referral Centre: the impacts and emotional tolls of working with traumatised people

Private rented sector and the challenges facing health: an overview

Effects of maturation on lower limb neuromuscular asymmetries in elite youth tennis players

Abandoned History (relief & photo litho print) and Battersea (relief, digital & photo litho print) in RE originals prints 2019

A Human-in-The-Loop context-aware system allowing the application of case-based reasoning for asthma management

Resilience, stress and burnout in student midwives

Terms of address in peer interactions of older women

Repairs and old-age categorisations: interactional and categorisation analysis

Overeducation and hourly wages in the UK labour market; 2006 to 2017

The Diogenes Effect in retail buyer information processing

Innovation starts at the storefront: modelling consumer behaviour towards storefront windows enriched with innovative technologies

Competitive intelligence practice in liquor retailing: evidence from a longitudinal case analysis

Participation and collaboration in contemporary art practices

Docklands Community Poster Project

From photo-murals to water wheels: a role for art in strategies of change

Management of time: the enhancement of personal and professional efficacy

The Mutating Mummy: from ancient artefact to modern attraction

Gansu Studio: 'Plug-in' school unit for rural China

The motivations of psychotherapists: an in‐depth survey

Reliability of judging in DanceSport

Contributions to the "Gold Pencil Indonesia" - PAPB International Cartoon Festival 2019

Showcase: The Mummy turns 20


Born to speak and sing: musical predictors of language development in pre-schoolers

BEING ME: Promoting best practices in LGBT ageing care through inclusive professional and vocational education

Can waist circumference provide a new “third” dimension to BMI when predicting percentage body fat in children? Insights using allometric modelling

Using a situation awareness approach to identify differences in the performance profiles of the world’s top two squash players and their opponents

Perspectives of paid carers on supporting older people in care homes with depression, self-harm and suicidal behaviours

Works presented at "24th International Cartoon Exhibition"

Protein misfolding thermodynamics

A power-splitting relaying protocol for wireless energy harvesting and information processing in NOMA systems

The population structure of wild Scottish brown trout (Samo trutta L.1758) of Loch Maree, Wester Ross: spatial genetic distribution after population decline

Vietnamese women marriage migrants in South Korea: A study of their sense of well-being in the process of their settlement

An analysis of the educational-political setting of Wolfhart Pannenberg's "Theology & the Philosophy of Science" in consideration of contemporary challenges to German university theology

Tracing the journey: two School-based counsellors ‘coming out’ of the counselling room. An ethnographic enquiry within a UK inner-city secondary school

Enriching organisations: a personal exploration into putting human flourishing at the heart of my work

Protection of personal information Act No. 4 of 2013: Implications for biobanks

Stretching the string: embedding pedagogical strategies in extended techniques compositions for strings

Investigation of demographic factors in construction employees' safety perceptions

The role of emotional intelligence in the development of adolescents’ social and emotional skills, abilities and academic performance after the transition to secondary school

Cultivating a “Reflective Approach” to the practice of law: The use of meditation in legal education

An Internet of Things based bed-egress alerting paradigm using wearable sensors in elderly care environment

Draft magazine 05

‘Never drop without your significant other, cause that way lies ruin’: the boundary work of couples who use MDMA together

The Role of Young Professionals in Driving the Integration of Early Warning Systems

Design skills for environmental risk communication. Design in and design of an interdisciplinary workshop

The Mummy on screen: orientalism and monstrosity in horror cinema

Diasporas, agency and enterprise in settlement and homeland contexts: politicised entrepreneurship in the Kurdish diaspora

Rhythmic temporal structure at encoding enhances recognition memory

Argyrin B a non-competitive inhibitor of the human immunoproteasome exhibiting preference for β1i

Return mobilities of highly skilled young people to a post-conflict region: the case of Kurdish-British to Kurdistan – Iraq

The emergence of social innovation within the social economy: the case of social enterprises in England

Learning in harmony

Media and nationalism beyond borders

Improving health literacy about Tuberculosis among drug users. A pilot randomized controlled trial

An efficient deep learning model for intrusion classification and prediction in 5G and IoT networks

Developing traffic prediction and congestion algorithms for a C-ITS network

City image, city brand personality and Generation Z residents’ life satisfaction under economic crisis: Predictors of city-related social media engagement

Comparison of constraint-handling techniques for metaheuristic optimization

Masculinity and shell shock in the poetry of Siegfried Sassoon: soldier of trauma and poet of abjection

The intelligence of sheep

Selected cartoons on the theme of languages and the world

Canadian commercial banks and corporate governance: 2006-2018

Bio-inspired computation: where we stand and what's next

Under Her Skin: on woman without body and body without Woman


Femininity and psychoanalysis: Cinema, culture, theory

The effect of the return of serve on the server pair’s movement parameters and rally outcome in padel using cluster analysis

The 'values journey' of nursing and midwifery students selected using multiple mini interviews: evaluations from a longitudinal study

Index tracking with utility enhanced weighting

Professional horizons

Splashing tradition: the use of tradition and church history in recent German baptismal theologies as seen in the views of Th. Schneider, W. Pannenberg, and A. Heinze

Exploring Iranian political refugees’ experiences in Britain - phoenix rises from the ashes - an existential-phenomenological study

Focusing on the voices of adults diagnosed with 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’

Trickster at play: an inquiry into transgression in a colonised world

Evaluation of the capability of the simulated dual energy X-ray absorptiometry-based two-dimensional finite element models for predicting vertebral failure loads

Time, authenticity and photographic storytelling in the Museum of Innocence

Think non-ethnic but act ethnic: An issue of breakout

Drug education in schools: the Daniel Spargo-Mabbs programme

Infertile couples' perceived needs after unsuccessful fertility treatment: A qualitative study

Negotiating requests for reimbursement for community engagement: challenges in developing an educational video for genomic biobanking research in South Africa

The GDPR and the research exemption: considerations on the necessary safeguards for research biobanks

Working with school-refusing young people in Tower Hamlets, London

Global strategy and management

On the accuracy of poisson approximation

A qualitative study of the experiences of Iranian infertile couples after unsuccessful assisted reproductive technologies

Work based projects: creating meaningful learning experiences for workplace impact

Using SEEC credit level descriptors to support the accreditation of professional learning in the NHS: a case study

Education and work based learning - Managing a process of change: The arguments of Jennifer Todd, Thomas and Loxley

An exploration of therapists' experiences of working with terminal cancer patients

Examining the influence of religiosity and consumer perceived value on brand sensuality, brand experience, consumer hedonism and repurchase intention: a study of consumers’ perception in the context of fashion retailing – the case of Turkey

An empirical study of the purpose of the Irish Protected Disclosures Act 2014

Awakening the transformative; an autoethnographic exploration of implementing learning and development in the Irish mental health world

Integrating restorative justice into the ICC’s legal framework: possibility and necessity

A phenomenological exploration into psychotherapists' experiences of their breath awareness in psychotherapy

A study of sexual violence in the digital age: Working with technology-facilitated sexual violence against women within sexual violence support services

Film practice as interdisciplinary research: a case study

Investigation of individual perceptions towards BIM Implementation-a Chongqing case study

Criminal data analysis based on low rank sparse representation

The lived experience of posttraumatic growth in gay men after an HIV diagnosis: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

The philatelic imagination of pan-African independence under platform capitalism

A phenomenological study of female therapists’ experience of the intersubjective dimension within the therapeutic encounter

Innovations designed to improve the student experience for mathematics students in higher education

HOw patients view extended half‐life products: impressions from real‐world experience (The HOPE study)


Autonomy and caring: towards a Marxist understanding of nursing work

Marco Longobardo, The Use of Armed Force in Occupied Territory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018, 342 pp. ISBN: 9781108473415 (hardback) [Book review]

Antibiotic resistance genes in treated wastewater and in the receiving water bodies: a pan-European survey of urban settings

Molecular assessment of parasite infection within socioeconomically important UK salmonid populations

Motherhood in the therapy room. An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experience of mother-therapists who work with mothers who grieve for their child

“The Best or the Rest”: An exploration of UK Rugby Union coaches’ team selection decisions

A meter band rate mechanism to improve the native QoS capability of OpenFlow and OpenDaylight

An investigatory inquiry into the online nutritional therapy experience and the potential for enrichment using action research

Exploring the role of Humor and Music in radio advertisement: a quasi-experimental study on domestic tourist attitudes and behavioral intentions in the UAE

Exploring the educational experience of culturally and linguistically diverse students in Higher Education. Preliminary findings from a small scale project

The development of a knowledge hub to support and provide culturally competent and compassionate psychological support for refugees in Europe

Enhanced bacterial inactivation in apple juice by synergistic interactions between phenolic acids and mild food processing technologies

Patch-based deep learning approaches for artefact detection of endoscopic images

Art as a tool for social change: The Docklands Community Poster Project and its legacy

Affective reasoning: hidden interiors

State of the art in European addictions nursing: perspectives from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands

Influencing child care social work: the curiosity of an experienced practitioner

The Labour and Human Rights issues in Sri Lankan global supplier companies of UK multinationals: The influencing factors

The viceregal homiletic: an appropriation of G.K. Beale's Christian viceregency for theological consideration of Christian preaching

"Keeping Control": a user‐led exploratory study of mental health service user experiences of targeted violence and abuse in the context of adult safeguarding in England

Being Fair. Supporting a just and learning culture for staff and patients following incidents in the NHS

Investigating the feasibility of creating a suite of dedicated attitude-themed support materials for coaches based on the tripartite component model

Expanding the zone: multimedia animation, performance and curation in Peter Burr’s Special Effect (2013-14)

Diagnosis and monitoring of Alzheimer's patients using classical and deep learning techniques

An energy planning oriented method for analyzing spatial-temporal characteristics of electric loads for heating/cooling in district buildings with a case study of one university campus

A general theory of syntax with bindings

Political aspects of violence: a criminological analysis

Italian organized crime

Public Health involvement in alcohol licensing decisions: policy, partnerships and professional ideology

A study of the effectiveness of Edmodo on Preservice classroom teachers' views of web-assisted collaborative learning environments, sense of community of classroom, and perceived learning

Wright-ing the somatic: narrating the bodily

The role of the outsider as an agent for change

‘…wind in my hair, I feel a part of everywhere…’: creating dance for young audiences narrates emplacement

The impact of emotional intelligence on leadership and management

Tin Tin Tango, Argentina

Logistics management

Justice in the absence of the accused: can the rights of victims be fully vindicated without the participation of the accused?

Pause behaviour within reformulations and the proficiency level of second language learners of English

How to bring forth good social learning in teacher education through technology

To what extent is there a silence in regards to the issue of abortion within the contemporary evangelical church in the UK?

Series entitled 'Just Happy' - four relief prints for Bankside Gallery Summer Exhibition

Finding sands in the eyes: vulnerabilities discovery in IoT with EUFuzzer on human machine interface

Using the attachment style interview to explore non-suicidal self-injury in men: the representational pathway from childhood trauma to non-suicidal self-injury

Attachment style and alexithymia as predictors of non-suicidal self-injury in young adults: a pilot study

Safeguarding the future of genomic research in South Africa: Broad consent and the protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013

Problematising social mobility in relation to Higher Education policy

Long-term and recent trends in hypertension awareness, treatment and control in twelve high-income countries: an analysis of 123 nationally representative surveys

The validity and reliability of a novel app for the measurement of change of direction performance

Collaborative educational environments incorporating mixed reality technologies: a systematic mapping study


Improved tabu search and simulated annealing methods for nonlinear data assimilation

Financial literacy and voluntary savings for retirement: novel causal evidence

Mapping the public debate on ethical concerns: algorithms in mainstream media

Improved movie recommendations based on a hybrid feature combination method

Cartoons under the themes year of the pig, flowers and free subject [One of two British artists selected]

TAEO-A thermal aware & energy optimized routing protocol for wireless body area networks

Understanding paternalistic leadership: a guide for managers considering foreign assignments

Resigned indifference: an explanation of gaps in care for culturally and linguistically diverse patients'

Planning for an uncertain future: The challenges of a locally based collaborative approach to coastal development decisions

Cognitive reflection test: whom, how, when

Size-dependent bond dissociation enthalpies in single-walled carbon nanotubes

Acknowledging lifelong learning principles within work-based studies: a continuing legacy for the degree apprenticeship

The role of superdiverse home country cities in helping migrants negotiate life in superdiverse host country cities

Formulation technologies for oral vaccines

Selected relief monoprints with mixed media elements

Meditation in legal education: the value added toward the well-being of law students

Meditation in legal education: The value added toward the well-being of law students

Purification and method optimisation for identification of carbohydrate moieties on human chorionic gonadotropin glycoforms using MALDI IT–TOF MS

Selective findings from two international surveys on culturally competent compassion

Human rights enforcement at the borders: International Criminal Court jurisdiction over the Rohingya situation

Vietnamese commercial banks and corporate governance

The incorporation of meditation into legal education

Four preconditions for solving MC4 machine consciousness

Attack Trees in Isabelle extended with probabilities for Quantum Cryptography

Sticks and carrots for reducing property-level risks from floods: an EU-US comparative perspective

From culturally competent humans to culturally competent robots. A brief introduction to cultural competence in health and social care.

Transcultural robotic nursing: should we be including it in the nursing curriculum?

Virtuous leadership - Culturally competent and compassionate leadership

Let’s talk about sex: female therapists’ experience of working with male clients who are sexually attracted to them

Everyday practices and Shariʿah interpretations: the dynamics of Shariʿah interpretations in the life of Muslims in Belgium

A ‘cut too deep’; creating a context for change in the family and community of practice for the management of self-harm

Changes in worker perceptions of health and safety during the BG Tanzania drilling campaign (2011-2016)

Sensation in psychotherapy through the lens of sensory integration theory

Writing 'Practice' /Practising/ 'Writing' (in the doctoral research context)

Alfredo Jaar: Towards a culture of resistance [Curator]

If you go down to the woods today...Alfredo Jaar's sites of resistance

The incorporation of meditation into legal education: a personal reflection

More anxious than depressed: prevalence and correlates in a 15-nation study of anxiety disorders in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus

The Hidden Interior, IE:Studio, Issue #4 [Curation & Introduction]

A deep learning approach for length of stay prediction in clinical settings from medical records

A high capacity tunable retransmission type frequency coded chipless radio frequency identification system

Intrusion detection and classification with autoencoded deep neural network

The evolution of lying in well-mixed populations

Insights and disclosures: a study of the philosophical theology of Bernard Lonergan and Ian Ramsey

Offering smarter learning support through the use of biometrics

Lifetime trauma, adversity and emotional disorder in older age women

On the performance of regenerative relaying for SWIPT in NOMA Systems

Transformative learning through university and prison partnerships: reflections from 'Learning Together' pedagogical practice

From posture to acture: developing awareness in movement and performer training in UK Higher Education using the Feldenkrais Method ®

Visions of political violence

Data Analytics

Stories from adults stolen as babies during Argentina's last dictatorship (1976-1983): a narrative inquiry into identity restitution

VUCA and the future of the global mobile telco industry

Four pieces for toy piano as a form of practice-as-research: serendipity, poetry and play

Nature-based flood risk management on private land: disciplinary perspectives on a multidisciplinary challenge

Emerging voices: examining the applicability of the passive personality principle when conducting a trial in absentia [Blog post]

Effects of ketamine treatment on suicidal ideation: a qualitative study of patients’ accounts following treatment for depression in a UK ketamine clinic

Behavioral finance and implications for regulation: China’s stock market

Academic practice partnerships

Good times for free

Clinical and cost-effectiveness of contingency management for cannabis use in early psychosis: the CIRCLE randomised clinical trial

Ethical and practical issues to consider in the governance of genomic and human research data and data sharing in South Africa: a meeting report

Increasing altruistic and cooperative behaviour with simple moral nudges

Tableau-based translation from first-order logic to modal logic

New television: the aesthetics and politics of a genre [Book review]

From hazard to consequences: evaluation of direct and indirect impacts of flooding along the Emilia-Romagna coastline, Italy

Review of 'On The Surface' by The Challenge

Two emperors and a queen

Context and HRM: theory, evidence, and proposals

Characterisation of rare earth elements in waste printed circuit boards (WPCBs) and their bioleaching potential

Evidence concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide [6th Edition]

Risk assessment of dietary exposure to Aflatoxin contamination in spices

Comparative finite element modelling of aneurysm formation and physiologic inflation in the descending aorta

The rebirth of Austrian cinema through the 70s avant-garde

Wikidata in Higher Education: opening minds with open data

Environmental health and the private rental sector: tackling housing conditions that impact health

The impact on development of technology and knowledge transfer in Chinese MNEs in sub-Saharan Africa: the Ghanaian case

Refugees, resettlement experiences and mental health: a systematic review of case studies

Poisson approximation

Organized crime and terrorist networks

Fact-finding: European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)

Emergency care for women irregular migrants who arrive in Spain by small boat: a qualitative study

Digital future: the new underclass

The multimodal writer: creative writing across genres and media

Use of ICT tools (Tablet PC) to promote innovative teaching & learning and to develop students' 21st century skills at O' level: An action research case study in Mauritius

Pedagogical principles and methods underpinning education of health and social care practitioners on experiences and needs of older LGBT+ people: Findings from a systematic review

Narratives of exclusion, narratives of belonging. Irish social work at the intersection between adults' and children's voices

Children’s participation in early childhood: realistic, rhetorical, problematic?


The 1940s universal Mummy cycle: a decade of decay or regeneration?

Parents' lived experiences in the UK

Technology, market regulations, and labour share dynamics

Phylogenomics resolves major relationships and reveals significant diversification rate shifts in the evolution of silk moths and relatives

Of ostriches, frogs, birds and lizards: a dynamic framework of cultural identity negotiation strategies in an era of global mobility

A more promising architecture? Commissioners’ perspectives on the reconfiguration of personality disorder services under the Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) pathway

Mental health and offending: care, coercion and control

Long non-coding RNA structure and function: Is there a link? [Corrigendum]

Youth justice in the digital age: a case study of practitioners' perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of social technology in their Techno-Habitat in the United Kingdom

Author correction: Group size effects and critical mass in public goods games

Exposing knowledge: providing a real-time view of the domain under study for students

Effects of energy availability and dietary macronutrients on bone mineral density in male and female vocational ballet dancers

The role of fractional exhaled nitric oxide in the assessment of athletes reporting exertional dyspnoea

The blossom method: development of a somatic psychotherapy model, its use in clinical and everyday settings: a heuristic, reflexive inquiry

Turning up the heat: can post-exercise hot water immersion be used to manipulate acute physiological responses & chronic adaptation following resistance training?

The influence of Islamic values on retail brand equity and store loyalty: a Saudi Arabian perspective


Art criticism and Africa, AICA conference at the Courtauld Institute, London, 1996

Entanglement by The Observer Effect


A moderate caffeine dose increases strength performance in resistance-trained females

#MDXPD Product Design 2019

National report: Croatia

Recommendations for action: enhancing artistic doctoral education in dance and performance

Silvia Ziranek – interview: ‘I enjoy appearance, colour, shape and form – and I love dressing up’

Researching (in/as) motion: a resource collection

When function meets emotion, change can happen: societal value propositions and disruptive potential in fintechs

The evolution of entrepreneurial finance – 10 years after the global financial crisis [Editorial]

Atomic scheduling of appliance energy consumption in residential smart grids

Conclusion: Nature-Based Solutions in Flood Risk Management

Nature-based solutions in flood risk management

Joycean aesthetics and mythic imagination in the music of Frank Corcoran

Focus on recent advances in electrical impedance tomography

Qualitative evaluation of a preventive intervention for the offspring of parents with a history of depression

The characterisation of armed conflict and targeted killing of suspected terrorists under international humanitarian law: reflections on the future of Jus in Bello

Transforming visitors’ emotional engagement: a case of national trust

Cultural political economy and sustainable heritage tourism

Relief prints in The Masters: relief 2019, Bankside Gallery, London

Breath and darkness: realism and representation in astronomical illustration and cinematographic special effects

Total score of athleticism: holistic athlete profiling to enhance decision-making

Head of state immunity and rights of the accused

What about my rights?: #MeToo and the presumption of innocence

#MeToo and the presumption of innocence: the rights of victims and the accused

The role of acquittals at the International Criminal Court

Achieving sustainability in global sourcing: towards a conceptual framework

Conditions that enable effective feedback

Predictor factors of perceived health in family caregivers of people diagnosed with mild or moderate Alzheimer's disease

The rise of character education in Britain: heroes, dragons and the myths of character

'[...] both a beyond and the conditions of mapping that beyond'

The Defamation Act 2013: a free speech retrospective

Global political economy and HRM within global turbulence

Resisting antimicrobial resistance: lessons from fungus farming ants

Affecting solidarities: bringing feeling into feminism, empathy in employment and compassion in academic communities of crises

New photographic work included in the international touring exhibition 'Photographers... Artists and the Snap Cardigan'

The attacking process in football: a taxonomy for classifying how teams create goal scoring opportunities using a case study of Crystal Palace FC

A comparison of reinforcement learning algorithms in fairness-oriented OFDMA schedulers

Technology, intangible assets and the decline of the labor share

The data and deviance: disintegrative shaming and exclusion in Queensland schools

Big fish, small pond: NGO–corporate partnerships and corruption of the environmental certification process in Tasmanian aquaculture

Cleaning up the Dirty Squad: using the Obscene Publications Act as a weapon of social control

Law and the wearing of religious symbols in Europe

Towards real-time detection of squamous pre-cancers from oesophageal endoscopic videos

Rethinking the nexus of TV series/movies and destination image: changing perceptions through sensorial cues and authentic identity of a city

Towards the development of community commitment based on musical events in the Dominican Republic

Whispering experience: configuring the symmetrical and asymmetrical paths to travelers' satisfaction and passion

A land for all season: the effect of travelers' orientation on awareness, satisfaction, place image, and travelers' loyalty

Examining the destination website: a case of Visit Tatarstan

'Naive Kid' or 'Viruoso of Deceit'?: Tabloid media parochialism and the trials of Amanda Knox

(Un)touched (floor) installations

A narrative analysis of new mothers' experiences of not-understanding

Mindfulness mirror

Healthy cities and sustainable innovation

Training of a weightlifter: a scientific approach

Intra- and inter-day reliability of typical and alternative weightlifting variables during heavy cleans

Alternative jump variables as surrogate measures of weightlifting performance in national weightlifters

Effect of post activation potentiation on weightlifting performance

Algorithmic transparency of conversational agents

Social action and the arts - in statutory, further and higher education, 1992 – 2019

Artist book selected at 8th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018

Advancing clinical pharmacy practice

Voice and resistance: coalminers' struggles to represent their health and safety interests in Australia and New Zealand 1871–1925

Developing recruitment and retention processes for nursing programmes in higher education

Attitudes towards mental illness in Turkish and Greek speaking Cypriot communities living in Cyprus

Elite sport, identity and mental health: a narrative inquiry

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me: working with affect, emotion, and creation of transformative energies as a feminist curatorial practice

A mission reading of the Fourth Gospel

Segmentation, unity, and a church divided: a critical history of churches in Nagaland, 1947-2017

Coaching and mentoring for work-life balance

Investigation and development of a tangible technology framework for highly complex and abstract concepts

A study of waiters' occupational identity and its effect on staff turnover within the context of Michelin-starred restaurants in London

The call for harmonisation of cross-border insolvency laws to enable cross-border filing and litigation in the East African community

Love is the bridge between you and everything: relationships of identity, experience, and benevolence to travelers’ loyalty and willingness to purchase

Action, reflection and learning in team coaching

Employee rights in corporate insolvency: a UK and US perspective

Framework for restoration of heritage using building information modelling

Organisational information requirements for successful BIM implementation

Examining the quality and management of non-geometric building information modelling data at project hand-over

Member of the International Jury, Marseille International Film Festival, 9 - 16th June 2019, Marseille

Two Masterclasses at Mata - diro Centro De Creacion Contemporanea, Madrid and BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York (6th September 2019 and 6th November 2019

Integration of the practice of mindfulness within action learning as an added component within a post graduate leadership programme: an account of practice

Promoting cultural awareness: a means of managing cultural diversity

Films and critical pedagogy in management education: A tourism studies context

Assessing child abuse: "We need to talk!"

U.N. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Nowak's CCPR commentary

Towards a system for tracking drug delivery using frequency excited gold nanoparticles

A thin-slice of institutionalised police brutality: a tradition of excessive force in the Chicago Police Department

A method to assess bioavailability of antibiotics in anthropogenic polluted ecosystems by using a bacterial fitness test

Optimisation of server selection for maximising utility in Erlang-loss systems

A framework to assess integration in flood risk management: implications for governance, policy, and practice

Fingermarks as a new proteomic specimen: state of the art and perspective of in situ proteomics

Quality audits with Blockchain for healthcare in the UK

Shining a light on housing services for older people

Isolated glucocorticoid deficiency: genetic causes and animal models

A comparative suitability study between classification systems for BIM in heritage

Phylogeny of the Hawkmoth tribe Ambulycini: mitogenomes from museum specimens resolve major relationships

The Law of War and Changing Character of Armed Conflict: Reflections on the Universality of Humanitarian Concern in light the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions of 1949

A generative adversarial strategy for modeling relation paths in knowledge base representation learning

A history based logic for dynamic preference updates

Embodiments of evil and reflections of social change in second-world fantasy

Dr Carnesky’s incredible bleeding woman

Leadership insights from performing arts in and of exile, a live in the in-between

Time management and student wellbeing

A formally verified abstract account of Gödel's incompleteness theorems

Bindings as bounded natural functors

ACTH signalling and adrenal development: lessons from mouse models

Global trends of chronic non-communicable diseases risk factors

Measuring state-owned health care organisations board performance, accounting for national culture: the case of Greece

Financial evolution and income inequality: channels and evidence

A phenomenological exploration into the personal experience and impact of therapist self-disclosure on the therapist

Experience of World Vision India fieldworkers – role and discretion at the interface of organisation and communities

Psychological work with survivors of sex trafficking: a narrative inquiry of the impact on practitioners

Zhang Yijing (1871-1931) and the search for a Chinese Christian identity

Architecture design for disaster resilient management network using D2D technology

Inventory’s paper assembly: fierce sociology, sovereignty and self-organisation in London’s small press publishing scene 1995 to 2005

Online child sexual abuse

An autoethnography of an education consultant in Greece

Progressive (dis)ability: the experience of living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

‘Being-in-the-world’ as a mother - hermeneutic-phenomenological exploration of lived experiences of eight new mothers’ transition to motherhood - within the theoretical frame of ‘four dimensions of existence’

Upholding the rule of law in the EU: what role for the FRA?

Responding to the risk of reducing resources: development of a framework for future change programmes in English environmental health services

The "values journey" of nursing and midwifery students selected using multiple mini interviews; year two findings

How to build and consolidate a partly free pseudo democracy by constitutional means in three steps: the 'Hungarian model'

Design and psychometric evaluation of the 'Clinical Communication Self-Efficacy Toolkit'

LensCulture discoveries installation

Lumen: Cosmos installation

To the moon and back installation

Cosmic sublime exhibition installation

Self portrait (exhibited in Ruth Borchard Collection - Prize Exhibition 2019)

Of swallows and ravens

Photobook/Vol.3 fisheye installations

Comparative institutional law and economics: reclaiming economics for socio-legal research

The motivations of external whistleblowers and their impact on the intention to blow the whistle again

The punk reader: research transmissions from the local and the global

The uses and abuses of constitutional pluralism: undermining the rule of law in the name of constitutional identity in Hungary and Poland

Free prior informed consent protocols as instruments of autonomy: laying foundations for rights based engagement

Employment law: the essentials

Towards a prosopography of the American communist elite: the foundation years, 1919–1923

Russell Buchan, Cyber Espionage and International Law. Oxford: Hart Publishing, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., 2019, 195 pp. ISBN 9781782257349. [Book review]

Kitty Marion: actor and activist edited by Viv Gardner and Diane Atkinson, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2019, 282 pp., ISBN 978-1-5261-3804-0 [Book review]

A question of sentience: Brexit, animal welfare and animal protection law

An alternative to the Irish Backstop: an all-Ireland “Common No-Custom Area” as a frontier traffic area under art. 24 of GATT [Blog post]

360° Mulsemedia: a way to improve subjective QoE in 360° videos

Reference curves for a fitness battery developed for children ages 5-12 years in England

Alkan's Esquisses - past, present and future

The epidemiological burden of obesity in childhood: a worldwide epidemic requiring urgent action

An optimal power allocation for D2D communications over multi-user cellular uplink channels

Translucent players: explaining cooperative behavior in social dilemmas

The crime of aggression and the ICC deterrent effect over states not parties: the case of the United States of America

The only certainty is uncertainty - risk to rights in the Brexit process

Multimodality, visual methods and lived experience

Interdisciplinary pressure cooker: environmental risk communication skills for the next generation

Preferential trade and investment agreements and engagement between the trade and investment law regimes

I, Daniel Blake (2016): vulnerability, care and citizenship in austerity politics

Exploring trauma and attachment style over the lifespan using secondary data: a single case study of two sisters

From cultural governance to cultural tourism - Towards an interpretation approach

Recording Gina Pane

Confederacy for now: European (dis)integration as virtuous circle or vicious cycle?

The liberal order: holed below the waterline or a ship that we can rebuild at sea?

Swieto Karpia 2019 Poland

The legal profession's responsibility for Brexit

'It just opened my eyes a bit more': student engagement with Instagram to develop understanding of complex concepts



Celebrity endorsement and the attitude towards luxury brands for a sustainable consumption

How analysts think: a preliminary study of human needs and demands for AI-based conversational agents


‘Ideal victim or hysterical party?’ Victim presentation in the family courts

Refurbishment of UK school buildings: challenges of improving energy performance using BIM

Cyber terrorism: definitional problems [News article]

Philosophy as rhetoric

I interpret you: Davidson and Buber

Mobile telephone-delivered contingency management interventions promoting behaviour change in individuals with substance use disorders: a meta-analysis

Thine is the kingdom: reconceptualising the Latin Kings street gang through the prism of revolutionary vanguardism

Post‐activation potentiation: is there an optimal training volume and intensity to Induce improvements in vertical jump ability in highly‐trained subjects?

Validity and reliability of the rear foot elevated split squat 5 repetition maximum to determine unilateral leg strength symmetry

Relationship between inter-limb asymmetries and speed and change of direction speed in youth handball players

Effects of inter-limb asymmetries on acceleration and change of direction speed: a between-sport comparison of professional soccer and cricket athletes

Acute effect of repeated sprints on inter-limb asymmetries during unilateral jumping

Enterprise, entrepreneurship, and innovation: what this means for the new HRM professional and the new workplace

Models of communication: theoretical and philosophical approaches

Being as communication: an exploratory model

Transgression: introduction to the special issue on Ernst Bloch

Pavlovian Wolves: the sound world of Wadleigh's 'Wolfen' (1981)

(de)figured in Dubai installations

Thermal duets installation

The collaborative practices of Gina Pane and Francoise Masson

Active energy: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - communities countering climate change - project installation

Fish in a barrel: police targeting of Brisbane’s ephemeral gay spaces in the pre-decriminalization era

The long-term effects of childhood neglect or abuse. Implications for child and family services in the UK

Assessing attachment style in traumatized adolescents in residential care: A case approach

Partner violence in women - associations with childhood maltreatment, attachment style and major depression

Impacts of maltreatment in adolescence

Impacts of childhood maltreatment in adulthood

Commentary: delivering direct patient care in the haemodialysis unit: a focused ethnographic study of care delivery

Micro-distortion detection of lidar scanning signals based on geometric analysis

Keith Piper: Body politics. Work from 1982 - 2007

Resist: be modern (again)

Individualised learning approach (the three ‘p’s) for a small to medium enterprise through work based learning

Speaking power to (post) truth

‘Ray & Liz' screened at the Jeonju Film Festival (with director Q&A) and selected as one of the films graphic designers were invited to create a poster for as part of 100 films 100 posters event

Gendered dynamics of transnational social protection

Environmental and health inequalities in England (2000-2015)

Tourism and gendered hosts and guests

Human Rights in Irish foreign policy: reflections on the development of relations with Israel

How do students adapt in response to academic failure?


How can education shape the future happiness and well-being of students?

Learning to drag: the effects of social interactions in touch gestures learnability for older adults

Practice-based teaching in MA Art and Social Practice and BA Fine Art Social Practice

Time aboard the Ghan: Alice Springs to Adelaide, March 2016

Editorial: Coastal risk: shores and deltas in peril

De l’art comme forme d’activisme, entretien avec Peter Dunn et Loraine Leeson par Juliette Desorgues [Interview available in French and English]

Docklands community poster project: Peter Dunn & Dr. Loraine Leeson [Interview]

Practice based learning example: Brief Cases at Middlesex

Article 4 – Interdiction de la torture et des peines ou traitements inhumains ou dégradants

Job demands, resources and work-related well-being in UK firefighters

Graham Priest on dialetheism and paraconsistency

Review of The Wind of Heaven (Finborough Theatre) [Review]

A novel approach to task abstraction to make better sense of provenance data

An approach to human-machine teaming in legal investigations using anchored narrative visualisation and machine learning

Patterns of life visualisations for intelligence analysis: exploring animation with POLAR

A provenance task abstraction framework

Basel III regulatory framework for financial institutions [Blog post]

Tradition, authenticity and expertise in and through Cypriot Easter flaounes

Works selected for the 50th Yokosuka Peace Exhibition of Art 2019

Cartoons for 24th international cartoon exhibition in Zagreb, on the theme of male/female relations

Cartoons for 8th Cartoonale 'De Geus' 2019 in Belgium, on the theme man and inventions

Risk Assessment - breaking new ground

Avoiding a dystopian future for children's play

The importance of play and what we need to do

Vulnerability and identity negotiation in childbirth: a narrative approach

Do somatosensory oscillations relate to tactile attention? Extracting the phase of transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) during stimulus presentation.

Assessing social media adoption and maturity in small and medium enterprises: case of Saudi Arabia

Augustine's incarnational hermeneutics and postmodernity

Understanding reflective practice: encouraging better student engagement. First person action inquiry

An exploration of six lesbian and gay people’s experiences of organised religion (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), and their implications for psychotherapy: an interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA)

Counselling psychologists and psychotherapists in the NHS: learning from their work with clients experiencing persistent embodied (somatic) distress

Motherhood and the absence of maternal support: an exploration amongst Asian women

'Textile and memory' at the Dick Institute Scotland

Using psychodynamic theories in management training: understanding the experiences of managers attending a training event which includes psychodynamic theories

Nursing skills in safety and protection

Nursing skills in nutrition, hydration and elimination

Nursing skills in professional and practice contexts

Perspectives: nursing education - from vision to action in changing world

Paul the bigot? Reading the Cretan quotation of Titus 1:12 in light of relevance theory

How do mental health practitioners experience and understand resilience: The risk of death in mental healthcare

Past-light: photo-filmic history as (en)lightened cinematic fetish

Healthier lifestyles app

EFG London Jazz Festival: Sam Leak Trio "The Craft of Sound"

Cambridge International Jazz Festival: Elliot Galvin Trio + Sam Leak Trio

Birmingham International Piano Festival: Sam Leak Trio

Derrick May and the Orchestra

Time pressure and honesty in a deception game

Affective visuomotor interaction: a functional model for socially competent robot grasping

Priming intuition disfavors instrumental harm but not impartial beneficence

The power of moral words: loaded language generates framing effects in the extreme dictator game

Embrace: the human element [CD]

Considering techne in popular music education: value systems in popular music curricula

Crowdfunding revisited: a neo-institutional field-perspective

Woven Skies - The Eddy White Sextet [Album]

Facilitating positive spillover effects: new insights from a mixed-methods approach exploring factors enabling people to live more sustainable lifestyles

Recovering from mental illness and suicidal behaviour in a culturally diverse context: the use of digital storytelling in cross-cultural medical humanities and mental health

The arms race: adversarial search defeats entropy used to detect malware

Mimicking anti-viruses with machine learning and entropy profiles

Jan Staël von Holstein's Book – An original copy

Cotton Club, Modena: Davide Raisi quartet featuring Sam Leak

Initial observations on the effect of repeated surfactant dose on lung volume and ventilation in neonatal respiratory distress syndrome [Brief Report]

Early recognition of Pneumothorax in neonatal RDS with electrical impedance tomography

dAppER: decentralised application for examination reviews

BMAR - blockchain for medication administration records

Disrupting disproportionality proceedings: the recommendations

The battle for Chile

Presentation of CAPUR's scientific activities

Review of Mario Morroni, 'What is the truth about the Great Recession and increasing inequality? Dialogues on disputed issues and conflicting theories', Cham: Springer, 2018 [Book review]

The legal reality of the recognition and enforcement of cross-border blockchain-based arbitral awards: beyond futuristic idealism [Blog post]

A comparison of 3 different unilateral strength training strategies to enhance jumping performance and decrease interlimb asymmetries in soccer players

Portugal Economy

Corporate governance and HRM

A phenomenological exploration of the lived experience of being ‘bi-rooted’ / ‘poly-rooted’, the reciprocal relations between those roots and their impact upon the sense of self

A new year's present from a mathematician

Children’s understanding of the wider world through news items: can exposure to the news enrich learning through the role of critical thinking and curiosity at key stage 2?

The sustainability behaviour of small firms in tourism: the role of self-efficacy and contextual constraints

Cloud resource prediction model based on triple exponential smoothing method and temporal convolutional network

An authentication scheme to defend against UDP DrDoS attacks in 5G networks

Incremental association rule mining based on matrix compression for edge computing

Facial landmark detection via attention-adaptive deep network

Marxism and the peculiarities of Indo-American socialism

Keeping our mouths shut: the fear and racialized self-censorship of British healthcare professionals in PREVENT training

Social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe

The love affair with descriptive geometry: its history in Serbia

The aspiration generation. The aspirations and implementation strategies of young Londoners at risk of educational underachievement

Investigating patterns of emotion and expressions using smart learning spaces

Assessing parenting in potentially abusive parents: a qualitative evaluation of practitioner responses to the parenting role interview

Caregiving and care seeking as predictors of depression in girls: a pilot study of parenting in mother-daughter dyads

Exploring policing and industry practice in the prevention of online child sexual abuse

A true positives theorem for a static race detector

History of mathematics in mathematics education

Engagement in international entrepreneurship: interactive effects of resource-based factors and institutional environments


Building the OD professional of the future: creating a blueprint for new models of organisational development practice in the NHS

Assisted conception: fertility preservation, surrogate motherhood, gamete / embryo donation, and in vitro fertilization

Psychological and ethical issues in third party assisted conception and surrogate motherhood

Narrative enquiry

The CISG in action: law and practice in China

An analysis of some of the major roles of emotion in the soteriology of John and Charles Wesley and its implications in relationship to contemporary research on emotions

Adventures in academic storytelling: using the tools of creative writing to produce peer-reviewed academic research

Anti-fraud measures and inherent criminogenesis in business organisations

Developing documentary practices for sensitive contexts: video ethnography in the UK Hospice sector

An investigation into the pedagogical practices of a University WBL course in Hong Kong

Psychoanalysis and male homosexuality

Unleashing the power of reflection, action and collaboration in health care improvement

Community engagement as a new and contested ritual: an ethnographic study of five pentecostal congregations in El Salvador

Case study: changing perceptions of the value of driver safety

Enhanced vermiremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated land using biosurfactant: an integrated approach

Exploring the factors impacting knowledge transfer (in E.R.P training)

The crime-commission process of sexual offences on London trains (SOLT): offending in plain sight, not just at night

The unfinished agenda: the great Munāz̤ara of 1854 and ‘Imād-ud-dīn’s contribution to the Muslim-Christian debates in nineteenth-century India.

The effect of corporate bonds spread variability on non-financial firms’ financing structure: further evidence from emerging markets

The hermeneutics of social identity in Luke-Acts

Essays on human capital

I just can't let them go: Dartitis is an extremely debilitating disorder [Blog post]

Investigating network services abstraction in 5G enabled device-to-device (D2D) communications

The Z transform: active learning approaches for generation Z


what is the word (triptych with interludes)

Apollo e Marsyas

five disjecta (after Beckett)

Human figure drawings by children: a measure of sporting ability? [Blog post]

Book Reviews: Soap the Stamps, Jump the Tube: A Story of Punk, Motorbikes, Witchcraft, Sandwiches, Squats and Sewing, Gail Thibert (2018) London: Unbound, 272 pp., ISBN 978-1-91261-818-7, p/bk, £10.99 [Book Review]

Book Reviews: The Poetry of Punk: The Meaning Behind Punk Rock and Hardcore Lyrics, Gerfried Ambrosch (2018) London: Routledge, 196 pp., ISBN: 978-1-13850-231-4, p/bk, £29.99 [Book Review]

Book Reviews: The Sanctity of Rhyme: The Metaphysics of Crying 4 Kafka in Prose and Verse, Erika Blair (2018) California: Asylum 4 Renegade Press, 119 pp., ISBN: 978-0-69209-682-6, p/bk, £9 [Book Review]

Afflictions: Steps towards a Visual Psychological Anthropology by Robert Lemelson and Annie Tucker [Book review]

Investigation on reverse logistics of end of life cars in the UK

Employment law: the essentials

Rapid evidence review: drinking problems and interventions in black and minority ethnic communities

Exploring pathways through and beyond alcohol treatment among Polish women and men in a London Borough

PhEMaterialism: Response-able Research & Activism

PhEMaterialist encounters with glitter: the materialisation of ethics, politics and care in arts-based research

"It might get messy, or not be right"; scribble as postdevelopmental art

Love and revolution in the post-truth university

Art and soul: Rudolf Steiner, interdisciplinary art and education

Collective decision making in dynamic environments

Unmasking irresponsible leadership: curriculum development in 21st century management education

Investigating the role of biometrics in education–the use of sensor data in collaborative learning

'Rio+25', the global compact in Brazil and opportunities presented by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Transcultural robotic nursing and the 4th industrial revolution

The power of research: exploring active older people participating in Creative Dance – challenging perceptions

Conception by egg donation: maternal-fetal bonding [Blog post]

Deciding on behalf of others does not mitigate selfishness: an experiment

Reducing disproportionality in fitness to practise concerns reported to the GMC

Disproportionality in NHS disciplinary proceedings: the recommendations

The righteousness of works in the theology of John Calvin

Tracing the integration trajectories of diverse Spanish citizens in the UK

Industrial networks and intelligent systems - 5th EAI International Conference, INISCOM 2019, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, August 19, 2019, Proceedings

The effect of skill level on darts throwers’ use of different mental skills

Unmaking citizens: passport removals, pre-emptive policing and the reimagining of colonial governmentalities

Searching for feminist geographies: mappings outside the discipline in Poland

Nada Prlja: the left, language and writing

Combining secure system design with risk assessment for IoT healthcare systems

Applying PCT to hand hygiene

From ‘preventing accidents’ to ‘creating safety’: a maverick approach to the challenges of workplace safety

Adults’ numeracy practices in fluid and unstable contexts—An agenda for education, policy and research?

British History Timeline Mural

Digital embroidery: Dean Castle

Drawings: Dean Castle Textile studio

Textile and Memory

Textile and Memory

An investigation of UK SME access to finance, growth and productivity, 2015-2017 - ERC Research Paper 79

Engaging research ethics committees to develop an ethics and governance framework for best practices in genomic research and biobanking in Africa: the H3Africa model [Commentary]

Ernst Bloch: Revue internationale de philosophie, 2019/3 (n° 289), ISSN 0048-8143

ArtsCross Beijing 2019 Beyond the Clouds

six residua (after Beckett)

what is the word

Provenance and logging for sense making

Provenance analysis for sensemaking. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 39 (6) . pp. 27-29. ISSN 0272-1716

An interactive human centered data science approach towards crime pattern analysis

Abstract machines: overlaying virtual worlds on physical rides

The long-term effects of childhood financial hardship mediated by physical abuse, shame, and stigma on depression in women


Mapping as a tool for imagining change landscapes in transition

Consumers’ perceptions on complexity and prospects of ethical luxury: qualitative insights from Taiwan

The Bolivian coup: what the mainstream media don't tell you

Resist: be modern (again)

Wild Goose Chase, Waldringfield

Wild Goose Chase, Kyson Point

The relation between student behaviours in group presentations and their teamwork modalities using Belbin and MBTI analysis

The role of data analytics in managing higher education quality

Challenges to implement European quality assurance standards (ESG) in Azerbaijan universities

Evaluating the use of augmented reality in learning portfolios for different team roles

An overview of digital forensics education

The relation between individual student behaviours in video presentation and their modalities using VARK and PAEI results

Automatic detection for students behaviors in a group presentation

Social network sites (SNS) users behavioral typology in Egypt

Social networking sites (SNS) and digital communication across nations

On the optimal plasmonic resonances in gold nanospheres embedded in dispersive media

Jewish Jesus, Gentile church - Jewish meal? The origins and development of the Lord's Supper through a Jewish prism

The vulnerability and resiliency of childhood

Queer aesthetics of empathy and gothicness in contemporary sculpture

Discrimination-aware data analysis for criminal intelligence

The impact of social network applications on societies of the MENA region (Egypt as a case study)

Post-activation potentiation: is there an optimal training volume and intensity to induce improvements in vertical jump ability in highly-trained subjects?

Assisted reproductive technologies in the eyes of Ladinos and Mayans [Blog post]

Afterword: semiotics and languaging

Subversive speech acts? An evaluation of an imperial-critical reading of Ephesians

Values of the university in a Time of uncertainty

Human rights and terrorism: issues and overview

When Rape Was Legal—The Untold History of Sexual Violence During Slavery by Rachel A. Feinstein. 2018. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group: New York, NY. 108 pp. $29.57 paper. ISBN: 9781138629684 [Book Review]

A consistent approach for probabilistic residential flood loss modeling in Europe

A perfect storm: how shifting climate and demographics are contributing to the demise of pond hockey in Canada



Gagging Order: Poetry by Trevor Paviour

Introduction: the punk narrative turned upside down: research transmissions from the local to the global


Peaceful contestation

Maritime management: micro and small businesses

Risk of cardiovascular disease in people taking psychotropic medication: a literature review

Optimisation of a selection strategy for drug resistance osteosarcoma cell lines

BRCA1 promoter methylation and clinical outcomes in epithelial ovarian cancer a pooled analysis of individual patient data

Ethnography and emotions: new directions for critical reflexivity within contemporary qualitative health care research

Effective approaches to health promotion in nursing practice

Can Untold Stories be told with the demise of local journalism

Contemporary dance festivals in the former Yugoslav space, 2007-2017: the imperceptible politics of curatorial praxis

Second Corinthians: St. Paul’s political displacement from Corinth and his rhetoric of return

Biomedical Science Exchanges at Middlesex University London

Professionalising sales and forging futures: integrated degree apprenticeship case study

Film/TV Industries - Academia discussion Forum: Non-Creative Roles in the Screen Industries

My grade, my right: linking academic entitlement to academic performance

Development of the LAWS Forum for Local Authorities (10 year journey!)

The business case for human sustainability

An investigation into the prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDS) within trades’ in high rise property development and the effects of age

Cyber-security internals of a Skoda Octavia vRS: a hands on approach

How digital technology can transform the built environment sector: progress to date, challenges and opportunities

Futures literacy theatre lab with unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors: practical and ethical considerations

What do we know about the T in the LGBT? An integrative review and evidence synthesis of transgender students experiences across queer, and LGBT-spectrum research in post-compulsory education: Research Report

Academic confidence and dyslexia at university

Strategies for innovation in digital twins

Concerto for cello and chamber orchestra

Performance evaluation of LoRaWAN for Green Internet of Things

We are on the hill: Research Project: Episode 5: Henry Philip Creese and the Titanic

We are on the hill: Research Project: Episode 1: Sir John Gay Newton Alleyne

Engaging young people: perspectives from 'solution focused' workshops and interviews with young people